Ben Affleck as Batman: Best Reactions & Internet Memes

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Ben Affleck as Batman: Best Reactions & Memes

Ben Affleck Batman MemesFollowing the news that Ben Affleck had been cast as the next big screen iteration of the Caped Crusader for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel 2, currently referred to as Batman vs. Superman, die-hard fans along with casual filmgoers took to the water cooler, online forums, or their local morning show to express an opinion. The result? A mixed bag of rage, support, and internet memes - along with countless references to Daredevil, Gigli, The Town, and Argo.Now that the initial tsunami has subsided and potential viewers are starting to calmly ponder Ben Affleck as Batman and Why it Could Work, we're taking a look back at the most interesting reactions to the news - as well as the best Bat-Affleck announcement memes.Of course the list is not all-inclusive, so once you've had a chance to read our picks, share your favorites in the comments.

The Best (and Worst) of Twitter

Ben Affleck DuckIn the minutes, hours, and days after the announcement, Twitter kept abuzz with one witty (and/or sarcastic) dose of insight after another. Everyone from Richard Dreyfuss, Comedy Central, Kevin Smith, and The Batman, himself, among countless others, all chimed in with witty responses - representing the broad, and equally divisive, range of opinions that made Ben Affleck a trending topic on Twitter for three days.Richard Dreyfuss: "You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck."Comedy Central: "Casting Ben Affleck as Batman sounds like something The Joker would do to create a distraction at the nerd bank."Kevin Smith: "Holy shit... Ben Affleck is the new Batman!!! Do you know what this means? It means that I've seen Batman naked!!!"The Batman: "Ben Affleck officially cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. For the first time in history, I kind of want Superman to win."Image courtesy of Twitter user @BuckeyeEmpire - HERE.

Patton Oswalt: 'Take a Deep Breath'

Ben Affleck as DaredevilIn a whirlwind of divisive opinions, actor/comedian Patton Oswalt  posted a sobering response to his public Facebook page - imploring Batfans to take a deep breath. Instead of lecturing at length about the actual casting (though we wouldn't mind if he worked Affleck into his next Parks and Recreation filibuster), Oswalt spent the majority of his post discussing why Affleck's film failures and time in the paparazzi spotlight have paved the way for a more promising career - as an actor, filmmaker, and (now) Batman that people can actually take seriously.Patton Oswalt: "A Batman portrayed by someone who's tasted humiliation and a reversal of all personal valences - kind of like Grant Morrison's "Zen warrior" version of Batman, post-Arkham Asylum, who was, in the words of Superman 'the most dangerous man on the planet'? Think for a second and admit that Ben Affleck is closer to that top-shelf iteration of The Dark Knight than pretty much anyone in Hollywood right now."Read Patton Oswalt's entire reaction post on Facebook - HERE.

Where Were You...?

Where Were You When Ben Affleck HappenedThe Ben Affleck/Batman announcement didn't just effect the hardcore comic book faithful. For a few days it seemed as though everyone was discussing the news - and, in some (less-informed) cases, wondering why Christian Bale would not be returning to don the cape and cowl. The UCB Comedy YouTube Channel captured the post-Ben Affleck is Batman atmosphere in their video "Where Were You When Bat Affleck Happened?" - asserting that, in a way, the casting reveal was a good things because, if nothing else, it brought everyone together:UCB Comedy: My next door neighbor, Tina, came over [...] They just wanted to know how I was [...] It felt good to be united with people because of how they were feeling [...] You really saw human compassion on that day [...] I purposed to my girlfriend that night because, cuz life's too short, you know [...] There's this way that we all felt like, we all knew we were American [...] We will endure this. Ben Affleck movies will come and go.You can watch the "Where Were You?" UCB Comedy video - HERE.

Petition to Remove Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck Batman Online PetitionAnother example of bringing individuals together, John Roden posted an online petition calling for the removal of Ben Affleck in the Batman vs. Superman movie. While online petitions rarely make a dramatic impact on movie studio decisions, the Change.Org posting has created an organized place for fans to voice their collective disappointment. At the time of this writing, Roden's petition, "Warner Brothers: Remove Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Superman/Batman Movie," has received over 87,000 signatures and continues to bring in new supporters.Josh Roden: "[Affleck's] acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne and he won't do the role justice. He's not intimidating enough for the role of Batman. Batman is someone that strikes fear in the hearts of men. His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious and he's not remotely close to an action star or a superhero. Please find someone else and deliver to the fans what they want."Sign Josh Roden's petition "Warner Brothers: Remove Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the Superman/Batman Movie" - HERE.

Former Batmen Offer Support & Advice

Christian Bale Batman Ben AffleckArguably, the most supportive notes that a new (and controversial) Batman actor could receive would be from former (and beloved) Caped Crusaders - since they've already dealt with the heat of popular opinion (and the actual Batsuit). Select few actors have donned the dual-role of Batman and Bruce Wayne (not to mention a hot and heavy Batsuit) for a live-action production. While Christian Bale and George Clooney have yet to weigh-in (Robert Lowrey as well as Lewis G. Wilson are deceased), fan-favorites Adam West, Michael Keaton, and Val Kilmer offered their thoughts (and advice) for the latest Dark Knight:Michael Keaton: "He's been getting a lot of Af-flack but he's going to be great."Val Kilmer: "Give Ben a chance!"Adam West: "Remember Ben, with the cape and cowl comes great responsibility (and lots of heat). Bring deodorant."Christian Bale image courtesy of Reddit user TVGrim02 - HERE.

