Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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There has been a long and furious debate about the next stage in Batman movie development. There have been many fans holding holding out hope that the world of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy would be incorporated into Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ larger shared movie universe – including the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. But Nolan and Bale have made it increasingly clear that their time in the DC Universe is done, leaving the world in need of a new actor to step into the iconic cape and cowl.

Now the world has the actor who will be the next Batman… and it’s Ben Affleck. Affleck will stand alongside (and presumably against) Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Superman sequel film, which is tentatively being referred to as Batman vs. Superman.

Variety confirms the announcement from Warner Bros. that Affleck – who directed the studio’s Oscar-winning film, Argo – is indeed the new Dark Knight. In addition to that information, we now know when the Superman-Batman movie will hit theaters: July 17, 2015, after Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

The collective sound you might be hearing right now is jaws dropping all over the Interwebs. While we here at Screen Rant have been hard at work coming up with casting choices for a new Batman, it’s safe to say that nowhere in our discussions did the name “Ben Affleck” come up. However, despite what is likely to be a tidal wave of knee-jerk reactions, Having Affleck step into the role isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the following reasons:

  1. He’s established a good relationship with WB, and was once rumored to be directing the Justice League movie. With his involvement in the franchise now secured, that scenario could still be in the cards. Fans weren’t upset at the notion of an Affleck-helmed JL movie, so…
  2. Ben Affleck has left his pretty-boy persona of the ’90s/early 2000s WAY behind at this point. He’s demonstrated real skill both behind the camera and in front of it, playing brooding, troubled figures in both Argo and The Town.
  3. He’s a good match for Cavill in terms of looks and charm and bulk (see THIS PHOTO).
  4. At 41, Affleck is a perfect fit for the slightly older, more experienced, mature (and strategic) Batman that has been rumored for the film.

Batman Vs. Superman Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

Of course, these reasons alone are likely not enough to dissuade those who see this news and automatically go into meltdown mode, but hopefully some of our forthcoming features on the subject will help convince the holdouts. All things considered, it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the end of the World’s Finest.

Now all that’s left is to find a proper Lex Luthor…

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  1. I heard this early this morning and I was so irrated. But I then rememeber that this is something we knew could happen. As I sat at my desk at work I started to think and in my mind I saw affleck. And cavil as their civillian alter egos and you know what it worked. I relized that batmans 2 people himself and bruce wayne. Affleck could maKe wayne happen very well and the bat wedont know anything about yet many assume he was gonna be hardcore and gritty but what I want is to see the master detective that the nolans films lacked and some kick ass toys he will use. Bring on anymore fun surprises.

  2. Great choice.

    He has proven himself as an actor and he is a comic book fan. These are 2 reasons why I think this can work. I was one of the few who enjoyed Daredevil. Besides the horrible treatment of Bullseye I’ve always seen Daredevil to be a solid comic book movie.

    Bring on Bats vs Supes!

    • I enjoyed Daredevil also, still watch it from time to time. Ben is a comic book fan and I think he will do a good job at trying to stay true to the character.

      • I’m a comic boon fan too. Guess that means I could play Batman.

  3. Give him a chance

  4. I’d like to remind us all (those who were here anyway)of the ‘mass protest’ when Keaton was chosen as Batman. What? A comedian as the Batman?? Never! But he proved us wrong. He took the criticism as a challenge and was a better Bruce Wayne than Kilmer and Clooney IMHO. So I’ve learned from that experience. Maybe Affleck will be same. Though his performance in DD left a lot to be desired.

    My only concern: Batman older than Superman? Why on earth?

  5. What I loved about Nolan’s Batman was his casting ability. Together with John Papsidera and in part Toby Whale they casted some fantastic actors for Nolan’s Batman. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart have been brilliant.

    I doubt Nolan had any say in casting the new Batman and I am struggling as to why Warner Brothers even made Nolan a Producer on the Man of Steel project if there wasn’t going to be some sort of linkage with Nolan’s Batman. It would have made complete sense to Nolan Bat-fans; and for consistency and commercial sake and not to reboot Batman so soon.

    Nolan’s Batman now seems like a pointless exercise and seems to discredit the great work by the actors above. Christian Bale is only 39 (younger than Ben) and could easily of done one more Batman role and then let Joseph Levitt takeover as Nightwing/Batman in Man of Steel 3 and Justice League.

    I like Ben Affleck but can he pull off an action-packed Batman trilogy for the next 7-10 years at now 42???

    • Here is the deal, when things are selling make more. Thats the business and I don’t blame them. There is a demand so supply people with what they want. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the DK trilogy. Nolan did a fantastic job with the world he created. The problem is that in this world the Justice League probably wouldn’t work.

      • Very good points and the Justice League probably wouldn’t work. Maybe bringing certain Nolan actors like Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine into Zack’s Man of Steel world may have worked and maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes on a Justice League role may have worked.

