5 Actors Who Could Play An OLDER Batman in the Superman Sequel

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Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Actors Movie fans may have thought they would have a few years before debating who could play Batman on the big screen, but the announcement of a Batman/Superman face-off in Man of Steel 2 changed all that. Yet the most surprising twist came when director Zack Snyder revealed that the film would be drawing from Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" story, with rumors that they'd be seeking an older, more grizzled actor to bring Batman to life. Since our previous list of potential Bat-actors almost all fit that description, we're clearly thinking along the same lines as Snyder when it comes to rebooting Batman (and are still amazed more people haven't realized the potential of Luke Evans or Anson Mount). But with age in mind, we've cast aside the likes of Josh Brolin (too old) and Ryan Gosling (too young) for five mature leading men who could do the part justice.

Jon Hamm

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Jon Hamm

Yes, we can't help but think that the man long rum0red to be in the running to play an older Superman, Mad Men's Jon Hamm, would be far more suited to the part of Bruce Wayne. While fans were the main source behind Hamm's name being included in Man of Steel discussion, the actor took it all in stride, even laughing off the notion and explaining that playing Superman is "a young man's game." But if Warner Bros. is truly looking for a convincing playboy who seems more at home in a suit and tie than a dark alley, and age is a bonus, not a hindrance, Hamm should be mentioned. The major drawback here is Warner Bros.'s - and Snyder's - preference for casting unknowns. Not only is Jon Hamm a known star for his Mad Men persona, he's just as famous for being himself, if not more so. And that kind of baggage makes him a bit of a longshot in our eyes.

Karl Urban

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Karl Urban There's no use in denying that Karl Urban can convincingly play a gruff, dangerous crimefighter with only his mouth, chin and voice to express himself - he's done it already. But beyond that, he's one of the few actors who can claim several blockbuster film franchises on his resume, and still fall into the 'face, not a name' category for mass audiences. Easy charm, physicality and and more charisma in his eyebrows than some leading man have in their entire body make Urban an actor that most certainly could do the role justice, but may not have the time to spare (assuming he would want to play a role so similar to Judge Dredd again). As a main cast member in the Star Trek series (and Dredd should a sequel arise), and assuming Almost Human is as popular as it looks to be, Urban will find himself with a full plate in the next few years. Perhaps too full.

Eric Bana

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Eric Bana

Who doesn't love an underdog? While Eric Bana may seem an unconventional choice, but given some of the names being thrown around concerning the next Dark Knight, the fact that we can honestly say Eric Bana wouldn't embarrass himself or fans playing Batman gives him a leg up. To be serious, Bana has made a career of experimenting in different genres; he's gone epic (Troy), he's gone dramatic (Munich), deadly (Hanna), villainous (Star Trek) and even comic book hero (Hulk, a film we've all agreed to forget). Yet Bana never becomes bigger than the role he's playing; he's famous for being an actor, not for being a single role. The surprisingly understated Aussie (who's taller than Henry Cavill - who knew?) would certainly play a convincing Bruce Wayne, and given his love of challenging roles, we have no doubts he'd lose himself in pursuit of a new Batman.

Joel Edgerton

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Joel Edgerton

Ask anyone in the movie industry, and they'll tell you that Joel Edgerton is sitting on the cusp of a breakout. In the past few years, Edgerton has added a role as a physically-intimidating MMA fighter (Warrior), an elite Navy SEAL (Zero Dark Thirty) and a millionaire audiences are supposed to loathe (The Great Gatsby) to his resume, and shows no signs of stopping. If his time sharing the screen with the likes of Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) aren't enough to convince you he's primed for a superhero role, consider this: at 39, he's got the age, looks, physicality and screen presence to steal from Henry Cavill - and that alone is saying something. If Snyder and co. are after more than just wrinkles in their search for an older, more experienced Batman, then Edgerton would be a bold move; and one we'd look forward to.

