The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

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batman 3 villain riddler logo The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

[UPDATE: Looks like this was bogus – The Riddler is NOT the villain in Batman 3]

When you think of director Christopher Nolan and his consistently awesome movies, you no doubt will recognize and appreciate the loyalty he demonstrates to his incredibly talented casts. Nolan is not shy of using the same actors from film to film and with Batman 3, we may be getting another example of this quality.

Our friends at First Showing were sent the casting grid for Batman 3 from an inside source which confirms that the somewhat-unsurprising revelation that The Riddler will be a villain in the sequel to The Dark Knight. But along with the character name, the grid also lists Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “interested.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a rumored candidate for the role for quite sometime because of his association with Nolan having worked with him in Inception. It just makes sense and I think most of us can agree that he’s a perfect choice for the part.

The casting info states that they’re looking for an actor aged 35-45 and while JGL currently sites 6 years under the lower bracket, I doubt that’ll interfere with his involvement should he be the leading choice for the role.

The Riddler was played by Jim Carrey in Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman Forever which infamously lead the franchise in the wrong another direction. If we do see Edward Nigma aka The Riddler in Nolan’s Batman 3, don’t expect him to put on a solo show. There will very likely be another villain (or several) in the film and the common rumors and speculation point towards Catwoman and the Penguin. I’ve even heard talk of Killer Croc.

If you remember way back in 2006, it was at Comic-Con where Heath Ledger was confirmed to be playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. With Warner Bros. conducting a heavy-loaded panel presentation on Saturday, which of course includes Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern alongside Sucker Punch and Harry Potter, it’s almost expected that there will be at least some special announcement regarding other upcoming DC Entertainment properties.

We know Batman 3 and Superman are coming in 2012 so could we get a villain casting announcement here? Could we also/instead be getting confirmation about The Flash or Justice League? Marvel Studios will be doing everything they can to “win” the convention in terms of generating buzz and excitement so I’m excited to see what Warner Bros. may bring to the table. That being said, Batman 3 is way off so they may not even touch on the subject.

This news breaks on the heels of this morning’s report that Batman 3 could be shot entirely in IMAX. I can’t wait!

We’ll be reporting live at SDCC so if we hear anything from the Warner Bros. panel, we’ll have it for you as it happens so follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant and let us know your thoughts.

Source: First Showing

Header image edited by me from art by Darthkoolguy and The Dark Knight logo.

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  1. Last comment was for Aknot.

  2. Oh the speculation. I think, no matter how much we rationalize, no matter how much we debate, the brothers Nolan are going to pull the rug from under our feet. We are all going to scratch our heads when they announce the villain anyway, because it will most likely be someone we don’t expect or even considered.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Catwoman as a love/hate interest, Harley quinn show up in a cameo, even a gang of clowns carrying on the Jokers “teachings” (Oh batman beyond).

    True, none of these ideas are particularly original, but oh well, it’ll be fun.

    Whatever they decide, I’ll have faith, because I haven’t been disappointed yet…Rachel not withstanding,

  3. I was rooting for Johnny Depp in The Riddler. Wouldn’t that be awesome, following in Heath’s footsteps? But I’ll be f****** happy if Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets it!

    • Agree.

      • Agree

        Whoa, Deja vu.

        • I think Eminem would be a better Riddler than Johnny Depp

          • I wouldnt argue with you Jon save for the fact that Bale needs someone his age or older to fit the plotline…. the idea about Fichtner is a little more appropriate than Eminem though…. Still think Depp would bring authenticity to the piece regardless.

            The issue with Depp is how many other irons he has in the fire…

          • Maybe Eminem could play Robin?

            • *play Without Me video* haha

              • Thanks Money. I totally forgot all about until said you that. lol

    • Johnny Depp as the Riddler would be freaking awesome.

  4. Has anyone else noticed the physical resemblance of JGL to Heath Ledger? Every time I see him I’m reminded of Heath. Casting Gordon-Levitt as a Batman villain would be incredibly distracting – for me, at least. I’d far prefer to see one of the other rumored candidates in the role: David Tennant (my fave), Johnny Depp, even Robin Williams would be interesting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would just be… haunting.


  6. Ok after reading the source it says the riddler is a villain. And that JGL is on the “Cast Grid”.. Not knowing what a cast grid is i can only speculate but im guessing it might have MORE than one character on it. Throw in the fact that this guy is pretty much a doppelganger for Heath. Am i completely wrong in thinking that he may have been cast to play the Joker in a few scenes instead? Just for a cameo or to tie up the few loose ends the last movie left..

  7. sadly we can`t get our money or time back once buying a movie ticket whether or not we enjoy the movie. And directors can`t get the time and money it took to direct whether or not the film is succesful. pleze don`t waste anything with this movie and direct good drama/fighting.

