Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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There has been a long and furious debate about the next stage in Batman movie development. There have been many fans holding holding out hope that the world of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy would be incorporated into Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ larger shared movie universe – including the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. But Nolan and Bale have made it increasingly clear that their time in the DC Universe is done, leaving the world in need of a new actor to step into the iconic cape and cowl.

Now the world has the actor who will be the next Batman… and it’s Ben Affleck. Affleck will stand alongside (and presumably against) Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Superman sequel film, which is tentatively being referred to as Batman vs. Superman.

Variety confirms the announcement from Warner Bros. that Affleck – who directed the studio’s Oscar-winning film, Argo – is indeed the new Dark Knight. In addition to that information, we now know when the Superman-Batman movie will hit theaters: July 17, 2015, after Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

The collective sound you might be hearing right now is jaws dropping all over the Interwebs. While we here at Screen Rant have been hard at work coming up with casting choices for a new Batman, it’s safe to say that nowhere in our discussions did the name “Ben Affleck” come up. However, despite what is likely to be a tidal wave of knee-jerk reactions, Having Affleck step into the role isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the following reasons:

  1. He’s established a good relationship with WB, and was once rumored to be directing the Justice League movie. With his involvement in the franchise now secured, that scenario could still be in the cards. Fans weren’t upset at the notion of an Affleck-helmed JL movie, so…
  2. Ben Affleck has left his pretty-boy persona of the ’90s/early 2000s WAY behind at this point. He’s demonstrated real skill both behind the camera and in front of it, playing brooding, troubled figures in both Argo and The Town.
  3. He’s a good match for Cavill in terms of looks and charm and bulk (see THIS PHOTO).
  4. At 41, Affleck is a perfect fit for the slightly older, more experienced, mature (and strategic) Batman that has been rumored for the film.

Batman Vs. Superman Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

Of course, these reasons alone are likely not enough to dissuade those who see this news and automatically go into meltdown mode, but hopefully some of our forthcoming features on the subject will help convince the holdouts. All things considered, it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the end of the World’s Finest.

Now all that’s left is to find a proper Lex Luthor…

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  1. Matt Damon to play Lex Luthor

    • Matt Damon for Robin.

      • I got owned there, agreed – I was being a little sarcastic tho if I’m honest :)

      • Jennifer Lopez – Robin
        Kevin Smith – The Flash
        Matt Damon – Aquaman
        and Jason Mewes – Wonder Woman

        • Oh and Mark Wahlberg as the voice of a gay R2D2 robot.

  2. DC had Hallie Berry of X-MEN play Cat woman and I’m pretty sure that movie didn’t do well. Then they have had Ryan Reynolds from Wolverine play Green Lantern and a lot of folks claimed that went bad. I liked the movie but agree, putting an actor from Marvel into DC movies is not what i’d do.

    Conflict of Interest is how I see it.

    So Afflek was Daredevil already and now DC get’s him for Batman. It’s either another bomb heading our way. Or we get a really good movie from DC which is a rare thing. I’m still going to see it because i’m a Superman/Batman fan. They need Robin(Dick Grayson). So they can do Nightwing and a Teen Titans movie within this universe as well.

    • @Ed D.

      Well, the third time’s the charm.

    • He already played Superman in Hollywoodland.
      Frankly i think he is too slack jawed to play Batman.

      • He did not play Superman, he played George Reeves.

    • Catwoman and Green Lantern didn’t do well because they had horrible scripts, not because of the lead actors.

      • So get Halle Berry a decent script and she can act?? That’s a joke in itself! If I was American I’d be embarrassed by some of her dire performances, it can’t always be the script or direction.

        • so in general, you’re saying halle berry can’t act?

          • Lol, yea that’s the one. Don’t get me wrong, she is very pretty and sounds like a nice lady but acting ain’t her strong point.

      • What makes you think Snyder is going to write a good script? Have you seen the awful mess that was Sucker Punch?

  3. I think I would chalk all that up to coincidence about marvel actors in DC movies. Its just the way it happened. Personally I like Green Lantern, they did try to jam way too much into the movie, but over all, I didn’t have a problem with Reynolds playing him. Just to get a GL movie was good. They can reboot it now that they have done it. It worked for the Hulk, so it can work for GL as well.

  4. …only 2 more years.

  5. They hired the same guy who stars in one of the worst movies ever made Gigli to play batman… Justice League is so screwed.

    • Peter Jackson wrote and directed the Bad Taste movies but he’s revered now because of LOTR and King Kong.

      I think your comment says more about your closed-mindedness than to Affleck’s talents.

      • King kong is awful imo bloated as hell

  6. some actors do make flops of movies but they bounce back to make good ones, so ben make us proud when don bat suite

  7. There was discussion on this about a year ago back when Justice League was the hot topic. People were thinking he would be offered the role as well as direct the film, but he apparently turned it down. Remember?

  8. This is the most ridiculous choice of actors to play Batman. Just because an actor wins one Oscar, doesn’t make him a great actor. All comic book fans should unite and boycott this movie. And do what they did to the Wonder Woman TV show reboot, snuff it out. If any comic book fan even thinks of going to see this movie with Affleck in it should have their comic book level status revoked.

    • “Just because an actor wins one Oscar, doesn’t mean he’s a great actor…”

      No, that’s preciscely what it means. At the very least it means that you’re capable of great performances. This isn’t basketball, he doesn’t need six rings and a Nike contract… LOL

      • Halle berry anyone??

        • You’re saying she’s incapable of great performances? I don’t think so. I certainly don’t think she’s a great actress, but under the right direction or script or cast she can be. Acting is all about talent and synergy. Watch Kerry Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio in Django and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

          • I’m saying exactly that, Decaprio is an underrated actor and can not be compared to Halle Berry, and the lady in Django – I don’t recall seeing one of her other movies so can’t comment. Switching roles, put Berry in Django, I think she would have been dropped pretty early into filming.

