The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

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batman 3 villain riddler logo The Riddler Listed as Batman 3 Villain [Updated]

[UPDATE: Looks like this was bogus – The Riddler is NOT the villain in Batman 3]

When you think of director Christopher Nolan and his consistently awesome movies, you no doubt will recognize and appreciate the loyalty he demonstrates to his incredibly talented casts. Nolan is not shy of using the same actors from film to film and with Batman 3, we may be getting another example of this quality.

Our friends at First Showing were sent the casting grid for Batman 3 from an inside source which confirms that the somewhat-unsurprising revelation that The Riddler will be a villain in the sequel to The Dark Knight. But along with the character name, the grid also lists Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “interested.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a rumored candidate for the role for quite sometime because of his association with Nolan having worked with him in Inception. It just makes sense and I think most of us can agree that he’s a perfect choice for the part.

The casting info states that they’re looking for an actor aged 35-45 and while JGL currently sites 6 years under the lower bracket, I doubt that’ll interfere with his involvement should he be the leading choice for the role.

The Riddler was played by Jim Carrey in Joel Schumacher’s 1995 Batman Forever which infamously lead the franchise in the wrong another direction. If we do see Edward Nigma aka The Riddler in Nolan’s Batman 3, don’t expect him to put on a solo show. There will very likely be another villain (or several) in the film and the common rumors and speculation point towards Catwoman and the Penguin. I’ve even heard talk of Killer Croc.

If you remember way back in 2006, it was at Comic-Con where Heath Ledger was confirmed to be playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. With Warner Bros. conducting a heavy-loaded panel presentation on Saturday, which of course includes Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern alongside Sucker Punch and Harry Potter, it’s almost expected that there will be at least some special announcement regarding other upcoming DC Entertainment properties.

We know Batman 3 and Superman are coming in 2012 so could we get a villain casting announcement here? Could we also/instead be getting confirmation about The Flash or Justice League? Marvel Studios will be doing everything they can to “win” the convention in terms of generating buzz and excitement so I’m excited to see what Warner Bros. may bring to the table. That being said, Batman 3 is way off so they may not even touch on the subject.

This news breaks on the heels of this morning’s report that Batman 3 could be shot entirely in IMAX. I can’t wait!

We’ll be reporting live at SDCC so if we hear anything from the Warner Bros. panel, we’ll have it for you as it happens so follow us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant and let us know your thoughts.

Source: First Showing

Header image edited by me from art by Darthkoolguy and The Dark Knight logo.

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  1. I didnt think Ledger’s Joker had a creepy feeling.

  2. I’ve even heard talk of Killer Croc.

    OK, let’s be realistic now. This is Nolan we’re talking about. He’s more or less performed a complete Camp-endectomy on the Batman universe, and given it it’s most serious tone yet. Does anyone think there’s even the slightest chance he’s going to bring in a mutant crocodile? Or even a deformed guy with croc-like features?

    Killer Croc, or any other kind of freakish mutant, would be completely out of place – Nolan even shied away from having the Joker’s white face be a result of acid, presumably because even that was a little too outlandish.

    Same goes for all the people I’ve seen pushing for Clayface.

    Come on guys,

    Why so unserious?

  3. okay what is with you people, this not a profanity or personal attack but why would you choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the best batman villain meaning the Riddler and the same thing with david tennant and crispin glover. no offence but I Have a number of cast chioces that should be ”interested” for the role and here they are [drum roll] Leo dicaprio,Gerard Butler, Micheal c Hall, Brad Pitt,Tom Hardy,Timothy Olyphant,Jeremy Irons,Johnny Depp,Gary Since,Edward Norton. this is not profanity or personal but these chioces are needed to be chosen please just understand this not personal or profanity this is just The Ugly Truth [Drum roll]

  4. I don’t mind if anyone disagrees, because I can definitely see where there is disagreement, but I think Jim Carrey would be competent enough to play the Riddler in Nolan’s Batman universe. He’s become more versatile actor that he was in the past. I mainly just think it would be neat to see an actor play the same character in two different incarnations.

