5 Actors Who Could Play An OLDER Batman in the Superman Sequel

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Man of Steel 2 Older Batman ActorsMovie fans may have thought they would have a few years before debating who could play Batman on the big screen, but the announcement of a Batman/Superman face-off in Man of Steel 2 changed all that.Yet the most surprising twist came when director Zack Snyder revealed that the film would be drawing from Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" story, with rumors that they'd be seeking an older, more grizzled actor to bring Batman to life.Since our previous list of potential Bat-actors almost all fit that description, we're clearly thinking along the same lines as Snyder when it comes to rebooting Batman (and are still amazed more people haven't realized the potential of Luke Evans or Anson Mount).But with age in mind, we've cast aside the likes of Josh Brolin (too old) and Ryan Gosling (too young) for five mature leading men who could do the part justice.

Jon Hamm

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Jon Hamm

Yes, we can't help but think that the man long rum0red to be in the running to play an older Superman, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, would be far more suited to the part of Bruce Wayne. While fans were the main source behind Hamm's name being included in Man of Steel discussion, the actor took it all in stride, even laughing off the notion and explaining that playing Superman is "a young man's game."But if Warner Bros. is truly looking for a convincing playboy who seems more at home in a suit and tie than a dark alley, and age is a bonus, not a hindrance, Hamm should be mentioned.The major drawback here is Warner Bros.'s - and Snyder's - preference for casting unknowns. Not only is Jon Hamm a known star for his Mad Men persona, he's just as famous for being himself, if not more so. And that kind of baggage makes him a bit of a longshot in our eyes.

Karl Urban

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Karl UrbanThere's no use in denying that Karl Urban can convincingly play a gruff, dangerous crimefighter with only his mouth, chin and voice to express himself - he's done it already. But beyond that, he's one of the few actors who can claim several blockbuster film franchises on his resume, and still fall into the 'face, not a name' category for mass audiences.Easy charm, physicality and and more charisma in his eyebrows than some leading man have in their entire body make Urban an actor that most certainly could do the role justice, but may not have the time to spare (assuming he would want to play a role so similar to Judge Dredd again).As a main cast member in the Star Trek series (and Dredd should a sequel arise), and assuming Almost Human is as popular as it looks to be, Urban will find himself with a full plate in the next few years. Perhaps too full.

Eric Bana

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Eric Bana

Who doesn't love an underdog? While Eric Bana may seem an unconventional choice, but given some of the names being thrown around concerning the next Dark Knight, the fact that we can honestly say Eric Bana wouldn't embarrass himself or fans playing Batman gives him a leg up.To be serious, Bana has made a career of experimenting in different genres; he's gone epic (Troy), he's gone dramatic (Munich), deadly (Hanna), villainous (Star Trek) and even comic book hero (Hulk, a film we've all agreed to forget). Yet Bana never becomes bigger than the role he's playing; he's famous for being an actor, not for being a single role.The surprisingly understated Aussie (who's taller than Henry Cavill - who knew?) would certainly play a convincing Bruce Wayne, and given his love of challenging roles, we have no doubts he'd lose himself in pursuit of a new Batman.

Joel Edgerton

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Joel Edgerton

Ask anyone in the movie industry, and they'll tell you that Joel Edgerton is sitting on the cusp of a breakout. In the past few years, Edgerton has added a role as a physically-intimidating MMA fighter (Warrior), an elite Navy SEAL (Zero Dark Thirty) and a millionaire audiences are supposed to loathe (The Great Gatsby) to his resume, and shows no signs of stopping.If his time sharing the screen with the likes of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) aren't enough to convince you he's primed for a superhero role, consider this: at 39, he's got the age, looks, physicality and screen presence to steal from Henry Cavill - and that alone is saying something.If Snyder and co. are after more than just wrinkles in their search for an older, more experienced Batman, then Edgerton would be a bold move; and one we'd look forward to.

Richard Armitage

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Richard Armitage

No surprise here: Richard Armitage (Spooks, The Hobbit) was already one of our top choices for the character when we made our first list months ago, and as such, we were less than surprised when his name was mentioned among those currently being discussed by the studio. With the kind of looks and build that rarely come with age (except in the case of Hugh Jackman) Armitage has the poise that comes with experience, without the extra padding that usually accompanies it.At 42 years of age and just over 6'2", Armitage fits the bill on paper, but brings along his classical training, experience on both the screen and stage, and his time with the Royal Shakespeare company to boot. That's the kind of experience that would make even Christian Bale blush.With size, age, experience and looks that check every comic book fan's checklist, well... let's just say we're happy to hear his name mentioned among those in the running.


