Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait?

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christopher nolan batman Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait?

There hasn’t been much news revolving around Batman 3 as of late, but Batman-On-Film has an article shaking fanboys to their core. It involves Christopher Nolan and whether or not he’ll be at the helm of the next installment.

As you can imagine, Warner Bros. would desperately want Nolan to return – but the deal isn’t a given. Co-writers David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan said they would have to convince Chris again; since The Dark Knight was his first sequel ever, asking the director to make it a trilogy is another task entirely–a task that might nearly be impossible.

According to BoF‘s source, there are a number of issues at play. The death of Heath Ledger “rocked Mr. Nolan hard.” Apparently so much so that it convinced Chris “TDK was going to be it for him and Batman on film.” The source also revealed the long speculated story point that “The Joker was going to return in Batman 3,” and Ledger’s untimely death puts the franchise “back to square one.” Though BoF is saying Chris is still developing story ideas, it won’t be “until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters].” So the bottom line, with or without Nolan, we’ve got some time–but is it too long for Warner Bros. to wait?

The studio would likely want to strike while the iron is hot, so waiting 4 years might be pushing it. Three years passed between Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008), and Nolan released The Prestige (2006) inside that time. A similar situation has been expected between TDK, Batman 3 and Inception; but the non-Batman film is set to be released in 2010, forcing a shift in the previous timeline. It also took two years to develop, shoot and promote TDK which went on to be the highest grossing film of the genre. With no established universe, like rival publisher Marvel, keeping anticipation high might not be easy, even with the success of the last film.

But the added time might turn out to be a good thing for the next Batman, and WB along with it.

Nolan already has the impossible task of topping the highest grossing film in the comic book genre – that isn’t going to change, so letting it slip off the radar wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Let fanboys and general audiences, in a sense, forget how good The Dark Knight was; get Nolan and Co. to come back with a good story [calling it The Caped Crusade, icon razz Chris Nolan On Batman 3: Worth the Wait? ], strong characters, and a plot that shakes audiences again.

Since owning a film studio is a money-making business I can see how having a film be delayed is a problem, but here’s something to chew on: I’d say opening box office weekend numbers are dependent on teasers and trailers, TDK had ridiculous amounts of marketing/advertising, but long-term gross is in the hands of word-of-mouth. Such is the case with the recent follow-up to Batman Begins – many people didn’t realize that TDK was a sequel. Sure, you can rope audiences by attaching a name and director (though it didn’t work for Watchmen) but give me a great film and I’ll tell all my friends, then I’ll watch it at least once with every one of them.

Not only has Nolan given fans the two best Batman films to date, he’s arguably the most acclaimed director to do a comic book movie (IMHO). Losing his storytelling to hit a release date is for me, simply out of the question.

As expected Warner Bros. has had a backup plan, a shortlist of directors to takeover the Batman franchise if the inevitable happens. Would you put plan B for the Batman franchise in motion now?

Source: Batman-on-Film

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  1. I’m the first one to post, cool :)

    Uhm… Batman 3. If it’s anything like The Dark Knight, yes yes yes, love it, love it, love it. Whether Chris directs it, not really a big issue for me. Just saying. As long as who ever the get is good and can make an awesome movie, the tickets will sell themselves

  2. I really hope Nolan returns, but if he doesn’t I hope that they find a director that stays true to what Nolan had done and also hope they don’t bring in Robin.

    Also don’t let Snyder direct either.

  3. I want them to wait. I would think they would learn after the first round of batman movies that they really started to suck once Tim stopped directing them. You need one person and one vision for them to stay as amazing. They would be good if he wasn’t on it, but to be as brilliant, you need Nolan to direct.

  4. actually to me the best 2 bat films were the ones with keaton. I’m kinda happy that there at square one though for the fact that the joker even though he’s always been my favorite character… He made it seem like batman was just a character in the background to me that is… So it would be cool to bring back some of the spotlight on batman. Another thing they can do is bring in “bane” (hopefully i spelled it correctly). Now that gotham is against batman bane could seriously hurt batman, leave him out of commission for a bit whilst bane destroys gotham piece by piece. That would make the citizens of gotham some sort of savior… Then from the shadows batman comes back darker then ever… Its been done in the cartoons but it doesn’t mean its not bad. Thats just my opinion though…

  5. Here’s hoping Brett Ratner is available.

    Just kidding.

  6. the ones with keaton? haha, maybe the first one was okay but that was about it. they don’t even come close to batman begins or tdk imo.

  7. I can understand how you see that but when i see the ones with keaton i see batman… The ones with nolan its just not the same i mean don’t get me wrong i love those as well but in my honest opinion the nolan ones don’t come close to those with keaton. Not only that but i feel like the ones with keaton were darker then the ones of nolan… The nolan ones are more realistic though and that was always cool.


  9. EJK,

    I hope not especially after that crapfest that was “Blade: Trinity”.

  10. just wait….any good quality movie is worth the wait. Nolan just needs a break. I am willing to wait as long as it takes to get another Dark Knight. If the studio tries to get someone else to make it just to rush the money intake…it’s going to be horrible.

