Document Suggests New ‘Batman’ & ‘Justice League’ For 2015

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Justice League Movie Rumor Release Date Document Suggests New Batman & Justice League For 2015

The DC vs. Marvel debate is a staple for comic fans and moviegoers and while comparing quality or preference of films is a dangerous game, comparing the number of films is easy. Marvel – with its film licences scatted among several studios – has nearly a dozen confirmed projects with release dates over the next four years. DC Entertainment, has zero.

This is about to change for the better as the imminent greenlight for a sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel approaches along with some clarity for the years worth of rumors regarding Justice League and other potential character movies. And it could be as soon as tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

AICN has the scoop and claims to have received a “corporate document” from an unnamed company that works with studios on their releases that lists both Batman and Justice League as Warner Bros. projects for 2015. It also includes Ant-Man and a new Trolls movie which suggests the unverifiable source works on the marketing or merchandising front across multiple studios.

Justice League line up Document Suggests New Batman & Justice League For 2015

The timing of the rumor coincides with Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated Comic-Con panel tomorrow which runs two hours and will feature Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Seventh Son, Gravity, The LEGO Movie, and Edge of Tomorrow. The impressive high profile lineup however is going up against Fox’s X-Men heavy panel later in the day and the headline event in Marvel Studios’ surprise-loaded panel for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World and more.

With Man of Steel still in theaters and proving a major success for Warner Bros., Legendary and DC Entertainment, the obvious hopeful speculation is that the studio will take the opportunity to announce their plans for the future of the series, something they’ve so far remained mum on. In April,  Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros., did tease that such news would be coming:

 “We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making.”

Previous rumors and reports indicated that Man of Steel 2 was being fast-tracked with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer attached and that it could release as soon as 2014 with Justice League the year after. All of these rumors coincide with the first release date rumor that had JL taking on The Avengers 2 in 2015.

The best way for Warner Bros. to compete against the multiple studios running with Marvel movies (Sony, Fox & Disney) is to announce their own slate and a Superman sequel along with Justice League would need to be a part of it. A new Batman would be used to introduce a new take on the character with a new actor, possible – if another rumor is true – based on Batman Beyond.

What would you like to see Warner Bros. showcase tomorrow?

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Sources: AICN, EW

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  1. You put keira,ryan and armie in a justice league movie then you can stick a fork in the dc universe for a decade. This would amount to an adam sandler comedy.

    • Add Worthington and Walker and you kill off DC completely.

      • Stop It! That’s not nice to say.

  2. doesn’t seem likely MOS will be released in 2014

  3. Please take your time DC and do it right.

  4. Here is the Supporting Cast to MOS (Part 2):

    Josh Hutcherson as Jimmy Olsen
    John Slattery as Perry White (I heard Laurence Fishburne may not return to play Perry)
    Diane Lane as Martha Kent (To return)
    Drew Barrymore as Mercy Graves
    Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Daniel Turpin
    Sharon Stone as Capt. Maggie Sawyer
    Bill Paxton as Morgan Edge
    Linda Cardellini as Catherine Grant
    Daniel Craig as Zor-El
    Brooke Shields as Allura In-Ze (She was casted to play Supergirl before Helen Slater played)
    AnnaSophia Robb as Supergirl/Kara/Kara Kent
    J.K. Simmons as General Sam Lane
    Linda Firontino as Ellen Lane
    Reese Witherspoon as Lucy Lane


      • Bruce this guy ain’t stoned, even stoned people aren’t this crazy
        he be trippin’

  5. I’d be surprised if JL and Batmam are released in 2015, DC should wait till 2016.

  6. Imo WB/DC should hold off Justice League for 2016, less competition that year.

    • I agree, a JL film could get swallowed up in that powerful loaded 2015 line up.

  7. I’m amazed with DC sudden turn around to make Aquaman more tougher. Apparently they have been watching Big Bang Theory’s Raj saying Aquaman sucks. The Flashpoint movie really made him a badass.

  8. Avengers would beat Justice League no question about that

    • @William – Well of course that’s true, Avengers is an established box office smash franchise. JL has to build up it’s box office status, but i’m sure it will be a big hit whenever WB finally gets around to making it of course.

      • In terms of an actual battle though, the JLA would smash the Avengers… easily.

  9. i honestly dont understand how Marvel can shart out some derivative 53rd tier nd string team NO ONE outside of Marvel Fanboys have ever heard of (Guardians of The Galaxy) &EVERYONE and their grandmothers eats up the prospect of it…
    but DC cant even hint at the idea of a Justice League (THE MOST WELL KNOWN ICONIC GROUP of SuperHeroes on the planet BAR NONE) film wthout a furore about them not having a million completely pointless startup introductionary movies so fans wont be “confused” or in order to inbibe character development

    first things first DC.. get a poster out make it an artistic rendition if you have to Jae Lee Tony Daniel whoever create a fullspread character poster much like the JimLee one above

    outline the original seven as it will be in the new DCMU with vague physical refs to the real life actors who’ll play them

    front and center WW/Diana Themyscera
    to her left The Bat
    to her right Kal El
    to Kals right Flash (complete redesign)
    to Bats left Cyborg (complete redesign)
    furthest right Orin King of The Ocean (complete redesign)
    furthest left Lantern (complete redesign:along lines of “Planetary Lantern”

    poster should make clear Diana is the leader. as this is the only way the JL movie is going to work… the heart(Supes) the mind (Bats) &the Soul (Diana) think captain america meets jenny sparks &a touch of Faora
    also make a point to NEVER refer to her as Wonder Woman in the film. also having her island paradise being disturbed by the World engines attack in the indian ocean (conveniently where the advanced amazon island be situated then approaching the united nations as an emissary &requesting to see superman could be a vital plot entry point

    anyways once that poster has DCs official stamp &the creative teams have a skeleton in place thatll create the significant buzz necessary &then they can setup a website with multiple character profiles that unlock more information little by little (ala TDKs Harvey Dent campaign) &setting up the motivations of each character….. the solo movies can come AFTER (WW/Flash etc)

    Man of Tomorrow (MoS sequel)

    Alexander Luthor: Edward Norton (Primary-American History X) Damian Lewis. (secondary-Homeland)

    Bruce Wayne: Anson Mount/Luke Evans
    Commish J. Gordon: Bryan Cranston
    Slade: Scott Adkins
    Lucius Fox: Common/Giancarlo Esposito/Cornel West (depending on desired age range)
    Lt. Col Alfred J Pennyworth: Billy Connelly/Sean Connery/Sir Ben Kingsley

    Kingdom Come (JL movie)

    Diana Themyscera: Jessica Biel
    Bartholomew Wallace “Barry” Allen: Joel Edgerton
    Hal Jordan: Ryan Reynolds
    victor Stone: Michael B.Jordan
    Orin: Jason Momoa/Arturis-Steward of Atlantis: Alex Skarsgard

    Izayah/HighFather: Idris Elba
    Uxas/DarkSeid: David Morse

  10. correction

    Uxas/DarkSeid: *Ron Perlman