Joss Whedon: 'He's Got the Chin'

Ben Affleck Batman Marvel Studios MemeA lot of frustrated Batfans have been passing around a meme depicting Marvel Studios executives laughing-off the Ben Affleck casting reports. However, within hours of the announcement, Joss Whedon, one of the biggest comic book enthusiasts on the planet - and the only man who has successfully built a shared cinematic superhero universe - offered his excitement and confidence in Warner Bros.' new Caped Crusader. According to The Avengers director, who secured $1.5 billion at the box office for Marvel Studios, the big question mark isn't Affleck (or his super-friend Henry Cavill), it's getting the story material right. Whedon, who is already hard at work preparing for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, even marked Affleck's controversial "Butt Chin" down as a plus. As a result, if Marvel is laughing, Whedon isn't joining in.Joss Whedon: "Affleck'll crush it. He's got the chops, he's got the chin -- just needs the material. Affleck & Cavill toe to toe -- I'm in."Marvel Studios meme courtesy of iklegemma - HERE.

Matt Damon: 'I Won’t be Robin'

Ben Affleck Batman Matt Damon RobinDespite carving out a pair of successful careers without recent overlap, the Internet responded to Ben Affleck's casting with a plethora of memes about the actor's equally famous BFF - frequently teasing the prospect of Matt Damon playing Robin. In response, Damon both reassured fans that he has no plans to don a yellow cape and black mask as the Boy Wonder while also advocating for Affleck. The actor emphasized that Batman is the easier part, and that Affleck has the necessary talent to bring a nuanced version of Bruce Wayne to the big screen.Matt Damon: “I am a little older than Ben. I never saw Robin as older than Batman [...] But it’s safe to say I won’t be Robin [...] I think [Ben] will be great. It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the Internet [...] Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that.”Read Matt Damon's full comments on Ben Affleck and Robin - HERE. Image courtesy of Twitter user @NotBillWalton - HERE.

Fan Art: Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck as the Dark KnightEasily one of the most-heard criticisms after the Warner Bros. announcement went something like this: "I like Ben Affleck and he was great in The Town and Argo but I just don't picture him playing Batman." It was a fair way to express skepticism without undercutting the actor's growing list of quality acting and directing work. That is, until fans started playing around in Photoshop and creating quality (and some admittedly funny) images and memes that gave viewers a taste of how bad-ass (and terrifying) Affleck could look suited up as Batman - making it a little easier to picture the writer/director/actor in the Batsuit. A number of artists took to their digital software of choice to mash-up Ben Affleck with Batman but here are two of our favorites:"Batman - Ben Affleck" (the featured image to the left) came courtesy of DeviantArt user alemarques21. Check out an updated version - HERE."Ben Affleck as Batman" (using the Daredevil poster) was created by Screen Rant reader Nicholas James Reardon. Check out the image in our Geek Picks post - HERE.

Fan-Made 'Batman vs. Superman' Trailer

Batman Superman Movie Fan Trailer Ben AffleckThe only thing better than pictures of Ben Affleck as Batman is motion pictures of Ben Affleck as Batman. Plenty of actors would look fine covered head-to-toe in black Wayne Tech bat-armor, with only a chin, mouth, and set of eyes exposed, but could those actors nail the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman? YouTube user solyentbrak1 gave still skeptical Dark Knight enthusiasts another reason to be optimistic about the scarred but charming iteration of the billionaire playboy and his Caped Crusader alter ego we'll be seeing in Batman vs. Superman - with a fan-made Man of Steel 2 trailer cobbled together using footage from Man of Steel, Breaking Bad, State of Play, Daredevil, and The Dark Knight, along with several others.While the unofficial teaser features Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, a potential casting option that has not been made official yet (we've still got ideas for other actors), the assembled footage shows how the dynamic between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill can work - as well as reminds viewers that Affleck isn't new to dark and gritty characters with a complicated personal code.You can watch solyentbrak1's fan-made Man of Steel 2 trailer - HERE.

Ben Affleck on Militant Movie Buffs

Ben Affleck Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackSurprisingly, one of the most insightful reactions to the recent Batman casting news came from Affleck himself. However, Affleck's comment wasn't from an official post-announcement interview or studio press release (in fact, he has yet to speak publicly about the role), the sound bite came from the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - released a full twelve years before Man of Steel 2 was announced. In the clip, Holden McNeil (played by Affleck) offers Jay and Silent Bob a lesson on Internet criticism - a lesson with fitting insight into blowback the actor is currently facing:Holden McNeil: "The Internet is a communications tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another [...] This is a site populated by militant movie buffs: sad, pathetic, little bastards living in their parents' basement, downloading scripts and what they think is inside information about movies and actors they claim to despise yet can't stop discussing."Watch Ben Affleck breakdown Internet movie hysteria in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - HERE.

Conclusion & Honorable Mention

Peter Dinklage as BatmanWe still have two years before Ben Affleck appears onscreen with Henry Cavill for the superhero showdown/team-up in Batman vs. Superman - meaning that there's still plenty of time for fans, skeptics, and artists to offer updated thoughts, criticisms, and artistic expressions on Ben Affleck's Batman. In the coming months we'll be offering updates (and podcast discussions) on Man of Steel 2 as they're revealed - which will, no doubt, include shots of Affleck in a redesigned Batsuit as well as official footage (and trailers) from the film. Stay up to date at our Man of Steel 2 movie page - HERE.In the meantime, make sure to check out one of our favorite honorable Bat-mentions from our time scouring the Internet, Peter Dinklage as Batman (pictured to the left), courtesy of Reddit user DarthPredator - HERE.___Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released July 17, 2015.Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick for future updates on Batman vs. Superman as well as movie, TV, and gaming news.
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  1. I think the petition is pretty interesting, 87,000 and growing. At $16 a ticket, do the math, $1,392,000 your not going to make sole based on a casting choice (but probably closer to $2,000,000 by the time the film comes out). With a tight summer movie scheduled and so many films under-performing, WB might want to rethink the whole Bat Affleck idea. I know I won’t pay to see it in the theater.