      • Affleck has never won an acting oscar… nor has he been nominated

        • This guy Trey has a point that is extremely relevant, for all the Oscar talk, Afleck won’t be directing this movie and so all of those people saying how supremely talented this guy is, even his peers don’t really think much of his acting

  9. I know he is thought of as a good actor but Ben Affleck is definitely not who I wanted to see as Batman. I really wanted to see how Joseph Gordon Levitt wore the cape and cowl. The end of DKR had him in the Batcave. To bad they went with Benifer. Lost my $10.50!!!

    • You people annoy me. Joseph Gordon Levitt? You gotta be kidding. Have you seen how Batman looks in the comic? He looks tall cut and intimidating.. Levitt looks like a scrawny 17 year old kid. My 16 year old nephew is more intimidating than him

  10. oh great, the face of disaster *rolls eyes* too typecast! We need a tall, dark stranger, some mystique to it, not – oh that guy who was lame in Daredevil. I don’t see how getting him will bring anything different, will be like when George Clooney was batman :-/

  11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  12. So long as he isn’t cruising through his movies as Batman with that cocky smirk on his face that he has a lot of the time, I think he might actually pull it off. He’s got some talent, but he rarely shows it all.

  13. Christopher Reeves as Superman!?
    Heath Ledger as The Joker!?
    Bruce Willis in an action movie!?
    Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate!?
    Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark!?
    A black Nick Fury!?
    Chris Pine as Kirk!?

    Maybe we should keep our mouths shut until the final product, so us fanboys don’t eat our words…again

    • All those actors were almost unknown at the time they did their work.

      Except Robert Downey Jr that was a perfect choice from begining (His personal life seems too much to Stark background).

      • Samuel L was definitely not an unknown actor when he was cast as Nick Fury.

    • All those actors were almost unknown at the time they did their work.

      Except Robert Downey Jr that was a perfect choice from begining (His personal life seems too much to Stark’s background).

      • What he said twice :) plus, of that list…. I can’t see any of the actors you listed that have already tried and failed at a comic book character, and I’m fairly certain that Daredevil counts as a fail for most, though Colin Farrell helped out on that score

      • What you said plus the black Nick Fury is from the Ultimate universe and was, in fact designed visually after SLJ. So that casting was as perfect as you get.

  14. If u white, u ben affleck
    -Rle Models

  15. Maybe WB = Wrecked Batman?

  16. The Backlash is ridiculous. Fan boys are acting like they
    casted Zach Effron or Taylor Lautner as Batman. Affleck is a proven actor with serious talent! He more than fits the build in what they’re looking for. Calm down people. And everyone saying they are not watching will watch when it’s released smh

  17. All that matters is the script. This film can’t the epic worldwide destruction to save it’s lousy script like MOS and has to be very character driven. If they’re using Miller’s Dark Knight Returns as inspiration, there’s hope for it.
    My theory:
    Affleck was originally tapped to direct Justice League, but then wisely backed out. So I think they cast Affleck not only as Batman, but with him they get an Oscar winning writer/director to doctor the script and give direction cues to Snyder for the non-action scenes. They probably came to Affleck for help and he said “Make me Batman and I’ll help save your film”

  18. I’m all over the place at this point. I don’t dislike Ben Affleck (something that seems very popular to do) but I’m also not totally sold on it.

    The only thing that I can think of being near the Batman character was his portrayal of Daredevil; it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. It was ok.

    So that’s where I am now. I’m sure he’s grown as an actor – but I haven’t followed his career at all. I did see Argo though, which he was ok in. Not a beacon of light in the acting arena, but ok.

    We’ll see.

  19. Give him a chance, I’m not thrill either but WB must have a plan bcos this is there bread and butter

  20. As long as he doesn’t portray the old batman from the Super friends I’ll be there.

  21. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  22. I’ve got mixed feelings with this choice. No doubt the guy can act but I don’t see him as the cape crusader. The main issue is the age. Batman is cunning and resourceful not because he is old but because of the event that forced him to grow up faster. By the time he became Batman he was around 25. Superman is younger but he ages differently from other human beings. My point is that the actor portraying Batman should be in his late 20’s or early 30’s.

  23. not bad. at least we wont have the bale voice. If he will be directing future batman movies i’ll be much more excited. I really enjoyed the town

  24. it’s not just his acting, but seeing him around is just not making this any easier. if i weren’t from boston i would probably be okay with this, but seeing him decked out in red sox gear at a game and making movies from boston with his accent just puts a damper on the whole polished bruce wayne look, no matter how many times he’s walked the red carpet. it’s just terribly hard to see this working.

  25. not bad. at least we wont have the bale voice. If he will be directing future batman movies i’ll be much more excited. I really enjoyed the town which i can see being really similar to a new batman series focused on fighting/solving crime(which Nolan’s batman didn’t do much of in begins or rises)

  26. Still I think he is too old to portray the character.

  27. Hey guise, you must really hate Ben Affleck.. my email account exploded with 400+ new messages. Plz staph

  28. Everyone CALM DOWN!!! :)

    First off, we are talking about a sequel to Man Of Steel. Now I enjoyed Man Of Steel, but it wasn’t ANYWHERE near as good as Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but they were very different films, so I wasn’t comparing them.

    Ben Affleck. He has the charm to pull off Bruce Wayne, and I’m thinking his Batman will be interesting. He actually reminds me a lot of Michael Keaton, who was a GREAT Batman. Yet again, it is hard to compare Burton’s Batman with Nolan’s take, because they are very different movies.

    This isn’t a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises.

    • it was an origin story, and one movie; not a trilogy.