    • Gaaahk… Batman, Myself and the Riddler… I would rather see Renee Z. in the part than see Jim C. return there…

  5. The black mask would be a great new underground terror. Sort of leaving off with all the underground bosses being stirred up from the last batman. They should leave off with batman still being public enemy number one. Cops normal people. So this go around needs to be a supreme threat. Based of the current climate in the usa and over seas. It has to be a domestic terrorist type thing going on with crooked politicians. That would be key for black mask to be the main leader of. A new leader sort of like harvey dent but actually be crocked the whole time. And also introduce a more realistic Pain character a assassin plus maybe that guy with the gun. Everyone should be hunting for batman in this one. And he needs a lot of enemies while trying to figure out who the real black mask is. And while to avoid run ins with pain. And not getting shot down by that cross hair or whatever his name is i cant remember right now. That would be a great batman flick with twist and turns and continuous actions. And to wonder if he can actually beat pain because that will be his true foe in the fighting since. Or you could make it a lighter movie and go with trademark supervillian Riddler and forget he is a wanted hated man in this movie. Its in your hands

  6. would also be nice to have black mask a black guy like brack obama promising hope but its a black mask he isnt really a savior and he is tryin to take your freedoms in hopes of flushing out the batman. and he only wins this battle truly with his batcave and having the accesories of true crime investigation to figure out the major plot and that it goes in every part of government. maybe to deep for some of you but considering the climate of todays news and politics that would be an awesome idea

  7. I still think Jackie earl Haley would be perfect as zsaz. riddler isn’t very intimidating.

    • @ Steve

      Sometimes i don’t think Riddler is meant to be intimidating. Whether you go for a serious Riddler or the Frank Gorshin version, what amuses him is outsmarting Batman with Riddles to his crimes.

    • @ Paul

      Very unlikely Nolan is gonna use the Joker due to Ledger’s passing, not to mention people’s obession of Ledger’s Joker in their minds.

  8. If done right, some one who leaves clues to what they are doing… follows the pattern of every serial killer that has ever been… Do not under estimate a dark environment of the Riddler.

  9. well I Think That The Riddler should be more like Clyde Shelton from The Law abinding Citizen and John Doe from Seven and Miles Jackson from 12 Rounds and The Caller from Phonebooth combined with Jigsaw from Saw and John Dillinger from Public Enemies but with an Obsessive Compulsion Disorder who is Obsessed with Batman and Riddles and also Mind Games like Simon Says from Die Hard 2 and Complex Puzzles who chooses to Test Batman’s intellect and Detective Skills desite this he corrupts the criminals through the powers of deception and mystery into fighting against Batman which ends with them been defeated and some escape but those who are unlucky go to arkam aslum and now batman is coming the Riddler only to find five clones [Robin Willaims,Enimem, and after defeating them and returning them to Arkham and Batman and the Police leave the scene the end scence has The Real Version Riddler reappearing and said an speech about Deception and Corruption are Quite Perfect and Deadly but also mysterious a bit like himself and plus not for forgeting Breathtakely handsome and has has a superior intelligence. he then Flashs a evil smile then winks he then disappears in a plain Bright green colured smoke as The Song Mr Mysterious by Vanessa Amorosi plays as the screen goes black and the credtis roll. now no to Joeseth Gorden Levitt and David Tennant,Crispin Glover as The Riddler as should only his clones along side Robin Willaims and Enimem and my cast chices for The Riddler himself Leo Dicaprio, Micheal C Hall,Brad Pitt and Tom Criuse and also Johnny Depp as well.

  10. Taking yourself a bit seriously these days Mr. Johnson??

    Clearly this thread has been repeated many times and the option of Joeseph Gorden-Levitt is an insider’s deal which makes no real sense to me… Someone must owe someone else something in particular given the fact that the Riddler should be played by an older man as it was with Frank Gorshin.