    • I promise you at least 2/3 of those ‘tards who sign that petition are still going to see the movie.

      • Exactly.

        The petition itself shows how ridiculous, pathetic and immature some people are and makes me despair of this species when something so trivial gets that many signatures from people who clearly only share a single brain cell between them .

        There are way more important things to petition and boycott than an actor being cast in a big role for a big movie, even though – as Dr Mindbender correctly said – those people will be the first in line buying a ticket come release day.

        • Ummm, Dazz?

          You gave them too many brain cells.

        • Someone needs to make a “Meanwhile at WB” meme that has the petition sitting on the table.

            • Aww, the spectacle of Ben Affleck as Batman has little
              Ian all upset messing his pants all over Screen Rant.

            • “… and nobody who’s worth their salt”


              You win.

      • 99% without a doubt, and I’m someone who doesn’t like the casting. I’ll still see it, and maybe it’ll work.

      • These kinds of petitions have a small percentage of unique signers.
        With this type of hysterical overreaction users sign repeatedly
        under different names and past petitions had ratios of 10%
        meaning one individual signed ten times to ease his pain.

        • And YOU’RE calling THEM nerds!? haha ok buddy, and how long exactly did it take YOU to rummage up those glaring statistics. You are laughable dude, you just can’t take that the vast majority of America doesn’t want your precious Batfleck onscreen. Audiences are smarter than you think and evidently, smarter than you.

          • Most are locked in daddy’s basement.
            You speak for them. A decided minority.
            I am glad the likes of you find me laughable.
            You are well-known troll around here, sunshine.

          • @Ian – Calm down. It’s a casting for a fictional movie about a comic book character – I promise life will continue to move forward whether you like the casting, dislike the casting, couldn’t care less about the casting or never see the movie.

            Don’t take things so serious. Good grief.


      • Even if you and others think this people are acting immaturely, they still have a valid point and I add:

        He already did a comic super hero movie for Marvell Comics Dare Devil. Failed

        The idea behind Comic Action Heroes is that the person reading the story or in the movie case seeing the movie can identify with the character to the point that they would want to be them or there sidekick for that matter. That is the point behind all the people taking there valuable time to express there dislike about Ben Affleck impersonating Batman in the Batman vs Superman movie.

        He would have never being chosen if it was not for the good press he had for the direction of the Argo movie. They just measure how many good vibes does he has against how many bad vibes.

        Plus they put in the balance the writer and the director and the movie team all together, so it would seem that with that much power in the team no matter who plays batman would make it work.

        Well one can only hope…
        Remember there is director vibe and there is acting vibe.

        Director vibe: up because of Argo.
        Actor vibe : down because of Dare devil Epic fail.

        We can only imagine Zack Snyder thinking: If I can make Ben Affleck into Batman I can do anything…

        • Wow, you’re right. He DID have a role as another comic hero…ten years ago.

          Ummm, Chris Evans played another hero in a much-maligned CBM, so OBVIOUSLY, you must have HATED “Captain America: The First Avenger”…and one can only imagine your sheer fury at his role in “The Avengers”.

          RIGHT? Must be, since you can’t have it both ways…

          • Not necessarily, he did played a good human torch.

            You bringing it up does not help your argument since what was stated about Ben Affleck is that his previous role as a Comic Action Hero was an Epic Fail.

            Chris Evans did a good job at Fantastic 4 and also at the avengers.

            • The failure of Daredevil was not Affleck’s
              fault which the Director’s Cut clearly proves.
              And Chris Evans was forgettable in Fantastic Four.

              • Exactly, Robert…

                I actually quite enjoyed his portrayal of Matt Murdock. Just because Not MY Conscience Iddy-Biddy Ian do not agree makes their opinions no valid or worthwhile than ours.

    • If they’re going to start a petition to remove anyone from this movie, well shouldn’t it alteast be David S Goyer

  2. Joss Whedon doesn’t hold the position of god in the marvel universe so his counter opinion to a meme has as much credit as Ted Bundy in an ethics seminar.
    I don’t think Batfleck will be as horrid as some think (definitely not bad enough to sign a petition), however quoting Joss Whedon as if that puts an end to all speculation that marvel may find this humorous (and/or ridiculous) is ludicrous.

    • He’s not one to burn bridges and really stick his neck out. He’s always positive about things. Not a criticism (why should he?), but an observation and opinion I’ve had long before this.

    • I agree, Joss Whedon’s counter opinion of the SPECULATION that marvel MAY find humor in the casting has no credit and is ludicrous.

    • The success of Marvel and DC is not a zero sum game.
      Each can succeed in their own way and each should embrace
      the success of one another because the failure of one studio’s
      comic book tentpole might mean a change in attitude of the
      movie going public toward such films affecting the other.

      Laughing at choices made by another studio and entertaining
      the notion they blundered guaranteeing failure is not an
      enlightened management view of marketplace realities.
      Effective executives cannot not think like children.

      • *cannot think* not *cannot not think*

      • No Robert Palmar. CBM companies are apparently like highlanders…


        • It sounds like that amongst the fans, doesn’t it.

