Document Suggests New ‘Batman’ & ‘Justice League’ For 2015

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Justice League Movie Rumor Release Date Document Suggests New Batman & Justice League For 2015

The DC vs. Marvel debate is a staple for comic fans and moviegoers and while comparing quality or preference of films is a dangerous game, comparing the number of films is easy. Marvel – with its film licences scatted among several studios – has nearly a dozen confirmed projects with release dates over the next four years. DC Entertainment, has zero.

This is about to change for the better as the imminent greenlight for a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel approaches along with some clarity for the years worth of rumors regarding Justice League and other potential character movies. And it could be as soon as tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

AICN has the scoop and claims to have received a “corporate document” from an unnamed company that works with studios on their releases that lists both Batman and Justice League as Warner Bros. projects for 2015. It also includes Ant-Man and a new Trolls movie which suggests the unverifiable source works on the marketing or merchandising front across multiple studios.

Justice League line up Document Suggests New Batman & Justice League For 2015

The timing of the rumor coincides with Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated Comic-Con panel tomorrow which runs two hours and will feature Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Seventh Son, Gravity, The LEGO Movie, and Edge of Tomorrow. The impressive high profile lineup however is going up against Fox’s X-Men heavy panel later in the day and the headline event in Marvel Studios’ surprise-loaded panel for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and more.

With Man of Steel still in theaters and proving a major success for Warner Bros., Legendary and DC Entertainment, the obvious hopeful speculation is that the studio will take the opportunity to announce their plans for the future of the series, something they’ve so far remained mum on. In April,  Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros., did tease that such news would be coming:

 “We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making.”

Previous rumors and reports indicated that Man of Steel 2 was being fast-tracked with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer attached and that it could release as soon as 2014 with Justice League the year after. All of these rumors coincide with the first release date rumor that had JL taking on The Avengers 2 in 2015.

The best way for Warner Bros. to compete against the multiple studios running with Marvel movies (Sony, Fox & Disney) is to announce their own slate and a Superman sequel along with Justice League would need to be a part of it. A new Batman would be used to introduce a new take on the character with a new actor, possible – if another rumor is true – based on Batman Beyond.

What would you like to see Warner Bros. showcase tomorrow?

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Sources: AICN, EW

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  1. For the last three years I think that they have said we will be making an announcement at comic-con, we are still waiting for something… will this year be any different…

  2. Document this:
    Here is my slate coming as soon as I can goose DC/Warner with a firehose until it comes out their ears and makes ‘em spin around like a lawn-sprinkler:
    Green Lantern #2 (Reynolds as Hal Jordan, just serious him up alot)
    Flash (Barry Allen)
    Martian Manhunter, Atom, Hawkman team-up
    Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up
    Legion of Super-Heroes

    How’s that for a slate of movies, which could be worked on simultaneously?

    And there has to be some baddies to fight as well, so how about Darkseid, Doomsday, Time Commander, Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash), Sinestro, and psycho Pirate just for starters?

    OK, you’ve heard my ideas before, you’re hearing ‘em again. Now….is DC/Warner hearing them? C’mon, guys, finance this stuff and get it rolling!

    • I forgot how ridiculous DC villains names were outside of batman.

      • LOL

    • I have never been a big CB reader so hat the hell is a (reverse Flash)????
      Just a slow person? or SUPER SLOW person?? SHAT my dad could play that part he is 80 yrs old and VERY SLOW!
      I just don’t see how that is a scary villain!!
      Could you please explain how he is a super villain?

  3. Damn, 2015 for both films? Would Warnerbros even release huge films like that in the same year? Either way, I’m hoping we get something new tomorrow.

    • If so once again 2015 will be movie overload

  4. I really hope that they announce multiple movies! My preferred set of films is a Man of Steel sequel, introduce the Justice League with the core members that way if people do not warm to a particular character, they can just not give said character a film. Because WB/DC took so long to get a cinematic universe going, I think that the Marvel way will not work at all. Who knows, I might get proved wrong tommorow.