        To discard Nolan’s Batman with no formal recognition or Bat hand-over in Zack’s Man of Steel world and on the back of the great acting talent in Nolan’s Batman looks like a wasted opportunity. Ben will add a fresh and very different prospective to Batman and I am sure will make a good Batman. My initial understanding as to why Nolan was on board for the Man of Steel project was to formulate a link between the two worlds, but I was wrong.

  6. I can’t wait to see what the internet does when they cast Lex Luthor.

  7. Also, the only mark Christian Bale made on the Batman character was the throaty screaming. The Nolan films were not Batman movies, they were movies containing Batman as just one character. So Bale did nothing outstanding in them.
    Ben Affleck will make a great Bruce Wayne, a serviceable older Batman, and an outstanding Justice League director. With the mask, doesn’t matter who plays Batman. The mask diminishes the actor for the sake of the character. This is why Hugh Jackman owns Wolverine: he never wore the mask. Also why we see so little Iron Man in the Iron Man movies, because it’s the RDJ show. The Dark Knight movies were the Nolan show.
    And regardless of Affleck, the writing and story will make the Batman character, i.e. the lines, the atmosphere, the action, and yes, the gadgets.
    Moreover, this is a Man of Steel sequel, not a Batman movie, so as long as the story, Superman, and Luthor work out well, it should be a good movie. It also shows that WB isn’t going to make standalone Batmans for a while.
    And if they can just bite the bullet and cast Ryan Reynolds as Flash, and get a black actor to play John Stewart/Green Lantern, I’ll happily forget in 5 minutes of Justice League that Reynolds ever played GL. Because he was meant to be Flash. Please no Bradley Cooper, that guy bores me more than Matt Damon does.

  8. Superman is the most powerful, but Batman is the smartest one in the room.

    Does Ben Affleck convey the critical intelligence of a hardened crime-fighter?

    I want to eat my words, I want to be wrong, but sorry dude.

    Thumbs down. Epic fail.

    Please prove me wrong.

    • AMEN.

    • My thing is why is Affleck doing a Batman movie anyways? Was it not long ago that he said that he didn’t want to do it?
      And Nolan and Bale, they’re both in my top 10 directors and actors list. Why is Nolan doing Producer with a Batman movie, didn’t he also say he was done with Batman and the DC Comics? I don’t get it.
      Bale: He said if Nolan was involved he’d do the part? What happened to that?
      Did they even offer to Keaton to play Batman?
      I’m somewhat a fan of Affleck. That Daredevil was not a good movie in my opinion. He’s better at being a Director, Producer and his other thing he does, “acting” which he does ok in I guess. But Affleck is not Batman material, he’s not someone to be playing a dark character, sorry but no. I don’t know why would they choose him. Maybe this was planned all along, I don’t know. But Warner Br., D.C., and everyone else that got Affleck to play Batman, terrible choice.

  9. Daredevil rentals are gonna go through the roof as fans make little black pointed masks and capes to follow Daredevil around the screen

  10. First of all, why are there childish exclamation points after this announcement as if everyone is giddy about this!? Nice try, Screen Rant.

    Second of all, while not the worst choice, I will stand by this till the day I die that Christian Bale played the finest Batman and will still walk circles around Affleck’s retrospectively. The fact they couldn’t get a deal done with Bale is such a crime and an insult to the true fans of the character and what Nolan developed. I don’t need to hear about Nolan’s universe not making room for aliens or the fantastical, yada yada, it’s BS. Bale could have worked COMPLETELY in this series and it’s a travesty it couldn’t work out that way. I blame the studio, Nolan for being too proud of what he already created and not allowing others to enjoy his world, and Bale for not taking a smaller sum of money and indulging the leagues of fans who WANT him in the role. It’s a shame it all ends up being about money in Hollywood.

    I’m actually thanking God it wasn’t one of Screent Rant’s fanboy top 5 Batman choices because they were all lame and unsuited. Maybe Affleck will prove me wrong. But nothing will stop me and millions of others who will question the entire time, “what if Bale was playing Batman in this movie?”. By now you’ve all heard about the many petitions going around, so I’m clearly not the minority here. Bale or BUST! We shall see…

    • Don’t blame WB for Bale not playing Batman for a fourth time. Get it through your thick head: Bale didn’t want to play Batman again, especially if Nolan wasn’t going to direct the fourth film. Get over it. WB can’t put a gun to Bale’s head to make him change his mind.

  11. Reading the Internet’s Reaction to Ledger’s Casting Might Make You Want to Give Affleck a Chance.

    • Here’s the thing, I was ALL about Ledger’s casting. He was a great actor and I actually liked him in cheesier films as a standout, like A Knight’s Tale and the Shakespeare interpretation 10 Things I Hate About You. He was a fantastic choice and I thought so the entire time.

      The overall problem here is the fact that this part is OWNED by Bale. It is just WAY too soon to have anyone else in there. It’s preposterous. This is the equivalent of having Robert Downey Jr. replaced as Iron Man or someone taking over for Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. These guys fade into their roles so believably that it’s just plain STUPID to even suggest someone else at this time. In the future, sure, maybe. But not NOW! Batman just got done kicking Bane’s a$$ and now he’s been ousted for Ben Affleck!? Seriously!? Stupidest move ever, the studio will pay for this flop mark my words. Clooney all over again. They clearly didn’t do enough to convince Bale.