  3. Ben Affleck IS Batman.

    The loudmouths and pessimistic blowhards have had their say (and then some), but…

    Ben Affleck is STILL Batman.

    I couldn’t be happier.

    • Well said, couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t wait for Affleck as BM.

    • Haha NO. Ben Affleck is acting AS Batman. Christian Bale WAS Batman. There’s a huge difference you all choose to ignore. Thank you and good day.

      • Ah, there’s that sparkling (or, more accurately, SPUTTERING) wit of dear, sweet, slow Ian.

        Sigh…I weep for his family and those few paid to call themselves his friends.

  4. Ben Affleck is already the best Batman ever.
    Who else could frighten all the whiners
    out there without saying a word.

    • +1

    • +33

      Brilliant poetry, Rock!

      • Say, thanks Doc :D
        33 is a lucky number too.

        • Keep stroking your egos boys, I’ve never been to a lamer party in my life than in this message board. Unreal!

          • Now you reveal you like going to gay parties.
            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • Wait…so you have been to other lame parties? Is that why you can’t stop talking about Bale? Little bit of a crush on Bale?

            It’s cool.

            Either way, this movie is happening. I for one think this casting choice is unique and will work.


          • then why r u still here? i mean, this should be your kryptonite. you hate the movie, even without seeing or knowing ANYTHING about it, other than benn is going to be batman. if you hate it, and plan to never see it, don’t want nothing to do about it, then why do you care to keep commenting on it? you are the very person ben talks about in jay & silent bob strike back.

  5. If you sign a petition against an actor in a role for a film YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, NOR HAVE SEEN ANY GOD DAMN PICTURE OF, haven’t even heard the actor himself speak a word about, you have no life nor brains, nor decency for that matter.

    • +infinity

      • infinity + 1

    • affleck may be an actor, but he is still a person with real emotions and whatnot; i have to wonder how all this ‘tardedness has effected him. does it just push him to be the best at this role and make everyone eat some crow?
      i look forward to this film.

  6. Wow way to go Patton Oswalt! That dude is a genius! I’ll be honest I was pretty skeptical about the casting at first but I’m acclimating to it, I’m more and more excited about it.

    • Agreed, I really liked his post and puts things in a different perspective.

  7. It’s nice to see a fellow geek like Whedon support the casting. It really doesn’t matter if he’s writing and directing The Avengers, he’s just like any one of us, wants the best from comic book movies.

    It’s funny, after the announcement I was actually looking forward to all the memes but not a lot of them were even remotely funny, more stupid than anything else to be honest. Though there were a few that made me smile, I’ll admit.

    The petition won’t do squat and anyone signing those are just kidding themselves lmao. In cases like these, I think there’s a reason filmmakers are filmmakers and audiences are audiences. I’m in no means bashing the fans but with a franchise of this magnitude, I’m sure the studio will be taking the necessary precautions and steps.

      • There are always exceptions aha, but generally, I think my point stands.

    • Great movie, saw it a couple of days ago.

      • No it’s NOT Coldsc, Ben Affleck is in that movie therefore it sucks. /sarcasm

    • That was the role where Ben started to be taken seriously again.

    • Don’t worry, Zod calls him “Kal” at the start of Man of Steel, as well. (Something I immediately picked up on, and became annoyed by.)

      • Actually, Zod calls him “El”, his family name. It’s just like here on Earth where men will often say things along the lines of: “Hey, Smith, get me a beer on your way back.” “Johnson, I expected that report thirty minutes ago!”

        It’s a form of address commonly used to denote familiarity OR authority.

        The only people who ever use the name “Kal” on Krypton are his parents…and only when referencing their son.

        • Correct, Archaeon. Plus I thought when I heard
          Zod address Jor-El as El it reminded me of Chinese
          and other oriental traditions of using the last name first.

          • True…I had forgotten about that. Thank you.

  8. My favorite is definitely the Ben Affleck video where he talks about the internet. It’s soooo perfect.

    • Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

      Honestly, it’s worth it to watch Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Good WIll Hunting and Jay & Bob in that order.

      • Mallrats is just awesome!

        • Snoochie Boochies!

      • +1
        Everything pre-Jersey Girl was solid and still holds up today in the Kevin Smith-verse.

    • Ah man nice to see Shannon taking two wins on there, his Zod rocked the house, such a nuanced yet powerful performance.

      • yes, I agree. Mike deserves it and people are noticing.

  9. Another plus is he’s an American actor playing an American superhero, instead of another Britt playing them. Nothing Against the Britt’s though! Chereo!

    • We are the Brits from Britain. And we spell stuff weirdly, using a mangled combination of Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, German and whatever else we had at hand when the words in question were created. Take-home message: one ‘t’ is sufficient.

    • Except his biceps will be a lot smaller aha. The Batman in the Arkham games have abnormally large biceps for some reason lmao.

      • Yeah getting Affleck a suit that, well, suits him is gonna matter. They showed a TDKReturns like symbol at SDCC, but I personally think the long-eared Arkham City suit fits him much more. He actually isn’t that far from that Bruce in appearance either. Granted, apart from the TAS’ and Bale’s I prefer the spikier style anyway.

        Off topic: Honestly, the Arkham games are still the overall best Batman incarnation I know so far for me, they just get so much right, especially having the TAS voice cast. Really hope Origins is gonna be as on par as possible, love the new guys doing Batman & Joker too, great chemistry. Pretty sick they can both do both roles, it was almost off putting when I saw ‘m switch voices in an interview.

        • An Arkham City suit variation for Ben is
          the way to go and when he was cast
          I actually thought of Arkham City
          and that look for the new film.

