Batman Reboot Could Be ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie?

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Batman Beyond Movie as Batman Reboot Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

There are many hurdles facing DC/Warner Bros. when it comes to the future of their superhero movie universe – including: how to approach the task (solo character films vs. team-up films), which characters to focus on (Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc…) – and of course, how to treat properties that have already had a recent cinematic run (those lingering Green Lantern and Batman reboot questions).

In the case of Batman, the issue is especially problematic: Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was so beloved by fans that they still can’t accept the idea that it is 100% over – even though the director and his stars keep insisting that it is. Any actor who tries to step into the role so soon after Christian Bale is going to be facing an uphill battle, but a new rumor hints at a scenario that could conceivably help ease the transition.

Batman on Film is claiming that they’ve heard “whispers” that while DC/WB is currently tossing around any number of ideas about how to continue their Batman franchise, one of those ideas – which fans will no doubt appreciate – is to make a cinematic version of the popular ’90s cartoon, Batman Beyond.

For those who don’t know: Batman Beyond was set in the Gotham City of 2039, twenty years after the final appearance of the Batman. Bruce Wayne (now weakened and aged) meets Terry McGinnis, a teenage kid hiding noble sensibilities under a huge chip on his shoulder. After fighting side-by-side with Terry in a skirmish against a local Joker gang, Bruce is left in a debilitated state and must rely on Terry to make it back to his mansion; there, the young man quickly discovers that the old man he’s assisted was actually the legendary hero known as Batman. When the Joker gangsters murder Terry’s father at the behest of a corrupt executive within Wayne’s corporation, Bruce gives Terry the chance for justice in the form of a hi-tech Batman armor and an array of fancy gadgets. After nabbing the bad guys that killed Terry’s father, Bruce and Terry provide one another with new purpose in life, as they embark on a campaign to truly transform Terry into a fully-trained and capable Batman for a new era.

Old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond  Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

Old Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’

According to BoF, there could  be two-pronged approach to making Batman Beyond fit within in a DC movie universe – namely by using the character of Bruce Wayne as a bridge. In the Justice League era, Bruce would be in his prime and still active as Batman; in the Batman Beyond future era, Bruce would be aged and serve as mentor to Terry. That theory makes about as much sense as any, and it would certainly be more pleasing to fans that trying to wedge the Terry McGinnis Batman into a modern-day Justice League roster; not to mention, both franchises could benefit from using the same actor as both the old and young versions of Bruce.

As for translating Batman Beyond to the big screen? In the last few years, several studios (including WB) have batted around the idea of making futuristic versions of classic characters like Robin Hood or Zorro – so Batman wouldn’t be all that far-fetched, nor unexpected (fans have been calling for a Batman Beyond live-action movie for years). In terms of adapting the cartoon: a piece of concept art by artist Mark Vick  started circling the Internet awhile back, detailing what the Batman Beyond armor might look like in a live-action film, and the results certainly struck a cord with fans:

Batman Beyond Movie Armor Concept Art Fan Made 570x343 Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?


For my part: Batman Beyond was just one of many great shows that DC/WB put out in the ’90s era, so a film franchise based on that property is already a welcome proposition in my book. More to the point, it would give fans several things they would likely value:

  1. A chance to explore the character of Batman in a new world, from a new angle. 
  2. A chance to explore a new character behind the cape and cowl in a new context, free of the same kind of hinderances that come with trying to, say, introduce the Dick Grayson Batman within a “Bruce Wayne prime” era.
  3. A chance to mix the mythos and thematic strengths of Batman with a bonafide sci-fi movie experience.
  4. Did we mention a rogues gallery that mixes (and remixes) both new and old villains?

Marvel Studios is currently expanding their movie universe into futuristic sci-fi territory with Guardians of the Galaxy - and it will be interesting to see how audiences react to that idea – but clearly, the ambition of mixing superhero action with heavy sci-fi tropes  is already being pursued (WB already tried and failed in that endeavor with Green Lantern). No matter how GoG does, or how lukewarm GL was, Batman is a brand that sells itself, and the notion of “Batman in the future” is one that could easily entice millions of movie fans before they every see one second of trailer footage.

