Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait?

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christopher nolan batman Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait?

There hasn’t been much news revolving around Batman 3 as of late, but Batman-On-Film has an article shaking fanboys to their core. It involves Christopher Nolan and whether or not he’ll be at the helm of the next installment.

As you can imagine, Warner Bros. would desperately want Nolan to return – but the deal isn’t a given. Co-writers David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan said they would have to convince Chris again; since The Dark Knight was his first sequel ever, asking the director to make it a trilogy is another task entirely–a task that might nearly be impossible.

According to BoF‘s source, there are a number of issues at play. The death of Heath Ledger “rocked Mr. Nolan hard.” Apparently so much so that it convinced Chris “TDK was going to be it for him and Batman on film.” The source also revealed the long speculated story point that “The Joker was going to return in Batman 3,” and Ledger’s untimely death puts the franchise “back to square one.” Though BoF is saying Chris is still developing story ideas, it won’t be “until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters].” So the bottom line, with or without Nolan, we’ve got some time–but is it too long for Warner Bros. to wait?

The studio would likely want to strike while the iron is hot, so waiting 4 years might be pushing it. Three years passed between Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008), and Nolan released The Prestige (2006) inside that time. A similar situation has been expected between TDK, Batman 3 and Inception; but the non-Batman film is set to be released in 2010, forcing a shift in the previous timeline. It also took two years to develop, shoot and promote TDK which went on to be the highest grossing film of the genre. With no established universe, like rival publisher Marvel, keeping anticipation high might not be easy, even with the success of the last film.

But the added time might turn out to be a good thing for the next Batman, and WB along with it.

Nolan already has the impossible task of topping the highest grossing film in the comic book genre – that isn’t going to change, so letting it slip off the radar wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Let fanboys and general audiences, in a sense, forget how good The Dark Knight was; get Nolan and Co. to come back with a good story [calling it The Caped Crusade, icon razz Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait? ], strong characters, and a plot that shakes audiences again.

Since owning a film studio is a money-making business I can see how having a film be delayed is a problem, but here’s something to chew on: I’d say opening box office weekend numbers are dependent on teasers and trailers, TDK had ridiculous amounts of marketing/advertising, but long-term gross is in the hands of word-of-mouth. Such is the case with the recent follow-up to Batman Begins – many people didn’t realize that TDK was a sequel. Sure, you can rope audiences by attaching a name and director (though it didn’t work for Watchmen) but give me a great film and I’ll tell all my friends, then I’ll watch it at least once with every one of them.

Not only has Nolan given fans the two best Batman films to date, he’s arguably the most acclaimed director to do a comic book movie (IMHO). Losing his storytelling to hit a release date is for me, simply out of the question.

As expected Warner Bros. has had a backup plan, a shortlist of directors to takeover the Batman franchise if the inevitable happens. Would you put plan B for the Batman franchise in motion now?

Source: Batman-on-Film

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  1. @tasouli
    You think Nolan is honestly trying to get more money? I’m sure every little bit helps, but the guy is a multi-millionaire. His wife is Emma Thomas, you know, the longtime producer and go-to on TDK.

    And as a mini (really mini) update, David Goyer basically said: talk to Chris Nolan after ‘Inception’–which is shooting right now.

  2. With the exception of Nolan, it’s ALL about the money. Nothing else matters to these people.

    What director would want to step into his shoes and even try and top TDK?

    Talk about scrutiny. Fan boys on sites like this one would dissect the movie into oblivion before it even premiered.

    Would you want the job? Not me.



    TDK was a GREAT movie, it really was. But RELAX on it, Iron Man was almost as good and now that the bar has been set I am sure we will be seeing a lot more dark comic movies like this one taht will be just as good. If they do it right, the third batman can be better because there is more going on now… I see the third batman being more line Spiderman 2 (but darker of course) because now he is all alone like spidey was in the second spidey flick, wahich was the best. Not only is the love of Bruce Wayne’s life dead…he is now also on teh run from the police. Lot of stuff to deal with, throw in a great actor for teh villain with a strong script and BANG you have another hit.
    NOt to take away from TDK, which I LOVED, but kets be honest it made over 500 mill domestically because ledger died, that created all the buzz being as to how that would be his final role in a film. (which is not cause there is still another project he was working on which is getting completed by other actors)
    Don’t forget…that Titanic came out in 1996 and ticks back then were over 33% less…and in comparison with spiderman 3′s opening weekend it did NOT even top that (if you compare the two and counter in inflation). So me hearing that TDK will not be topped is ridiculous. People need to hop of teh bandwagon and get with reality

