Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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There has been a long and furious debate about the next stage in Batman movie development. There have been many fans holding holding out hope that the world of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy would be incorporated into Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ larger shared movie universe – including the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. But Nolan and Bale have made it increasingly clear that their time in the DC Universe is done, leaving the world in need of a new actor to step into the iconic cape and cowl.

Now the world has the actor who will be the next Batman… and it’s Ben Affleck. Affleck will stand alongside (and presumably against) Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Superman sequel film, which is tentatively being referred to as Batman vs. Superman.

Variety confirms the announcement from Warner Bros. that Affleck – who directed the studio’s Oscar-winning film, Argo – is indeed the new Dark Knight. In addition to that information, we now know when the Superman-Batman movie will hit theaters: July 17, 2015, after Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

The collective sound you might be hearing right now is jaws dropping all over the Interwebs. While we here at Screen Rant have been hard at work coming up with casting choices for a new Batman, it’s safe to say that nowhere in our discussions did the name “Ben Affleck” come up. However, despite what is likely to be a tidal wave of knee-jerk reactions, Having Affleck step into the role isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the following reasons:

  1. He’s established a good relationship with WB, and was once rumored to be directing the Justice League movie. With his involvement in the franchise now secured, that scenario could still be in the cards. Fans weren’t upset at the notion of an Affleck-helmed JL movie, so…
  2. Ben Affleck has left his pretty-boy persona of the ’90s/early 2000s WAY behind at this point. He’s demonstrated real skill both behind the camera and in front of it, playing brooding, troubled figures in both Argo and The Town.
  3. He’s a good match for Cavill in terms of looks and charm and bulk (see THIS PHOTO).
  4. At 41, Affleck is a perfect fit for the slightly older, more experienced, mature (and strategic) Batman that has been rumored for the film.

Batman Vs. Superman Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

Of course, these reasons alone are likely not enough to dissuade those who see this news and automatically go into meltdown mode, but hopefully some of our forthcoming features on the subject will help convince the holdouts. All things considered, it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the end of the World’s Finest.

Now all that’s left is to find a proper Lex Luthor…

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  1. As long as Danny Devito resurrects his role as the Penguin I would be fine with anyone as Bruce Wayne. Maybe bring Adam West back for the mature take on his character.

    • Danny Devito and Adam West would be terrible in a new batman movie both over aged and plus they’re to busy with Adam west on family guy and Danny Devito not being in any movies so bad idea in my opinion

  2. Well…. Re-reading my last comment makes me feel like I’m a bad person or something. It’s not that I don’t think Afleck will be a good Batman, it’s just that I think everyone likes one of the Batmans they have already seen. I for one, LOVE the Christian Bale Batman! However, we won’t know how good Ben Afleck is at being Batman, till we see the whole thing on the big screen.

  3. Well…. Re-reading my last comment makes me feel like I’m a bad person or something. It’s not that I don’t think Afleck will be a good Batman, it’s just that I think everyone likes one of the Batmans they have already seen. I for one, LOVE the Christian Bale Batman! However, we won’t know how good Ben Afleck is at being Batman, till we see the whole thing on the big screen. Who knows?! Maybe he will be a great Batman….

    • I think it’s too big of a risk. If he’s good then he’s good… but, if he’s not it’s just a bad and wasted batman movie thats not going to be redone overnight. Plus no matter how good the actor is it depends on how the viewers look up or down on him as an actor.

  4. I was iffy at first but I know it will be a good movie. Super hero movies have come a long way in my opinion

    • Not Ben like a super hero…I have a whole list of who really deserves this great opportunity, someone that gives without expecting anything in return. Between his family and his buddy family are a bunch of Jerks…They hate black people and especially Latino community. I would not pay a dime to see this movie.

  5. Not a personal attack,on Afleck but he is typically a cheeky chappy in every movie roll as is a “middle of the road actor” and I think to play batman you need something more about you and I think he may struggle to bring Batman to life. Hes also played a “superhero” before and to let him play a different one is a little peculiar! overall im quite disspointed but who knows I may be pleasently suprised!

    • Please don’t feel bad about the comment,,, he has no heart… Even Brat Bitt and Angelina Jolie would’ve done the best film of the year.

  6. I really like Argo, and I think he’s growing into a great director. Seems like a nice guy. But I’ve always found him really flat and uninteresting as an actor.

    This mostly works as a BO draw, maybe.

