5 Actors Who Could Play An OLDER Batman in the Superman Sequel

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Man of Steel 2 Older Batman ActorsMovie fans may have thought they would have a few years before debating who could play Batman on the big screen, but the announcement of a Batman/Superman face-off in Man of Steel 2 changed all that.Yet the most surprising twist came when director Zack Snyder revealed that the film would be drawing from Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" story, with rumors that they'd be seeking an older, more grizzled actor to bring Batman to life.Since our previous list of potential Bat-actors almost all fit that description, we're clearly thinking along the same lines as Snyder when it comes to rebooting Batman (and are still amazed more people haven't realized the potential of Luke Evans or Anson Mount).But with age in mind, we've cast aside the likes of Josh Brolin (too old) and Ryan Gosling (too young) for five mature leading men who could do the part justice.

Jon Hamm

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Jon Hamm

Yes, we can't help but think that the man long rum0red to be in the running to play an older Superman, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, would be far more suited to the part of Bruce Wayne. While fans were the main source behind Hamm's name being included in Man of Steel discussion, the actor took it all in stride, even laughing off the notion and explaining that playing Superman is "a young man's game."But if Warner Bros. is truly looking for a convincing playboy who seems more at home in a suit and tie than a dark alley, and age is a bonus, not a hindrance, Hamm should be mentioned.The major drawback here is Warner Bros.'s - and Snyder's - preference for casting unknowns. Not only is Jon Hamm a known star for his Mad Men persona, he's just as famous for being himself, if not more so. And that kind of baggage makes him a bit of a longshot in our eyes.

Karl Urban

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Karl UrbanThere's no use in denying that Karl Urban can convincingly play a gruff, dangerous crimefighter with only his mouth, chin and voice to express himself - he's done it already. But beyond that, he's one of the few actors who can claim several blockbuster film franchises on his resume, and still fall into the 'face, not a name' category for mass audiences.Easy charm, physicality and and more charisma in his eyebrows than some leading man have in their entire body make Urban an actor that most certainly could do the role justice, but may not have the time to spare (assuming he would want to play a role so similar to Judge Dredd again).As a main cast member in the Star Trek series (and Dredd should a sequel arise), and assuming Almost Human is as popular as it looks to be, Urban will find himself with a full plate in the next few years. Perhaps too full.

Eric Bana

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Eric Bana

Who doesn't love an underdog? While Eric Bana may seem an unconventional choice, but given some of the names being thrown around concerning the next Dark Knight, the fact that we can honestly say Eric Bana wouldn't embarrass himself or fans playing Batman gives him a leg up.To be serious, Bana has made a career of experimenting in different genres; he's gone epic (Troy), he's gone dramatic (Munich), deadly (Hanna), villainous (Star Trek) and even comic book hero (Hulk, a film we've all agreed to forget). Yet Bana never becomes bigger than the role he's playing; he's famous for being an actor, not for being a single role.The surprisingly understated Aussie (who's taller than Henry Cavill - who knew?) would certainly play a convincing Bruce Wayne, and given his love of challenging roles, we have no doubts he'd lose himself in pursuit of a new Batman.

Joel Edgerton

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Joel Edgerton

Ask anyone in the movie industry, and they'll tell you that Joel Edgerton is sitting on the cusp of a breakout. In the past few years, Edgerton has added a role as a physically-intimidating MMA fighter (Warrior), an elite Navy SEAL (Zero Dark Thirty) and a millionaire audiences are supposed to loathe (The Great Gatsby) to his resume, and shows no signs of stopping.If his time sharing the screen with the likes of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) aren't enough to convince you he's primed for a superhero role, consider this: at 39, he's got the age, looks, physicality and screen presence to steal from Henry Cavill - and that alone is saying something.If Snyder and co. are after more than just wrinkles in their search for an older, more experienced Batman, then Edgerton would be a bold move; and one we'd look forward to.

Richard Armitage

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Richard Armitage

No surprise here: Richard Armitage (Spooks, The Hobbit) was already one of our top choices for the character when we made our first list months ago, and as such, we were less than surprised when his name was mentioned among those currently being discussed by the studio. With the kind of looks and build that rarely come with age (except in the case of Hugh Jackman) Armitage has the poise that comes with experience, without the extra padding that usually accompanies it.At 42 years of age and just over 6'2", Armitage fits the bill on paper, but brings along his classical training, experience on both the screen and stage, and his time with the Royal Shakespeare company to boot. That's the kind of experience that would make even Christian Bale blush.With size, age, experience and looks that check every comic book fan's checklist, well... let's just say we're happy to hear his name mentioned among those in the running.