  5. Iron man I feel is not even close to as good as TDK. Honestly when I was younger Iron Man was my favorite superhero and I read a lot of his comics. Batman of course was a great hero too but when you just look at them as films TDK is way more complete. Character development in TDK is way more complex than getting to know Tony Stark in Iron Man. Also did you forget the fact that TDK uses barely any CGI? Iron Man is filled with it but that doesn’t make it bad by all means. In TDK like when the hospital blows up or that tanker is flipped there is no CGI whatsoever in those scenes, obviously costing a little more but paying off in the long run it seems. Anyways, if Nolan is taken off this project I hope they can find someone equally as talented or better. I do really hope he stays because these past two batman movies have been the best in the lineup by far. Heaths death is tragic and hopefully it won’t effect him to the point of not investing time in this 3rd film because I’m sure it will be equally big if not bigger than TDK s release.

  6. tasouli

    I agree with you about spidey 2. Great film and turn for peter parker. 3rd one was for sure a mess but still watchable since I’m such a hardcore fan. Check out info on Spidey 4 hopefully that will take inspiration from the first 2 great movies :)

  7. @ carl lee

    It is ALWAYS about $$$…Lebron James made 43 MILLIOn last year and he wont sign a contract extension with teh cavs because he wasnts MORE $$$…u can NEVER have enough $$

  8. @ fenix

    TDk was better than Iron man, I do agree with that but i just dont the difference was all that siginificant…Iron man did use A LOT of cgi and it was not a dark movie…but for what it was I thought it was great

    Yeah im a big fan of the 1st 2 spidey movies as well (esp teh 2nd) and where I do agree as well that teh 3rd was not all that good it is still watchable to me as well…

    I really do feel that the 3rd batman movie will still be great because of the fact that now he is has lost much and now this movie will really test his heroism

  9. @ Carl Lee

    So, has Inception started shooting already?

  10. @ Matt Keith. Thanks man, it seems that started today. Cool.

  11. If you switch directors in mid-stream it’s going to change the flow of the triology as well as the directors story line. If Nolan wanted to explore the return of the Joker, may I suggest Johnny Depp. He the only actor who has the chops to pull off the late Heath Ledger’s performance if that the route that they want to take.

  12. @tasouli
    I don’t want to get too far off topic but Lebron won’t sign with the Cavs because he starting to find out he can’t win a championship there.

    @Iron Knight
    Yes, ‘Inception’ is shooting… but the answers still won’t come soon enough.

    @Scene It
    I’m not even sure Johnny Depp can recreate Ledger’s Joker. Granted Depp’s a great actor, with a character like The Joker, assuming the role would force anyone to create their own version. It’s the same way individual comic book scribes write the Clown Prince of Crime differently.

  13. Personally, I think it’s best that they go on another few years hiatus. Something tells me that Nolan isn’t returning because of the pressures of creating another Batman film that may overpower TDK, the fact that Heath is no longer with us, and trying to find the right of storyline. I think that with all the mysterious things happening surrounding it, the film franchise is better off as a duology.

  14. Did you see that shot he hit with one second left to win the game? Lebron is sick nasty. I hope he comes to Charlotte and wins a championship for us.

    Back to Nolan, I think that he should not even write the joker in to the 3rd film but maybe reference him a few times to remind us that he is still alive in the batman universe. It will be too hard for whoever has to fill those shoes. Depp is a sick actor, who didn’t take a day of acting classes by the way, but he still might not be able to live up to the performance Mr. Ledger gave us.

  15. i agree with fenix, maybe reference him being at arkam (spelling?), but get a new villain. i just wathced TDK again tonight, and they have a direction, because now Batman is on the other side of the law, since he asked commisioner Gordon to proclaim him a villain. maybe start with him being chased down by the law and then cleaning the slate fighting the new villain.

  16. Yes absolutely buddy, seeing Batman hurt evading the law at the closing of TDK was priceless. More of that would add to the darkness of the films and really test his strength as a hero. I also agree with a comment on another post that the title should in fact be The Caped Crusader.Definitely no Robin or Bat girl characters! Villain wise I feel maybe he could explore different choices than whats been portrayed on screen. But maybe the Riddler would be good even though we’ve seen Jim Carrey do that… haha. If they did that well than they could pull it off and maybe throwing a more realistic version of bane (if they could do that) would be cool.