Man of Steel 2 Older Batman ActorsThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring all the necessary skills to a newer... older Batman in the Man of Steel sequel - and Justice League. They may not possess the fame or star power of some being debated by fans, but in our minds, that might be a good thing.What's your take on the recasting? Do you think any of our picks are particularly interesting, or will WB and DC buck the trend and go with a superstar?Leave your thoughts in the comments._____Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released in 2015.Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. A superman vs batman movie is IMO a good thing. However, I think using TDKR as a template is a bad idea, given WB plans for a larger DC movie-verse. However, I am not against them casting any of the actors mentioned in this article (particularly Urban and Eggerton).

    These two characters have been around since the 1930s and I think Synder could use a better storyline as a basis for his movie.

  2. Josh Brolin is clearly the correct choice. How is he “too old” to play a character in his 40′s? The anger, angst, and grit would be a perfect match for Brolin

  3. I did not see Ason Mount in this post, and that maes me very, very sad Mr. Dyce. :(

    • Anson Mount is usually left off the Batman list because he’s sorta lanky. Batman’s bulkier than that.

    • @TheAdditional1: We put him in our previous post, which we still stand by. AND he even got an explicit mention in the first slide :D

  4. I decided to go look for actors that have worked with Snyder before.
    I’m liking the idea of Billy Crudup (Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan).

    • Edgerton was a voice in Legend of the Guardians…

  5. I agree that the lack of Anson Mount is disappointing, but out of this list, Richard Armitage would definitely be my choice.

    • Richard Armitage would be my choice as well. Since he looks almost like bruce from the court of owls comic. They need to go with this guy.

  6. Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton.

    Seriously. How great would that be?

    • Damn, lot of typo fail there due to rewriting my text, sorry.

  7. I think Karl Urban would be an awesome Batman, we’ve seen a his comedy side in Star Trek and we’ve also seen him kick butt in Dredd, Pathfinder, Priest, R.E.D. just to name a few. He also already has the grizzly voice of Batman, so I think he would be perfect to play The Dark Knight.

    • @Chris

      Urban already has a better Batman voice than Christian Bale, lol.

  8. Karl Urban or Anson Mount…

  9. I would “double down” on Anson Mount being the perfect fit for the character.

  10. I think only one other person has mentioned him but Jefferey Donovan from burn notice would be perfect he has the physique, age, and acting skills that would be perfect for batman/bruce wayne. His character on burn notice is basically a lesser batman without a mask.

  11. “Yet the most surprising twist came when director Zack Snyder revealed that not only would the film be drawing from Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” story, but they’d be seeking an older, more grizzled actor to bring Batman to life.”

    May I have a direct quote and source to this? The link you gave did not give any confirmation. Thanks. I heard that an “older” batman is just a rumor.

  12. Bana’s a decent choice but I like the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Bats. Everyone else you picked doesn’t have that physical presence Batman needs. Gerard Butler also has what it takes.

  13. What? No Dice at the end of your name anymore?

  14. Please, please, please don’t just be another tabloid who don’t get their sources right, Screenrant. I really really love this site.

  15. Matthew Fox!! …. Action I am sure CGIs and works will do … we need someone who can really play the brood and the determination part well .. Matthew Fox it has to be!!!

  16. really surprised my choice for batman wasnt on this list. Luke Evans. he can be a slick wayne, a gruff serious batman, has worked alongside Cavill before (immortals), has the physicality (immortals again, and 3 muskateers) and he can pull of the high tech gadgeted master tactician (fast furious 6)

    pretty much the best choice IMO.

    • We had Evans on our previous list, and even reiterated that pick in our introduction. We’re squarely in the Evans camp with you :)

  17. My picks are Armitage or Hamm

  18. Can’t we just get along and watch batman & robin with just our socks on

  19. If Jeff Donovan gets the roll, what roll will Bruce ‘the chin’ Campbell have in the film?

    • @Chad

      I’m sorry, not to be technical, but every time you say “roll” I think about bread… It’s “role.”