  5. More Batman crap? We don’t need another Batman movie right now, give other characters a shot. DC really doesn’t care about their other characters which is sad.

    • I think DC views Batman in Justice League very much the same way Fox views Wolverine in X-Men. As in: he’s the main draw, so all other characters take second billing.

      • Precisely. They only care about money but I realise I don’t care, bring on the bat, Arkham style

        • Well, Batman is by far my favorite DC character, but I’d like to see them do some their other characters the same justice on film.

  6. i wish christian bale was lying and trying to keep his batman “dead” as a big secret and then they would show him on the justice league movie … which could be one of the most awesome ideas in my opinion .. sounds really epic :/ theres no other batman who can replace him in the next 10 years or something and a batman beyond reboot doesnt sound good as much.
    i think it could make hell lot of money if they do that epic moment right there the dark knight rising from the dead ;P

    • Dead horse, meet JerLorenzo.

      • just saying it could be awesome ~.~ it really sounds epic tho

      • LOL

  7. I really hope they don’t rush Justice League. That movie should be epic and definitely needs time to develop. If done correctly it can be even bigger than the Avengers or anything else that Marvel has done,and I say that as a Marvel fan. With or without Christian bale, this movie can make at least 2billion or more. It just shouldn’t be rushed. These great characters deserve better. 2016 or 2017 would be an ideal year for a justice league movie IMO. In the meantime, WB should concentrate on MOS 2,Wonder woman, Flash, and even Aquaman.

    • Completely with you on MOS 2 and “Wonder Woman.”

      There’s no need for DC to rush ‘The Justice League.’

    • Agree with the 2016 release date. 2015 is the most packed blockbuster year ever. Unless they release it around Christmas which could work out well. For something that special they shouldn’t make it compete with so much other properties. Plus that just decreases their profits.

  8. The smart thing to do would be:
    MoS2 summer of 2015, with WW in the fall of the same year
    Flash in summer of 2016, with Aquaman in the fall of said year
    World’s Finest in summer of 2017 (introducing the new Batman)
    And JL in summer of 2018

    Or if they don’t want an Aquaman movie, they can do a World’s Finest in summer of 2016 and Flash in the fall, with JL coming out in 2017 (this would be most ideal, as to not have the first JL movie compete with Avengers 3 in 2018).

    But Werner/DC isn’t going to do that…they’re probably going to mess it up like they do with most things…

  9. I do want to see the new take on batman but I think they need to do other characters. Here’s my gameplan.
    2015 (2014 is too quick to make a good movie) Wonder Woman.
    Late 2015/may 2016 Man of steel 2
    November 2016 The Flash
    March 2017 Aquaman
    July 2017 Green lantern reboot/sequel
    December 2017 The Batman
    May 2018 Batman vs Superman
    November 2018 Justice League
    I know its a busy year in 2017 if they follow this route but it could work..

    • Sorry, but there just won’t be another Green Lanter flick. Not for a very long time.

      The Green Lantern can easily be incorporated into the Justice League flick w/out another GL movie.

  10. Am I the only one who wishes they would use the core seven from the original Justice League. Two super-powered female characters will give them an edge over Marvel. Plus Martian Manhunter is more interesting imo than Cyborg. Plus all you need to do is make him black when he mirrors a human. Idris Elba could be a good MM.

    • It would be cool if Supergirl was fleshed out in the Justice League. It would be very interesting to have another Kryptonian to give some added conflict to Supes.

      • Yes to more Supergirl.

      • I would save Supergirl in the MOS sequels so she will go next. Sorry, Kara your spin-off will have to go later. I declare that spin offs go later.

  11. While reading the article, I was thinking instead of doing full out origin stories leading up to Justice League for a few of the characters, such as Martian Manhunter, Cyborg or Aquaman, they can maybe do post-credit short films to explain their place in the world.

