The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

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batman 3 villain riddler logo The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

[UPDATE: Looks like this was bogus – The Riddler is NOT the villain in Batman 3]

When you think of director Christopher Nolan and his consistently awesome movies, you no doubt will recognize and appreciate the loyalty he demonstrates to his incredibly talented casts. Nolan is not shy of using the same actors from film to film and with Batman 3, we may be getting another example of this quality.

Our friends at First Showing were sent the casting grid for Batman 3 from an inside source which confirms that the somewhat-unsurprising revelation that The Riddler will be a villain in the sequel to The Dark Knight. But along with the character name, the grid also lists Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “interested.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a rumored candidate for the role for quite sometime because of his association with Nolan having worked with him in Inception. It just makes sense and I think most of us can agree that he’s a perfect choice for the part.

The casting info states that they’re looking for an actor aged 35-45 and while JGL currently sites 6 years under the lower bracket, I doubt that’ll interfere with his involvement should he be the leading choice for the role.

The Riddler was played by Jim Carrey in Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman Forever which infamously lead the franchise in the wrong another direction. If we do see Edward Nigma aka The Riddler in Nolan’s Batman 3, don’t expect him to put on a solo show. There will very likely be another villain (or several) in the film and the common rumors and speculation point towards Catwoman and the Penguin. I’ve even heard talk of Killer Croc.

If you remember way back in 2006, it was at Comic-Con where Heath Ledger was confirmed to be playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. With Warner Bros. conducting a heavy-loaded panel presentation on Saturday, which of course includes Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern alongside Sucker Punch and Harry Potter, it’s almost expected that there will be at least some special announcement regarding other upcoming DC Entertainment properties.

We know Batman 3 and Superman are coming in 2012 so could we get a villain casting announcement here? Could we also/instead be getting confirmation about The Flash or Justice League? Marvel Studios will be doing everything they can to “win” the convention in terms of generating buzz and excitement so I’m excited to see what Warner Bros. may bring to the table. That being said, Batman 3 is way off so they may not even touch on the subject.

This news breaks on the heels of this morning’s report that Batman 3 could be shot entirely in IMAX. I can’t wait!

We’ll be reporting live at SDCC so if we hear anything from the Warner Bros. panel, we’ll have it for you as it happens so follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant and let us know your thoughts.

Source: First Showing

Header image edited by me from art by Darthkoolguy and The Dark Knight logo.

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  1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Bane. My vote.

    • that would be cool

    • Good choice.They would probably darken him up just a touch to make him look more Hispanic.

  2. The choice of the Riddler is an excellent one. In TDK we saw an anarchist loose on the city. In the words of the Joker we now have the ultimate schemer loose on the city.
    we truly have an opportunity to maybe see the first Batman truly gritty detective movie.

    The Riddler starts off as a investigative reporter working to find Batman, becoming obsessed to discover the truth behind the Harvey Dent cover up. He stops at nothing to bring Batman to justice, including Gordon to the point of starting a crime wive to lure batman out of exile.

    We may never even see the Riddler until last 30 minutes of the movie, with the rest of the time we see Edward Enigma the Investigative reporter. This also allows an insert of Vikki Vale in the film as co worker working on the case.

    As Vikki gets closer to the answer she begins to fall for Bruce/Batman the also leads to more hate in Enigma hate for Batman.

    This is just the first thing that popped in my head hearing the Riddler, but I am sure its going to be an excellent story, with excellent writing and dialog from one of the master filmmakers of our time.

    I truly believe that Nolan can turn any villain in the batman universe that’s plausible in real life with minor tweaks to an amazing advisory and awesome story with depth, action.

    Just remember this is Nolan’s universe he can present the Riddler or any villain for that matter in his own interruption that alone should make any villain exciting as the we can now speculate on how he will be presented as well as the story that will be unfolded.

    • forgive me for not proof reading.

      • “Just remember this is Nolan’s universe”

        I try to forget that every time someone says it. It is Nolans Vision it is not his Universe. It is his view on the Batman mythos.

        Im just very thankful he doesn’t put his “name” above it like some other people in the business do.

        • M.Night Shylamans……….muahahaha could u ever imagine that…

        • I can’t argue the vision vs universe, I kinda used them as the same.

          but thinking of the diffrence between the first 4 batmans.
          they where the same universe but much diffirent visons(tones) so I could see your point.

  3. Anthony
    i never said jim carrey was a great riddler…..i said hes a great actor……

    • hey ricky18, i never said you did lol….

  4. The Riddler, Bane, and Killer Croc should be the main threats of the film. Except have Croc as a captive of Riddler so Riddler can dispose of evidence or just have fun watching people get ripped to shreds by a skin diseased cannibal.

  5. Oh u were talking to someone else my bad^^ well gotta go laters;)

    • um yes lol

  6. I’ve been saying it since before Dark Knight, but Guy Pearce should be Riddler. Though I’d be cool with Levitt.

    • Dude. I never would have thought of it myself, but I agree completely.

      And it even fits in with Nolan’s thing for using the same actors.

  7. I would like to see either Johnny Depp or Ed Norton play the Riddler

  8. I would not mind if Riddler showed up in the next film. I don’t expect him to be alone. There seems to be 3-4 Batman related foes in the past two films:

    - A Mobster (Thorne! Please!)

    - A cameo (Zsaz, Scarecrow)

    - A supporting (Scarecrow, Two-Face)

    - Main (Ras Al Ghul, Joker)

    Given that, I question this “leaked list”. I think it is bogus. After all, while Riddler might be exciting, why aren’t there other ‘names’ present? For example, let’s say there’s a character named Harvey (Bullock). Nobody reports on it. Or say Catwoman. Not a peep.

    The only name is ‘Riddler’. Go figure.

    • Because I named my personal choice for Mob Boss (Thorne) some folks might misread what I said above and think I also want Bat-foes to return, even if they are done. That isn’t so. I’m also not against The Riddler being involved.

      But I am saying the leak is suspect, and I think misdirection.

      • As long as its not Hollidayman, I am pumped.

      • well have you seen the Prestage? “Are you watching closely?”

  9. I really hope they reveal the new film’s title at Comic-Con. I’m pulling for THE CAPED CRUSADER.

    • Mine is GOTHAM RISING

      • Me , I say “Gotham Knights”!!

  10. Its true,,,,
    I was told almost a year ago that Riddler was the next heavy from a friend of mine on the inside,,,

    I even told Vic,,,

    • lol 790

  11. Oh God I hope this guy is able to tackle the Riddler, I feel this actor could, given his age, his association with Nolan. Nolan seems to work with a team he is sure with, if this is true then i feel Nolan seems to know what he is doing He’s a wise person who just loves film and makes film for the true art that it is.

    I wonder heres a taught, I was doing some searching on the net for anything of a new star wars films,, and i found crap to tell you the truth, i just taught i would do it out of my love for starwars ,but then I came across an interesting comment by Nolan about it how he loved it. Now maybe in the future maybe only maybe ,,,

    would George Lucas give him a shot at bringing the story forward,, considering Nolan done such a good Job with the batch of great films he is churning out. If it was announced tomorrow that Nolan to direct new starwars film episode 7 i would be have no prbs he would be perfect if George Lucas ever wanted to explore and continue the series. Its a long shot, I know but I think it would be spectacular Nolan and his team are one of the best bunch of movie makers around.

    I meant the the magnificint masterpiece that is Inception, the Dark Night, Batman Begins etc,, this team know how to to do popular genre. They saved the Batman franchise for warner in an amazing way,, they could put there talents to any dead in the water project and sculpt and bring great life into it.. SO George Lucas if your reading this give them a shot at your projects even the next indiana Jones…who knows the best in life is ahead of you not behind you ….

    • I agree. Nolan and his team could be the only miracle workers who could take the Star Wars franchise into a new and better level.

      “…I wonder heres a taught,”

      You mean the word “thought”, not “taught”?

  12. They could release it this year. They announced Heath Ledger two years before Dark Knight came out and Batman 3 is supposed to come out 2 years from now. Who knows.

  13. I’m very disappointed with this announcement. The Riddler? Hey Chris, how about a differnt and NEW Batman villan. Villans I don’t want to see under any circumstances…Bane, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze or the Penguin. How about Killer Croc as the secondary villian to the Main Villan Clayface? And, another no no, Robin! Please, No Robin!!!

    • Killer Croc in Nolan’s Bat-verse, are you serious? Great name though, I love Fringe.

  14. GOTHAM KNIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  15. Neil Patric Harris. That is all.

  16. To tell you the truth I can’t really think of a Batman villain other than Joker and Twoface that isn’t too silly for Nolans “Dark Knight” take on the character. He needs some scary, dangerous villains instead of the goofy Dick Tracy type villains he has.

    • Just thought of one I’d like to see. Man-bat.

      • look up grendel or black mask. but the riddler in nolans bat verse would be an equal to his joker if done correctly which thats prolly the direction there headed

  17. I’d rather see Mr Freeze done right than see The Riddler, the animated series showed what Freeze could be, how sympathetic a character he could truly be. “Heart Of Ice” was a truly amazing piece of televison, one of the best Batman stories ever told, if Nolan could somehow recapture the magic of that episode…

    Also, I wouldnt be against Liam Neeson returning. Lazurus pits anyone?

  18. Killer Croc…. :D

    Killer Croc’s backstory explains that he was born with a condition resembling epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, a disfiguring skin disorder. However, it is actually a form of regressive atavism, meaning that he has inherited traits of ancestral species of the human race, such as reptiles. This condition has been augmented by the presence of a metagene. Consequently, he has several extraordinary physical abilities relating to his endurance, strength, and speed.

    Atavisms have been observed in humans as well. Babies have been born with a vestigial tail, called “coccygeal process”, “coccygeal projection”, and “caudal appendage”.[2] It can also be evidenced in humans who possess large teeth, like those of other primates.

    Instead of using a “metagene” it can be some type of steriod that has enhanced him that was supposed to curb the atavism.

    Well Nolan wanted to use realism….in HIS Universe…..scary thing is researching some of this it can be tied back to realism ;)

    • You can try to rationalize it all you want,but the Killer Croc that’s been portrayed in either the cartoon or the Arkham Asylum game just doesn’t work in Nolan’s world.He would have to do something completely different,looks wise,with the character to make him believable.The other problem is that his actual character arc doesn’t fit in with what’s going on thematically.

      This series is really about two things,1)Bruce Wayne learning in each movie what it takes to be a symbol of justice,and 2)The Mob that he fights to rid Gotham of.

      How in the world does characters like Killer Croc,Man-Bat,Mr. Freeze, etc. fit in?

      Like I said before,There are really only a couple of villains that you can add in keeping with the already established themes of the movie.1) Black Mask 2)Talia.

      As for the casting,after thinking about it,I just can’t see JGL as Riddler.He’s actually more suitable for Robin,even thought I really don’t want Robin in these movies,but I do think Nolan could do it good.

      Paul Bettany,Guy Pearce,or maybe Timothy Olyphant as Riddler

      Jonny Depp(better role for him) or Vin Diesel(just for the voice if nothing else) as Black Mask

      Jeffery Dean Morgan as Bane

      Dichen Lachman or Maggie Q as Talia

      That’s my say.

      • If you have read some of my other posts you would understand I dont care about “Nolan’s Universe”. Nolan does not own Batman.

        With that aside how far do you stretch it keeping it inside the mind of Nolan?

        “Like I said before,There are really only a couple of villains that you can add in keeping with the already established themes of the movie.1) Black Mask 2)Talia.”

        Yet you then go on to “support” the Riddler (not to mention Bane) in the movie by listing out people that could portray him.

        As for Killer Croc If you can rationalize Bane you can rationalize Croc. Hell you can leverage off the 2 as Venom was the serum Croc was using to help correct his atavism. Scaly patchy skin is easy to rationalize due to the atavism and the Venom makes him more unstable so he has his teeth sharpened…

        Mr. Freeze. A little more complicated I admit. The whole suit thing is the issue. However the suit does not need to be an issue if you use Bane/Croc as his right hand as he becomes a semi crime figure to get enough money to help his wife. With the mob finding out he is not a “real” bad guy the end sequence is him in a warehouse with Batman the mob and Croc possibly fighting then him getting exposed to the catalyst (that may have been a cure for his wife) that puts him in a bubble needing “cold”. To make it more complicated have her cured and irked at the Batman.

        Man-Bat. Even tougher. It would have to be more of a “Morbius” type character to work. Then it would be a dark/bloody murder mystery with sprinkles of the mob thrown in.

        That way we can transition Batman out of Nolans hands and “Universe”, prepping him for JL and his proper portrayal. ;)

        • You just need the concept not the same exact back story. Bane just needs a drug that is addictive and makes him stronger, faster, and gives a high tolerance to pain. So basically all you need for Bane is a large South American man who is addicted to PCP.

          • Exactly.

  19. Guys i truly believe the riddler is the best villain for nolans universe……think about it,the riddles are gonna be great,nolans showed wat he can do with inception hell make this caracter right!! Theres gonna be some good riddles and this riddler will be darker dont think about him like he was in batman forever,this is different…..

  20. Kite Man!!!! Fire Fly!!

    I would like to see Green Arrow done as a sniper who comes to Gotham to help clean it up. With his arrow or arrows left as his calling card.

    Hope fully there will be some mention of Smallville, The Daily Planet, or Metropolis. Maybe have Lois Lane show up to interview Bruce then teaming with V. Vale. That way the Riddler can be a reporter trying scope them on the biggest story of all ” Who is Batman?” or ” Batman vigilante or Caped Crusader”

    I have read that Ivy won’t be used at all. There is a way to do it, if you take part of the origin used for her in The Batman. It could be done in a realistic manner.

  21. I read a little while back that Robin Williams wanted the role of the Riddler. Now, while I think that would be a terrible idea, I do think that Robin WIlliams, with his history of playing some dark and twisted characters (ie One Hour Photo, Insomnia), he’d be great as The Ventriloquist. He could play the meek and shy Arnold Wesker and still pull off a great voice for the Scarface puppet. Just a thought.

    I like Edward Norton for the Riddler, despite his Hulk involvement. However, Levitt I imagine would be just fine.

  22. There will only be like 2 villains and nolan said hed only make 3 films… we probly wont see other vllains we wanna see…:(

    • @ Ricky 18

      How can we be sure? Wasn’t there a statement that Nolan would give it atleast 10 years to decided to make another batman film? I do hope this is the last Batman film for Nolan because id hate to wait 10 years for the franchise to continue.

  23. I know…..i dont want it to be the last but at the same time i do cuz,if it goes too long then the series dies…..IDK but i wanna see riddler in this one i know itd be fantastically done…..IDC who the other villain is…..

  24. He was up for the role in Schumaker’s Batman.I never heard anything about him in Nolan’s,but now that you mention it,I’m not sure that he’s good for The Riddler,but he definitely could fit somewhere in the Nolan Batman universe as someone.I’m not too keen on The Ventriloquist though.Maybe Hugo Strange?

  25. The last comment was @ hepsis

  26. Oh,and Hush could also fit nicely into Nolan’s Batman.

    • only problem with hush is alot of backstory is needed to do justice for the character, plus it wouldn’t make sense to add someone from his childhood since they made it look like rachel was bruce’s only friend in batman begins and to add his only childhood friend this late in the game wouldn’t make sense

  27. Wat if Nolan had almost all of villians unleahsed it would be a good movie right???

  28. What about the black-mailer in TDK? I though the actor that played him was going to turn out be the Riddler. They never revealed that character’s name in TDK so he could be written into the Riddler part.

    Plus I just don’t think Levitt is right for this part. I can’t really describe what it is, but I just don’t feel as though Batman/Bruce Wayne would be threatend by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Honestly, Levitt looks like he would make a good Robin.

    Everyone please shut up about Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp is not going to be in Batman 3!!

    • Yes they did.His name was Coleman Reese.

      On your other points,I completely agree with both of them.

    • His name was Coleman Reese, but Lucius Fox called him ‘Mister Reese’ which sounds like ‘mysteries’. In comics, the Riddler’s name (Edward Nigma) was ‘E. Nigma’. Coupled with Fox’s cat comment in TDK.

      Take in mind, in Batman Begins, the joker card was revealed at the end, and at the party in, Wayne drunkenly calls his guests ‘two-face phonies’. The next thing we know, Two Face and Joker were in TDK. Nolan’s way of hinting at what’s to come?

      Hopefully Nolan gives something for us to work with at Comic Con!

  29. Well in TDK they mentioned cats…..catwoman?!?