Man of Steel 2 Older Batman ActorsThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring all the necessary skills to a newer... older Batman in the Man of Steel sequel - and Justice League. They may not possess the fame or star power of some being debated by fans, but in our minds, that might be a good thing.What's your take on the recasting? Do you think any of our picks are particularly interesting, or will WB and DC buck the trend and go with a superstar?Leave your thoughts in the comments._____Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released in 2015.Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. I agree with the possibilities you mentioned in this list and your previous one (the more I see and think about these two, the more I think Urban and Armitage would be REALLY good choices…and Armitage is, of course, already working with WB). One thing, though…I see Edgerton more as Thomas Wayne (in The pic you used above, he looks eerily like the comic book’s Wayne pere come to celluloid life).

    As for Bale, while he was excellent as Bruce/Batman, his trilogy is DONE. Michael Keaton (or, for that matter, ANY of the previous quadrilogy’s actors) needs to be forgotten about, in terms of consideration. That Batman has been finished for a decade-plus…that story is DONE.

  2. With the caveat that really the best Batman would depend on what the writers/Synder envisions could be completely different from what we expect but might blow our minds (e.g. Heath Ledger as the Joker). Generally, whomever is cast has to be able to pull off Bruce Wayne and Batman. With that said I think the best choice is Richard Armitage.

    As Bruce Wayne: Can play the charming playboy (see a couple episodes from the BBC comedy show Vicar of Dibney where he guest starred in the final 2 episodes), the brooding loner (see his take on Guy of Gisborne from the 2007-2010 BBC show Robin Hood), and in his roles he plays really smart people.

    As Batman: See The Hobbit. Also, he has the scowl that would scare the crap out of people which is something that Bale lacked as Batman. Lastly, and most importantly, due to his lanky build, and “average Joe” looks (which isn’t a bad thing per se) the audience could believe that he would NEED to dress up as a giant bat in order to properly scare the stuffing out people. Let’s face it Batman’s look is pretty dramatic, so if he’s already intimidating, it would be silly to dress up like a giant bat and violently beat criminals up.

  3. Just check it – Scott Adkins for Batman!

    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Judging by the movies he’s appeared in, I suspect that he can’t act his way out of a paper bag, so he won’t be high on the list.

      • I agree, Scott Adkins is an absolute terrible choice. He is an outstanding Martial Artist and in that sense he has my respect. But more importantly he is a terrible actor!! He does not possess the chops to pull off such an iconic character, not even close!!! Whoever they choose needs to be a great actor with a commanding presence capable of playing two different characters Bruce Wayne/Batman.

        • It’s enormously goofy to me when people vehemently champion someone for a role just based on one aspect (usually being an aspect that has nothing to do with their acting skills). Scott Adkins is a great example, where people want him for Batman based on his martial arts when he’s a turd actor. Dedicated actors can learn swordplay or kung fu or whatever is required for a role.

          People also like to select folks based on looks for certain roles, instead of their acting. I’m sure you Screen Ranters can think of great examples of that. I’m tired so I can’t right now.

    • James Nesbitt for older batman?? Just a suggestion…i guess



      Lowercase letters work even better when trying to type actual sentences.

      Just a suggestion…


      • Money to buy pickles with (“dill dough”}.

        • +100 for you!

  5. Idris Elba

    • That would be awesome ! -but we know WB doesn’t have the balls to make such an amazing choice despit giving the series an ultimate reboot. Plus I’d rather see the James Bond rumor play out.

  6. IF, big IF, WB goes with old Batman, what does that say about or do to a potential Justice League movie?

    I think if you want a JL movie down the line, you can’t go with an old Batman.

  7. How about Kevin McKidd? He’s a decent enough actor, had good size, older, and his role as Vorenus in Rome proves he can play that barely keeping it together rage brought on by personal tragedy type character. Plus he can deliver an intense and frightening glare. Just darken the hair a bit.

    • @khw5280

      I don’t think he can play a convincing Bruce Wayne, and he’s not exactly a “big” guy. He’s tall, but I don’t really see him bulking up for this role. But I think he would be damn perfect for the role of Macleod in the Highlander reboot…

  8. James Caviezel can make an awesome Batman in BATMAN vs SUPERMAN (a,k,a “MOS Part 2″), that’s who is a lot older ?

  9. Eric Bana and Karl Urban could both be Superman for sure.. out of the 5 I would pick John Hamm for sure.. I stil say Sam Worthington should be Batman.

    • Sam Worthington is an awful, awful actor

  10. The fact of the matter is you can have a Bruce Wayne that is 35 and who has been Batman for 10 years. That way we have an experienced Batman but one who is still in Cavil’s age range. This old grizzled Batman idea is terrible. Does having an old Batman mean he’s already faced the joker, Riddler, scarecrow etc etc. Because a 40 year old Batman that hasn’t faced his greatest villains would be just like having a year 2 or 3 Batman. And what would that do for potential Batman movies? ARe we going to meet a Batman that already knows who Joker, Clayface etc etc are. No old Batman UNLESS they bring back Bale (which isn’t going to happen).