  8. YES! Thank you. JGL looks a LOT like Heath. When I first heard he may play The Riddler, I liked the idea… but I much rather him suit up and take a crack at The Joker. No one is ever going to be as good as Heath, but I much rather see more of the Joker’s character than see any other villain… even If it’s only for a few scenes, to bring his story to a close or to introduce Harley Quinn.
    Charlie Hunnam also looks a lot like Heath. He would be a good Joker, if JGL is definitely going to play The Riddler.
    Other than the Joker, The Riddler is really the only villain worth building a movie around. Catwoman is great, but Halle Berry ruined her. If they are going to bring her back, I HOPE she’s not played by Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie. That would be a train wreck! If Catwoman is going to make an appearance in this movie, I HOPE she’s played by someone talented. Charlize Theron maybe?

  9. I heard somewhere that the villain will be the Ventriliquist.

  10. I’m all for Tom Hardy playing the riddler. I always liked the smooth gentleman version of the Riddler that they had in the batman animated series. He was awesome, and, to respond to many people’s anti-riddler argument, very much unlike the Joker. I’d be completely on board for something like this.

    But, as i’ve said before, I have faith in the brothers Nolan, so I’m good with whatever they’ve got planned


  12. What have we seen in the past 2 Nolan films? there’s been 4 villains. In BB we had Ras al Ghul, Scarecrow, and Zsasz, along with the mob boss. In TDK we had Scarecrow,again, Joker, and Two-Face again with a mob boss. With this being the last I look to see 4 also with a plot ending it. I look to see Hush hire Riddler to find who batman is and kill him, and hire Deadshot to kill Gordon but he fails and is stopped by batman quickly. Black Mask is the new mob boss and trying to regain control of the city and Riddler ends up working for himself rather that Elliot.

  13. WHY DOES NO ONE EVER MENTION HARLEY QUINN?!?!?! i mean i know shes kinda obscure but all Joker fans should know about her. plus SHES IN THIS MOVIE AND THEY COMPLETLY F***ED HER CHARACTER UP!!!!!

  14. What if, JGL played the riddler and Johnny Depp played Joker in a cameo. Could that be done? And i feel no one would have played Harley Quinn better than the late Brittany Murphy.

  15. Kate Beckinsale for catwoman!

  16. awww…well i heard that David Tennat might also be considered to play the Riddler…i sure hope so cause i think he’s the best one for that role :)

  17. Harley Quinn is an utterly worthless character, and I’m pretty confident the Nolan brothers have more sense than to include her in any capacity whatsoever.

  18. OK come on guys… lets get on the map with this discussion…

    Yes Harley Quinn does factor in to the history of the film but I really think that setting up the right sort of history and/or flashbacks should be kept to a minimum when it comes to guest appearances and defining a who’s who of Batman foils. Christian Bale is really the straight man in about every scenario he gets into and needs a decent antagonist to carry the weight of his metal facade appropriately. Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt carry the weight and measure of a man who could break the entire mystery of Bruce Wayne and Batman as one who has survived both sensi and self?

    Can any of you guess where I am going with this??? Look at it this way, Batman and Nygma have a history and its sordid in more ways than Batman can imagine sort of like Bale does his best work when he is faced with the task and the timeline exclusively. Bale is not the sort to mush things up and gets a bit thin in the margin when asked to as we saw with an American Psycho. He is significantly suited for the Bruce Wayne dilemma of managing so many decisions and levels of social framework that the personal nuance is lost for him many times. He really needs the master of manipulation and chameleon of crime to if he is to be ruffled and stirred up enough to let something major like the Bat Cave entrance slip through the radar and be detected.

    Who is this Master of Manipulation and Chameleon of Crime you ask??? Ah well, do you really think it will be some wet behind the ears geeky trickster who can formulate some mayhem or a dashed-off-the-top cream face high school bandy ready and willing to play the part in tights opposite the likes of Bale in his Kevlar Armor? Well then…think again!

    Edward Nygma needs the sort of mystery and finesse which is both entrance and brooding in its torment… He needs a bit of sinister which has been aged like a fine wine which comes from the cellar far from the light of day to re-emerge with a glint at the sun. Edward Nygma needs a specifically telling way of stepping on the scene again which erases the funhouse that was a joke for real. He needs a touch of the Egyptian to remind us that all mysteries are eternally lingering for each person to ponder their ability in the realm of masterminds and idiot savantes.

    Edward Nygma is best suited to a man who has cultivated a sense of torment and destiny in his very gaze which cannot be stolen by anything going on around him nor rattled by the weapons of the legendary Batman. Edward needs to come with the air of a man with nothing to lose bearing a riddle which has multiple answers but only one that allows you to live.

    The Riddle of this Riddler is, in fact, as much about how the Riddler knows what he knows and from where he will next emerge within the social framework that is the Empire of Bruce Wayne… This is how we should come to see the character of Harley and possibly a cameo of other foes.

