Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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Ben Affleck Batman Superman movie Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

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There has been a long and furious debate about the next stage in Batman movie development. There have been many fans holding holding out hope that the world of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy would be incorporated into Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ larger shared movie universe – including the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. But Nolan and Bale have made it increasingly clear that their time in the DC Universe is done, leaving the world in need of a new actor to step into the iconic cape and cowl.

Now the world has the actor who will be the next Batman… and it’s Ben Affleck. Affleck will stand alongside (and presumably against) Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the Superman sequel film, which is tentatively being referred to as Batman vs. Superman.

Variety confirms the announcement from Warner Bros. that Affleck – who directed the studio’s Oscar-winning film, Argo – is indeed the new Dark Knight. In addition to that information, we now know when the Superman-Batman movie will hit theaters: July 17, 2015, after Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

The collective sound you might be hearing right now is jaws dropping all over the Interwebs. While we here at Screen Rant have been hard at work coming up with casting choices for a new Batman, it’s safe to say that nowhere in our discussions did the name “Ben Affleck” come up. However, despite what is likely to be a tidal wave of knee-jerk reactions, Having Affleck step into the role isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the following reasons:

  1. He’s established a good relationship with WB, and was once rumored to be directing the Justice League movie. With his involvement in the franchise now secured, that scenario could still be in the cards. Fans weren’t upset at the notion of an Affleck-helmed JL movie, so…
  2. Ben Affleck has left his pretty-boy persona of the ’90s/early 2000s WAY behind at this point. He’s demonstrated real skill both behind the camera and in front of it, playing brooding, troubled figures in both Argo and The Town.
  3. He’s a good match for Cavill in terms of looks and charm and bulk (see THIS PHOTO).
  4. At 41, Affleck is a perfect fit for the slightly older, more experienced, mature (and strategic) Batman that has been rumored for the film.

Batman Vs. Superman Ben Affleck Is the New Batman; Superman vs. Batman Release Date Revealed [Updated]

Of course, these reasons alone are likely not enough to dissuade those who see this news and automatically go into meltdown mode, but hopefully some of our forthcoming features on the subject will help convince the holdouts. All things considered, it’s probably safe to say that this isn’t the end of the World’s Finest.

Now all that’s left is to find a proper Lex Luthor…

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  1. internet explodes in 3,2,1

    • kaboom

      • …woooOOOOsh…

  2. Welp. That’s a wrap for this guy. I didn’t hold out any hopes for a cross over this early, but it seems destined for suck-titude.

  3. i dont even

  4. That’s one way to kill two (maybe three) franchises.

  5. very talented actor, but can he give me the raw rage and pain of Batman that makes him so characteristically intimidating?

    i’ll hold judgement till the trailers come out ^.^

  6. He should have joined this as the director and/or as the screenwriter. His acting, however, is pretty weak. Even in argo a fantastic film, no one mentioned Affleck’s own acting as a strong point. Also, who’s not going to remember daredevil as they see him in this?

    • Exactly what I think, I would’ve been down with him rewriting the script or something. I’m not going to jump to conclusions though, Affleck might be the perfect choice for all I know.

      • If you’ve seen Daredevil, you have the answer right there. Even in Argo, his acting was weak.

        • Daredevil was ten years ago so I’m not really going to reference that. I haven’t seen Argo yet though, I should probably check that out.

          • He was not bad as Daredevil. It was a sucky script.
            Either way that was ten years ago. An actor grows over time.

            I actually hope Affleck has considered polishing the script. He is a great storyteller in general either directing and writing. More so than Snyder and Goyer. I liked Man of Steel but the script should have been polished up a bit. Plus, Ben is a comic book fan.

            I was intially shocked but I am starting to come around. Not my first choice, but maybe he will do fine.

            • You raise good points good sir. That could indeed add some needed “polish”. In return the Snyder/Nolan mentor team and experience in a big budget effects laden comic book movie like this could help him/Warner with the whole JLA movie. I would be willing he would make the jump to direct that if this is a good experience for him. After the initial schock, this could work

            • My thoughts exactly. I sure hope Affleck considers polishing up the script because like you said, Man of Steel was awesome but the script itself was a bit off at points. You have a great writer playing one of the most significant characters in the movie right there in front of the camera. I really hope they take advantage of that, even if Affleck refuses, I’d be glad if they at least tried.

  7. Ben Affleck is a great actor but I just can’t see it. They really should have gone with a unknown or lesser known actor. Because Ben Affleck is such a big name, now instead of seeing Bruce Wayne/Batman on screen I’ll be seeing Ben Affleck dressed as Batman. And I don’t see Ben Affleck signing on for an entire DC cinematic universe either. This concerns me.

    • ^My concerns exactly.

    • not to mention this is still a superman movie we’re talking about

  8. I’m really mixed with the news. I don’t know how to respond. I thought Affleck was such a far fetched choice, this comes as a surprise, I just don’t know if it’s good or not. I wonder what the folks at Screen Rant think about this though, specifically Kofi.