Richard Armitage

Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Richard Armitage

No surprise here: Richard Armitage (Spooks, The Hobbit) was already one of our top choices for the character when we made our first list months ago, and as such, we were less than surprised when his name was mentioned among those currently being discussed by the studio. With the kind of looks and build that rarely come with age (except in the case of Hugh Jackman) Armitage has the poise that comes with experience, without the extra padding that usually accompanies it. At 42 years of age and just over 6'2", Armitage fits the bill on paper, but brings along his classical training, experience on both the screen and stage, and his time with the Royal Shakespeare company to boot. That's the kind of experience that would make even Christian Bale blush. With size, age, experience and looks that check every comic book fan's checklist, well... let's just say we're happy to hear his name mentioned among those in the running.


Man of Steel 2 Older Batman Actors That concludes our list of actors that we feel could bring all the necessary skills to a newer... older Batman in the Man of Steel sequel - and Justice League. They may not possess the fame or star power of some being debated by fans, but in our minds, that might be a good thing. What's your take on the recasting? Do you think any of our picks are particularly interesting, or will WB and DC buck the trend and go with a superstar? Leave your thoughts in the comments. _____ Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released in 2015. Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. I want Josh Brolin as Batman

    • yes

  2. Jim Caveziel…that would be my pick!

    • Although Karl Urban or Josh Brolin would come in a close second.

  3. I’m warming up to the idea of Karl Urban. But, as you said, he’s really busy doing a lot of other projects.

    And if this whole older Batman thing is true, Justice League just might be the last thing on their minds. And if that is true, I am gunning for Thomas Gibson non-stop

  4. Joe Manganiello cut his hair. I’m probably reading into that too much.

    • Not reading too much into that at all.

      Zack Snyder considered him for Supes and Manganiello made NO SECRET at the time about that.

      He would KILL to be Batman.

  5. It would not surprise me at all if Snyder casts Ryan Gosling as Bruce Wayne/Bats.

    Snyder has already proven that he casts the highest profile actors. And that certainly didn’t hurt MOS’s success.

    I know a lot of peeps would not approve of Gosling. But he CAN pull it off. Check out his acting in “Drive.”

    He and Henry Cavill on screen together would certainly work. In fact it would be great.

    It still makes no sense to cast an actor like Josh Brolin if WB really wants to EXPAND on the DC Universe. IF Brolin was to be cast, he’d be great! BUT consider how many years would pass between independent Batman and Justice League flicks. The dude is 46.

    That said, Brolin WOULD be a great Wayne/Batman.

    Jon Hamm and Jim Caviezel would be awesome.

    • “Snyder has already proven that he casts the highest profile actors.”

      Um, is that why he cast Henry Cavill as Superman?

      • I’m talking about the rest of the cast, obviously, nitwit.

        Henry Cavill proved to be the best actor to play Superman.

        • Hey, no need for name calling here, buddy.

          I agree with you that Cavill was fantastic, and that Snyder picked high profile actors in supporting roles. But you’re trying to bring Man of Steel as a precedent that Snyder will cast a high profile actor to play one of the main characters, but all Man of Steel really proves is that Snyder will cast a lesser known actor and surround him by bankable stars.

          • For Batman, the studio cant afford to hire a massive name, if JLA is in the pipeline then they need someone with potential, but less previous than the likes of Gosling. They need someone they can tie down to a multi film contract or they will be left in the same boat as Marvel with RDJ

  6. Josh Brolin or Michael Keaton!

    • Am I missing something, what is wrong with Christian Bale?

  7. I’ve got no problem with Caveziel as an actor, but to me he’s a toothpick. Unless you get on steroids, it really is difficult to put on size no matter what Hollywood would have you believe. Maybe he could pull it off, idk though. In terms of the picks on here I like Urban. Armitage wouldn’t be bad. I don’t know why, but I just can’t see Brolin in the cowl part. He’d be great as Wayne, but for some reason I can’t picture his mouth and jaw in the mask.

    He might be too old to star in multiple films, but I think a darkhorse (due to his prior involvement with Snyder) would be Jeffery Dean Morgan.

    • I have had Jeffery Dean Morgan on mind mind also. I think he could play a real troubled older Batman

      • Man crush?

  8. My list (Not in a specific order)
    1. Richard Armitage
    2. Anson Mount
    3. Jim Caviezel (though most likely not due to TV sched)
    4. Luke Evans (though I see him more as Aquaman)
    5. Karl Urban

    • Armitage tops my list as well John Porter + Thorin oakenshield= WIN

      Urban and Edgerton are my other picks.

