‘Batman: Assault on Arkham’ Trailer – The Animated Movie Based on the ‘Arkham’ Games

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[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for ‘Batman: Arkham Origins.’]

We may have to wait until 2016 for Warner Bros.’ continuation of the interconnected Man of Steel universe with Batman vs. Superman, but we’ll still see a slew of DC adaptations: the CW’s Arrow is going strong, with spinoff series The Flash on deck. NBC will air a television adaptation of Constantineand Fox has Gotham, based on the early years of longtime Batman ally James Gordon.

With a full two years to go before fans can see new Batman Ben Affleck in action alongside returning Superman Henry Cavill in Batman vs. Superman, the character’s enduring popularity translates into renderings across a variety of other media, in the form of DC’s ongoing straight-to-DVD animated adventures like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Son of Batman, as well as the popular, highly successful video game franchise.

The game series started with Batman: Arkham Asylum and continued with that game’s sequel Batman: Arkham City, last year’s prequel Batman: Arkham Origins and will supposedly conclude with the upcoming PS4/Xbox One release Batman: Arkham Knight. Last year, DC announced it would release two animated features in 2014, the first being Son of Batman. We now have a trailer for the second of these, Batman: Assault on Arkham, which you can watch above.

Directed by Jay Oliva, who also directed the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns as well as Justice League: War and several episodes of DC’s Young JusticeAssault on Arkham is set within the same universe as the Arkham games. When the Joker somehow steals a dirty bomb and rigs it somewhere in Gotham City, Batman – again voiced by fan-favorite Kevin Conroy – must team up (or at least work in tandem) with Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad, which includes Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (voiced by Captain America: The First Avenger‘s Neal McDonough), King Shark and Harley Quinn.

Batman Assault on Arkham Joker and Harley Quinn 1024x575 Batman: Assault on Arkham Trailer   The Animated Movie Based on the Arkham Games

As for where exactly within the overall narrative of the Arkham games this story takes place, we can assume after Arkham Origins but perhaps before Arkham Asylum. The end of Origins teased the formation of the Suicide Squad, with Amanda Waller recruiting Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke to join the team or rot in Blackgate Prison. This is assuming the animated film’s narrative directly takes off from that of the games – this feature may not be meant as a direct tie-in.

Jay Oliva is responsible for some of the best DC animated efforts in years, with Justice League: War being a clear standout. Since the Arkham game narratives stand apart from what is considered official “New 52″ canon, Assault on Arkham will almost certainly also exist in its own continuity.

But with the inclusion of Kevin Conroy, who will forever be known as the voice of Batman for the ages, and Troy Baker as the Joker (returning to the role after an acclaimed turn as the villain in Arkham Origins), there are clear attempts to win over longtime fans of both the games and the animated releases. If fans take to this standalone vision, this would be a strong argument for a future live-action take on the Arkham game universe.


Batman: Assault on Arkham will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the fall of 2014.

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  1. You can’t see it, but I am smiling wider than even the Joker could imagine… 😉

  2. Looks cool. Just wondering where Deathstroke is? If this is following the Arkham game storyline, shouldn’t he be in it? It seems like DC is trying to push him into everything already, with the video games, Arrow, and Son of Batman.

    • They might not have been able to put Deathstroke in this since he will be in Son of Batman.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to this movie. Glad we’re getting returning voices for Batman and Amanda Waller, and I can’t wait to see Troy Baker as The Joker again, he was fantastic in Arkham Origins.

    • He is in the abomination of a movie, Son of Batman. Not seen anything quite that horrible is recent memory.

  3. Why did Amanda Waller look like she was involved in a Gamma radiation accident? lol

    Anyhow, I love what I see. Hopefully it will be dark and gritty like Flashpoint Paradox. Blood and Violence! F**k Yeah!

  4. This already looks better than Son of Batman, based on the trailers.

  5. Interesting to see Baker opposite Conroy. He must’ve been psyched for this.

    I’m not impressed by the story though. And where exactly does it take place, between Origins and Asylum?

    • I’d assume between those two because Harley has a version of her classic costume and she hasn’t worn it in the Arkham games (nurse, biker and whatever the hell it is in AK).