  9. Wow that took a LEFT TURN. Fan of argo but not a fan of daredevil lol

  10. WB just made a bad decision 100% worse. I just shake my head in disbelief of the studios bad decision after bad decision!

    • Keep on going, it’ll get you nowhere

      • That is just going to hurt DC fans when WB is embarrassed in 2015. Even people who wanted to recast Batman are upset. I may have to sit this movie out.

        • you know you will see it, even out of morbid curiosity.

          • You know what if the reviews for it are bad I could easily see myself skipping the film. My interest in the movie has gone from 60 to 0 in seconds.

            • You’ll be older in 2015 and your view may become more balanced by then.

              • So far everything I predicted would happen has. WB is completely tone deaf. They just gave us Green Lantern in 2011 AFTER the sucessful Dark Knight. They need to sell DC to a studio that knows how to produce comic book based films. The staff at Marvel must be laughing their @sses off. This is one of their Marvel rejects and WB casts him as their most iconic superhero. It is unbelievable.

                • Whatever great soothsayer.

            • I’m a most surely not a huge fan of this decision BUT with that in mind: I was NOT a fan at all of RDJ ( and all of his WHACKED OUT TROUBLES) becoming Tony Stark/Iron Man
              I was 100% NOT A FAN of Mark Ruffalo becoming well ME!
              I was absolutely not a fan of an Australian (I think) becoming The 1st NON American of arguably the MOST AMERICAN Superhero EVER, Superman!
              I hated the Heath Ledger and Christian Bale castings!
              and do you know what ALL of them have in common? THEY WERE ALL GREAT, and in Ruffalo’s case better IMO than Edward Norton!
              RDJ has gone on to become Hollywood’s highest paid actor because of 1 role, That of Tony Stark!

              This could very well be a terrible move, a shared universe killing move! But Honestly Affleck is NOT THE WORST pick by a long shot and he just might do what Heath Ledger did to the role of the Joker! He made it a MASTERPIECE!
              Or what all of the guys above did with their respective roles, They all Nailed them! MAYBE Ben Affleck will be THE Batman! I know Patrick, your a HUGE Christian Bale fan and I personally don’t think you were going to be happy about ANY choice that was to be made, AND I UNDERSTAND THAT, when you watch a character and over a 9-10yr period you love what that actor has done with the role and don’t want a change I GET IT!
              I DID NOT WANT A NEW ME! Bruce Banner/Hulk I liked Norton’s and I swore I was NOT going to watch The Avengers… BUT I did and I think Ruffalo should have ALWAYS been the choice, but Marvel wanted THAT BIG name like EN’s…. I think as a whole ppl liked Ruffalo’s more than Norton’s and we will see how much that is when we get a new Hulk movie!

              But I think you will be there opening night, popcorn in hand and LOVING it, just like most of us even the ones bitching about this choice! You never know Patrick, you just might end up saying Christian WHO?? This should have ALWAYS BEEN Batman!!

              Give it a chance! you just might be surprised.
              I felt the same way many times with CBM characters, I was WRONG

              • Yeah you know what the difference is between all those actors you named and Ben Affleck? THEY’RE BETTER ACTORS. Of course they did great jobs. Affleck isn’t that great. He either has this smug, arrogant look or a whiny, pouty look. Not to mention, as one poster above pointed out, he’s too big an actor. Many (including myself) won’t see him as Batman, but as Ben Affleck dressed up as Batman. Not to mention, many will still see Daredevil as well. Not liking this choice…but I’ll probably see it anyway.

              • Henry Cavill is English, not Australian.

                Born in Jersey, United Kingdom.

            • I’m with you. I was already giggling like a school girl in anticipation for this movie. Now, I don’t even want it to be made. I’d rather see nothing, than Affleck in a batsuit.

  11. Someone call Kevin Smith out of retirement for comment. Pleeeeeaaaassseee!!!

    • good call. would love to see that.

  12. Am I the only guy who loves this choice?

    • Yes, you are the only person who loves this choice in the entire universe, I imagine.

      Affleck in a brooding role? No thanks. Put my name on the list for people who refuse to see this.

      • Assffeck i mean Affleck must die.

        • Get a life.

          • Get some education!

            • Are you replying to me mar?

    • I like this choice… Though I still wish it was Karl Urban.

    • Nope. After watching The Town, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Mr. Affleck.

      MUCH better pick than Orlando Bloom, Josh Brolin, JGL, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Goode and Ryan Gosling imo.

      • I’m going to watch The Town tomorrow night lol. Heard it was great.

        • it is

        • I found it to be an okay movie, instead of being great. Inside Man, for example, is a better movie with a kind of similar plot.

      • Okay, go whine and complain now. It’s your cue.

    • You’re not the only one. Good for Mr. Afleck! He’s come a long way and I honestly can’t way to see what he does with the role. From Gigli to Batman…this man’s an inspiration lol.