    Edward Nigma deserves some serious character development and anything less than a truly convoluted and dimensional character is just a silly boy in tights as we saw with Carey… Lets face it… the real point here is that Bale does not want to be upstaged again by the likes of Depp or anyone else of his caliber. My condolences to Joseph for the recent passing of his family member despite these industry machinations.

    All is well in the Asylum…

  11. Mr Theeradicaleclectic Jim Carrey was not a silly man in Tights in Batman Forever but a Comedy Legend Just Look at These films Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,The Mask, The Cable Guy,Bruce Almighty, The Man on the Moon and a Chrismas Carol and Me, Myself & Irene
    and fially Dumb and Dumber and Etc and yes I now I know that my Cast choosing may a little too seriously it is only because I only want The Riddler to be the most smart and Devious but James Bond Handsome than the otners and always has Cool exit like I mentined earlier like disappearing like John Doe from Seven at the end of the film or my new idea of having wearing a number of Disguises to easyly escape from Batman during the film but mostly at the end of film to show that he is always three or Four steps ahead of Batman in a more Realstic way. but thank you for telling me what you wanted to tell me.

    • Err… whatever the question is… the answer is defintively no…

    • I agree, a number of these films were decent. Me, myself and Irene is a standout in my opinion.

      But please, for the sake of all of us, and of all the impressionable children of the world, do not pretend that batman Forever’s riddler was more than a silly man in tights. Jim Carrey’s Riddler, was little more than Jim Carrey at his worst. There are young kids out there who might believe you, and follow suit.

      Spare the world from the shame of a generation that supports the Joel Schumacher batman films. I don’t think we’d be able to survive.

  12. I Think That The Riddler should maybe Be a Serial Killer who kills those who are Murderers and rapists, psychos and sadists and he has OCD and he has an obession with Riddles and Puzzles and Batman’s Secret Identity he behaves and acts like a Gentleman when he attacts the attention away from Bruce Wayne from The Crowds of the Gothamites in the social Circle of Gotham however since Bruce now has no luck with Ladies anymore since Edward Came To Town then goes down to his Batcave and he turns to a large dome-like structure where Bruce’s Batsuit and gadgets are stored. and looks at the Batsuit. and The end of The Film even through The Riddler is rumored to be still at large and his parthers that had prevously are in arkham, Bruce chooses to be Batman over his playboy persona as Gotham still needs Batman and the final scence is Batman looking at the Bat Signal then flys off by his Grapling Hook upon being told by Gordon that there still are alot of Arkham escapees appearing in different places within Gotham causing some more Problems for Gotham as Bruce as Batman flys off the Batman version of 007 Diamonds are Forever Theme Song plays.
    and my cast chices for The Riddler himself Leo Dicaprio, Micheal C Hall,Brad Pitt and Tom Criuse.

  13. Tom Hardy,Jude Law,Johnny Depp,Micheal C Hall,Brad Pitt,Paul Bettany, Gerald Bulter and Neal Mcdonough,James Franco,Ewan McGregor seem to be way better choices than Joseph Gordon-Levitt as they know to pull off a movie or TV Character while Joseph Gordon-Levitt is nowhere near as good as these guys, due to 500 Days of Summer and The Ten Things That hate about You, while Health Leager [may he rest in peace] had proved his worth though his movies health is the best let that be known,while Joseph Gordon-Levitt has only has been in three movies total, so no offfence to the blog readers, feel free to think of how these cast Chioces [see above] can work if either one gets the role of The Riddler and again No offfence.

    • Tom no offense, but your post couldn’t be more wrong. You may of only seen 3 of his movies but JGL has been in a lot more than 3 films.

