Will ‘Batman 3′ be 3D?

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At the Hero Complex Film Festival this weekend, Christopher Nolan spent some time in between screenings of Insomnia and The Dark Knight answering questions from L.A. Times’ columnist Geoff Boucher as well as audience members. Amongst the intriguing insight into his own career – his opinion on 3D caught my eye.

We commented on Nolan’s thoughts when he answered a similar question a couple of months ago, but his relatively contradictory answers raise an important query – Will Batman 3 be presented in 3D? Unfortunately, I am now convinced it will.

When Geoff Boucher posed the question, “What is your general philosophy on 3D and is it something you anticipate being a big part of your canvas?” Nolan initially expressed a general lack of enthusiasm for the format – adding that audiences will have a key role in whether his future projects incorporate 3D.

“I’m not a huge fan of 3D, really. There is no question that if audiences want to watch films in stereoscopic imaging, that is what the studios will be doing and that is what I’ll be doing. The truth is, I think it is a misnomer to call it 3D versus 2D, because the whole point of cinematic imagery is that it is 3D imagery, we work in three dimensions. You know, 95% of our depth cues come from occlusion, resolution and so forth. So, the idea of calling a 2D movie a 2D movie is a little misleading. I don’t know, we did test some of Inception in post-conversion processes and they worked very well. It is quite easy to do, in fact. But it takes a little time and we didn’t have time to do it up to the standards that I would have been happy with. But it was fascinating technology. On a technical level I think it is fascinating. There are just enormous compromises. Post-conversion processes are probably, for me, the way of the future. But, really it is up to audiences to decide what they want to see and how they want to watch their films. Certainly, I am quite pleased with Inception and the way it is presented – very bright, very clear. So, as the technology improves, those differences may change. Really, it’s going to be up to audiences.”

Nolan’s hat tip to the audience may be a bit naïve – considering the private nature of his creative process, it is surprising to hear moviegoers have a large impact on the way his films are presented. If he really does intend to listen to the masses, how can Batman 3 not be released in 3D?

3D Batman 3 Will Batman 3 be 3D?

Avatar and Alice in Wonderland grossed a combined $3.75 billion and Clash of the Titans came in just under $500 million. Clearly, audiences want to see 3D, regardless of the complaints of people like ourselves. Nolan even mentioned later in the interview that while viewing a 3D presentation “it is impossible to forget you are watching a film at times.”

Clearly, Nolan is old-school. He loves shooting on film and can’t see himself using video any time in his career. In fact, he said he doesn’t even have e-mail or a cell phone, let alone look at the Internet.

His go-to cinematographer, Wally Pfister, has also shared contempt for digital filmmaking. It is safe to assume Nolan will never be directly shooting a film in 3D.

Batman 3 is potentially the most important release in Warner Bros.’ known future and if they give Nolan the time he needs to convert it in post-production, why would he say no? Everything he said above has me confident he’ll present the next Batman installment with a converted release in 2012.

I found it interesting to hear that Nolan spent time converting Inception into 3D during the editing process. The fact he actually liked the look was even more surprising. It would appear if Warner Bros. gave Nolan more time, we would be seeing a post-conversion 3D Inception instead of the regular one releasing on July 16th.

If you ask me, I’m glad there wasn’t time – it’s a pleasure to see a tentpole studio film shown only in the regular format for a change.

Inception image Will Batman 3 be 3D?

On an unrelated note, he added one bit of information on the status of Inception.

“We are just getting off the dub stage – just finished the last reels’ sound work for our early screenings. I’ve got about another week finishing it off.”

Those of you aching to hear the opinions on the finished product should stay tuned. Updates are surely around the corner.

What do you think of the possibility of Batman 3D? Under Nolan’s direction, would you have more confidence in the process or does it bruise your hope for the film? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inception folds into theaters and IMAX on July 16th, 2010.

Batman 3 is set to release in 2012.

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  1. That’s the scam Andy, they attach 3D to films they know the flock are going to see anyway. Especially with kid films. The parents get dragged into the theater and walla the perception is everyone just loves 3D.

    The only way 3D will be slowed down, is for a big budget film like Batman to flop. If Batman goes 3D and it makes say 10 mill opening weekend, you will actually see studio execs killing themselves on monday.

    But most sheep out there will go no matter what, 3D, 2D, on vHS it doesn’t matter its Batman and that’s what’s important.


  2. So if u want to see Batman 3 ur just a sheep? The movie gets released in 2d and 3d they keep track of how many watch it in what format they see it in. If u don’t like 3d u can still see the film just watch the 2d version.

  3. 2D films are going baah baah. Do you get that one Daniel?

    Baah Baaah

  4. It’s very unlikely that we will lose 2d options. That’s just an alarmist overreactive attitude. Also if half the people crying about stopped paying to see 3d this trend would die but sadly half the complainers still pay to watch 3d if only to whine about. Not you of course 790 because you refuse to watch films with the 3d option even though you can just watch 2d versions instead

  5. The passive attitude is the sheep attitude I speak of Daniel. 3D is an agenda not a trend. Your on track to loose your 2D options for ALL summer blockbuster/comic book related/Pixar generated films. This isn’t an over reaction, look around,,,

    Outside your house, Theaters across the nation are converting to digital and a lot of them are only showing blockbuster films in 3D at this point. Tv manufactuing companies are tripping over themselves to produce 3D tv sets. Tv programers like ESPN are ready to completely run channels only in 3D.
    I agree with you that, half the people that are seeing 3D films aren’t aware they are feeding this beast with there continued support.
    That’s why I make a point to whine about it,,,,,

    Viva Revolution!