    • See I don’t want Luke Evans to play Aquaman because I want Liam McIntyre from Spartacus to play him. He has the build and has already gone through the Gladiator training so fight scenes would be no problem.

  9. Joel Edgerton is a great choice I did not think of. Karl Urban I have said as well I would be happy with. And I am still fine with Josh Brolin, he does not look as old as he actually is but, he does look old enough and perfect enough for the part.

  10. All these guys besides urban and probably hamm seem possible. I think both bana and edgerton are real underdogs and could be good

  11. Me. Because…

    I’m Batman.

    • +1

  12. I’m all for the experienced bats but it’s time we had an athletic, agile and lightning fast version of the dark knight so he can’t be too old.

    • How about Jason Statham?

      • How about Jason Statham for LEX LUTHOR?

      • Too recognizable. Also, I’m not sure if he can successfully pull off an American accent.

        • He absolutely cannot

    • I don’t really agree with how Batman can’t be old and still be able to fight. Keep in mind, Batman is a master martial artists so we can compare him to today’s masters who are in their 50s such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, an action hero like Tom Cruise and I’m sure there are several others. To be honest, if he were older, he might be even better at combat.

      I’ll have to say I still wouldn’t want Batman to be too old though. I think either 35 or 40 would be great. I’m still going with Karl Urban, Josh Holloway also seems like an interesting choice for me. From the list that I didn’t think of before but would be up for are Richard Armitage and Joel Edgerton, they’d be great too. But I WISH Michael Fassbender would do it ugh I have to accept it most likely won’t happen though aha.

  13. Anson Mount or Carl Urban.

  14. I think of all of these, Karl Urban is my choice.

    However, I don’t really want an older Batman. There’s no reason Clark and Bruce can’t be the same age AND have an experienced Batman. So Clark starts as Superman and 33 and Bruce started as Batman at 25 – that can put them both around 35 and gives Bruce a decade of experience.

    • Agreed 100%.

      But if they did pick someone 40-50ish, then I would pick Carl Urban, second choice would be Anson Mount.

  15. If they would approach him, I would say Jeffrey Donovan. He has the Bruce Wayne look. And, given what he’s done in Burn Notice with numerous under cover personas, he could definitely play Batman.

  16. Christian Bale. Gosh darn WB and Nolan! Next choice, Jon Hamm, and Finally Scott Adkins. I would love a physically talented martial artist in the suit. Heck give him one liners to play it safe since he is really only an action star. For the record guys please do not get judgemental on the mention of Bale. I read his interview, I know he says no, but what can I say he left a great impression on many of us. I am noe of them, and for those that did not like him I understand, but he would sell tickets, and I think WB needs the money to do more stand alone DC movies. Just my thoughts.

    • Please splash some ice cold water on your face , wake up and come back to reality.

      Why delude yourself?

      • No thanks, but thanks for the suggestion.

          • I’m really not trying to get this whole argument started again and in fact this will be the last I say on it for this thread lol. But my argument against what Nolan and Bale have said is the example of George Lucas. There were never going to be more than 3 movies. He never planned out 9 films. He would never let anyone else take over the franchise (sorry I don’t have links. I’m going off memory from SW Insiders I read when I was younger) Ultimately money talks. But onward and upward. There will be a different Batman.

          • I do remember what he said, but one can dream. That’s all my priior satement was about. I know they are going with someone different, but it would have been great. By the way you are one of my heroes.

    • The more I think about it, I’m not so sure Bale’s Batman fits. And I don’t mean that the realistic nature of it doesn’t fit because I’ve had arguments before that there’s no difference from our realistic world suddenly having aliens popping out of the sky to that of Bale’s Batman if Superman popped up. Regardless, I’m no longer sure that his Batman showed enough mental prowess to think of a way to outduel Superman. One of the few flaws I found in Nolan’s films was that Batman kept just rushing into the fight. His Wayne would be perfect though. Understated, not too much of a playboy etc.

      • I have to disagree. The second encounter with Bane he did not rush into it. He freed the police; arranged a way out for people; set fire to the bridge to psych out Bane; and made sure he could not detonate the fusion reactor by remote. Then he went after him.