For now, however, this is all conjecture; DC/WB has NOT chosen to go in any particular direction yet (that we know of), but Comic-Con 2013 could (hopefully?)(maybe?) change that. If you need a taste of what Batman Beyond is all about, watch the pilot episode opening, below:

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We’ll keep you updated on any and all Batman movie projects; stay tuned to our Comic-Con 2013 Coverage page so that you don’t miss any breaking news.

Source: Batman on Film

Image sources: EditNinja (via CBM) & Mark Vick 

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  1. Would be cool, but if WB is serious about a JL movie this will never happen.

    • My feelings exactly.

      Trying to run with this along side a JL version WOULD make a lot of people say wtf?

  2. I could see someone like Cumberbatch playing a younger and older version of Batman.

  3. I’m just interested to see what DC/WB are doing next other than MoS2. As much as I’m frustrated with Marvel’s quality of product lately I appreciate their long term planning and setting things out for us to see long before they even begin filming. Helps build anticipation. DC needs to get on that train too and give us something to sink our teeth into and really get psyched about.

    • Although it looks like I am a bigger proponent of the Marvel world than you lol, I totally agree with what you’ve stated. DC has yet to provide some sort of continuation or anticipation with what they’re planning to do. They should have done more with MoS. The way the movie world–especially the sci-fi/superhero/fantasy genre works now, people expect a certain level of buzz about the next thing, and I’m seeing none of that with DC. Maybe that will change with Comic-Con. ;)

      • You sure about that? Because all I see is buzzing in regards to what DC is going to do next…

  4. Id love batman beyond film, here is my casting
    Choice. Robbie Amell for terry, he may not have much experience but he absolutely looks the part. Then clint eastwood or maybe liam neeson for old brucr wayne

    • Or maybe someone like logan lerman if he can beef up

  5. There are way too many Batman stories to be told alongside with a potential Justice League movie to just skip to Batman Beyond, I don’t think they have earned that trust from the general public yet and only a small fraction of fans know about Beyond.

    Plus, are they telling us that all the sudden we’re going to see a Justice League Beyond too?

    I’m a Batman Beyond fan but I’m also a fan of continuity. Or progress rather, they just did Superman.

    One thing they could do however to bring order is, Flashpoint Paradox. If anything to bring together all their movie timelines in a way… but I think they should just focus on Batman/Superman finally having to meet? Perhaps in Man of Steel 3 or they can just call it World’s Finest.

    But I think we saw the backlash kind of happen with IRon Man 3 and that’s the fact that they are all in one universe now and that more than one hero can intertwine in one story now.

    For example, Man of Steel happened. Batman and the rest of the heroes should now be in a position where they are investigating an alien who destroyed half of MEtropolis. Possibly setting up a Superman versus Justice League

    • I think WB has earned the trust of the GENERAL public with the dark knight trilogy. Its one of the most successfull well recieved trilogies of all time. It may not gain the trust of the faithful comic fans but it was for the public

      • But I think the general public behind WB is expecting movies with Nolan’s atmosphere. That’s what makes Nolan’s trilogy somewhat revolutionary: the emotion and intuition put into the movies. The problem with the trilogy being so good is that so much people are expecting more like it. I really hope Nolan has some part in the project as a producer but I doubt it.

  6. I would love this angle. It opens the door also for exploring the future Justice league or and the continuing dynamic of Superman and Batman. Also it could introduce characters like robin Knightwing etc as past established characters that the present batman could extend on. I think they should do separate series of movies like have batman singular movies and the detective movies and the justice league all have a self contained story to avoid the “iron man 2″ mistake. Hey what if warner brothers do like twilight did and have two parts of there justice league to avoid the lag of avengers and make twice as much money. And maybe do the same with the JL Members. And if there going to do the twilight thing they can alternate the hero movie if they have good writing behind it.