  6. I’d love to know where that comes from I have not seen one summer tentpole film with out the 2d option not one. In fact in the last 4 years in the near 13 theaters surrounding me I have one film in 4 Years that was 3d only and it failed and it was not a summer tentpole. Each and every one in every theater around me had 2d as an option hell 2 ofthe theaters around me don’t even offer 3d. I was recently in LA I go fairly often despite being among the largest citys in USA there isn’t onetheater out there that I’ve seen that shows a movie in 3r only. 2D is still an option and will be for a long timeto come.

  7. So your confident that 2D films will be around for years and years nothing to worry about.

    You must truly be living a dream Daniel. I work in LA around tv and movie execs and they can’t wait for 3D to take over especially tv. There going to increase ad rates almost double once the technology takes them there.
    Archlight Cinemas in particular are ready to phase out all 2D films for 3D films. 2D films are going to be seen as obsolete and costly by these theater chains.

    2D consumers will be left behind watching 2D Dvds or they will bend over and accept that they allowed 3D to take over.

    Its just a matter of years not decades. Personally it really doesn’t matter we have to get past these next few years anyway. I have my doubts, good luck.

  8. I don’t think I know buy I guess we will just have to see. I’m sure if it doesn’t happen you’ll try to say u and ur “type” stopped it.

    Did u say u have ur doubts we will make it through these next few years? Please tell me ur refering to 2012 I mean I know ur crazy and all but I didn’t think u were that bad.

  9. Global events are about to unfold Daniel. If you can’t see shatstorm coming then your just not paying attention.

  10. Lol sometimes reading your comics is so hilarious

  11. Political collusion of a President and congress in collapsing America, can’t be a fun place to raise a kid, but I guess your gonna find that out for yourself. ;-)

    • Wow, when did Bush and Cheney enter the discussion???

  12. They are making 3D movies because they can charge more for them. With the lower attendance in movie theaters, they are making more money because of the fee increase. And who wants to see a chickflick in 3D. I got it!!! INVICTUS in 3D. Not everybody wants to produce an action flick. Some people still want to win Oscars

  13. The sky is falling the sky is falling. Ever think about doing stand up? They could write a sitcoms about you. Not much point in debating with you it’s like pointless your crazy ideas will never change the only way to prove you wrong is in 6 years the world is still turning but then you’ll just say it’s still building but it will happen. Infinte denial toward the truth. The said part is as much as you call people Sherpa you’ve become one your self. Fitting in with every popular conspiracy group around today. Please tell me you at least don’t listen to punk music the crap genre that started this new fad that you signed up with. Do the groups give you a tin foil hat or do you have to buy your own? If you do can you claim it on your taxes?

  14. Daniel F & 790, please can you 2 either get a room or shut the f##k up. Your comments are filling my email box up and I’m getting very tired of deleting them jeez. This isn’t the first time you 2 love birds have fallen out, can’t you just agree to disagree?

  15. Pushing delete or unsubscribing is to much work for you huh? I apologize if us talking is to much of a burdon for you.

    For future reference everyone unless you are speaking directly to Paul do not post on a thread because he can’t be bothered.

  16. FYI I have tried classing it as junk email blocking etc nothing works. As for your smart comments, I’ll let you have that if that’s ehat makes you feel big. The site isn’t about your f##kin boring arguements you fat american f##ks, it’s about commenting on movies and articles and trivia related.
    So, get a life fat c#nts!

  17. Lol so your one of those my country is better than yours jerks or are you just one of those I blindly hate America guys? Also lol your probably more fat than I am that was a pretty empty insult. I believe in you I know you can do better I mean the only thing that was accurate was American because I’m not fat or a girl so those two insults didn’t work.

  18. Sigh. Daniel, please drop it. I don’t like seeing personal arguments on the site. As you point out to Paul, maybe you should take your own advice when it comes to 790.


  19. @ itoaduso
    Avatar won 3 Oscars,,,,
    :-) 8-O ;-)

    So,,,,, I don’t see the logic in your point.

  20. The “Alice in Wonderland” Dvd looks amazing on my old 2006 flat screen digital tv…

    I’m easy to please,,,,and old school… 8-O

  21. Remember “Ender’s Game” Old Man, we both want that one!!!


  22. Yep, Yep… ;)

  23. OldMan, remember “Swan Song” or “War Day”?

    Both would be epic, if done right.

    • I’m thinking your referring to R. McCammon’s “Swan Song” and “War Day” by Streiber and Kunetka? Their’s a movie by the title of “Swan Song” that if you liked John Gielgud “Merlin (98)” and “Elizabeth (98)” is tops by the way, but I’m going on a tangent. Yes I have to agree McCammon’s, Streiber and Kunetka’s books are excellent examples of the genre.