‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Photos Reveal Multiple Spoilers

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Reveal Multiple Spoilers

[UPDATE: Aside from Batman vs. Bane, does new footage reveal Talia al Ghul as a TDKR villain?]

A number of revealing set photos from The Dark Knight Rises have been pouring onto the web throughout the weekend, giving Batman fans a sneak peak into Christopher Nolan’s closely guarded film.

Last night, we shared a first look at Tom Hardy as Bane in his military-inspired full costume, along with a couple snapshots of the powerful villain standing atop what appears to be his very own version of the Tumbler. Today, we have even more goodies from the set of the film, including a glimpse at Batman and Bane standing side-by-side.

The first image, from fan Matt Maranowski (via Latino Review), shows Christian Bale and Tom Hardy between takes standing around the set. Interestingly, the pair don’t seem all that far apart in size. Does this mean that Bane isn’t going to be the massive hulking beast we all expect (at least not from the get-go)? Of course not. Check out Latino Review or these Getty Images (Here & Here) for a few added images of Batman and Bane duking it out. More on why Bane will still be a big brawler after the image.

In looking at this picture, there are a couple of things to discuss. First off, Bane and Batman look like they’re roughly the same height and body type. Obviously, that’s a big change from the comics, where Bane is so overwhelmingly large that he’s able to snap Batman like a toothpick over his knee.

Before everyone pulls out their fanboy pitchforks though, let’s remember that this doesn’t reflect what the characters will look like on the big screen. There are tons of camera tricks to make one actor look big and another actor look small, and it’s not like Christopher Nolan is an amateur, so I’m sure that the size issue won’t come into play.

More to the point, Bane seems to be in his regular costume here. As noted in the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, when Bane is hulking toward Batman, he’s showing off a lot more muscle. My guess is that these photos represent Bane when he isn’t on the super-steroid Venom. Presumably, he will inject the steroid (or inhale it), when he really needs to put a hurt on the Caped Crusader.

But wait, that’s not all. We also have another picture from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, and this one definitely confirms an earlier story SPOILER. Seriously, this image (from the SuperHeroHype forums) could spoil a big action scene plot-line in the movie, so if you’re at all sensitive about these things, look away!

Consider yourself warned the following could be considered major Dark Knight Rises spoilers!

Prison Break

Can anyone say Knightfall? As we’ve discussed previously here at Screen Rant, the Knightfall saga is one of the most critical stories in Batman history. The series begins with the mysterious Bane breaking out every super-criminal from Arkham Asylum. As Batman subsequently tries to recapture them all one-by-one, he breaks down both mentally and physically. By the time he faces off against Bane, Batman is so weak that he’s easily defeated, leading to Bane literally breaking him in half.

If I’m reading these images right, it seems like Nolan and company may be using a similar set-up to introduce Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. If Bane breaks a bunch of criminals free at the beginning of the film, it would send Gotham into a panic and force Batman to come out of hiding (where he’s been since the end of The Dark Knight). Could this scene be the first big action set-piece of the film?

The following videos certainly suggests so:


Talia al Ghul Revealed?

UPDATE: A reader over at Comic Book Movie snagged a video from The Dark Knight Rises set, which features a sequence of what looks like armed mercenaries escorting “a lady wearing a brown jacket and dark khakis,” out of Gotham City Hall. The mercenary and their lady all climb into…a camouflage tumbler and drive off.

Now, the speculation is that this is a scene of Marion Cotillard’s character, “Miranda Tate,” who we (and a lot of others) have long speculated will be revealed as Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Talia – thereby tying this third and final chapter directly to Batman Begins. While the footage is from a distance, a closer look at some still images of Cotillard in costume confirm it is in fact her emerging from Gotham City Hall and hopping in that tumbler.

Check out the footage for yourself:



The Dark Knight Rises Batpod 570x380 Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Reveal Multiple Spoilers

Finally, for a look at not one, but TWO tumbler vehicles used on The Dark Knight Rises set, go HERE. For a look at an all-too-familiar Batpod, go HERE.


What do you think? Are Nolan and company going to take a page from the Knightfall saga? If so, is it also possible that Bane will break the Batman’s back?

BONUS: Even late night TV shows are airing video from the Dark Knight Rises set!


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters a little less than a year from now on July 20, 2012.

Source: Matt Maranowski via Latino Review, SuperHeroHype, Getty Images, Comic Book Movie, Subaruwrxfan

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  1. Video #1 looks like “60% off all electronics” day at Best Buy!