      I really like Troy Baker as Joker. I worried when Mark Hamill retired but Baker’s done an amazing job. I just hope it might somehow fit somewhere between Origins and a potential sequel (that’s still set long before Asylum) so a WBM game can continue the series.

    • Just looks like it’s inspired from the Arkham game, but clearly it’s its own thing. Suicide squad was never in the games.

      • There was an after credit scene in Arkham Origins that had Amanda Waller, hinting at suicide squad.

      • Actually, There was a short cameo at the end of the credits in Arkham Origin.

  6. Why is King Shark, um, not a shark?

  7. Am I the only one thinking of Hail Hydra with that image of the Joker?

  8. well after son of batman, one of DCs worst animated movies this is taking the pis… people say that DC at least get the animated movies right but i started to get batman fatigue… they really only do batman, justice league, batman, superman, batman, justice league… i want more green lantern, flash and hell, anything else but batman. DC should be building up new characters.

    • I liked Son of Batman, didnt think I would either

      • I agree. Why all this hatred in the comments under this article towards it? The art wasn’t great and Damian’s dialogue could’ve been better at times, but overall very watchable due to the action being fantastic. I’ve played through all the Arkham games a couple of times and really looking forward to Assault on Arkham.

        • it was really boring… the animation was bad too. the voices sucked, especially deathstroke, it just doesnt suit him. damien came off REALLY bratty and it just wasnt good. i liked him at the end but it was too little… i want more green lantern too. i love the fight with sinestro in first flight. super saiyan lantern lol 

          • Animation was not bad, the voices did not suck but Ill say deathstrokes voice wasnt great but neither was deathstroke in the film. Damian is supposed to be bratty.

            Also that was the worst part of first flight.

            • come on man, that opening was terrible. they really dropped the ball in those first 10 minutes. sinestro vs green lantern is the best fight in the dc animated movies. i hope they do more like it.

    • Son of Batman was indeed quite watchable due to the fantastic action sequences, but the voice acting for batman was poorly done. Under the red hood had great voice acting and I felt a love for the characters. Joker was insanely funny. Anyway, Assault on Arkham looks like a good go again. I agree that DC could do some more features with other characters though. Flashpoint was excellent. Aquaman needs a go at it too. At the rate they are pushing Batman, you would get the feeling they don’t trust Superman to do so well as a soloist at the box-office for a sequel to Man of Steel.

  9. I was hoping itd be like the “serious house” comic.

  10. Looks great though it seems that the suicide squad will have a bigger role than batman.I realy like Troy Bakers joker it’s similar to hamills but still his own version.my second favorite behind hamills is still john dimaggio’s(under the red hood) because his was so twisted,baker though is the closest one to match hamills voice though.

  11. I never played any of the Arkham games. I’m just Kevin Conroy is back !

  12. I couldn’t see the video.

    There were too many ****ing god **** adverts and bloody ****ing bull**** images plastered all over the ****ing thing.


    • Ummm…Are you sure you haven’t simply picked up a virus? I’ve watched three times now, two on two different tablets and one on my phone, and I’ve had no trouble, whatsoever.

    • I see what you are talking about. too many labels on the top and bottom of the video. Covered too much screen. I hate youtube more and more each day.

      • Again, I’m just curious about WHERE you two tried to watch this…? I just watched it a fourth time, both in normal, small-screen AND full-screen modes and had NO distractions at all…

        • He’s referring to the huge advert banner covering the top third of the screen, I saw it as well.

  13. Doesn’t look all that good to me granted I don’t have any video games so therefore I have never played an Arkham game but I have watched the playthroughs online and really had fun with that and I thought it was cool. My problem with this is really just a personal thing really, I really don’t care for dark cartoons I like stuff like Batman the animated series or Static Shock or even the nickelodeon cartoons like Spongbob Dany Phantom and Fairly Oddparents it was fun to watch stuff like that with this I feel like the darkness is so forced eversince Christopher Nolan’s batman movies everything having to do with Batman has been so dark I love those movies to death but I would honestly prefer something a little more new stuff like this makes me miss the first Burton Batman it had a cool fun light hearted feel to me even though aspects of it were pretty dark at times. I just always associate cartoons with being aimed at children and I always feel that Children would enjoy them more than say teens or adults seeing cartoons brings out the little kid in me but stuff like this really doesn’t I feel like the people that made this movie wanted to make it serious but if I’m going to take this seriously I would need it to be live action it honestly feels like thats what they treated this entire movie like… a live action flick which is denying what it really is to be honest. Sorry… I don’t mean to tick anyone off I just wanted to state where I stand on stuff like this… bottom line its just not doing it for me hope those of you that are interested like it though.