    • Thank you! I’ll go one better, u remember what happened when Keaton was cast as Batman?? Does anybody remember who Gerard Butler and his menial career was before 300…these examples are all related to Nolan/Snyder, so I think that we’re all in good hands here. Besides, Affleck’s won 3-4 oscars and brought over a billion dollars in revenue to WB studios lol….. I’m excited. He was the front runner to play batman before Bale way back when, and back then may have been skeptical, but not now

  7. And for all you MOS fans out there how at the end of MOS (Spoiler Alert) Lois Lane and Clark went to work like the city never got Demolished i don’t get that part, i meant everything look perfect like nothing never happened, please explain.

    • I think the end scene was like 3-4 months from the aftermath of the carnage. I know that sounds lame, but that’s the only possible explanation to how everything looks normal in that scene.

      • And I am sure Superman would have lent a hand in the rebuilding of the city and his mum’s (Martha Kent) barn and house. Probably would have taken him a month with his speeds, welded iron and made glass with his eyes. Who needs construction cranes when you have Superman (and some sun for energy). But you are correct one knows how the city was rebuilt, when, how long and by whom????.

      • And I am sure Superman would have lent a hand in the rebuilding of the city and his mum’s (Martha Kent) barn and house. Probably would have taken him a month with his speeds, welded iron and made glass with his eyes. Who needs construction cranes when you have Superman (and some sun for energy). But you are correct no one knows how the city was rebuilt, when, how long and by whom????.

  8. Im not happy with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. Christian Bale will always be Batman for me. He was the best. Bale really should have reprised his role as Batman for the MOS sequel. They could have just used the whole DcNu comics approach where they rebooted everything..the fact that Batman was already active for 5 years before Superman or other heroes pitched up, would have been perfect to explain why Bale appears as Batman.

    • First things first….Keaton is batman. Nothing else to be said. Bale was a satisfactory Bruce Wayne, but that’s not saying much. He’s a tremendous actor, but wrong for Bruce Wayne/batman. Nolan’s a great director, he could’ve put anybody in that role and it would’ve still been amazing. Affleck was the front runner to play bats back then, the mistake is jut being corrected now…. Affleck has made comeback after comeback, and the only reason I was shocked that he was cast as bats was that I was still holding out hope that he would reprise daredevil. There’s one other guy that I wanted to play batman, only one… And I will save u that laughter. I think we’re all going to be pleasantly surprised by MOS2, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if WB made a batman film prior to MOS2 either. When Michael Keaton was cast there was a huge problem, then the same happened with Heath ledger, and nobody remembered who Gerard Butler was anymore before 300, nor Michael Fassbender, or what about Jeffrey Dean Morgan as ‘The Comedian’ ? Snyder and Nolan know the score, I think it’s gonna be incredible, and I do so because their a couple of the only film makers that u can completely trust….

    • Totally agree oh please, Ben affleck as Batman..Not a good choice please give have so many good and excellent actors that deserve this script. Him and his Buddy are just plain idiots… They should retire with their wife and kids. Especially his friend very prejudice towards Latin people.

      Get out of acting both including their wife’s

  9. I truly believe that Affleck is a talented actor. However, maybe it just isn’t my taste (because he attracts the most beautiful women), but I don’t think he is very attractive. And in comparison to the physique Henry Cavill was able to get in shape for Man of Steel, Affleck is going to have to do some intense training in preparation for this movie.

    • I think he’s gonna surprise all of us…I’m an Affleck fan, wasn’t always that way though. All he’s gonna hafta do is put on 8-12 lbs of muscle, and with over a year and a half to do it, shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem. With the exception of Nicholson and (Devito for obvious reasons), there has always been uproar over casting decisions in batman and superman films, batman especially. I think it’s a testament to how much these films and the lore behind them mean to us. There’s never this much craziness over marvel films lol, but that’s a different conversation lol….anyway, I think that Nolan and Snyder are proven film makers and the casting of their films always turn out to be the right choices…thank for lettin me chat

  10. Affleck better practice his growl.

  11. So. What we have here is Warner Brothers going back to the stink batman movie series of Val Kilmer and Arnold old bodybuilder Making ice pops. This is a real dumb idea
    A half decent semi B list actor with 1 Oscar directed movie
    Of a 80s CIA agent tricking Arabs into thinking he’s a bad actor, comedic. Also I guess Mr. Affleck is wanting us to stop
    Thinking of him as a blind New York lawyer who wears red at night and cant see real good unless theirs noise. I’m speaking of the marvel daredevil movie that never got a sequel. Guess bens a little mad guess this is a get even crapper blockbuster. Well I hope all the CGI and explosions cover up the bad acting SMH. Ill wait for it on RED BOX when they send me a free movie code lol

  12. Are you f—— serious!? Just throw the movie away! Batman really should be for a new face, not a Hollywood pretty boy. Out of the two they went with B– A–? Really? It stinks like nepotism, if they want the movie to sell then they should make sure the script is good and don’t overkill it with an actor that is our of it’s league.