  11. Well truly these to Batman films by Chris Nolan were fantastic. Got them on blu-ray baby. What would happen to the series if he left? Does anyone remember Superman. I guess that is too cruel. With the right director to replace him. And maybe a real comic book writer(Jeph Loeb). We may be able to see another great film. Nothing will ever top the Dark Knights gross. But a good movie can be made. With the right minds. And the the love and understanding of the material another great Batman film con be made.

  12. There’s only 2 directors that I can think of that can make a great Batman movie besides Nolan: Jon Favreau and Guillermo del Toro. Since those 2 guys are pretty much tied up for the next 3-5 years, I say WB should put Batman 3 on the back burner and give Nolan whatever the hell it would take to get his tuckus back in the director’s chair.

  13. @ The Voice of Reason

    When Batman was released in 1989 it was just as hyped and just as popular at the box office as TDK..I found both films to be really exceptional for the genre..I remember Batman being one of the most anticipated movies I had ever wanted to see up to that point in my life and I was really upset when Keaton was chosen as Batman but I think he did a great job and the movie well represented the character..Joker stole the show in both these movies though..that’s on ething these two films have in common..

  14. I agree with @Steve. I was a little hesitant in seeing Batman Begins, but after seeing it, I thought to myself, “this is what all the other Batman movies should have been. I hope that there are more to come like this one.” It could turn bad to change directors unless the new director can mimic what Nolan has started. This series of Batman movies are too good to start going awry.

  15. Man, I’ll be honest. Ever since I saw TDK I told to myself that there wasn’t going to be another one that could form a trilogy. Topping a film as good as that one both critically and commercially seems now a pretty imposible task. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a third part, but I don’t have my hopes high, nor for it to be done nor to be as great.
    Although, of course Warner could just make another reboot or something, ’cause I don’t think the actors would want to return without Nolan.
    But anyways, I’m actually more excited now for Inception. I could worry about Batman after it.

  16. I didnt expect it any earlier then 2012.
    I hope Nolan returns.
    WB should wait for him .
    Hasent he EARNED that?

  17. To be honest, I do NOT blame Nolan in the least if he declined to do another movie after what happened to Heath Ledger. That would rock me to my core too, and it did, and I think it probably did everybody else who worked on these movies as well. Such a terrible loss and tragedy for the film industry and truly a mighty blow to the franchise.

    At least we got two memorable Bat-films out of Nolan. If he doesn’t want to make another one, it’s certainly his right not to.

    These two films made Batman both relevant and popular again in movies. That’s fantastic, and really all we can ask to happen. It doesn’t mean the franchise is dead.

  18. Phil G,
    Well said.
    I agree with you 100%

  19. DAVID FINCHER IS THE PERFECT CHOICE. He’s managed so many dark tense and story oriented movies. Am I the only one who think he’s the best fit after Nolan?

  20. IF Warners decide to forge ahead without Nolan, what do you think the odds are they’ll want to move away from the uber-realism of the latest Batman movies in favor of accommodating some of the more sci-fi-heavy elements of the DC superhero universe? I think if WB is serious about going after the Marvel slate of films they’ll have to start bridging their superhero properties together.

    Personally, I love Nolan’s Batman movies just the way they are, but I also want to see GL, Wonder Woman, Flash and another crack at Superman on the big screen. Who knows, maybe moving away from Nolan will be the way to get that ball rolling. We’ll see…


  22. hey gunsmith! even here in your still using all caps. heeheheh and same avatar.

  23. I’d like to see someone who can film a good action scene do Batman next. Nolan is a master storyteller, but a weak action director.

  24. For Dudelove I don’t think Christopher is a bad action director at all. The Scene where Batman was trying to protect Harvey from the joker was amazing. He might not be the Best action scene director like Bay but he has amazing vision on putting one together.

  25. Losing Nolan is the worst thing that could happen to the franchise.


    Why are you yelling?

  26. Gunsmith doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Nolan can’t direct action? Are you on crack?

  27. I wouldn’t mind seeing other DC properties making their way to theatres (Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad) but realistically, Batman is WB’s Bond franchise now. They’re always going to be making one.

    If Nolan won’t do the next one, how about Joss Whedon? He pitched his idea for a Batman movie to WB back in 2002-3; they went with Chris Nolan’s instead. He might still be interested. He wanted to create an original villian for Batman to face, which could be cool — an addition to the mythos, instead of just reusing an old one. If WB didn’t let him do that, though, I’d like to see his take on some of Batman’s more science-fictiony bad guys, like Man-Bat or Hugo Strange.

  28. WHy not take Batman to the roots and bring back tim burton…I personally dont like many of his movies but i think that is because he directs dumb movies…burton’s batman movie was not bad by any means (based off what little they had back then with special effects) and batman returns was also not that bad…i think that if Nolan bails burtonb would be just fine…in the long run, there is a numerous list of directors that can get the job done…Nolan WILL do the movie I believe, he is just prolonging his decision becvause he is trying to create a buzz so he gets more $$ from teh studio….He’ll be back i think, but if not BIG DEAL, get JJ Abrams or burton and you will be just fine…most imprtant thing is to keep the same actors, same storyline, bring in a good actor to play the next villain, and have a solid script

  29. Hah, Bay a good action director? If you like shaky cam, bazillion cuts and random camera angles that make it impossible to tell what the heck is going on screen then yeah I guess he’s ok.

    Whedon would sound like an excellent idea if WB gets impatient.