      The Lookout
      Ten things I hate about you
      500 Days of Summer
      GI Joe
      Stop Loss
      Miracle at St Anna

      and that’s without checking IMDB. Now I’m going on IMDB and there are at least 9 more movies listed that I didn’t even see yet. I say at least 9 more because I stopped counting but there were more.

      So that makes 17 films plus more that I didn’t count. Also watching 500 days, inception, The Lookout and Brick I can easily say he is one of the best actors out there today and I could pick at least 7 of your actors listed above that he is better than. Seriously Gerald Butler?

  14. Mr Daniel F I have 7 otner cast choices for The Riddler such as #1 PAUL BETTANY, #2 MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER,#3 JUDE LAW,#5 James Franco,6: Neil Patrick Harris,7: Hugo Weaving so if you browse through these cast choices you will see that my extra cast chioces are just as good as Joseph Gordon-Levitt if not better so is no need to pin the blame on my more recent cast chioces since of course I had no idea that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has starred in 17 films or at least now, so no harm no foul even through I stick by my chioces of Tom Hardy,,Micheal C Hall,Brad Pitt, and Neal Mcdonough,,Ewan McGregor, so can you just focus on browsing through these cast chioces without any blame, cause as folk wisedom says Don’t hate The Player Hate The Game. thanks

    • Ok I’ll focus on your choices..

      I dislike every single one of them for this role. SOME of them are actually talented granted SOME not all, but horrible fits for the role. Micheal C hall is to intimidating and to much muscle. Riddler is a small unassuming man. Not a man you would think to be afraid of. Tom Hardy can thin down, but he is currently to big and already playing bane anyway however he does do intimidating very well also so not a great fit. Both are fantastic actors just not right for this role. Brad Pitt I’ll assume is a joke, but Riddler is not suppose to be a classically handsome man and certainly not someone who would be in the top ten sexiest man lists also Pitt really doesn’t have much range. He has one or two types he is fantastic at, but doesn’t really expend him self beyond that and when he tries it tends to be not great and he’s tool. James Franco is probably the most overrated actor in Hollywood the guy is so wooden it’s sad. He really isn’t very good and is by far the low point of all three spiderman films performance wise. I really don’t want to pick apart your list of 30 guys so I’ll stick with commenting on these ones however if you know anything at all about Riddler you should know none of those choices fit him well at all and if you know much about acting you would know at least 3 of those guys are not very good and shouldn’t be anywhere near a film with talent like this one.

      Don’t Hate the Player hate the game is one of the worst phrases known to man and should just die off.

      • I totally agree with you!! None of these men would do the Riddler very well. I think that DAVID TENNANT is the best choice by FAR!!!! He is amazing at being a crazy (see Doctor Who), and he has the sorta look that goes well with the Riddler. Not to strong but maor on the lean side. HE IS THE BEST CHOICE!!!!

  15. well then have anthor ideas such as Micheal C Hall or Brad Pitt Just look at Dexter\Gamer and an Interview with a Vampire and Benjamin Button and Casey Affleck from The assassination of Jessie James By The Coward Robert Ford,Paul Bettany From Legion and The Da Vinci Code and Tom Hardy from Inception and Bronson even through I have not seen the latter as they could make their mark on Batman’s Villain The Riddler even Ewan McGregor Just Look at Jonathan McQuarry in Deception and Camerlengo Patrick McKenna in Angels and Demons, Now On To Catwoman my choices are anne Hathaway Get Smart and Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada and kate beckinsale as Selene in Underworld and Anna Valerious in Van Helsing and Eva Green from Casino Royale and The Golden Compass, now on To Bane Robert Mallet from Sherlock Holmes and Nathan Jones from Troy and Bill Goldberg from Universal Soldier The Return. Now there is The Cast now all Chris Nolan needs is his Johan Nolan to create the Script and Plot for these charaters and you Have a movie. so just feel to browse and enjoy the forbinden fruit.

  16. Dude your just saying names, like over and over again. I dont mind an opinion. I have lots of them. Just make an argument for any of these choices. That’s all.