  7. It would be interesting if they do take that batman angle. Then down the line you can reveal the end of bruces bat career

  8. Live action addaptation of the beyond animated movie- I see mark Hamil playing joker live action

  9. This is a BAD idea. Honestly, they’ve already messed up with the mythology of Superman in MOS, & as far as the Batman History is concerned, Terry McGinnis was NEVER a part of the Present-day Justice League. These idea sound all cool & stuff in the start…but turn out to me utter crap when they are executed. The Batman Beyond version should NOT be included in the Justice League, if it is by any chance…then I would just say that all the guys at Warner/DC are a complete retards. Respect the Myth, don’t f*%K it up!

    • The speculation ISN’T McGinnis being part of the JLA movie, but Bruce Wayne in his prime and having THAT actor be in both JLA and BB.

      WB could have the BB movie introduce the new Batman actor, then go straight to Batman in his prime in the JLA movie. This way we get essentially a Batman movie, a new actor for the JLA movie and WB gets some separation from the Nolan universe. I like the idea.

    • Read the article, it in no wau says terry would be in the justice league

    • I never like Batman Beyond since they messed up Hawkman and Hawkgirl relationship ship in it and both Justice League cartoons.

  10. This is actually a very cool idea. But, I am not sure about the futuristic aspect. Sure, a few years after the events of TDKR is fine, but 2039? That’s not the Batman movies we know.

    Also, Bruce Wayne can be the mentor the new Batman needs. A little bit like Alfred, but badass as well. And, please don’t use the armor featured in this article. The old armor is better.

    • The armor is just fan made.

  11. Why the constant Iron Man bashing? I’d rather DC make films like Del Toros Dark Universe and Batman Beyond over Justice League.

  12. Id like to see the next Batman reboot get started along Justice League. Then get into Batman Beyond. Or get things started with Justice League along w/ Batman reboot with Batman Beyond films made aside.

  13. this would be a great idea! bruce’s injuries sustaned in chris nolan’s trilogy could very well be the perfect lead up to the aged & frail bruce wayne in batman beyond. this wold also be a far better option than guardians of the galaxy.

    • Guardians of the Galaxy is a marvel film. What does it have to do with Batman Beyond?

    • This will translate better to the casual moviegoers.

      • +1

    • I agree with with Iron Man 3 being disappointing, but it seemed to me like more of a Shane Black thing than a Marvel thing (and yeah, that Iron Patriot thing was stupid and unnecessary). Also agree with the Dini thing. DC’s biggest issue is organization and finding a consistent franchise-runner that has a clear plan, not just a director or two for a couple of origin stories.

  14. I’m sorry but we don’t need anymore Batman movies, I don’t care what the fanboys say. Focus on other characters.

  15. It pisses me off so much nor I understand the reasoning why Nolan’s Batman cannot continue on nor tag along to the Justice League film and fit into this new cinematic universe of DC. All issues were, during the Dark Knight trilogy, kept within the boundaries of Gotham which I see no problem in connecting it with MoS, Green Lantern nor Green Arrow.

    DC please give us:
    *Green Lanterm sequel where Hal Jordan perishes and John Stewart picks up the ring and becomes the new Lantern
    *Wonder Woman film
    *Martian Manhunter film
    *Cyborg film
    *Flash film
    *Batman sequel where Batman comes out of retirement to train Blake to become the next Batman.
    *Man of Steel sequel featuring Brainiac as the main antagonist
    *World’s Finest film where Neptune declares an invasion against Earth since he is sick of remaining in hiding (the Prince of Atlantis, Orin aka Aquaman, fails to convince Neptune to not urge war). Ending will feature the main antagonist reigning victorious while Batsy and Supes realizes they need more members as strong as them to seize Neptune’s army.

    Note: Green Arrow is recruited in the end of Season 2/3 of Arrow TV Series by Batman

    *Justice League film that resolutes the conflict in World’s Finest

    • No Stewart, YET. And let Blake’s tour of duty as Batman just be a symbol for Dick Grayson’s Robin name. Like a dedication by Bruce

    • ^ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there is a reason that they have to keep bringing Hal Jordan back from the dead in the comics!

  16. Only if they go the “Bruce is Terry’s biological father” scenario, then I am in. Because that would blow the general public’s mind.

    • Agreed, leave the origin of Terry untouched through the first (and maybe second) movie then DROP it on them outta nowhere, only the more dedicated fans’ll see it coming.