  11. My votes: Armitage OR Wes Bentley!

  12. Why no Timothy Olyphant?

  13. Richard Armitage would be a perfect and wise choice for playing Batman.

  14. Karl Urban or Eric Bana would play awesome as Batman

  15. Jim Caviezel. That is all.

    • I like Jim Caviezel, though he might be a little too old and he would have to seriously bulk up. Though he is freakin awesome in Person of Interest.

  16. Thank you for the clarification…

    If the next movie is heading that way for an older Batman, the list you guys presented is good.

  17. Billy Crudup!

  18. Liev Schrieber

  19. I think you are hearing “older batman” the wrong way. I think they only mean a batman already into his career rather than just starting out.

    • But if they really wanted old Clint Eastwood.

  20. Karl Urban

  21. I need a masculin chin.

  22. I disagree with this whole list. I’m against a younger Batman anyway, because his “master detective” status implies years of experience as it is. I’ve always thought of Batman as being late-30′s to early 40′s and that’s too young to be the broken down Batman of the Miller books. I imagined a guy like Powers Boothe. Besides, isn’t Christian Bale about the same age of most of the actors listed here?

    • Yes, Bale is the right age. And the right actor. And the right height. And the right talent…etc.

  23. They’re looking for late thirties, early forties. Someone charming and also intimidating. Helloooooo, that sounds like the current Batman. If Marvel did it with RDJ in Iron man and the Avengers. Then why can’t DC/Warner do it with Christian Bale. I mean, who else can utter these words, “i want you to remember the man who beat you”, to our favorite Kryptonian hero? And can you imagine the box office revenue that would draw?! Just look at all the polls. It brings me to that old saying “If it ain’t broke…

    • I can’t even imagine how many youtube videos would appear in the weeks following the release of the movie mocking that very line if it was Bale saying it.

    • The big money would be on Christian Bale.

      Guaranteed the movie would crack the billion dollar mark and most likely become the biggest box office success of all time.

  24. I think Scott Adkins could do it with the way the story is written and is directed.

  25. I think Eric Bana would be good as the new Batman. He is a flexible actor who can play the laid back playboy, but then can be over the top action orientated as Batman. He also looks similar to Christian Bale. Jim Caviezel would be good too, if they are looking for an older Batman, but not too much older- he’s very talented and can play the part well.

    I still think Christian Bale should return as Batman; I’m not a very big fan of many different actors playing one character, I like stability. How would it be if someone different played Wolverine replacing Hugh Jackman, I can’t see it.

  26. Everyone hold on just a second and consider this. The choice based on the skill of acting is HIGHLY subjective. Case in point: no disrespect to Keanu Reeves, but many insider him a very bad actor…but who else could play Neo in hindsight as well as he did? The job of acting can be relative. Don’t underestimate what Scott Atkins could do with this role surrounded by the right people. Truly he may not be the hero the people deserve…but he is the one the people need.

  27. I was just watching Total Recall, anyone for Colin Farrell as the Bat?

    • @DMC

      You thought that AFTER seeing Total Recall? That movie was pretty terrible and dull. Give me the original with Arnold any day…

  28. I don’t know if anyone else has already suggested this but long time voice of Superman, Tim Daly, would make a good old batman.

  29. accidentally posted this on the Lex Luthor page..
    Before I get roasted here. Keanu Reeves. We know he is amazing in martial arts (The Matrix) can be brooding (Street Kings)!

    • Keanu Reeves has the ability to do the action but not the acting he’s stiff and boring

    • Man I love Street Kings.

    • @SouperMan

      Um, really, you thought his “martial arts” in The Matrix was “amazing?” Maybe if the only exposure to “martial arts” was those day-care centers in the shopping plazas teaching “tae kwon do” or whatever, but if you want to see some real martial arts on the big screen, watch Donnie Yen…

      • chill out man. just saying the martial arts in the original matrix was great. mr karate kid over here

        • LMAO, did you really just say “chill out man?” Too bad you didn’t say “take a chill pill” because that would have been amazingly awesome, lol. But anyway, in case you couldn’t understand from what I was saying NO, the martial arts in the original Matrix wasn’t great, lol. Maybe to someone with no exposure to the real stuff maybe… Hugo Weaving knows martial arts, but because of his character in the movie, he was a bit limited in what he can do. Seriously, if that movie blew your mind, go out and watch some REAL martial arts movies. Your head would literally explode… :-D

          • whoever said it blew my mind. i just said it was great. obviously movies with actual “MARTIAL ARTISTS” like Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee and Iko Uwais are going to be better. Try convincing Warner Brothers to hire one of them. don’t be a jackass

            • Well, in case it isn’t clear, I’m disagreeing that it was even great. The movie as a whole was great, very different from what came before, but the martial arts part of it was all neato wire work and effects… Still cool as fight scenes, but not as martial arts scenes in my opinion. And it’ll be pretty hard to hire Bruce Lee in a movie. Just saying… ;-)