    And god no for anyone who was ever in the Universal Soldier franchise.

    Unless its Dolph Lundgren. That guys awesome.

  17. for The Riddler Leo DiCaprio he would fantastic Just watch Both The Aviator\Shutter Island plus Inception and in the case of Brad Pitt Just watch The Curious case of Benjamin Button\Fight Club and Se7en and who said that his wife would be starring with cause I really Don’t think so! Guy Pierce and Jude Law\Viggo Mortenson\Edward Norton and Timothy Olphant and even Alan Rickman could also blend into The Character that is The Riddler and still make the role their own. thanks!

  18. Tom Cruise could work as he has the exact same size and Build of The Riddler and Laughter and Yes some people may not want him in the role but if you watch The Curious case of Benjamin Button he can do Edward Naston Jr and if you watch Collateral you can see him do The Riddler he could nail the role, after all if Heath Leager can amaze us as The Joker then who says Tom Cruise as The Riddler Can’t as nothing is impossible to do, this is not a profanity or personal attack at all as this may work just change his hair color to orange and his suit to Black but with green colored Question marks with a Green Question mark Tie and a Question mark shaped Cane and you get a better chioce than my other ones. I’m sorry what I said about your Cast chioces as they your opinions and I should not have critized them desite what I think of them, sorry about that. anyway feel free to browse.

  19. I Rekon that Ewen Mcgreger should be a Likely Canadate for The Riddler due these roles Christain from Molin Rouge and Johnthan Mcquarry in Deception in regards to Edward Naston Jr and in case of The Riddler being like John Doe from Seven but with a Prinston\harvard knoledge of Finance and a Knank for Hacking into Computer main frames and stealing info by blocking firewalls as soon as they appear however The Riddler needs to be like Professer Moriarty but with OCD and Diplomatic Immunty, thus explaning why he cannot be caught. otner cast chioces are Jemery Irons,Timmorthy Olphant,Tom Cruise,Casey Affleck and Guy Pierce and Jude Law\Viggo Mortenson\Edward Norton.

    Brittney Murphy as the eccentic but Commical yet scankly clad copy cat killer Harley Quinn Her name is Harleen Quinnzel now named Harley Quinn by her Mr J who’s the nience of Dr Johnthan Crane\The Scarecrow until her corrupted rise into Harley Quinn but even though she is insane she still choses not to lay a finger on The Scarcrow’s head due their relation as uncle and nience. and she is the best of friends with Catwoman and Posion Ivy but when she is around The Riddler she feels that she has found a father figure, and The Riddler thinks of her as a daugher that he never had so as result she feels like a spoiled daugher around him because he spoils her esspeically on her birthday. other chioces included are Amanda Segfried and anna fariss

    Dommic West [The Punisher;War Zone\Johnny English Reborn] as Harvey Dent\Twoface Gotham City’s most trusted and respected DA who became Disgured on right hand side of his face due to The mob Boss he was interrgating Named Sal Marori [played by Eric Roberts from The Dark knight] threw a container of acid at his face as a result ”Harvey Twoface” became a fearless but dangerous mob boss in his own right and since he is now bound by change to decide a person’s fatewith a coin toss with his half scarred coin.

    Jack Black\Philp Seymour Hoffman as Oswald Copplepot\The Penguin a slighty overweight british mob boss with a Penguin beak like human nose who has fused fingers and a uncanny obession with unbrellas and The Aquaic flightless birds who is born into the Copplepot Crime Family that has been around since the birth of Thomas Wanye Bruce’s father and it was Thomas Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne Senior and Harvey Dent’s father Harvey Dent Senior dealing with shuting down Crime Families gainned them the attention of The Fathers and Mothers of Batman’s Rogue’s garelly and Commisher Gordon Senior and Luious Fox Senior.