  12. Got no problem with a new Batman series.

    Im guessing this timme they’re going more “comic booky” with it and that would be different enough to separate it from the Nolan films.

  13. How could the new Batman film be based on “Batman Beyond”? If it’s in the future it doesn’t really coincide with the WB movie universe as MoS is set in present time. And they can’t have Bruce Wayne mentoring a new Batman because as we know, Bruce Wayne’s Batman hasn’t even happened yet.

    • Yes. Exactly. This is just another example of how lost DC/WB is in regards to their properties. Seriously, a JL movie shouldn’t be this difficult to make, especially since Avengers came out. They are over-thinking this way too hard. I await to see what they announce at comic con, if they even announce anything. Besides MoS2, I don’t think anything they’ll announce will be a good business decision.

      • Clearly you didn’t read that article about it on this site. They aren’t “lost” with their properties. They (supposedly) want to just have Bruce Wayne be in the Justice League movie as Batman and then have the Batman solo film be set in the future but still in that universe, similar to what Guardians of the Galaxy is supposedly going to be, with Terry McGuiness as a young Batman.

  14. WB doesn’t need to do a Justice League movie right away to compete with the Avengers. What they can do is create a World’s Finest movie starring Superman and Batman, first. From there, they can create and release a Trinity movies starring Supes, Bats, and now Wonder Woman. Then from there….The Justice League.

    • This would be great. A World’s finest film would really let DC gee everyone behind the new.Wayne/Batman and have him show of.those.detective skills that some feel were missing in Nolan’s trilogy.

      • I agree, I’d love to see a World’s Finest movie. The only problem seems to be (at least from what I’ve read) they aren’t too keen on using kryptonite in the new Superman films. Or at least not so soon. Maybe if they do WF after Man of Steel 2. But it would all depend on the direction you take with a Batman and Superman teamup. If you have them on the same side, just perhaps at odds over method, then you don’t need any kryptonite. If you make them enemies at first, then I don’t see how Batman competes with Superman unless he started developing a supersuit right after the events in MoS. It’ll all be interesting though. I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to be let down by their announcement. Hope not.

      • There was detective skills in the Nolan trilogies. Particularly in The Dark Knight movie when Bruce performed ballistic tests on a bullet (or something like that) in the “lair.” Remember?

  15. I guess we will all know for sure tomorrow.

  16. Hmmm. Strange rumor, this. I would not do a rebooted Batman solo film so soon, especially not when there are so many other characters waiting. But whatever…he is DC’s bread and butter on he big screen. Tomorrow maybe an interesting day. At least we might get some confirmation of something, finally. If this is where WB/DC decides they are comfortable revealing plans, hopefully they’ll start being more fan-friendly now. That is one quality that they definitely should copy from Marvel.

  17. I hope they announce plans for several movies, Justice League included, but if they say 2015 for JL then it’s doomed. I don’t care if they want that to be their next film after MoS2 but you can’t put it out two years from now when there hasn’t been ANY development on it yet. Announce MoS2, what their intentions are for Batman i.e. reboot or JGL continuation or whatever and possibly announce at least who could be getting solo films either prior to or following a JL film.

  18. It’s crazy that all us fans are waiting for is just some sort of an announcement that let’s us know that Warner Bros./DC has a plan and what that plan is.

    That’s how much they’ve let the fans down with their ineptitude thus far. We’re not even to the part where the films are actually good or bad yet.

  19. I think they should announce a Flash film, a WW film, Justice League film, and possibly an Aquaman film( based on new 52

    • One would hope but I just don’t see that happening. Warner Bros./DC has been taking a reactive approach for years now.

      All I can see is Man of Steel 2 and one other film being announced. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, though.

      • Announcing one other film would still be pretty huge.

        • Not to me. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be a little encouraged but I’m used to the Marvel way of doing things now and one extra film from DC can’t really cut it at this point.

