Batman 3 Titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; No Riddler, No 3D

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Batman 3 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D


During an interview just published on Hero Complex, Chris Nolan has revealed the title of Batman 3: it will be called “The Dark Knight Rises and it WON’T be shot in 3D (they’ll shoot in IMAX format instead).

In the same interview, Nolan announced something that Batman movie fans have been debating and speculating about, ever since the end credits rolled on The Dark Knight: Nolan has stated that The Riddler will NOT be the villain featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out the quote from Nolan himself that should put an end, once and for all, to all of the Riddler rumors and faux casting announcements that have stretched on for years and included everyone from Johnny Depp to Edward Norton to comedian Eddie Murphy. Said Nolan:

“It won’t be the Riddler.”

So, can we all agree that this riddle has now been solved? (Sorry couldn’t help myself.)

theriddler Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Nolan didn’t reveal much else to Hero Complex, opting instead to play things close to the vest as usual, but did give the following vague and cryptic piece of information:

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,”

Hero Complex‘s Geff Boucher speculates whether or not that answer could leave room for a surprise return by Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart), which is a question we asked you about more than a year ago. Guess that debate is free to start all over again.

batman 3 two face Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

As for the more recent rumors of female leads being auditioned for Batman 3, Tom Hardy joining the cast and Killer Croc being the possible villain? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops. [We now know Bane and Catwoman will be featured in the film. More on that HERE.]

UPDATE: We may be able to clear up those Killer Croc rumors, at least, as our friends over at Think McFly are reporting that The Dark Knight Rises is in fact going to be shooting in New Orleans, the same location where DC/WB had such success shooting the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Think McFly has clarified that Nolan and Co. will be shooting only interior set pieces at the New Orleans location, with the city of Chicago still serving as the exterior representation of Gotham City. These Killer Croc rumors rose primarily out of the assertion that Batman 3 would be using the city’s Bayou locale as the basis for the Croc story; since we now know that we won’t be seeing Batman combing the swamplands, having Killer Croc as the featured villain seems even more unlikely than it initially did.

The Dark Knight Rises… I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I’m disappointed in that title. The great thing about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is that their titles are indicative of two standalone stories which each had their own respective themes and identities.

dark knight poster2 top Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Indeed, there’s been much debate in the years since TDK where fans have expressed their pleasure/displeasure with the differences between the two films – and there is certainly a strong contingent of Batheads who felt TDK was completely different in feel than BB, and favored one film over the other.

I say all that to say: The Dark Knight Rises feels like a straight-up sequel, rather than a standalone entry in the Nolan Batman universe. That’s not to say the finished film will be that way, but for now, that is the implication I’m getting. Silver lining: if  Catwoman turns out to be the villain, we’ll have plenty of “Dark Knight Rising” jokes to crack icon wink Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D .

catwoman 450x450 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

How about you: do you like the title The Dark Knight Rises? Do you think the movie sounds like your average sequel rather than a new Batman experience? How do you feel about the Riddler being out of the mix?

TDKR will go into production next year and is slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2012.

Source: Hero Complex

Update Source: Think McFly

Featured Image Source: PolishTank48 @ DeviantArt

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  1. i am rather disapointed that the riddler wont be in the third movie because he is a great villian i do think that tom hardy would play a good bane. but i think anne hathaway is a bad choice for cat woman i think rhona mitra would proberbly be a good catwoman.

  2. For third installment, why so much focus on the villian, would love to see Batman develop, the city develop and villian is secondary. Would be terrible if the film is more about the villian than Batman.

    Was disapointed with the feel of Gotham in TDK — Gotham is gothic, gothic is dark and the setting felt like neither. There were none of the metro trains in the second, no mansion, etc it simply lost its authenticity. I hope this changes a bit in the next film.

    I also think the strength of the first film was making the ‘cartoonie’ world that comic hero movies often operate in, much more plausible — TDK did this, but feels as though it could easily get out of hand.

    Certainly more than the cool gadgets etc that Batman could gain, I hope we get to truly see Batman develop; less subtle (sneaky glimpses) of future villians that the audience might not catch the first time also welcome.