  17. I agree with you Fenix but if they was to bring in Robin and Batgirl I say make them kids not adults

  18. when bale signed on for the batman films tehy made an agreement that there would be NO robbin in the movies…so need not worry.
    it doesnt matter what nolan or fans or any1 wants there WILL DEF be a third film because thats how movies work..

    Ass I have said before there is much to do in a 3rd film and now Bruce really only has alfred. I say if this is indeed the last film have the the villain of teh next movie (penguine or Riddler I am sure) kill off Alfred. In doing that then Wayne WILL trully be alone (Fox doesnt count) and he will have to prove that what a selfless hero really is by continuing to fight and NOT give up even though he has nothing left to lose…there is still many MANY ways to do a 3rd film that CAN work

  19. …and I hope Lebron comes to NY…2010!!!!!

  20. Hello, first time commenting! :)
    Originally i was not a huge fan of batman. I mean i used to watch the cartoon in the 90′s and did enjoy tim burton’s batman movies. (i was a huge fan of the xmen) but once nolan came out with batman begins i was hooked. I loved his real world take and the psychological factors that he presented in the first movie. and i was glad that he continued that with the dark knight. What i like about his movies is that they are smart. And seeing his other movies i’m sure if he were to helm the next one it would still be great. I’m hoping he still keeps the ideological play that joker introduced by using harley quinn as the main villain, as his accomplice and sort of substitute while he’s in arkham. It would probably be the best way of keeping that element yet without having to cast someone else as the role. i also think that female aspect would play well since bruce would be vulnerable after having lost rachel. Just my two cents, either way, i’m hoping that Nolan does return and that they do take there time in producing the next one. Whats one more year of a difference than the last time it took for production?

  21. I would wait as long as it takes for another Chris Nolan Batman movie. I’ve been a huge Batman fan since I was little and ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ just blew me away. I hope Chris Nolan comes back or they just forget about finishing off the trilogy. I can’t imagine anyone else making a Batman movie even close to ‘Batman Begins’. As for the Joker, don’t bring him back. He doesn’t need to be in the next movie. He could just be in Arkham. Bring in a villain that hasn’t been used in any of the movies (PLEASE). I wouldn’t even mind Robin cuz I know Nolan could pull it off. Of course, I’m dying to see Nolan’s Batgirl or Catwoman. We already saw little Batgirl :)

  22. I personally don’t want to see anyone else play the Joker in future with this franchise. Johnny Depp would be great as The Riddler. He could definatley pull of the narcississtic personality that would be required to pull this off. I don’t want to see a Robin or Batgirl either. I like Batman solo, but that’s just my humble opinion.

  23. I’d like to see Man-bat as the main villain and a teamup with Catwoman to catch him. After all you need a cat to catch a rodent. Even a flying one. This would be a very dark gothic horror type film.

  24. I personally am willing to wait a few more years if it means the third movie will be as good as batman begins and tdk. I think a break would do them some good, there is no hurry and no reason for nolan or anyone else to give in to the pressure. The movie will never top dark knight money-wise or even as far as villains go, they need to come up with an entirely different villain. Joker was a psychopath who had no motive, maybe this time they can have a calm, almost sane villain who has a very clear purpose, like Ras al Ghul in the first one. But if it means waiting an extra year or two to finally get a batman trilogy, then so be it. They need Chris Nolan and replacing him just to make a deadline is unacceptable.

  25. There’s about 5,000 of these movie sites that continuously put out these bogus quotes. “A source said…” Please. I’m not believing that again. Remember when “a source” said that Nolan’s signing on to do Inception meant he was doing Batman 3? Remember? A source said so. It must be true? But wait turns out that wasn’t true. These “sources” are a lot like those sources in gossip magazines like Us Weekly and People Magazine. Yet once again a source comes out and says some new quotes from someone inside WB. People are milking this Batman 3 thing a lot because they know people such as myself are eager to find out if and when there’ll be another movie.

    I hope Nolan comes back, but honestly I don’t know. And I sure as heck am not putting all my chips on trusting these quotes.