  17. Yes. Oh lord yes. I had Spider-man, X-men cartoons, some Batman on and off growing up, when I was younger. The older grey and blue Batman, plus Burger King’s Spider-man, Scorpion, and Human Torch were some of my oldest toys.

    But Batman Beyond was seriously, truly my most consistent animated cartoon when it came out. I still have the Batman Beyond toy from I think Burger King…sleek, smooth, and simple except for the wings on the back, where you could push his belt buckle and they would flap out.

    I was obsessed with that thing. And I was obsessed with the cartoon. The last episode I can really remember was the white ninja assassin with the ridiculously sharp sword only made by that specific, unique ninja clan, and they came after BB. But by the end, once the assassin couldn’t kill him, the rest of the clan came after the assassin, forcing him to flee…

    *flashback ends, back to Screenrant post*

    Anyway. That would be absolutely awesome. I’m thinking in the similar style as Spider-man 2099. Skin-tight with some texture – but no clunky armor. Maybe some parts can glow. Neill Blomkamp (becoming one of my favorite stylistic directors) meets Tron style maybe.

    And take whoever is going to play the next original Batman (Anson Mount is my choice – I’m going to expose my entire Justice League dream cast one of these days) and age him up. Once he’s used at his regular age in Justice League/World’s Finest/Batman reboot, audiences will definitely appreciate the consistency. They’ll probably marvel at the forethought and overall continuity which would help foster DC’s appearance of “getting their s^$* together”.

    Honestly Batman Beyond and a successful Justice League endeavor (including all the solo lead-ups) are the two things that will mark DC’s rise to being on par with Marvel.

  18. They should just skip forward to an older Batman who meets Dick Grayson, then he becomes Robin, establish Bat girl, or her out of costume character, then have her get hurt in the last one and him leave to become Nightwing. This all should be a subplot though. Then skip forward after this and jump into an Arkham Asylym adaptation. Oracle and such will be established already to help aid and fuel the story.

  19. sure would be great if they focused on developing other characters.

  20. It’s an awesome concept but I doubt DC has the b@lls to pull this off. In other words, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see a BB movie.

  21. Sounds like a great idea and perfect direction to take, I enjoyed Batman Begins but after THDKR and to an extent TDK, I can no longer appreciate what Nolan did and find them long and tedious! Give it a few years and this semi reboot would be welcomed, more so than Spider-Man which was completely uneceassary

    • I don’t think it was completely unnecessary, that movie made quite a bit of money for Sony and the next one will probably make even more.

      Even though it was flawed, I enjoyed TASM a lot more than the cheesy Raimi version. re-doing the origin was questionable, but there is definitely an audience for Spider-Man.

      • I re watched the Raimi Spider-Man for the first time ages recently and found it to have a lot more heart than the new one, I’d have been happy with what Marvel did with the hulk, showed Peters story in the opening credits which then lead us on to his next adventure, re telling the origin story missed the mark for me, saying that I’m looking forward to seeing what part 2 brings, from the money angle, I don’t really care how much a movie makes as long as it’s good!

        • I only care about money in that it has to make a certain amount to justify a sequel, and if i like a movie I’ll want a sequel.

          I agree they didn’t need to retell the origin, but they did need to distance themselves from the Raimi trilogy. The new one has a completely different tone than the first, and to me it’s an improvement.

  22. Wont happen

  23. They just need to reboot Batman. Simple. Done right and not in trilogy format, a series of Batman films could go on for years. Warner are missing a trick here. 10 Films chronicling Batman’s journey from Year One to meeting Robin to The Justice League to The Dark Knight Returns to Batman of the Future. You could even have Nightwing spin-offs.

    Warner need a long term plan, and I think (even though I love Marvel) DC’s characters are bigger, and to some, more iconic, and for that reason perhaps an architect for each character is needed, leading to a joint vision for JLA.

    I think after both Burton and Nolan’s movies, Warner should be able to work out what fans loved from both and find a way to combine the serious tone of Nolan’s movies with the aesthetic and humour (perhaps contradictory) of Burtons’….

