Batman Reboot Could Be ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie?

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Batman Beyond Movie as Batman Reboot Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

There are many hurdles facing DC/Warner Bros. when it comes to the future of their superhero movie universe – including: how to approach the task (solo character films vs. team-up films), which characters to focus on (Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc…) – and of course, how to treat properties that have already had a recent cinematic run (those lingering Green Lantern and Batman reboot questions).

In the case of Batman, the issue is especially problematic: Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was so beloved by fans that they still can’t accept the idea that it is 100% over – even though the director and his stars keep insisting that it is. Any actor who tries to step into the role so soon after Christian Bale is going to be facing an uphill battle, but a new rumor hints at a scenario that could conceivably help ease the transition.

Batman on Film is claiming that they’ve heard “whispers” that while DC/WB is currently tossing around any number of ideas about how to continue their Batman franchise, one of those ideas – which fans will no doubt appreciate – is to make a cinematic version of the popular ’90s cartoon, Batman Beyond.

For those who don’t know: Batman Beyond was set in the Gotham City of 2039, twenty years after the final appearance of the Batman. Bruce Wayne (now weakened and aged) meets Terry McGinnis, a teenage kid hiding noble sensibilities under a huge chip on his shoulder. After fighting side-by-side with Terry in a skirmish against a local Joker gang, Bruce is left in a debilitated state and must rely on Terry to make it back to his mansion; there, the young man quickly discovers that the old man he’s assisted was actually the legendary hero known as Batman. When the Joker gangsters murder Terry’s father at the behest of a corrupt executive within Wayne’s corporation, Bruce gives Terry the chance for justice in the form of a hi-tech Batman armor and an array of fancy gadgets. After nabbing the bad guys that killed Terry’s father, Bruce and Terry provide one another with new purpose in life, as they embark on a campaign to truly transform Terry into a fully-trained and capable Batman for a new era.

Old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond  Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?

Old Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Beyond’

According to BoF, there could  be two-pronged approach to making Batman Beyond fit within in a DC movie universe – namely by using the character of Bruce Wayne as a bridge. In the Justice League era, Bruce would be in his prime and still active as Batman; in the Batman Beyond future era, Bruce would be aged and serve as mentor to Terry. That theory makes about as much sense as any, and it would certainly be more pleasing to fans that trying to wedge the Terry McGinnis Batman into a modern-day Justice League roster; not to mention, both franchises could benefit from using the same actor as both the old and young versions of Bruce.

As for translating Batman Beyond to the big screen? In the last few years, several studios (including WB) have batted around the idea of making futuristic versions of classic characters like Robin Hood or Zorro – so Batman wouldn’t be all that far-fetched, nor unexpected (fans have been calling for a Batman Beyond live-action movie for years). In terms of adapting the cartoon: a piece of concept art by artist Mark Vick  started circling the Internet awhile back, detailing what the Batman Beyond armor might look like in a live-action film, and the results certainly struck a cord with fans:

Batman Beyond Movie Armor Concept Art Fan Made 570x343 Batman Reboot Could Be Batman Beyond Movie?


For my part: Batman Beyond was just one of many great shows that DC/WB put out in the ’90s era, so a film franchise based on that property is already a welcome proposition in my book. More to the point, it would give fans several things they would likely value:

  1. A chance to explore the character of Batman in a new world, from a new angle. 
  2. A chance to explore a new character behind the cape and cowl in a new context, free of the same kind of hinderances that come with trying to, say, introduce the Dick Grayson Batman within a “Bruce Wayne prime” era.
  3. A chance to mix the mythos and thematic strengths of Batman with a bonafide sci-fi movie experience.
  4. Did we mention a rogues gallery that mixes (and remixes) both new and old villains?

Marvel Studios is currently expanding their movie universe into futuristic sci-fi territory with Guardians of the Galaxy - and it will be interesting to see how audiences react to that idea – but clearly, the ambition of mixing superhero action with heavy sci-fi tropes  is already being pursued (WB already tried and failed in that endeavor with Green Lantern). No matter how GoG does, or how lukewarm GL was, Batman is a brand that sells itself, and the notion of “Batman in the future” is one that could easily entice millions of movie fans before they every see one second of trailer footage.

For now, however, this is all conjecture; DC/WB has NOT chosen to go in any particular direction yet (that we know of), but Comic-Con 2013 could (hopefully?)(maybe?) change that. If you need a taste of what Batman Beyond is all about, watch the pilot episode opening, below:

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We’ll keep you updated on any and all Batman movie projects; stay tuned to our Comic-Con 2013 Coverage page so that you don’t miss any breaking news.

Source: Batman on Film

Image sources: EditNinja (via CBM) & Mark Vick 

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  1. clint eastwood as an old batman. yes please

    • That is an AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!! Why are we not funding this??

  2. They need to do a batman beyond movie because anything alse they do set i modern day gotham will not be able to live up to the dark knight trilogy. At least a batman beyond film would be different.

  3. I have a better idea: Michael Keaton as Old Bruce Wayne.

  4. With Ben Affleck playing a more seasoned version of Batman, a movie based upon Batman Beyond makes even more sense.

    I don’t know if DC/WB are thinking along these lines, but after the “Justice League” movie is completed, let’s say they give Affleck 2 more films in which he is playing Batman. The second of those films could be about Batman (still played by Affleck, of course) working to solve one more case. During this time, he meets Terry and sees him as a worthy successor. The ending this second film could end with Bruce Wayne, as played by Affleck, beginning Terry’s training to become the next Batman.

    Fast forward x-amount of years later and here’s the “Batman Beyond” movie. Ben Affleck is in it still playing Bruce Wayne, but he is no longer Batman. Terry has fully taken over by this time.

    • Terry has fully taken over as Batman by this time, I meant. Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is still there as his mentor for this first “Batman Beyond” film.

  5. If DC decides to pull off a Batman Beyond movie there are only two ways it can go. Everyone will either love it or hate it. If your a 90′s kid like myself, you probably watched Batman Beyond and let’s face it, its one of the best cartoon series that DC has produced. Up there with the original Batman Cartoon and Teen Titans(well to me at least) With Marvel owning the live action films nowadays, this may help DC get back into the race

  6. There is one reason they SHOULD really do this. Stop rebooting Batman!

    And stop re-inventing/altering his story… (I thought destroying Wayne Manor and killing off Gordon were incredibly stupid moves). But they could rewrite “Terry”(DCAU borrows too much from the Tim Burton movies), to fit into a future version of the Nolan universe. It would also be something of a surreal science-fiction movie, with lots of future gadgets and flying cars, not recycled current-tech military crap.

    And batman beyond, in his own series, and in New52 is a popular character, even over 10 years since his last appearance on television.

  7. Batman Beyond was and still is one of my all-time favorite cartoons, and I would love to see it get the live-action treatment on the big screen. If they ever do start production on it, I hope that they consider Taylor Lautner for the role of Terry McGinnis. In my opinion, he’d be perfect for the role. Am I the only one who thinks so? :)

  8. Tyler Hoechlin should act for batman beyond terry , he is cool and could be cold at times , as seen in teen wolf he was furiouse in it no jokes , he ment bussiness when it came to being a wolf . or Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson)from kick ass funny but can kick ass

    to play the older bruce is Kiefer Sutherland solo takes no s*** no body