          Hell, Marvel might’ve beaten DC to the punch when it comes to heroic female characters. From what I’ve read today, Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter one-shot was top notch.

  20. There is no way justice league breaks what will be avengers brand box office record in the same summer. How many buffoons last year said here that dark night rises would break avengers record and it did not come close. Dc needs to take time and build the yellow brick road to justice league to have a chance.

    • FUQ MARVEL and their cartoon fluff movies!!!!

    • The dark knight rises sold as many tickets as the avengers

  21. PLEASE hurry the fuq up. I need to see some new heroes.

  22. Hopefully this news will turn out to be true. No way though MOS2 is out by next year, it’s already going into late July, and JL won’t be out by 2015 either. Add a year to both movies and it becomes a possibility, i could see MOS2 in 2015 and the Bats reboot and JL in 2016.

    • They better choose a date if they do bring out a film in 2015 because there are a lot of big films coming out that year with dates already reserved.

      • @Adrian – I agree and I can’t see WB being bold enough to release JL in a powerful and packed 2015, if anything 2016 or 2017 would seem the most likely year for JL to hit theaters.

      • Can’t see WB taking the risk of going up against the behemoth that’ll be the Avengers 2. Maybe they could try late 2015, I mean the highest grossing movie of all time came out in December.

  23. I hope its batman beyond and justice league part 1: worlds finest. With an actor playing both old bruce in beyonds and in his prime in worlds finest. Guy pearce could pull it off

  24. Ok here is how they need to do this just to save alot of steps. first man of steel 2 will feature supes on a one man mission to keep the world safe when he comes across green lantern(hal jordan) in a fight with sinestro during said fight supes gets his ass kicked and hal helps him out. Realizing he cant do this alone he teams with GL to stop sinestro in round 2 they barely stop sinestro but hal dies in the fight and his ring passes on to… Jon Stewart. Thinking he still needs help to work as a team he looks for batman where bats tells him he is already looking for a team since his satelite got destroyed in MOS 1 he sent a new one up and it somehow picked up a signal from BRAINIAC. Just a thought but DC will hopefully have something better in waiting

    • That sounds like one kick ass plot to kick off the JL movie!

  25. Not Batman again. I get the he is very recognizable and hugh draw to audiences.
    What did Marvel do? They started with Iron Man who wasn’t as well known.
    Don’t use Batman as your go-to hero when you don’t trust the others to draw audiences. Make a good Flash movie or a good Green Lantern movie for that matter and let them stand on their own feet.

  26. I am beyond sick of the almost daily rumours and speculation of a possible Justice League film. I’m at the point where you can just call me when the movie is made and ready to be released. All of this conjecture is just repetitive and annoying.

  27. I highly doubt that WB/DC will release TWO movies in one year. Think of all the other times there’s been a big budget adaptation of a DC superhero. They only do one per year.

    The logistics of all this just don’t add up. Unless there is a big announcement today (unlikely, but you never know), they have no director, no screenwriter, and no actors lined up for any of these projects outside of Henry Cavill. So between now and 2015, they’re going to hire all those people, shoot the film, AND do post-production (and something like Justice League will be insane with special effects) on two huge tentpole films when previously they could only do one? I’m not buying it.

    Also take into consideration that Summer 2015 is already jammed packed with huge movies. Avengers 2, Pirates 5, Terminator reboot, Independence Day 2, Inside Out (Pixar film), Assassin’s Creed, Jurassic Park 4, and a small independent production from JJ Abrams called Star Wars Episode 7. There are like no good weekends available for a MASSIVE tentpole movie like Justice League or even a new Batman reboot (and really? ANOTHER Batman reboot? So soon after Nolan? No.)

    The most realistic possibility is that Man of Steel is announced for a summer 2016 release. I’m serious. I know this isn’t what fans want to hear, but I think that’s what we’re in store for. Summer 2015 is already loaded and there are still films announced that need release dates. It would be wise for WB to take their time, secure a 2016 date for the Superman sequel and take it from there. Maybe we’ll learn something today.