    • Not necessarily,because Affleck’s strength as an actor lies in him working as part of an ensemble cast, look at “Mallrats” he was good, “Shakespeare In Love” also good, “Good Will Hunting” good, and (though I have never seen it, I heard) “Dogma” good, and essentially “Batman vs. Superman” is just that. So for myself my head isn’t exploding. Shocked. But not exploding.

    • I’m loving it. People are so quick to judge even before production even starts. One obvious example is Heath Ledger’s Joker. You’re not alone at all buddy.

      • You are exactly right! Everyone HATED the fact that Ledger was going to be the joker. Turned out to be the greatest comic book villain performance of all time. I love the fact that they casted a middle age actor as well. Makes a Dark Knight Returns storyline possible (even though batman was 60 in that)

    • you just might be :)

    • @AWC007, no you’re not the only person! This is a genius move

    • yes, the only other people that “love” it are chicks.
      (I’m just f-n with you, but I hate the choice)

  13. Hmm I was looking forward to this but nowwww…not so much

  14. Okay, a positive way to look at it: DAREDEVIL VS. SUPERMAN 2017! Woo hoo!

    • 2015! You know what I meant!

  15. NOOOO!

  16. There goes Gotham!

  17. This is great news. Not only is he a good actor, but the dude is on a roll. He can only bring good things to this franchise. I’m so excited. Plus, I called this when it was first announced, so…there’s that.

    • Have you never seen Affleck act. my grandpa has more emotional range and he has had three strokes.

      • You should check out “The Town”. He’s very good in that.

        • he is decent when Renner clearly stole that show.

  18. Wow do we need another Batman & Superman movie already?

    • Another?

  19. what the s***…

  20. terrible. just terrible. smh

    • I read that in a Charles Barkley voice

  21. Anyone else irritated with the release date? With all the movies coming out that year they couldn’t he picked a different date (read: season) with less competition?

    • Do you work for wb why do you care, pay for a monthly movie pass and relax.

      • Why do you have to be such a troll? Competition = Less money made = DC/WB is disappointed = No DC shared universe. I’m not one to usually be rude but I’m no mood for trolls. So kindly, sit down and shut the f*ck up.

  22. Affleck is nightmare news. If Man of Steel had done better at the domestic box-office, Warners wouldnt feel the need to include Batman in the next Supes movie, which means fans would not have to endure Affleck as Batman. Unreal. Simply dreadful. Stunningly disappointing.

  23. I would prefer Joel Shoemocker, then this happening! So bad of a decision.

    • lol sucks for you!

  24. I think it’s great. Affleck is a seasoned actor who is at the top of his career (obviously in his ability and not in popularity). Of course we’re gonna get some haters because of things like Daredevil and Paycheck, but come on, The Town, Argo! These are great flicks and Affleck isn’t just gonna do a crappy film for a paycheck now that he’s back on track. This gives me nothing but hope for MoS2.

    • You just listed the only 2 movies his acting was ever good in. He was also the director of both of those films.

      • *ahem* Good Will Hunting.

        • dazed and confused. phantoms.

      • And they were also his last two films. He’s getting better with age. And the fact that Argo did so well and it won an Oscar means he can do pretty much WHATEVER he wants to do and he CHOSE to do MoS2. Which leads me to believe that it’s gonna be good.

      • He’s been on a role. I’m thinking it’ll transition over to this movie and hopefully, the entire franchise.

        • Do we think this could be a lead up to him maybe actually helming The Justice League film?

          • I love his directing, but honestly I will admit I’d rather see him direct more reality based films.

    • eee because he could be the next speilberg but that dont change the fact he can’t act.

  25. This movie was already a REALLY risky call, and now it just seems like this is going to be the first of many bad choices WB is going to make with this.

    • It does not matter if they make bad choices, they could film two hours of dog s*** drying in the sun as long as batman is in the title its gonna make money.

  26. I was hoping they would use the Batman Beyond version of Batman and give him an alien suit so we could have a real fight for superman but looks like they’re going for a filler film….

    • I would be excited for a Batman Beyond live action film!

  27. Maybe they are trying to lure Christian Bale back using this rumor as a scare tactic

    • I share your dream my friend, but we must face the truth this is happening.

    • The only thing is going to bring my high hopes for the film back

  28. This is going to make for a very interesting podcast next week.

    I’m just not sure how to feel about this news…I mean he was Daredevil ffs!

    • *facepalm*

      You were probably one of the people who said Chris Evans would be a terrible Cap since he was the Human Torch, huh?

      • Nah I didn’t care about that casting because I’m not a Cap fan. But you’re right, the wait and see approach is the one to be taken. I’m hoping for a Ledger as the Joker-esque performance.

    • Agree! Can’t wait to hear the thoughts on The Underground. Also The Director’s Cut of Daredevil is a much better flick, you should give it a chance.

  29. This is horrible. Why not just bring back George Clooney and the nipples. While they’re at it cast Jim Carrey as the Joker and one of the characters from Glee as Lex Luthor. AHHHHH!

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