  13. I don’t really understand all of the skeptical critisium. Has anyone seen The Town? Ben is the perfect choice to be cast as Bruce Wayne. I am very optimistic about Batman vs Superman and The Justice League franchise. I do hope that BvS will not be a sequil to Man of Steel but an introductory film that will build up interest in The Justice League. After all this isn’t the story of Bruce or Clark but The Justice League and their nemesis The Legion of Doom. Hopefully Warner Brothers has the foresight to develop a screen play in which Batman is the protagonist to intoduce all of Bruce’s iconic characters (Alfred, Night Wing, Catwoman, Commishner Gordon, etc), as Clark’s enterouge was introduced in Man of Steel.

    • Man, none of you people should be commenting on this article. If any of you actually followed Batman comics or animated movies, you’d know that Ben Affleck is going to make a terrible Batman. He was not good in the town and he was a terrible Daredevil. Also, for everyone saying ” remember ledger”, “remember Keaton” , remember butler”, none of those even compare. Ledger was not a super well known actor at
      the time and he had no roles to compare it to and Gerard Butler was not well known either, and anyone who thinks Keaton was a good Batman, is just wrong. The dude was scrawny and about 5’8″ and clearly did not have there voice for it

  14. I like Ben Affleck overall, but I like his acting the best in movies he himself directs. That’s truly where he does his best work. Unless he’s given complete control in how the character is supposed to be portrayed (ideally all Bruce and Batman scenes are directed by him or at least majority control is given), it more than likely won’t be his best performance, it’ll likely be fine, be decent, but not his best. In fact my true preference would be for him to direct Batman vs Superman, now that would be amazing. Snyder could provide input and do visuals, which is where he truly shines. My second biggest concern is the concept of his age. He’s signed on for multiple films but the guy is 41. I’m afraid he’ll age out sooner rather than later, unless this movie does the added task of setting up a new Batman (one who’s not Bruce Wayne) as well. And although I’m willing to let him take his shot, I can see why some people might be given cause for concern. 1.) There are more articles on the internet to run damage control for the casting as opposed to the other side of the equation. I’m one of those I’ll let my work speak for me types and if someone constantly needs to come to my defense I imagine I’d be getting the side eye to some extent as well. 2.) The WB exec stating how amazing Ben will be, is fine and dandy but at the end of the day, he does work for WB. It’s his job to say that, whether he actually thinks that or not. 3.) His friend and family are going to support him. From a outsider’s objective view, you know they’re going to be biased. Previous bat actors are going to supportive because they know the pressure and other actors will be supportive because they know similar pressure for roles in general. Hollywood is a community unto itself. Its not prudent to snub members of it. (It was James Franco’s interview on Ben taking the part that made me willing to wait and see because it mostly objective, he was willing to list a strength and weakness in his support of Affleck). 4.) Recent pictures and interviews show that Ben is fat. Not bulky, not strong, but fat. And Batman is 210 lbs of muscle, and if you factor age in (as with this portrayal) maybe the 190’s or 200 even with age attributed muscle loss. The proposed character might be tired and world weary, but he’d still try to keep his edge, in fact the need and actually training might be a factor in the mental and physical fatigue (he’s spent years training and fighting, killing himself so to speak and for what, he can’t kill his adversaries, his code won’t allow it, but until someone meets his standards which are more than likely high bordering on impossible to meet, then he has to keep at it until someone he approves of takes over and until then he has to be his best in order to maintain the upkeep of the task he feels only he can do). In addition, he has to likely fight Superman at least once and possibly win (even with the aid of technology)and it has to look at least somewhat believable. The way Ben looks now, I don’t see and I doubt other people would to, although he has some time but not much until production starts. If he looked like a more muscle heavy version of his character in The Town or showed signs of going that way, then yes there’d be less skepticism. But he will likely have some creative choice and control (WB would be idiots to ignore his skill in that direction and leave everything completely to Snyder and Goyer). If his Batman is the tired, weary and seasoned expression of the character, then I think they’re doing something right with taking some inspiration and direction with The Dark Knight Returns. I could see a Ben portrayed Batman with something of that take in him going toe to toe with the MOS Superman, mostly because he’s got enough rough and tumble in him mixed with experience, skill, intellect and ruthlessness to go there. He’d have to be get Supes’ attention and respect. He’s got to beat down on him before he can teach him. I hope they also consider using Death in the Family (or Under the Red Hood animation) as inspiration as well. The scene where I could see a tired but resolute Batman came into play where he was talking with Jason (he explained that all he ever wanted to do was kill the Joker: torture him in every way and then end him, and that it would be easy to lose himself in that, and its his reason for not doing it). That coupled with the flashbacks of Jason and the memories of losing and the shock of him returning as a violent vigilante hinted at his anger and fatigue as well. Him teaching Supes from that perspective would be amazing on screen. Its that combination of characteristics (grim resolution, ruthlessness and intelligence, depth in planning, physical presence, and conviction) that would sell Ben as Batman if he conveys it. He has Bruce (or at least the Bruce that’s a front for the rest of the world) down naturally, its the rest I question, although the reasonable and objective statements of James Franco and Stan Lee have made me more willing to wait see. His performance could go either way because there’s potential for either side of fandom expectations based on certain factors and how they play out. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I apologize if I was all over the place, lol.