    • lol

  2. Miranda Tate being escorted out of Gotham City Hall from Banes Goons ??? …its getting very interesting, I definitely will love to see Talia Al Ghul in the film it will make a lot of sense for the movie. Who knows maybe she is Talia faking it with Miranda…OMG cant wait !

  3. ~ All the Ak47s the convicts are holding are from Evike Airsoft

  4. Are they filming today? Are we getting more pics?

  5. Do your research on Talia–she was Batman’s love interest in the comics at times–Rhas thought Batman was the only one worthy enough to marry his daughter. She may be a “villian” in the upcoming film who falls for Batman and brings him back to health with Laz pit? All is not what it seems with Nolan. Who knows, end of the day–i am not worried. Nolan has shown the ability to honor, yet change DC source material–making it better.

  6. Maybe tate (who’s working at wayne tower,) gives bane a tumbler.

  7. After ive seen everything i feel so GUILTY.

    • I really don’t understand why anyone would want to read or see anything that contains spoilers. Personally I like to enjoy the experience of the film as it was intended, and I really feel like people who consume every leaked video or image are cheating themselves of the very thing they’re pursuing.

  8. I’ll watch this movie, but I have a feeling this will be the lowest point in the series. Bane hasn’t ever been very interesting to me (or from what I can tell anyone else really either). With all the stories possible why do this? At this point I’m not very impressed at all. Maybe when it comes out I’ll be proven wrong, but Bane (and his costume) makes me roll my eyes…

    • when Nolan decided to cast H.Ledger for JOKER people disagree, what happened next…Oscars ! and by the way this isn’t the Joel Shumachers BANE from the 90`s that couldn’t even talk , its totally a different BANE which he`s intelligent and evil. I think Nolan is doing a good Job as far as those picture goes and the Nolans are taking some of the League of Shadows theory which its BANE trained by Ra`s Al Ghul. I hoping for a Shocker in this film

  9. I just hope that major fight scene they were filming was filmed with heavy filters. Bats shouldn’t be out and about during the day. Adam West’s Batman: yes. Bale’s Batman: no

    • But what if it’s an extremely dire situation? He’s not a vampire, lol.

  10. About the whole Bane breaking Gordon’s back, instead of Batman! If you believe this rumor because you see Gordon in a hospital bed in the teaser? Then you don’t know much about proper healthcare! In the teaser Gordon is positioned on his side. Anyone with any kind of spinal injury would be placed flat on their back and he wouldn’t require any kind of oxygen mask. I’m not saying it won’t happen but if the hospital scene from the teaser is your reason for thinking this then you have very little knowledge of the human body.

  11. I hear all of yall talking but who actually has the plot, that’s what I wanna know, I need to know what happens I sorta love bane but he’s a dumb brute, now he’s intelligent, the dude may have made the dark knight a hit but he can’t turn this into a hit because we all expect thrills and shock, whatever he delivers wiLl be below our expectation, so waiting for the movie to come out will put our expectations so high it will only shot the film in the foot, so again who knows the plot ?

    • That just seems unnecessarily pessimistic…Why even bother?

    • Um…you do know that Bane was originally intelligent? Go back and read the Knightfall story arc. His plan in breaking Batman was by breaking out all of Gotham’s criminals and watch how Batman fought and took them down. In doing also, he tired Batman out so he could easily defeat Bats in their first showdown. Forget all about Schumacher’s Bane. Bane in the comics was as cunning as Nolan is showing him in the trailers.


    When Alfred says, “I won’t bury you, I’ve buried enough Waynes.”

    What does this mean? Could Alfred mean that he’s some sort of family protector from the past? Do you think he knows of the Lazarus Pit that could revive Bruce? In the 2nd trailer, it shows him and Bruce in front of something and he says the word “Rises.” Does the title mean that Batman dies and Resurrects again? I think the title name refers to the Lazarus Pit. Anyone wanna discuss?

  13. Bane is not supposed to be a lot bigger than Batman in this movie he is supposed to just be a normal sized guy who happens to be superior to batman physically, The whole Banes venom plot is not in the Dark Knight Rises so don’t expect a huge bane cause it wont happen. Also the man with Bruce who says rise is not Alfred. Also if Bane broke gordons back he wouldnt be leaned in bed cause that would mess up his back.