      • I agree…mostly. To retort, Bale was a better Bruce than Batman.

        Now, Affleck has the same ability- or lacking thereof- as most thought Heath had when being casted as the Joker. NO ONE ever knew Ledger had that award-winning performance in him. No one. The same applies to Affleck. Yes, Ben’s been in some horrible movies, but his acting chops have sharpened. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. Hopefully Ben will blow us away like Heath did. Hopefully…

        I do feel bad for Affleck with all this undeserved backlash. The hate should be directed towards the studio and its addiction to fast-tracking blockbusters, thus compromising quality.

        Warner Bros. is going to saturate the market with Batman until we, the audience, are ready to puke. Eventually, one flop- or bad performance- is going to ruin the hole thing.

  12. Lest get this article to 900 comments!!

  13. Ben affleck is truly great choice to play the new batman for the superman/batman movies and it going to be realese in july 17,2015 and ben affleck play daredevil and he is truly best actor and he will play batman for future batman movies ,justice league,superman/batman sequels.

  14. i just cant see him pulling off batman. i think he will make a good Bruce Wayne, but as far as wearin the cape and cowl i just cant see it. but then again who knows. keaton was awesome playing both characters, kilmer was a better bruce wayne than batman, and as much as i hate to even mention the 4th one clooney was good playing wayne but not batman. bale was great playing bruce and did ok playing batman but he kept forcing the voice everytime he donned the cape and cowl. as for now im gonna WBros. the benefit of the doubt that they semi made a good choice… i mean after after all this is a guy who gave us such memorable characters as,Fred O’Bannion, Shannon Hamilton, Holden McNeil, Bartleby, Jack Dupree and finally Ollie Trinke.



  17. I thought Affleck didn’t want to do any more superhero movies. Huh, I guess he changed his mind.

  18. I’ve gone from hoping batman uses Kryptonite to bring Superman down to hoping superman punches a big hole in batmans massive oversized head!!

  19. All these Heath Ledger comparisons, maybe Afleck will ‘top himself’ after filming…… Every cloud right :) (its a joke, I don’t want to see a dead Ben by the way)

  20. When it was announced two night ago, I was very surprised. I remember the article on this site discussing the rumor of an older Batman. In the comments thread that was 15 pages, only one person picked Ben as someone who might play Batman (and, it was his fourth choice). Now that the shock has waned, I am optimistic that Affleck can be good in the role. Obviously, we’ll find out for sure in less than two years.

  21. I actually think he’s a better option than Christian Bale was. People haven’t even seen him as Batman and are already making judgements. There’s no doubt he will pull it off – he’s a great actor and he’s gotten better through the years. Maybe this whole backlash is what will push him to do an even better job. Maybe that’s also what helped in pushing Heath so far…

  22. I Think if we look at Batman narrow mindedly it would be easy to throw out the prospect of Ben being cast as Batman, however we cant forget that batman is an icon and takes on many roles to meet the needs of humanity. We’ve seen batman as young and reckless (bale), as older and wise (in under the red hood), even as a feeble old mentor (Batman beyond). He has also been portrayed by different characters; Dick Grayson because bruce went missing, Thomas Wayne in flashpoint, and by a handful of people from different countries in batman inc. and many more. My point is we cant get so caught up on the batman we like the most as though its the only batman. Any actor could be batman and it be accurate because batman is always changing and any great actor could make a great batman as long as they make it original. I think Ben has proven himself to be a great actor in his older age and expect great things.

  23. Well I guess I’m one of the few people on the planet who liked “Daredevil.” So why wouldn’t Affleck make a good Batman? He’s tall, dark and handsome and he actually can act. Remember his performance of George Reeves? I think he would be good at dark and brooding since we’ve all accepted that as Batman’s persona, besides he couldn’t possibly be any worse than George Clooney and Arnold

  24. Jennifer Lopez as the J.Loker, anyone? #Batfleck #Batman #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck

  25. Whoa! this is 920th comment :P

    SR rocks!! =)

  26. What’s the most commented article in SR?

    • I believe one of the”Inception” articles (Spoilers or Ending Explained) blew even this one out of the water…

  27. I think using ben as the new batman is f&*() up really
    being the person who was batman is the last 3 movies said he wood make a new batman . if there where going to make a new batman…
    i think they should use the same person as the last 3 movies

  28. I’m not 100% sure that I’m going to like Ben Afleck as Batman, I guess a part of me still hopes Christian Bale would be in the movie. I’ve seen all the Batman movies and I think Christian did the best out of all of them… But it’s not up to me. I’m still wondering how someone who became famous for playing Batman wouldn’t jump back in the suit and try it one more time… I thought he was offered like $50 million dollars to play Batman again. How could you turn that down?! Well, I’m a bit skeptical with Ben Afleck but hopefully, he won’t disappoint!