          • Jep, agreed, been thinking of the Arkham games ever since I saw the direction of Man of Steel. And having seen the film now it fits really well with each other.

            However, if the sdcc bat symbol is any indication, Snyder might go quite a different route…

            • I think the SDCC symbol was a quick on the fly
              design for the event. I think whatever Zack
              ends up going with was not in any way
              finalized then and yet to be seen.

              • Agreed on the logo not being final, but it was clearly meant to make people think of The Dark Knight Returns (sales of which went up a fair bit after the announcement) with the… I dunno, fatter (?) Bat symbol and the quotation beforehand.

              • If they do end up changing, I hope it’s similar. I didn’t really like it at first but quickly warmed up to it and now think it’s awesome. Though the symbol would make for some weird batarangs if it’s shaped the same aha.

                On a tiny side note, when they announced the logo at ComicCon and there were cam pictures of the logo on screen, did anyone else notice that the ‘S’ symbol was dark silver and the ‘Bat’ symbol was a bit more matte black?

                  • Might be poor color rendering by the camera.

                    • Most likely, I still prefer the silver though!

    • And then they see the butt chin and a new petition is started to have the butt chin removed.

  10. Less than 40 posts since posting is,
    despite the holiday weekend coming,
    a measure of the initial hyperventilating
    over the Ben Affleck casting now slowing.

    • …or just a growing awareness and acceptance that, no matter how much some of us, including me, dislike the idea of Bat Affleck, there is nothing we can do about it. I wish everyone who is now raving about Affleck would admit that, in none of the previous discussions about the new Batman, did anyone express a desire or hope to see him play the part. So many other names, in fact, were offered. The choice has been made, however, and it is what it is.

      Perhaps he is not the worst choice, but being that no fanboy here ever overtly petitioned for him (at least as far as I can remember), it is certainly fair to suggest that he is not the best choice either. Let people be disappointed without jumping on them for doing so. (Don’t mean you specifically Robert, but others here.)

      • Yes, a feeling of resignation has set it too, no doubt.
        I did not see this coming and I don’t think anyone did
        including writers whose job it is to know the possibilities.

        I am not sure anyone could say Ben was their choice,
        or perhaps a precious few can, but once announced and
        even unexpectedly people can be genuinely excited by the
        choice and I must say I have developed that very excitement.

        Had I been asked before the casting if I could get excited
        about a Ben Affleck Batman I probably would have said
        no but after the fact I can and I think he’ll deliver.

        • Yes, I can envision him delivering as well, but there are some other actors whom I would have preferred in the part and whom I believe would have done a lot better. For me, he just looks a little too young and boyish for the role, not the intimidating figure that the Batman should be, but perhaps that is because of my age. I’ll reserve final judgement until I see the movie, though.

          • Ben does look a little young for his age.
            I guess they’re thinking is if he does a few
            more films as Batman he’ll be near 50 and will
            definitely looking older but not too old by then.

            Dress Ben in and Arkham City type suit and
            Zack can make him look Affleck intimidating.

            I was for Jim Caviezel but Jim never gets
            the roles I want him to and he would
            have killed as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

            • *Zack can make Affleck look intimidating.*

            • Haha…we agree again, on Cavaziel. He is whom I would have cast.

              • :D Some of the best movies are never made.

                • The OP seems a bit silly now, Rock. ;)

                  • Yes, the OP (opinion?) seems pointless at this point.
                    I always root for Jim though and I think with this
                    casting his window to play a superhero closes.

                    I wanted Jim for Superman at the time of
                    Superman Returns but after seeing that
                    movie I was glad he was not in the
                    world that Bryan Singer created.

                    I don’t remember who I wanted for Bats
                    at the time of Nolan’s ramp up but after
                    Bale who seemed perfectly suited for that
                    world I think everyone forgot their favorite.

                    If Ben owns the role, which I think he will,
                    Affleck will make everyone forget their
                    preferences before he was cast.

                    • Hehe, no no bro.

                      OP= original post

                      …in this case, the comment about only 40 replies.

                    • Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.
                      Yes, true. The swarm arrived late_:)

                    • Robert, we also agree on Cavaziel as Superman. I thought he would have been perfect for the part when he was younger. He’s graying a bit now, but I still think he would make a great Batman. I would have also preferred Richard Armitage and Karl Urban, among others, to Affleck, but we’ll see how he does with the role.

                    • And why am I not surprised, Jeff, you were for Jim as Superman when he was younger too :D Out of the practical options out there this time, since I knew our choice Caviezel would not get it, Urban and later Armitage were looking to be the best of names talked about. We agree on that too. Each could have done well, with maybe Karl be the more charming Bruce Wayne and Richard being the more lethal Batman. I think Ben will nail the charming Bruce without breaking a sweat and with the right suit, script, and direction I think he can deliver a lethal Bats. We shall see and I remain hopeful.

    • Yet you’re all over this message board, and all over Affleck’s d***. How ironic. Maybe people were sick of your fanboyisms?

      • First off, gay is not an insult and anyone who uses it as such should be thrown out a window. Secondly, you shouldn’t be jumping at everyone’s throats for being kind of okay with a casting decision. I wasn’t too fond of the choice but I’m willing to give Ben Affleck a chance. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan both said they were done with Batman and that’s not going to change any time soon. All the people who are so up in arms about this are going to see the movie anyway, including you. I mean it’s Superman vs. Batman for god’s sake.

        • The equivalent of throwing out the window here
          would be to ban Ian.