  20. Edward Naston Jr once was a Science Teacher at Gotham High Gotham’s High School until a Incident of First degree of Rape with an underage Foreign exchange Student that not only physically damaged his Carrier but also The School’s and as a result he was Fired and Blackballed from Teaching but he bounced back by becoming a Criminologist and Published a large number of Best Selling Books on the Subject of Criminology. of which worked for awhile until a Sting Operation with Gotham PD lost sight of Batman and he fell into a down-would spinal that caused the loss of his Humanity and he reemerges Clinically insane and uncontrollable due being engulfed permently by his Obsessive Compulsion Disorder and uses Science and Criminology that he taught and learned and his ability to Scar People Emotionally and mess with People’s minds and becomes The Dark and Mysterious Combination of Howard Hughes meets Professor Moriarty based Criminal Mastermind who works in the shadows and uses Science,Criminology and his ability to mess with People’s minds and of course Technology to become the Green tea drinking,Snake Charming and wearing and purely Sinister and Black suited Green Question mark Wearing Criminal Mastermind Known as The Riddler a Science,Criminology and an ability to mess with People’s minds and Technology based Version of Jigsaw from Saw, and testes people on Survival though Intelligence with Death traps made out of Science and Technology to see if they can Survive the Challenges out of Intelligence if they have any. which gains him the attention of Batman. Cast Choices are Dommic West [The Punisher;War Zone\Johnny English Reborn],Ewen Mcgreger [Molin Rouge and Deception],otner cast choices includes Jemery Irons,Timmorthy Olphant,Tom Cruise,Casey Affleck and Guy Pierce and Jude Law\Viggo Mortenson\Edward Norton.

  21. Edward Norton would be fantastic as The Riddler as he could be a highly cunning criminal strategist and he be based off his Batman: Arkham Asylum self and he talks though Extra large TVs as Recordings, speaker-boxes and his Lair should be the one from Batman Forever but He himself is not as his Origin comes from the 1966 film Batman and his Transformation into The Riddler however still comes from Batman Forever, how his Appearance comes from Batman: The Animated Series and maybe his Reason is To Save Gotham by Elimating Batman in terms of Driving Bruce Wayne\Batman into a Criminal perhaps using Simon Hurt as Batman and having Dr Hugo Strange to unleash Bruce Wanye’s Medical Files via internet and TV News Reports. then Brainwashing The Batman Family into Criminality to discredit them. then use Hypnosis on every Batman Villain expect himself into Believing that they are the Batman Family. then get Diplomatic Immunity and Leave Gotham after Fear Gassing The City of Gotham, under a assumed Name and a All new Cosmic Surgery enhanced Appearance. Other Cast Choices, includes are Dommic West [The Punisher;War Zone\Johnny English Reborn],Ewen Mcgreger [Molin Rouge and Deception]and Jemery Irons,Timmorthy Olphant,Tom Cruise,Casey Affleck and Guy Pierce and Jude Law\Viggo Mortenson. this is Just a Visual idea so Just feel to Browse.

  22. Edward Nigma\The Riddler could be a highly Intelligent strategist turned into a Computer Hacking Cyber Terrorist who uses Question mark Shaped Bombs to level The City of Gotham if Batman fails to solve his Riddles and Puzzles, but his motive could be that he attended one of Bruce Wayne’s Parties and quite boldly offered a Test Show of his latest Invention at Wayne Enterprises if he could. a remote shaped Device that injects Volts of increased Brain power to an Individual. of which so far that he has tested on monkeys of which can now talk with sigh language. however it is not however ready for Human Testing as no one knows the side effects which will only would happen if tested on humans. however Edward due to Desperation tested it on himself to if he could survive the Human Trials of which he did but he ended up receiving OCD and lost his humanity as a result of it. but also got Orange colored hair and he has an obession with Riddles and Puzzles and Batman’s Secret Identity. Thus creating The Riddler but he wears a Black colored Bowler Hat and Business suit covered in Plain Bright Green coloured Question Marks.