    • I think you are spot on

      I’d say MOS 2 for May 2016
      But then by some point next year sort things out behind the scenes and then announce another hero for winter 2016
      Sure they don’t seem to like the idea of 2 films a year but dc are behind marvel at this point and can’t take to long to bring out things for JL or risk losing some of the buzz due to lack of progress

      2016 would be a good year to bring out 2 films – less opposition overall but also marvel will be trying to bring in new and unproven characters after Avengers 2 so if dc kick off 2016 with another good superman film followed the same year by another character (teased in MOS 2) could be flash (my pick, probably easiest to do quickly) or aquaman
      (although I would hold off on aquaman until after avatar 2, which is supposed to be a bit more water based so the effects for such types films could take a leap forward)

      After that then maybe back to one film in 2017 (perhaps a film that is mostly ww but includes a superman and new batman appearance, batman does not need another solo film before JL, people don’t forget batman in a hurry, but he does need recasting before any major appearance to let people accept the change)

      Go for JL up against Avengers 3 (which could seem overcrowded or people could be tired of marvel and wanting something different plus how many good 3rd films are there in comic book trilogies, very few)
      Having said that I hope avengers 3 isn’t the weakest avengers film but the odds are not in its favour (statistically speaking)

      On the subject of a worlds finest film, as much as I do want it to happen, please not to soon, there is no need to overuse batman and superman, cos they will lose their box office pull if they keep recycling the same characters on a 3 or 4 year reboot cycle
      Dc has so many other worthy characters, give the boys a rest

      • @JLAvenger88 – Or just maybe “Avengers 3″ will turn out to be the ‘Return Of The King’ of he series. It’s true that for the most part as recent history suggests part 3′s have indeed been the weakest links in film series, but have to figure that won’t always apply to every film series, sometimes tired trends like that do get broken, so we’ll see in the long run.

  28. I’m still looking forward seeing Henry Cavill (Superman), Armie Hammer (Batman), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) to star in the JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie. I think Armie Hammer can make a great Batman role. Good idea, and also I think Keira Knightley who played Elizabeth Swan from (Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN sequels) She can make a great WONDER WOMAN. She’s a British actress and that makes Wonder Woman sound Greek. I would think Keira Knightley will make a great casting role playing The Amazing Amazon.

    Sam Worthington can make an awesone Aquaman and Paul Walker can make a great casting role playing THE FLASH caused he starred in FAST & THE FURIOUS (Part 1 & 2). Hugo Weaving can make a great casting villain role playing Lex Luther. Like he did played The Red Skull, I heard a rumor he may not be back in the CAPTAIN AMERICA sequels. SUPERMAN fans How does that sound for Hugo Weaving playing Lex Luther. Also, Jeremy Irons can make a great casting playing Brainiac in MOS (Part 2) and JLA. How does that sound ?

    • Those villain castings are good, would be great to have Irons as a villain in particular
      Cavil was great as superman
      Reynolds was not the problem with GL (although slightly worried about the box office pull the guy has these days) but could give him another chance at a more serious Hal Jordan

      Haven’t seen anything of Armie so can’t say anything really on that choice

      The rest:
      Keira knightley is just not an amazon
      Personally I’m not a fan of worthington as an actor, don’t really think he has put in a decent acting performance yet, not a bad action guy, but aquaman needs more than just a wooden action guy
      They could do better than Paul walker for flash, (need a guy who can do serious with the right amount of humour, feel that walker would make it feel corny and then you’re into GL territory) fast and furious doesnt mean he’d be good as fastest man alive

      With the exception of knightley the others are not bad choices but I feel would need better to play opposite Cavill, Reynolds and Hammer, in a JL film
      Also the casting of MOS was brilliant and full of top end actors (which walker and worthington aren’t really, they might be well known but its more their faces that are known rather than for brilliant acting chops)

    • No to Keira Knightley as Wonder Woman, you need someone who actually has breasts.