        • I didn’t mean every encounter. But there was a lot of brushing off of the villains. Joker was just another bank robber at first until Alfred told him otherwise and Bane was just another mercenary, again until Alfred told him otherwise lol. I loved the films. Was more saying that I’m no longer really in the camp that thinks Nolan’s Batman could’ve made the bridge to this series.

          • It sounds like Alfred should be Batman.

        • That was a stupid move for any Batman. He could’ve blown Gotham to pieces by lighting a bat symbol on a bridge for him to see.

          Guess no one can explain why Talia didn’t detonate it, that’d be too simple

        • You see that element I liked- I just wish it was not rushed and executed better.

          But the some of the other material in The Dark Knight Rises waste so much opportunity with the character.

      • Let’s play this game. Let’s say WB want Bale to return.
        I say great. Batman Begins fits very well. The Dark Knight can fit very well.

        Both films together respectively depict the beginning and end of Year One for Batman. Thus, a Batman still learning and rushing into the fight but they also showed Batman’s mental capacity very well.

        I love how Bruce wins his family’s company in a shrewd way while quickly deducing that Ra’s must be using train to effectively unleash the poison throughout Gotham and devising a plan to not stop it but make it fail.

        A year later we see a Batman that has already placed irradiated bills circulating between the mobs in order to track the banks, has eyes on Harvey Dent and closely studies him to see if he can trust him, and has a modified Batbunker within the city.

        Plus, you see a Bruce Wayne that learns actively from his mentors- Lucius Fox and Alfred. Bruce play’s dumb when Fox shows him the sonar device but throughout the film he develops a project that he keeps “close to the chest”- an amplification and application of the sonar device to image all of Gotham.
        That is so Bruce Wayne and Batman!
        Playing dumb but then make it even larger and effective. A Batman that created a device to spy on Gotham yet with the moral authority and great read of character to create a failsafe in which Fox – who he predicts will react against the application ethically- can destroy the machine.
        His application from the device really comes from Alfred’s lecture in which they found the bandit by “burning the forest down”.

        The whole detective sequence of successfully finding the band of ambushed police officers, knowing every escaped Arkham convict, finding Harvey Dent so easily, his interrogation techniques.

        That was a definitive learning Batman.

        However, The Dark Knight Rises for all its successes does not fit in my opinion in some ways. It got things right and I like elements of the film, but while in context the film’s central storyline makes sense, this version of Bruce Wayne and Batman wasted 8 years of preparation and experience to properly go up against Superman.

        • What I am saying is, they can use the storyline of just Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with or without Bale to build up the new Batman that went on a slightly different course.

          Becoming more definitive as he goes along.
          The Dark Knight Rises raised too much convoluted plot points unnecessarily.

        • No thanks i would rather have characters killed off in the trilogy in the DCMU!

        • +1000
          Rises as emotional as it was.. is prettymuch the the GodFather 3 of an otherwise SUPOIB trilogy tbh

    • I thought one of the big arguments against Bale was that they wanted a youngerand more athletic person. Now we are focused on old people. So this invariably means that there will be an old Batman in the Justice League or a rebooted one.

      • What about Bale playing Synder’s Batman and not Nolan’s Batman? Have the same (recent actor who has played him) play him again but have nothing to do with Nolan’s universe. Taht would be something different. Fix the mental weakness, lack crime solving skills, too deep of a growl voice, and any other complaints that fans have with Nolan’s interpretation of Batman. If anyone can switch it up it’s Bale, and that’s why I root for him. I no longer want to bridge Nolan’s universe with Snyder’s, but I would love to see Bale play Batman again. This would be something totally different that no movie has done before. It’s just an idea.

        • That would be pretty interesting and outside the box. I’m not sure the average movie-goer would understand that it wasn’t the same Batman though.

          • Yeah, I don’t think the folks in Iowa and Oklahoma would understand. 😉

            • ^Ouch. Good one 😉
              Man I really feel insulted for Iowa and Oklahoma.

          • I partially agree, audiences would just swallow it up I think lol. It is Bale and Cavil, there will definitely be those nitpickers but generally, I find people will enjoy it for what it is.

        • I am all for that, if anyone can change it up it’s definitely Bale. It also plays with Archer’s idea he posted a couple of days ago where they can build on either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. I’d try not to connect the 2 universes too much though. I highly doubt it’ll happen anyway, Bale is incredible busy with other movies unfortunately. One can always hope.