    • @ frank castle

      I agree. They need to bring more villains we have not seen yet on screen. Not to mention a proper introduction of the Bat-Family. Robin,Batgirl,Nightwing, DR. Leslie Thompkins, Supporting characters such as Renee Montoya, Harvey Bullock. Like Batman:TAS, Batman has his distance from Gordon as he does’t want Gordon to get in trouble with city officials even if Jim doesn’t care.

  24. This sounds like The Secret Service movie that Matt Vaughan is about to start directing, with Colin Firth as an older James Bond-type who trains his young nephew to be a tough secret agent. Vaughan left X-Men and supposedly jumped into that film because of the fear that other similar films were being planned.
    As for this idea? Yet another coming-of-age story involving a teenager. Yawn. And how would it make Batman fit into a Justice League movie?

  25. I dont understand the thought process of Nolans Batman being so beloved. The general public does not care nor will they hold onto it enough to ruin any kind of (decently made) Batman ‘reboot’.

    It is the fanbois that cling to this misgiving and believe it or not while they may help the sales they (we?) are no where near responsible for the seats being filled.

    The movie public ‘forgot’ about Spiderman. No one has ever asked me what happened to Sandman, where is Kristin Dundst, or hey that’s not how uncle Ben died.

    So first and foremost people need to get over that. IT DOESNT MATTER. Batman can and will be redone. Batman can and will be successful (if done decently).

    As for Beyond or not. It would be nice to see. I really enjoyed the series however it has no part in the current or perceived DCFU. It may as well be Ironman.

    I still stand by the idea of using the leverage of the multiverse. That way you CAN show and explain various characters and stories without people whining about it. It is not that difficult.

    I still stand by the JL being made without separate intros to every hero. People are not dumb. They do not need to be hand held or coddled into the idea that Bale is not longer Batman, that Wonder Woman is an Amazon from mythology and the mating of a human and Atlantean creates an Olympic level athlete that can talk to fish.

    These stories and characters are works of FICTION. People understand FICTION and from Metropolis to Nosferatu (actually I think Nosferatu came first) to Rocky, The Princess Bride, Twelve Monkeys, The Star Wars universe etc. people can and will suspend belief to be properly entertained.

    However they need to be entertained. If the movie is crap people will grasp at any straw to place the blame except for where it belongs; Story, Acting, Directing after those three the rest is gravy.

    So no it doesn’t have to be Nolan or Nolan like. No it doesn’t have to wait some preconceived time frame before another actor or actress can take its place or another reboot.

    It just has to be made well.

    • @Aknot

      “No one has ever asked me what happened to Sandman, where is Kristin Dundst, or hey that’s not how uncle Ben died.”

      What do you do for a living? Just curious because the only people I talk to about CBM’s are fans of CBM’s. I don’t interview random people at Wal Mart so I don’t know the responses of the general public.

      This isn’t a cheap shot, btw. It’s a real question.

      • At almost 50 years of age I have friends and coworkers from all walks of life. While all of them are not avid comic fans (some are) they all enjoy movies in one aspect or another. Eitehr going to the theater or watching them on DVD.

        So while at work (Contractor for the Gov), dinner, going to the movies, and other social events with these people movies do come up. Had a coworker just return the first Insidious today so we also ‘swap’ movies.

        Even my wife who does not read or ever read comics is a springboard for this. She enjoys the movies for what they are. Little slices of entertainment that can be enjoyed (again if done well) for the time they are watched. She doesnt ponder what will happen to Gwen Stacy, or notice the Lexcorp tanker for anything but a tank truck used as a prop.

        So while I dont interview them I do converse about the movies (and comics) with my friends and coworkers. They enjoy my knowledge as do I when they speak of things I do not partake in on a regular basis.

        • should have typed ‘as do I theirs’

          • @ Aknot

            I know people who didn’t know Wonderwoman’s origins very well, that she was made from clay. Same goes for Green Arrow being on a island by himself including me because I always liked Hawkeye more than him. I get what you’re saying that everyone is obsessed over Nolan’s Bat-trilogy & think it’s the answer to makin every CBM great which it isn’t imo. It worked for Batman cause he’s one of the easiest to pull off in that realistic tone where Superman & many other DC characters are different to pull off in a shared universe.