      • Hmmm. I do not think Keira Knightley would be the right choice, but not because of her chest size one way or the other.

        With all due respect, I believe that Ryan Reynolds was in fact the biggest problem with Green Lantern. Not the only problem by any stretch of course, and I don’t place blame on Reynolds, but I don’t think that the guy is capable of selling the requisite seriousness.

        • The chest size thing wasnt why I thought no to Keira knightley, in my mind amazons are bigger (more muscular than she is) since they are supposed to be able to overpower men physically, she doesn’t look like she could (to skinny)

          Fair enough with your point about Reynolds, although he has done more serious roles before (some of them were not to bad at all) but I certainly don’t recall any very recently (maybe buried? but he does seem a bit typecast these days), also a box office drag on films it seems
          Couldn’t think of who to replace him with though and since i also dont blame him for 2011 film so I felt I could give him another shot as I’m not sure that any actor could have pulled off the movie they put him in very well

          Having said that
          I have actually thought since he JL rumours started that WB/DC would do well to cut just about all links to the GL film (possible exception being Sinestro, Mark Strong is a decent actor that can play villains quite well, but the character would not actually be needed in JL film)
          But the issue is that any direct link to GL (2011) will be noticed by peolpe and could negatively impact people’s opinion of a JL film before the cameras even start rolling

  29. So are you all saying that by some stretch of the imagination Kryptonite makes it way from whatever start system Kal came from to Earth? How, exactly? Even Zod said that he came across an ocean of stars to find Earth.

    Next, with MOS and TDK trilogy being in “our world” you guys are saying it is now OK to make Batman more comic-booky? Even the military in those movies were only human. Bruce Wayne was trained by ninjas, and after all, he is just as human as the military in those movies. The Batman in the TDK trilogy is quite acceptable to be in the Justice League.

    • @calypso
      Bruce Wayne from TDK trilogy can’t be in justice league, nor can JGL
      The minds behind that trilogy have repeatedly said that there are no super powered beings in the world they created for those movies ergo no justice league

      TDK trilogy is an isolated world, and rightly so, the movies were great movies but they effectively removed and shut off large aspects of both batman and his villains in order to make them work within the laws of that universe, Nolans batman is a much lesser batman to the guy in the comics (or even dc animated stuff)
      (For example Bruce in nolanverse was always rather spartan with his Batcave and his detective skills seemed to only amount to a google search and ask Alfred, batman is better than that)

      People don’t want a ‘comic-booky’ batman film – seen it Joel Schumacher did it and it bombed
      What is needed though is a more batmany batman, not just ninja batman since bale would be more than useless in the MOS world, so what is required for a JL film is a batman who can mix it with the likes of superman

      MOS is not set in ‘our world’ the idea is to have the normal people (public and military) of the film react in a way that ‘reflects’ how we as a people would react if these things started happening (like superpowered aliens turning up and trying to destroy/save the planet)
      There is a difference between the 2
      In order for movies to work they must establish their own set of rules and work within those rules (even TDK trilogy did this, it is part of why they work as movies since they never go outside of the rules that they establish, at least not to much TDKR certainly pushed the limits, but there is plenty in the films that just doesn’t or wouldn’t work in ‘our world’)

      Movies that are entirely based on or set in ‘our world’ are called documentaries
      even movies that are ‘based on real events’ change a lot in order to make the story work better as a movie, (such as things like always having a happy ending or always having a love interest for the main character, friendships between men and women always end up in the bedroom)
      There are of course exceptions to this but I doubt any of them are comic book movies, since comic book movies require a different set of rules to ‘our world ‘ in order to work

      As for the question of how kryptonite makes it to earth in the MOS universe, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the sequel cos they haven’t answered that yet since they didnt need to