    • One of the tone for the New-52 is to go darker with some of the characters. Here you have my Superman laughing his a** off when he injures civilians and flying away. He doesn’t care, yet. He’s a young jock super hero in training. I’m getting sidetracked here 😛

      Anyways, one of the tone is to go brutal and bloody and ALL the New 52 animated movies have them. Some are done ok and the newest, Son of Batman, does it horribly. I sincerely hope they don’t continue to slack off on the animation, art style, story and what not just to give audiences blood scenes. That would be stupid.

      • Son of Batman was bad writing because they just think that if it has enough special effects, it will be good regardless of what the characters say. Man-Bat was the same for these reasons, I just don’t think it inspires people.

        I can just say I do not honestly like what DC has done with all of their characters, as well as their universe. I don’t like the writing of Goyer and Nolan and I certainly detest this new “everything must be gritty or else” motif going around.

        I find the characters while solid and successful, lack any real objective conscience. They are not likable characters. In my opinion and that of others, D.C. lacks the compass and soul that Marvel has weaved into its ethos. It decided to go a different direction, and now we shall see who was smarter because of it.

  14. WHERE are all of these people seeing “Son of Batman” already??? Where I live, it is NOT out yet. Despite the naysayers, I still think it looks worthwhile from the trailer. THIS “Arkham” one looks even better, but still…

    • Son of Batman got leaked about 4 days ago, you can find it on any streaming site and torrentz,
      And despite what people have been saying I thought it was pretty damn good. I agree that the DC animated movies are overusing Batman, but each story deals with different villains and characters, so it isn’t so bad. For instance, having Deathstroke as the main antagonist was inspired.

      Assault on Arkham looks just as good in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the Suicide Squad stuff.

      I think that the DC animated movies are getting better and better.
      The Dark Knight Returns, Flashpoint Paradox and War are among my favourites of the entire line.

  15. Yes, a ‘Suicide Squad’ movie! First Arrow had these guys, expect ‘Killer Frost,’ and Harley was only shown in the background with her back facing us, but I can’t wait for this animated flick! Soon ‘Son of Batman,’ will come out and next this. This is turning into a great Easter weekend, so far…

  16. It seems exactly the same as the last three they released. Interesting as it is, I’ll definitely be passing on this one.

  17. I want an Arrow based animated movie. Batman has had the spotlight for too long now.

  18. I have to say that Troy Baker is one hell of an amazing voice actor, and he plays a pretty damn good Joker aside from the best voice of the Joker ever, Mark Hamill.

  19. HOLY SHT! Is that Troy Baker voicing the Joker? I recognize his voice from Arkham Origins. He totally nailed him in it. This is a must-watch for me. Well, I love all the Batman games, so it would have been a must-watch for me anyway.

  20. Troy Bakers Joker sounds a lot like Liam O’Briens Vincent Law or Lloyd from code geass.

  21. So repetitive…

  22. This movie is the best animated feature this far. This one, standing alongside of Flashpoint is ushering in a new era of a more adult themed animated era. And I’m sooooo excited! The Joker was an animal, a force of nature! This flick paid homage in a big way, to several different DC universe elements! This flick was awesome. As usual my only beef with it was the run-time. Why the hell does a movie this good hafta’ end between 70-75 minutes?!? Anyway, I thought it was a great mixture of ‘New 52′ as well as ‘Post Crisis’ characters. Great mixture all around. The dialogue beats the last feature by a LONG shot I.e.(WAR)…. If you havnt seen it, it’s worth the sale price. Joker is actually hilarious! Batman is a badass, what more you want?