        • @Preliator – Actually, unless the person is actually gay using it in a derogatory manner actually IS an insult. I don’t usually let them fly around here. There’s other ways to get your point across.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Paul, Preliator was referring to Ian’s post where he said “you’re all over this message board, and all over Affleck’s d***” which I think does qualify as a gay insult.

            • Sorry Robert, no it does not. Telling somebody they are “jocking” (a nicer way to say what Ian said) is more akin to calling somebody a groupie than gay.

              • Not to defend the troll, but it seems you misunderstand the intended use of the insult.

                • “all over Affleck’s d***”” is an insult pure and simple

                • Using a gay image as the insult.
                  The comment should not stand
                  and is not defensible as written.

                  • Yes I agree.I was just pointing out the definition of a slang insult. Also, I will agree that the imagery implied is of a homosexual nature. I find internet insults in the worst of taste. Nothing wrong with being snarky, but name calling is not needed. If it seemed I was defending the post, I apologize, I was not.

                    • Thanks for clarifying, DragonArcher23.
                      I am happy we are on the same page.

                      A little snaky occasionally, yes, and
                      sometimes it’s funny and lightens things
                      up but personal insults like this joker’s are
                      just not civil adult discussion in any venue.

      • ian indicts himself with his own words and
        he is not smart enough to know that he has.

        It is satisfying to know ian is are unaware and is
        wallowing around blindly in his own stupidity since
        that is fitting punishment for being such a dumb troll.

  11. Dont forget Heath Ledgers casting as The Joker wasnt that well received initially.

    • Agreed. Total internet uproar. It only turned out to be the best performance in any comic movie, and I am a Marvel fan.

  12. I was always willing to give Ben a chance. I was just relieved it wasn’t a 50 or 60 year old Batman. I’m more worried about the story and the villains in the movie. It doesn’t matter who plays Batman if the story sucks and the villains are weak. I just hope its a good story with plenty of action.

  13. Petition!!???? Some people just just have way too much free time on there hands.

  14. Can’t wait for the Memes after the movie is a critically acclaimed. We all know commercial is guaranteed.

    • Ah, the first one wasn’t critically acclaimed, but conversely, widely panned (56% on Rotten Tomatoes). It did make some money, though.

    • Yea, he is the only person in the world with a clef chin.

  15. I agree, Joss Whedon’s counter opinion of the SPECULATION that marvel MAY find humor in the casting has no credit and is ludicrous.

  16. I remember this same thing happening when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, and we all know what a masterpiece that became, so chill.

  17. Stupid decision because they cast an actor that has distinct look.
    Who else in gotham has Butt chin?
    Who else in Gotham grows sideburn all over the face?
    But I’ll still watch this. Henry is cool.

  18. I will still watch the movie, but am I f##k happy that Ben Affleck is Batman.

  19. Some people just need to spew hate.

    Do I think it is not good casting? yep, I think they could have made a better choice.

    But some just want to spew hate at Affleck, others just want to spew hate at anyone who disagrees with the choice of Affleck being Batman.

    The same small man syndrome underlies those over emotive extremist at both ends of the opinion on this one.

  20. Even if you and others think this people are acting immaturely, they still have a valid point and I add:

    He already did a comic super hero movie for Marvell Comics Dare Devil. Failed

    The idea behind Comic Action Heroes is that the person reading the story or in the movie case seeing the movie can identify with the character to the point that they would want to be them or there sidekick for that matter. That is the point behind all the people taking there valuable time to express there dislike about Ben Affleck impersonating Batman in the Batman vs Superman movie.

    He would have never being chosen if it was not for the good press he had for the direction of the Argo movie. They just measure how many good vibes does he has against how many bad vibes.

    Plus they put in the balance the writer and the director and the movie team all together, so it would seem that with that much power in the team no matter who plays batman would make it work.

    Well one can only hope…
    Remember there is director vibe and there is acting vibe.

    Director vibe: up because of Argo.
    Actor vibe : down because of Dare devil Epic fail.

    We can only imagine Zack Snyder thinking: If I can make Ben Affleck into Batman I can do anything…

    • Zach can’t do “anything”, as proven be his mediocre Man of Steel. I had extremely high hopes for that film, due to the extraordinary 300. I was very surprised and disappointed that I did not like it, however, and obviously, I was not the only one, although it did make money. Now, having chosen Affleck for Batman, our disappointment has been compounded. For me, and likely others as well, it is not necessarily Affleck’s mediocre acting skills, but his youthful look and stature that make him less than desirable for the part. Perhaps its my age and/or life experience, but Affleck is not frightening or intimidating in the least. There are a number of other actors, previously mentioned under other discussions, that would have conveyed as being far more menacing in the role, at least in my opinion, and in the end, it is all about one’s opinion. Some believe he will do well, whereas others, it is obvious, think he was miscast. Neither are necessarily “right” or “wrong” in their thinking.

    • Here is the problem with you analysis director vibe Argo, actor vibe Dare Devil. Dare devil was over ten years ago. Anybody that has watched The Town or Argo can see that Affleck has improved immensely and Dare Devil could have had Christian Bale and it would still been no different. The director and story has more impact on a movie than any actor. Using a movie ten years ago as your bench mark is not only myopic and foolish, it’s inacurate since he is not the same actor. And if they can land him as a director for either JL or Batman it will end up being a brilliant and worthwhile choice.

      • As a director, maybe. As the Batman, no. Of course he can “act” the part, but to me, and obviously many others, he simply does not “fit” the role. Our opinion is no less or more valid than yours. We are simply expressing it, the same as you.