          • posed today, a couple posts up**

  17. I also feel that the five listed would be a good idea except for Richard Armitage. for some reason I do not see him as Batman, He is a great actor and I love him in the Hobbit but I don’t know there is just something off. I would like to throw Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He could do it I feel in a way that we havent seen in a Batman.

    • That’s crazy… I just read this article a few minutes ago and was about to make the same suggestion of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for a semi-unknown who would have a powerful presence as Batman in that age range.

      • The Kingslayer as Batman? I’m down.

        • Bring it on!
          Although he can make a badass Aquaman maybe

          • One of the reasons I dont want him as Batman is he would actually be the perfect Aquaman.

    • please watch him in spooks, it’ll change your mind!

    • They could have yes.

    • They could announce it this week. I mean, it is “Geek Week” after all. What better way to close it out than revealing who is playing the caped crusader.

  18. How about something totally different
    Idris elba

    • I would love to see Idris Elba in the next Superman but not as Batman. I would like to see him as Lex Luthor.

    • Everyone is saying Idris Elba but I would like Idris to play Cyborg.

      • John Stewart my friend.

    • I guess he COULD be Batman, but I would prefer him as John Stewart.

  19. I only see two people, Karl urban(reasons stated) and Scott Adkins because I have watched his movies and know he have the range,the fighting skills,build and looks like Bruce.

    • Yeah I think Scott does have ook as wl as the skills Not ure about his acting though. I would prefer him.

  20. Of that list my top 3 are Richard Armitage, Joel Edgerton, and Karl Urban. I think Urban will be way too busy with other projects. My favorite that is not on the list is Michael Fassbender.

  21. Jesus, by the title I was thinking they were going to look to the Expendables for casting ideas. I didn’t realize they meant older than Andrew Garfield or Robert Patrick. I was thinking OLD! If they did cast someone like Karl Urban and hadn’t said anything, I would have been like “good choice”. But, hell, Harrison Ford was older than these guys when he was playing Indiana Jones in the ’80s.

  22. Nick I read your blog.I don,t think you realize zod controlled the fight and could not take the fight anywhere because zod was better trained and wanted to keep the fight in metropolis,so how could he be stopped?

    • very good observation I did not really consider the idea of Zod really controlling the fight. If Superman would have taken off to a remote location would Zod’s rage and revenge filled thoughts go after him? Maybe a smarter superman would have realized that but I’m not sure

  23. I like a lot of these choices I’m interested to see who they cast in the role it’s really the first time we’ve seen an older batman in live action so it’s very interesting.

  24. The thing I think that needs to happen with this next Batman is the he has to be semi-unknown. Everybody and their mother as seen Nolan’s batman and seen Christian Bale as Batman. So to bring in a new Batman we need to feel like we are being introduced to him for the first time, so we should feel like we are with the actor also so that way we “feel” the actor is truly Batman.

  25. I think bana may be my top choice from this list

    • If someone held a gun to my head and told me I had to pick someone other than Christian Bale, I think I would go with Eric Bana. I think he has more acting range than anyone else on the list and he could certainly pull off the billionaire playboy persona. But the other thing I think he brings is an understated Darkness. To me Karl Urban looks angry. But Bana looks like he is thinking about intricate ways to hurt you. That to me is Batman. Always thinking beyond what is in front of him. To be fair I am not that familiar with Armitage. Plus Bana does not look older so it would be less jarring for people wanting a younger Batman.

  26. I think Karl urban would actually be pretty awesome as batman, I still think Luke Evans is a cool choice that should be on the list.

  27. If you want old and beat down how about Mickey Rouke as he acted in Sin City?

    • Most of these guys being named are too pretty and not big enough.

      • people can get bigger. Tom Hardy did it. Jake Gyllenhaal did it. People can get big no problem

      • You should see our new Superman before he went to work on Man of Steel or Greek mythology movie. Skinny as toothpick. Now…? He is Superman.

        Mickey Rouke – is not Bruce Wayne in the slightest. Do you really imagined him like Bruce or simply want to break ground in Batman mythology?

        • I think they are already breaking myth because new Superman is going against old Batman.

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