      • What’s wrong with getting bread? :D

    • nah we dont need bale, he is great actor but too expensive and synder has
      said the dark knight trilogy is not part of dc universe. this would cause
      too much confusion, he had his three film ride and time to ride off into sunset. besides i want to see the other characters being developed rather then bale absorbing too much screen time.

      • I politely disagree. Him being too expensive is exactly why they should use him. This is an INVESTMENT. He is money in the bag as far as a studio should be concerned. Everyone will line up in droves if he is the Batman in this movie. The studio really can’t go wrong bringing him back. Sure, more money up front, but it will pay HUGE in the end. That movie has potential to be bigger than the Dark Knight Rises if it’s good and you saw what kind of fanfare that brought about.

        I don’t care what Snyder says, he’s an idiot when it comes to this stuff. I think it’s such a laughable line, Nolan’s Batman can’t exist in this universe. Well I’m sorry, what universe does he exist in exactly? One without aliens, for 3 movies. But this will do nothing to kill what they already proved and did. What exactly will Batman be doing DIFFERENTLY this time around? Nothing is the answer. He’ll be gliding from rooftops, being the detective that he is, finding Superman’s weaknesses, etc. You can’t tell me Bale isn’t ok for all that. He’s perfect. Now that he’s older, he’s relying more on his wits and brain anyhow.

        I don’t think he’s going to eat up screen time either. He’ll be doing tasks in the background until he meets the man of Steel. THEN it’s ON! They should share screen time. And honestly, why would you have a problem with Batman taking up half of the screen time? That’s exactly what should and needs to happen. Sure, it’s Superman II, but if you have Batman in there, you’d be stupid not to use him in equal shares. It makes sense to the story as well. I just still see Bale as the only real option here.

        • @Ian

          I will have to politely disagree with you now… They NEED to reboot Batman’s character. Nolan’s Batman movies were good for what they were, but honestly, they were not really Batman… Batman got his start in the Detective comics and he is known as the world’s greatest detective. The guy is a big guy that despite his muscles uses his brains more than his brawn to defeat the bad guy. In Nolan’s universe, Batman is pretty much all brawn no brains. The other characters, namely Fox, does all of that for him, and he just goes out there swinging…

          They also now cannot have a Joker anymore, and he’s basically Batman’s number one villain. Same can be said for Two-Face and now Bane… Joker, Bane, and Two-Face need to be recurring villains if you ask me. Also, as much as I like Gary Oldman, I feel like he was miscast as Gordon. Tom Selleck would be bang on for Gordon in my opinion, or someone like him. Big commanding presence yet old and wise looking.

          And to be honest, while I’m a huge supporter of Bale when he decides to act like he did in The Fighter and in some of his earlier work, he was not that good in the Batman movies. It was basically the villains that made those movies entertaining. Bale was pretty wooden through most of them… And I know this has been beaten to death, but his Batman voice is downright terrible…

    • I never even heard of this Armitage guy till these Batman fancast lol. I know some people say casting unknows is good but I see the pic of him posted above and not sure about him. Doesnt look like Bats at all. Urban, Brolin, Bana, and Edgerton all the way. I would be happy if the older Bats was one of them.

      • Armitage has been all over the place the last few years.

  20. having an older batman is better then going the amazing spiderman route
    or xmen route which bombard their movies with cheap and young talent.
    urban or cavaziel would do the role justice.

    • wow

  21. I’m voting Karl Urban. I like his work a lot, and he just seems like he’d make both a convincing Bruce Wayne and Batman. After re-watching Dredd recently, I can totally see him inhabiting the role of Batman. Just re-imagine “The Dark Knight Returns” as a movie in your head, and put Karl Urban in there. It’s gold.

    • +1 to this, I am definitely on the Karl Urban bandwagon. He is terrific in every move he’s in.

  22. Eric Bana hands down… People say no just because the Hulk but come on you have Troy and Munich, you can’t deny the acting ability!!! It doesn’t matter if you play a bad movie from another comic franchise. Someone mention because he is a marvel brush off that he can’t but I argue look at catwoman which was horrible then look at Halle in a storm in xmen.

  23. Lots of votes on here for Karl Urban, I think you’ll be disappointed as he will be in the next Star Wars movie I recon

    • He’s already said he would never be in the new Star Wars films. Too much of a fan and too committed to Star Trek.

  24. Michael Keaton

  25. i thing that Richard Armitage should play… looks like a badass and has the pumped body for it.