        • Your opinion is less valid because you are wrong and not all opinions are of equal value either. All the millions of people that though Heath Ledger was a bad call were wrong and you will be proven wrong in 2015. The fact is that your logic is weak. Argo 96% RT score The Town 94% RT score Ben was the foundation for both of those movies behind and in front of the camera. He was not the foundation for Dare Devil although the directors cut was a lot better. But you don’t make a living casting or directing Jeff so your opinion holds very little weight in the world of movies. Since I don’t either I can at least say my opinion to endorse the choice means mine is in line with the professionals who are shooting the movie and the fact that you actually said “Maybe” to him being able to direct goes to show how little value anyone should take your view point seriously. The guy just directed the best picture for crying out loud. Maybe? LOL…

          • Kryptonian, you convey as a teenager who is emotionally invested in proving yourself “right”…

            “You’re opinion is less valid because you are wrong…”

            Really? My opinion is that…FOR ME…Ben Afflick does not fit the part, and I would prefer to see someone else in the role. I have also indicated that others feel the same way, as evidenced by numerous comments under this discussion and others. Now, exactly how am I “wrong”?

            • Just because others agree with you it doesn’t make you right that kind of faulty logic is the reason you are wrong again. Ben Affleck fits the part very well. He’s 6’3”, good looking, and if you seen The Town you would know that he definitely has the build. Better then 5’9” 170lbs Beetlejuice, Kilmer and Clooney. He will be even bigger then Bale so how is that not a fit. His voice will be much better than Bales ROOOOOOAR that’s for sure and playing MR. Charming is in his wheel house so yeah you are wrong because Batman is all those things.

              If you don’t think he’s tough enough the you definitely have not seen The Town. You are basing your opinion off a bad movie ten years ago and that is just stupid. I remember when clowns like you said Craig would be a horrible Bond. How dem apples work for ya? I can’t wait to see your comments two years from now after you pick up your jaw from the ground!

              • I’ll give you this, Kryptonian, you gave me a good chuckle, with an eye-roll included.

                Feel free to think me and others “wrong” in our…preference.

                • Evidence and facts always supersedes opinions but since that’s all you have on this matter hold on tight to it while you can.

                  • Last word…may I remind you that Bat Affleck has not yet played the part, so your belief that he will shine in it is, at this point, just your opinion, like everyone else who is either for or against.

                    • I never used the word “Shine” in any of my statements. I just busted you for your ignorant and stupid statement about Ben not having the “Stature” when he is taller then Bale. Maybe you don’t know the definition of the word so I’ll help you out.

                      stature [ˈstætʃə]
                      1. the height of something, esp a person or animal when standing.

                      That’s the problem with guys like you who actually think your opinion has a higher value then facts. Fact is he has the stature and will be the biggest of all The Batmen in the last 30yrs. You just don’t like him and that’s fine so leave it at that, don’t go back ten years to try and justify your opinion or try to make yourself sound sophisticated by using words like stature when you obviously don’t know the definition of the word.

                      The difference between you and I Jeffy is that I use facts for my opinions like height or Oscar for best movie of the year, improved acting and things that are actually current. But hey I don’t expect anybody who didn’t like Man of Steel to actually have the capability to see things clearly when they wear their nostalgia glasses 24 7. Peace out holmes and enjoy the movie when it hits theaters in 2015!

      • How could you imply that dare devil would have been the same with christian bale.

        Is like saying that batman the Christian Bale trilogy would have been the same if it was Ben Affleck the actor.

        Please I bet you get 10 to nothing that people would dressage with you on that.

        The thing is Christian Bale would have not taken a role that he did not fit in and that in part counts for his success in the business he is in.

        Think about that when you talk about Ben Affleck trying to fit in to something that is not for him.

        And your argument about the movie having 10 years makes no difference.

        I have witness this horrible decisions over and over, for example to name a few:
        Ben Affleck as Dare Devil in Dare Devil
        Raul Julia as M Bison in Street Fighter
        Jean Cluade Van Dame as Guile in Street Fighter
        Damian Chapa as Ken in Street Fighter
        Roshan Seth as Dhalsim in Street Fighter
        Wes Studi as Sagat in Street Fighter
        Byron Mann as Ryu in Street Fighter
        (all the characters in Street Fighter where wrong for the job)
        MIchael Keaton as Batman in Batman and Batman Returns
        Val Kilmer as Batman in Batman Forever
        Geaorge Clooney as Batman in Batman And Robin
        Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin
        Jeep Swenson as Bane in Batman and Robin
        Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl in Batman and Robin
        Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball Evolution
        Yun-Fat Chow as Roshi in Dragon ball Evolution
        Randall Duk Kim as Gohan in Dragon Ball Evolution
        Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of steel

        I could name a few more but lets leave it there, all of this movies were Epic Fails, not only because of writers and directors but also because of bad casting.

          • Ahum…

            Cut me to Pieces you say. jejeje I assure you that would be very difficult for you in worlds and in real life combat jejeje.

            Still, tank you very much for the laugh.

            Given your tone the uneducated person here seems to be you. making shots with out bullets.

            All the movies I mention besides dragon ball had some of the best actors in history. Thats the point.

            Did you took any Literature course in your life?
            You probably did not since you can not get the point of a conversation and seem to get offensive at the first mention of what you do not like.

            The point in what you were reading is that even those great actors were cast into roles that did not do them any good.

            but yes I Michael Keaton did a good job the only bad part about it was that reality does not seem to go very good with the character and him since Batman character is a very strong athletic type of body and at the time he was far from that.