    • that’s the truth in a nutshell

    • well said sir.

    • It has nothing to do with being coddled, its the fact that no matter what batman film is released it will be compared to the dark knight. Since it set such a massive bar in the eyes of thr general public being one of the most loved superhero films, WB probably doesnt want to challenge that. Spiderman was prettt big back in the day but not nearly the same level as The Dark Knight Trilogy. Of course they want to be cautious and in some ways hesistant because they know the gold standard

      • I agree and disagree. I agree yes it will be compared to the DK. You cant have a superhero film that is not.

        However breaking from the mold that is Nolans Batman (as a Superhero film) it has been proven it can be successful.

        In doing so all that needs to be done is make a good film. This includes writers, actor, directors and a certain amount of coin to pull it off.

        TDK series did so well because people wanted a Batman movie that did not suck. It did (IMO) and it didnt (also my opinion). As a Batman movie it was sub par. Was it a good film(s) overall? Sure. But again as a Batman movie it just didn’t do it for me.

        Taking ticket inflation into consideration Batman Begins gets stomped by the 89 Batman and also by Superman 78. And the 02 Spider-man beats them all (even unadjusted). So who really has the Gold Standard?

        I think its more what people want at the time. Prior to Batman Begins you had Reeves Superman and Keaton Batman. It went downhill after that.

        Spiderman you had Nicholas Hammond.

        Quite frankly with those bars my cat could have done better. ;)

        I dont think it will be compared to the DK unless it fails. The only way it will is if the writing directing and acting suck. Just like any other movie.

    • It is EXACTLY this kind of thinking that gets us to Green Lantern, Catwoman and Jonah Hex.

      Batman has had 7 movies. Three of the four successful ones have been made by Christopher Nolan. And of the three out of six successful Superman movies, the MOST successful one of them utilized Christopher Nolan’s story telling style and was produced by him. I have absolutely NO faith that the next iteration of Batman will be any good. In fact outside of Nolan, WB has missed FAR more than they have gotten it right when it comes to adapting super hero films…especially recently.

      • NO CATWOMAN MOVIE!!! Swear to all hell you fanboys clamour for that Walking STD of a character every damn time. She’s so ONE DIMENSIONAL and a ONE trick pony its not even funny. CATWOMAN is not the end all be all she’s over done and over used. It isn’t the damn Catwoman/Joker show for Pete’s sake. Nolan screwed over THREE excellent and true villains Two-Face, Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul yo showcase what Anne Hathaway’s piss poor acting and ass.

      • Taking inflation into consideration you would be incorrect in your assumptions.

        From Box Office MOJO:
        1 Superman WB $455,423,500 $134,218,018 12/15/78
        2 Superman II WB $308,990,800 $108,185,706 6/19/81
        3 Man of Steel WB $282,735,700 $282,735,742 6/14/13
        4 Superman ReturnsWB $242,541,200 $200,081,192 6/28/06

        1 The Dark Knight WB $589,696,000 $533,345,358 7/18/08
        2 Batman WB $499,859,700 $251,188,924 6/23/89
        3 Dark Knight Rises WB $457,355,300 $448,139,099 7/20/12
        4 Batman Forever WB $335,909,700 $184,031,112 6/16/95
        5 Batman Returns WB $311,538,200 $162,831,698 6/19/92

        Dont know how this formatting will turn out but you can check Franchise movies at Box Office Mojo for yourself.

    • +1

  26. This is likely the only way we’d ever see Michael Keaton playing Bruce Wayne/Batman again.

    • Amen bring on Michael Keaton. He was an excellent Batman he showcased the detective. Where Christian did decent he was screaming “Where is X?” like every 3 min hardly acting like a true detective. Kilmer and Clooney just failed hard core. BRING ON KEATON!!

      • Really he was the least intimidating batman of them all, he was a detective yes but he never threw a punch he just shot horid gadgets out at people and dropped bombs on villains. He was a terrible Batman and a good bruce

      • @ Agent X

        I chuckled when Bale’s Batman growled at Bane during their first fight.