  26. Oh COME ON Nolan. I was going to become a huge fan of your films but you ruined it with some awkward parts in your second Batman. Also your second film was disappointing, there was not enough action in there also the way you did your characters felt like cold gravy. There`s no way i can become a fan of your films unless you recover from some of the mistakes you made in The Dark Knight and provide some sort of intense sequencing with the flying and the air coordination to make me feel the pound on Batman and the gossiping villains. PLEASE MAKE THIS FILM THE MAXIMUM YOU CAN DO WITH BATMAN.

  27. Possibilities: Best: Nolan comes back (and then the long-wait does not matter). Worst: Nolan rejects Bat-3 and the next director is anyone of those who HAD previously directed any form of Superhero movie. Just another comic-book movie is not what we are expecting of Bat-3. All Non-Nolan Superhero movies were exactly that. Made for Children.
    Environment: There exists a substantial maturity gap between Nolan’s Batman and any other Non-Nolan Superhero (Batman included). Burton’s Batman (1989-82) was not campy but was overly dramatic and hence not so realistic. By ‘real’, here I do not mean ‘Batman is Real’ but mean a world where behavior of humans and rules of Physics both hold true, are reasonable, are not distorted and every aspect of the environment is HANDLED CORRECTLY DEEP INTO ITS DETAILS. Nolan did that and Burton did not.
    For example, the two major aspects of The Joker in the critically-acclaimed novel ‘The Killing Joke (1988)’ are: 1. How the character becomes ‘The Joker’ 2. How he behaves after becoming ‘The Joker’. Burton implemented the First aspect correctly and Second incorrectly. Nolan, sensibly, rejected the First to give ‘The Joker’ a feeling of ‘Completeness’ and implemented Second correctly to give Joker the realistic tone. And Ledger has an Oscar to prove that. Nolan’s handling of origins of Batman in ‘Batman Begins (2005)’ was the best ever for any Superhero in any movie. It was deeply engrossing and that resulted in people having developed strong attachment to the character in both ‘Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight (2008)’. Burton on the other hand, brought the Batman suddenly on-screen without much conviction or justification to it. So Keaton’s performance, bad, decent or good, never had a hold on me. Anyway he was physically GROSSLY misfit as Batman and too much of a jerk to be Bruce Wayne. Females get attracted to smooth playboys like the Wayne played by Kilmer in ‘Batman Forever (1995)’. Burton’s Bat-movies were not bad but were adapted for children, hence more easily comprehensible. Even the critically-acclaimed novels (The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, The Dark Victory, A Death in the Family) handle Batman more maturely. Nolan’s Bat-Environment is a mature one and willing to wait till Nolan gets it correct for the third one going in with zero-expectations and full efforts. Anyway WB is not obliged to give us a Third Batman. So let’s wait.
    Action Scenes: Batman attacks are silent, sudden and out-of -the-blue. He attacks to put down his prey in a single blow just like a real bat. Keeping that in mind, the fights in ‘Batman Begins ‘ by Nolan were a correct approach and I DON’T want to see Batman visibly clear during fights as in TDK. Anyone interested in sadistic More-Slam-Bang approach should stop watching Nolan Movies and start watching Van Damme and John Woo movies.
    The Joker: The Character is always Larger than the Actor. Somebody will surely take Ledger’s place someday, …but at least not in future Nolan Bat-series. The Joker has MADE HIS POINT in TDK and his arc is over and done with. A mention of him in Bat-3 is no problem but even a single minor glimpse of him being alive in Bat-3 will definitely affect the Ledger’s Joker negatively, even though a little. This is the Movies, not the forever-going Comics/ Novels. Let’s get Penguin (No Man’s Land), Black Mask (War Games), Bane (Knightfall) or Riddler(any novel) instead. And yes…, saying that Ledger’s Death was the reason TDK made it to the Fourth Place of All-Time World-Wide Box Office is like saying Titanic(1997) made it to the top because that chick went nude in that scene. TDK was appreciated by both critics and public alike for everything in it. Titanic had only outstanding ‘Direction’ and ‘Technical Achievements’ as its Plus Points. Waiting for ‘Inception (2010)’ …

  28. I see this happening Nolan Completes Inception and WB”Warner Brothers” Promtes it for next year, David Goyer Himself states somewhere i read, that there are writing a scripit “as we all wait of course”, if Nolan feels good about turning it into a third film he’ll start casting sometime late 2010 and start filming sometime 2011 for 2012 summer release date.