            Now you get it………..

            and what is that offensive talk about adolescents. Let me tell you that you being and/or feeling like an old cook does not give you any seniority or any advantage over young people and that is mentally or physically so please think, please think before you try to treat me like if you were superior to me in any way.

            We are all here giving opinions and I just explained to you the point of all this discussion.

            • By the way all the movies you mention from Christian Bale are good movies with decent ratings.

              And Equilibrium is a great movie with great ratings.

              That said.

              I tank you all for the entertaining discussions but this is my last comment on this matter.

              • You are hilarious! Before you talk about education you need to learn how to write. “Did you took any literature course in your life?” LOL… You need to learn about proper grammar before you utter a big word like literature and try to sound educated.

                “All the movies I mention besides dragon ball had some of the best actors in history. Thats the point.” Really? REALLY? Jean Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alicia Silverstone, Damian Chapa, Roshan Seth, Wes Studi… These are some of the greatest actors in history. Do you live in Bizzaro world? How can I actually take you seriously? Your opinion’s a joke and it’s all yours.

                “By the way all the movies you mention from Christian Bale are good movies with decent ratings. And Equilibrium is a great movie with great ratings.” According to who? YOU?

                Newsies 40% RT score
                Swing Kids 38% RT score
                Pocahontas 56% RT score
                Equilibrium 37% RT score
                Reign of Fire 40% RT score
                Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 29% RT score

                Should I go on? So not only is your Grammar embarrassing but your math just sucks and your opinion does not hold much value so tank you. Tank you very much (Wink wink) for giving me a great laugh. I could bring up some more stuff up but at this point what is the point but hey maybe you can use your “Real life combat jejeje” to help you out. So you either tried to lie about the “Great movie ratings” or you were ignorant on the matter, you pick, liar or ignorant either way you lose live with that in your conscience.

                This is what happens when a worm meets an eagle! Drops the mic and walks off the stage.

                • An “eagle”…but I thought you were the “Kryptonian Knight”?!

                  Hahaha…alright, you’ve had your time on the computer. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school tomorrow?

                  • It’s a national holiday Dumas. Along with a new dictionary you need a calendar and someone who has the patience to explain to you what metaphors and analogies are. Good luck with that. LMAO…

                    • Oh, Kryptonian, you have proven yourself far from being a true “knight”! In the future, attempt to refrain from name-calling, as it leaves one with the impression that you are an overly-emotional adolescent, and it reflects more poorly on you than those you are attempting to belittle. It also takes away from everything else you have to say. I mean, we’re discussing a movie…it’s not life or death.

                    • …and if you need an example of a “grown up” discussion between two people who do not necessarily agree with each other all of the time, yet treat each other respectfully, read the thread above between myself and Robert Palmer.

            • It’s ahem, not ahum. Words, not worlds. “given your tone, the uneducated…” the comma is quite important. Thank not tank. Without is one word, not two.

              That’s just your first few sentences.

              What were you saying about educated?

  21. So I just finished watching Hollywoodland for the first time… and it’s not like I needed any more convincing that Affleck will nail this… but now I have no doubts what-so-ever.

    You hear people chime in about The Town and Argo quite frequently, for whatever reason Hollywoodland flies under the radar.

    It shouldn’t. For those who still need convincing, check out Hollywoodland.

    • Have to pick up a copy of that soon.

      • @ Rock

        He plays George Reeves dude… and it just so happens Diane Lane plays his love interest.


        Bruce Wayne has banged Ma Kent.

        Clark won’t be to happy about that.

        • Right, Diane Lane plays the love interest.
          What a tangled web is woven now in films.

          I have actually shed away from the film until
          now because of the sad nature of George’s demise.

          The show reruns long after the show ran were my first
          introduction to Superman and George will always be the man.

          • shied away

            • Whoa! Mine eyes_:)

    • Jejeje, that is like saying that Micheal Keaton was perfect fo rthe 1989 Batman movie because of the way he looked in his drama roles before that.

      Sure Michael Keaton is a good actor in his roles.

      But Micheal Keaton was never near close what the character of Batman is in the comics.

      What the critics that know the movie is about want is a person that looks like him, acts like him, and has no history of being to “whimpi”

      • Micheal Keaton never played an actor who played a superhero.
        Ben Affleck’s role is not a generic acting role without relevance.

  22. And about that rumor spreading that Batman only murmurs and hides in a mask.

    Who in the world believe that.

    Bruce appears as a civilian as much as batman in uniform.

  23. Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are mediocre actors, and do not deserve this sort of attention. Screen Rant, on the other hand seem to think they do; after non-stop threads, one after another on BA. This is really sickening and barf worthy. Really makes me wonder who funds this crap and propaganda?

    I, personally, do not buy into it. OK sheep, lesson number one: when they push it on you, it means your are being subjugated or manipulated.

    Once again: Ben Affleck means that they are not taking this movie seriously, and everyone I know agrees. It’s become a joke, and that’s all it is!


  24. Geez, I come back to this thread the next day and the vibes coming from it completely change. Whether you’re against or for Affleck, at least show it in a mature manner, that way everyone wins. As for the trolls, just ignore them, no matter how annoying they may get. If they can’t speak like normal people, why do they deserve the attention?

    • @ ColdSc

      Elementary, my friend:

      “Ben Affleck is already the best Batman ever.
      Who else could frighten all the whiners
      out there without saying a word.”

      ~~ Robert “The Rock” Palmar

      • You have carte blanche copyright authority
        to use that quote without reservation,
        Good Doctor, whenever and wherever
        you deem necessary and appropriate.

        You made my day, Good doctor :D

        • lmao
          Someone make a meme with the quote!

          • With Robert’s permission of course aha