  15. Ben Affleck will be a terrible batman. Micheal Keaton was a terrible batman, and it was a terrible movie. That’s why nobody buys it and its never played on TV. You people who say the Keaton batman was good have obviously never watched it in the last 20 years. Watch any of those batman movies before batman begins. They suck. They’re comedies, and most of them are not fun to watch to even make fun of. Hopefully the script to MOS2 is good and Ben affleck isn’t in it to much to ruin it. My guess tho, its gonna cost 250 mil to make and gross 300mil. Hollywood needs to stop butt kissing each other and cast the right actor for the right role if they expect the customer to go see their movies. Would you cast Ben Affleck as 007? No, case in point, not all actors are meant for all roles. Please stop insulting everybody by saying he will make a good Batman. Hopefully Henry Cavil carries this movie.

    • Michael Keaton is the best person playing batman on film. Batman and Batman Returns gets the character of batman correct.

  16. I’m surprised that ben is going to be playing batman but uts also interesting but I can’t wait to watch the movie

  17. I agree that Ben’s acting is at its best when he is directing the project. However, he’s done some incredible work (especially early in his career) under other directors. Ben gave a brilliant performance in Dazed and Confused, Dogma, Shakespere in Love, and especially Chasing Amy. He even gave an incredible performance in a crapy moviey like Mall Rats.

  18. Can affleck do any worse than george clooney
    As BATMAN? Lets hope we don’t find out…
    Lucky for us BATMAN can’t be killed by bad acting!!! BATMAN WILL LIVE FOREVER !!!

  19. Yes I’ve seen Daredevil. Yes I’ve seen the town. And Argo. Good director, so so actor. But playing iconic Batman???!!! Absolutely Not!!! But the choice is made and now I have NO desire to see it.

  20. It’s not his acting (good or bad), I’m concerned about. He just doesn’t have the right for it. He could probably replace Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern or Deadpool but not Batman. I think Eric Bana should be the next Bruce Wayne.

  21. It’s not his acting (good or bad), I’m concerned about. He just doesn’t have the right face for it. He could probably replace Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern or Deadpool but not Batman. I think Eric Bana should be the next Bruce Wayne.

  22. OK nothing against Ben… But if you are looking for an aged, experienced, and veteran Batman…
    I would go with Keanu Reeves… Watch Constantine.. And if that’s not enough to convince you watch Man of tai chi.. Along with the trailer for 47 Ronin..plane and efing simple.. So Ben better step up his game I mean cut the belly and go all reeves/matrix/ bale/equilibrium training mode and be able to pull of some serious martial arts skills.

  23. I’m a huge Keanu Reeves fan and I also think he would make a incredible Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” version of Bruce Wayne. However, I think Ben is a little more aristocratic like someone who grew up in the lap of luxury. Keanu would have been better as Superman. Imagine George Reeves, Christopher Reeves and Keanu Reeves. For everyone complaining about Ben I would just like to say that Ethan Hawk was also being considered. I would boycot the film if that ifeminite little deuch even got invited to the premire.

  24. Sorry, last comment. When Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman many people complained. Keep in mind she rocked that roll about as hard as it could be rocked! She put the charater on a whole new level and left every other Catwoman in the dust (including Michelle Pieffer and Julie Newmar)! Give Ben a chance. I think he’s really going to surprise all of the nay sayers!

  25. I’m completely suspicious of Affleck as Batman. There are a lot of reasons, aside from the dozens of better choices, but all that really needs to be said is this: DAREDEVIL.

    • EXACTLY!

  26. I heard Justin Beiber will be Robin. Any thoughts on that?

  27. R u kidding me. ben frickin affleck as the batman.
    Wont waste my time with that one.

  28. Which Robin is Justin Bieber going to play? This is an older Batman. Dick Grayson has long since become Night Wing the protector of Bludhaven. Jason Todd has become the super villian The Red Hood. I can’t see the androgenious litttle wierdo cast as Tim Drake and definately not Damien Wayne. However, he might make a half way decent Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelly.