The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

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batman 3 villain riddler logo The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

[UPDATE: Looks like this was bogus – The Riddler is NOT the villain in Batman 3]

When you think of director Christopher Nolan and his consistently awesome movies, you no doubt will recognize and appreciate the loyalty he demonstrates to his incredibly talented casts. Nolan is not shy of using the same actors from film to film and with Batman 3, we may be getting another example of this quality.

Our friends at First Showing were sent the casting grid for Batman 3 from an inside source which confirms that the somewhat-unsurprising revelation that The Riddler will be a villain in the sequel to The Dark Knight. But along with the character name, the grid also lists Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “interested.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a rumored candidate for the role for quite sometime because of his association with Nolan having worked with him in Inception. It just makes sense and I think most of us can agree that he’s a perfect choice for the part.

The casting info states that they’re looking for an actor aged 35-45 and while JGL currently sites 6 years under the lower bracket, I doubt that’ll interfere with his involvement should he be the leading choice for the role.

The Riddler was played by Jim Carrey in Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman Forever which infamously lead the franchise in the wrong another direction. If we do see Edward Nigma aka The Riddler in Nolan’s Batman 3, don’t expect him to put on a solo show. There will very likely be another villain (or several) in the film and the common rumors and speculation point towards Catwoman and the Penguin. I’ve even heard talk of Killer Croc.

If you remember way back in 2006, it was at Comic-Con where Heath Ledger was confirmed to be playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. With Warner Bros. conducting a heavy-loaded panel presentation on Saturday, which of course includes Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern alongside Sucker Punch and Harry Potter, it’s almost expected that there will be at least some special announcement regarding other upcoming DC Entertainment properties.

We know Batman 3 and Superman are coming in 2012 so could we get a villain casting announcement here? Could we also/instead be getting confirmation about The Flash or Justice League? Marvel Studios will be doing everything they can to “win” the convention in terms of generating buzz and excitement so I’m excited to see what Warner Bros. may bring to the table. That being said, Batman 3 is way off so they may not even touch on the subject.

This news breaks on the heels of this morning’s report that Batman 3 could be shot entirely in IMAX. I can’t wait!

We’ll be reporting live at SDCC so if we hear anything from the Warner Bros. panel, we’ll have it for you as it happens so follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant and let us know your thoughts.

Source: First Showing

Header image edited by me from art by Darthkoolguy and The Dark Knight logo.

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  1. Sounds good to me! Go Riddler!

  2. JGL? Yes please!!

  3. Levitt would be good, but I still say David Tennant would be PERFECT in the role.

  4. Perfect. Nough said

  5. Let’s hope we here Phillip S. H. For penguin.

    • That would be the great if they put him as The Penguin

  6. Batman 3 is not THAT way off. It’s as WAYY off as Avengers and Marvel has been doing LOTS of talking about Avengers. MARVEL will be talking about Avengers. So, I know how Methodical Christopher Nolan is, but they can at least throw those crumbs at us at least. In terms of who the villain may or may not be, who the actors will be. If they will be EVER exploring the Joker. Something along those lines. They have a script for Batman, I know this. They are a couple drafts into it. Drafts are never done till shooting. Especially with Nolan. WHO KICKS BUTT!!!

  7. I know it’s to “big” of a name but Johnny Depp would kill this role. I’m just saying.

  8. Awesome! I hope they make him more sinister too. Like in Batman: Arkum Asylum. I loved the more comedic side portaited by Jim Carrey but bring out a more psycho/smart type.

    Am I wrong but did I remember in one of the older cartoons there being a huge maze or something? Lol I think that’d be interesting

  9. personally riddler is such a lame villian

  10. Riddler? Ugg, lame. The headline says enough for me – Nolan or not this series is going down the tubes especially if Levitt is going to be a main character.

    Oh well. *sigh*

  11. I was thinking of someone like Jeff Goldblum but JGL works fine

  12. Tom Hardy for Bane (if he could get ripped again like he did for Bronson) He would be a perfect bane. Im happy with JGL as Riddler…just dont castrate the guy by making him wear that ugly green suit.

  13. If the leak I heard of the end of this movie is true…. This will be a great movie.

  14. riddler and hush…………… thatd be perfect!

    or deadshot and bane

    or riddler and catwoman

    or penguin and catwoman

    or…………… the list goes on and on, but hush and riddler would be boss! just to add another personal angle into batman/bruces life, being an old childhood friend gone mad.

    im not saying follow the hush storyline, cuz thatd involve 10-20 villains lol, but just use hush, itd be cool

  15. Yay for JGL boo for Riddler I’m not interested in Riddler being in this film at all. I’ll still watch but it makes my excitment go way down.

    However if Penguin is in it I’d consider not watching. If Catwoman makes the cut I will not see it at all. I’m not interested I’m seeing catwoman on film again besides she is only interesting as a semi good guy as a baddy she was very dull and had one interesting story. Also thank god (even if I don’t technically believe in him) that Depp isn’t the main rumor anymore that would be the death to this franchise.

    • why not bring back arnie for mr. freeze!!!!!

      • Wait Anthony, Tom Hardy. I mean you can’t use Patrick Stewart he’s too old. Arnie just didn’t impress as Freeze, but Hardy! Remember his Shinzon portrayal? Put a taller better built actor in the suit but give freeze the face of Hardy with an altered voice. Nolan had him there in “Inception” how can it be wrong?

        Nolan won’t use Freeze though because it wouldn’t really fit very well with what has already occurred in the first two movies.

        • i was totally joking about freeze lol

  16. knowing knowlans style (dark and psychological) i would say riddler is probably the best way to end the series, this guy could be the one who drives batman all sorts of madness. that being said i wouldnt mind seeing that guy with all the tally marks carved into his body (forgot his name), that guy would be really good addition (not to mention he looks insane)

  17. Hush and Manbat ? :/ …

    riddler is too over used IMHO.. and but considering the twists and turns they could implement in the movie with riddler type character.. i am just curious and sceptic about it..

  18. I’ve been saying Jeff Goldblum for years! I think a slightly older actor would be better.
    But also, David Tennant would be perfect.

    I just can’t see JGL as The Riddler, he’s a good actor but not for this,

    I also can’t understand the fuss over it being shot in IMAX. Is there an IMAX in every city in the world all of a sudden? No there isn’t.

  19. My first vote would be Black Mask and Bane

    But riddler would totally work in Nolans world

  20. Which villain gets chosen isn’t important (though in Nolan’s version of the Batman universe, villains like Clayface and Killer Croc just seem inherently out of place, much harder to make them as plausibly believable as the Joker’s simple scar and make-up). How well developed, written and acted the role is, IS important. Considering the writing and directing talent is the same as previous, I don’t expect a major drop off there, and Gordon Levitt is turning out to be an accomplished up-and-comer with potential, and experience working with the director.

    So if it turns out to be true, good on him, and my butt will be in the seat when it comes time, just like I’m sure everyone else here will be regardless.

    • not saying they should have people like clayface, croc or freeze in the movie, but if you read the comic ‘joker’ by brian azzarello you’ll see that they could include croc and the others in the movie… much like they did with reptile and baraka from the new mortal kombat.

      it would be realy cool if 2 face was still alive instead of joker (despite joker being the major/main villain of batman). they could continue the whole organised crime thing they had going in dark knight.

  21. TOM HARDY AS DEADSHOT!!!!!! OR BANE!!!!!!!

  22. I actually am not excited for this news. I was really opting for a villain that wasn’t Riddler, Penguin, or Catwoman.

  23. Now dat we got riddeler I’m hoping for killer croc catwoman and maybe penguin

  24. Actually it very much does matter who the villians are. Nolan has to stay loyal to the source material to a large extent and some characters just are no where near as interesting as others while some are far to cheesy to translate and others have simply been over used. The Riddler and Penguin fit all three and Catwoman nails two of the three.

    Also you can’t personally promise every one will be in the seats to watch it. I loved Batman Begins , and TDK. I’m a massive Batman , Bale and Nolan fan but I have my principles and stick true to my word. If Catwoman is in this I won’t see this film in theaters at best I’ll consider downloading it. If Johnny Depp is in it I’ll never even bother with that. I’ll watch it with the Riddler but I won’t be excited for it and will probably wait for the Dollar theater. With Penguin I’ll strongly consider not going to see it but it will depend on other factors. With all of the above I’d sooner put a bullet in my brain than watch it.

    • Which villain do you want them to use? One that will work in Nolan’s Bat universe?

      • I agree with him, certain actors and characters are just lousy for the screen. The main problem is the cheesy aspect. The villains need to be serious and have a style of crime that isn’t goofy. The overused factor really comes into play (mostly for Batman fans). We are sick of seeing Riddler do silly hings on screen. Even when he is serious he still has a corny vibe about him. And there is noway Riddler can hold his own as a villain in a movie, or even share in it without relying on Batman to make the movie interesting. The villain has to be able to carry a whole, or even half a movie by their selves before they are worthy enough to be on screen. And to break in and answer a question that wasn’t aimed towards me: Black Mask played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Bane played by Javier Bardem.

        • I just cant figure this out.

          Cheesy Aspect… Joker.
          Overused Factor … Joker.

          That is until “Nolan” changed the Joker or was it because the Joker changed in the books? (The Joker has been on a slide rule with the way he carries himself)

          However so has the Riddler. The Riddler would be more of a “real” character then the Joker anyway. I mean come on clown makeup?

          The Riddler can provide various challenges (Real life ones) for Batman to include robberies, kidnappings, etc. They can then use Batmans ability to DETECT. Dark Knight Detective.

          Black Mask does not appeal to everyone. Normal people see that and since it is not a known name they will not be AS interested then in seeing a Riddler, Catwoman Penguin.

          There was a run in… Detective I believe where The Riddler was dabbling in some sort of “Black Magic” connected to the Batman mythos where he put a ping pong ball in a babies mouth/throat and left it in the road. Batman had to perform a tracheotomy on the baby.

          The Riddler can carry the movie all by himself…if done right.

          • I forgot that so many people outside of the comic world knew who Ra’s Al Gaul and Scarecrow are. 😀

            • If you noticed in Batman Begins he was not mentioned as such in the adverts.

              It was the beginning of Batman and how he trained. That is what people latched onto.

              There was no real villain portrayed so to speak. However now that his origin is out of the way people (non comic) want to see the familiar rogues gallery. It is only smart business.

          • Tracheotomy on a baby? Coolness, heh heh heh.

            What about a partial birth abortion on a crack whore? Could ya just imagine the screaming adults fleeing the theater with their little ones in tow? LOL

          • Nolan’s films aren’t based around Batman, they are based around Gotham city. Riddler in no way can threaten a whole city like Joker and Ra’s. He can’t even be a threat to Batman in any way (he is not even close to the intelligence Batman is). The movie need a villain that can run a crime organization…like Black Mask and a villain that can actually challenge Batman on all fronts…like Bane.

  25. Michael C. Hall of JGL. It’s a tough decision but since MCH is older I go for him.

  26. @jwalka the guy w/ tally scars is Zsasz. What Nolan should do is make the movie about the batman comic Hush, that would be amazing.

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