    The Riddler should baffle the Catwoman and toy with her as though she were a kitty tangled in some string…. The Riddler should be Johnny Depp and he should walk with a Cane not because his limp is so bad but because he has spent some time studying Egyptian arts as a Magician of both illusion and deception which would remind us of the calm and cool terror that people experience when the meet up with a character such he.

    The riddle of Edward Nygma should be borne by an actor who has bested every role with his own way of weaving together all the stories and symbols and intricacies of intonation. The way the riddle is told and presented is always where we find ourselves gripped by the fear of unknowning and yet suspended on the brink of thinking we know only to veer dangerously close to a very wrong answer. I believe that Depp can deliver this role better than many actors who have come before and with his natural air of mystery might even provide a twist that the director had not yet thought of such as starring as himself in the movie at various points to confuse Bruce Wayne as to who he is really dealing with.

    Talk about nervy… this is the job of the Riddler and I do think that Bale and Depp had this very sort of tension in Public Enemies to the degree that I would love to see it play out further. Bales performance in the The Prestige and also in The Machinist let me know that he can rise to the occasion and subtlety of Depp’s Characterizations in an epic Fantasy/Mystery/Action Plotline devised as a mousetrap built for two.

    Obviously I will be down front center on this one….

    • My, that was wordy,

      • and yet it was effectively clear about quality….

  19. I think that Johnny depp could easily take over the role of the joker instead of the riddler. if you have seen “the imaginarium of dr. parnassus” you should agree. you can barely tell the differance between heath and johnny, I think it would be quite a site to see him take on this role instead of the riddler.

  20. I too have great confidence in the casting abilities of the Nolan brothers. I was originally ecstatic when I heard the first rumor of Depp playing The Riddler. But reading these comments…perhaps he could finish what Heath started. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Heath, NO ONE can touch what he did in TDK, but Depp would be a great choice to carry the torch in my opinion. But at any rate, I can’t wait for the film. Midnight release, front row for sure.

  21. No disrespect to Ledger, But there can always be someone who can top his Joker. His joker was good but i didnt think it was that great people hype it up to be. As for Depp being the Riddler, I think he’d be a good choice but not sure till i see him to pass final judgement. Im not crazy about Scarecrow makin a return, Batman caught him and put him behind bars again. Let a new villain not seen on film be a 2nd villain if Riddler is the rumored main villain. Or if they want use a villain we seen already on film again, let’s see Bane be done proper. Brains & brawn Vs. The Bat while at the sametime he’s being hunted down by the police.

  22. wouldn’t it be perfect if the joker set it up that if he got caught his henchmen would kidnap someone for ransom …he’d have to be onto gordon / batman connection. so gordon gets kidnapped, and the ransom is that batman has to spring the joker from prison. and not only that, but a joker – scarecrow connection is hatched in prison. so they are both sprung by batman. this takes place maybe a year oor half a year after TDK. as for who plays the new joker… maybe gosling, i don’t know.

  23. Why bring up the Joker? Nolan has mentioned he has no intentions of using the Joker in the next film. We’d be lucky if Joker is even mentioned by name. What i dont get is why Nolan wants to use the Scarecrow again when he was in the previous two films already. If Nolan plans to use the Riddler, than id like the 2nd villain to be Bane done proper. Like i said before, it would be brains & brawn vs. the bat while Batman is being hunted down by the police at the sametime. If not Bane, then i wanna see a villain not seen on film yet from Batman’s rogues gallery.

  24. I like the idea that Batman would be coerced into public compromise which somehow made it look like he had let these villains get out of prison. This aides to the perception that Batman is still an ambiguous character to the general public as to his good intentions. It’s a little problematic in how these dynamics play out as believable actors though….

    Anyone hear anything or possibly have noticed that the Riddler is being narrowed down as a casting option? Seems like some decisions are being made. After the face off with Bale and Depp in Public Enemies its likely that we will not see them paired again as adversaries…

  25. I understand why some of you think the Riddler is corny. But, if Mr. Nolan treats it right, you guys are going to see why The Riddler is a favorite villain for many of us. The Joker mixed Chaos and madness. The Riddler represents logic and madness. Again. if done right, that will create an irresistible theme. There are a lot of interesting story lines that could be used. Personally I would like to see William Fichtner as The Riddler. William Fichtner’s role as the bank manager in the Dark Knight is a perfect setup for a supposedly reformed Riddler. I’d also like to see a return of Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul (no, he didn’t die) and Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face.

    • I think the riddler is more about logic and sickness… he is not really mad at all but rather sick with vengence and rationally managing some twist of fate that leaves him with that fatal flaw of value…

      Logical madness is one of those Oxymoron concepts… I like the idea of logical sickness as a form of ‘broken but beautiful’ expressions of how Edward Nygma can stay so well hidden in plain sight.

  26. o.k. hear me out… hugo weaving. he may not fit christian bales age group, but he’s the only person short of anthony hopkins that can give the riddler that creepy feel that ledger gave the joker.