    Confident in Nolan, yet scared a better quality ‘Matrix’ trilogy might happen

  3. Alexx..
    Good assumption and nice photo. And it is a good explanation of why Levitts role is a secret.
    I also not too happy about catwoman in this movie, but, probably, batman needs some love stuff))
    And if Bane will be an intelligent character (not just muscle-man), then he could fit perfectly.
    Waiting for a good plot and maximum realistic.
    Nolan set the bar higher than anyone in this genre of movie and now will face his own limits. Can’t wait to see this film.

    • Oh yea jim carrey was the best why don’t they just put him in it for this movie, he would do it. And how about putting some humor into it like the joker in the dark knight, where he try to blow up the hospital and he is dressed like a woman, that was the best laugh i have ever had but with the riddler, jim carrey will own that part in the movie he is so funny, why not put him in and the movie shouldt be called that is should be called… The Dark Knight 3 Return of The Riddler staring Jim Carrey.

      • You guys are retarded. The Riddler is too much like the joker. Having a completely different kind of villain such as BANE is really the perfect choice.

  4. Reckon the movie will turn out good I will be the best yet of the batman mOvies

  5. Paul Giamatti or Philip Seymour Hoffman should be The Penguin

  6. I LIKE Batman

  7. I find the idea of Bane coming into it not really that special, i wanted to see Harley Quin!!
    I imagined her interviewing the Joker and him manipulating her telling her about the downfall of society and that what he did in ‘chaos’ benifited Gotham.
    I can see Harly Quin with a successful job, but as she gets more into the mind of the joker, she soon is fading from normal society, her relationship with her fiance dwindles as she gets sucked into the Jokers words and spends more time with him (more then usual).
    After catching her fiance with another woman, her state of mind is compromised and the the Psycological institute fires her, as she poses a risk to the patient (Joker).
    As her life is shattered so is her mind, and in doing so, the only person she has left is

  8. Yea the idea is ok, but i wanted to see Harly Quin!!!
    I see Harly Quin as a composed woman, beautiful, successful and well respected. As one of the top psychologists in Gotham she is sent to interview the Joker. As the interview goes on, the Joker tells her how the society is using everybody and that she’ll only be spat out as a nothing and a nobody. He tells her what he did was a benefit to Gaotham, ‘a cleansing’ if you may. He told her that out of all this chaos he had helped Gotham in seeing into themselves.
    As weeks go by, Harly Quin slowly gets disconnected with society. The relationship with her fiance is dwindling by her obsession with the Joker. One day she comes home to see her fiancee is with another woman in bed, her state of mind slowly falls apart. Seeing this, the Institute of psychology then fires her as she poses a risk because her state of mind has been compromised.
    With nothing left, she drops into insanity, realising the Joker was right. Society had spat her out.
    Harly Quin has nothing left but fascination for the Joker.
    She then breaks into Arkahm Assylum to help him escape.

  9. Yeah sounds like a sequel. But everyone i know bashed and hated the fact that heath ledger was playing the part of the joker. He did a ffin great job, right along with jack nickleson. Now with that said, the dark knight rises is going to blow our minds or become a big disappointment. My thoughts keep all the actors from the dark knight and characters, but leave two face dead. Bringing a character back from the dead never works out. Leave two face out. Every comic fan and batman fan knows that BANE is the true adversary to batman. And also no catwoman plz. Her place is in the comics keep her there not in the movie. No actor will be able to play the part they will butcher it. Maybe kate beckinsale could do it but doubt it and no sidekicks no these movies are about batman. Look what happened with batman forever and batman and robin they sucked. NO SIDEKICKS THIS IS BATMANS STORY NO ONE ELSES. LEAVE THEM OUT.

  10. so sweet not in 3D nice to see some that not poping out of the screen.
    and instead pops out with actions.

  11. I thought Nathan jones would have been a great BANE. as he has the size and height to play him well. ALSO he has the real history to put into the character. Armed robbery and being in jail. Would have been a good call if you ask me.

  12. They have some new casting info up on IMDB. Not sure how accurate it is.

    I see a young blond, (Juno Temple?) on there. I can only imagine she’s going to be a background, Harley Quinn. Who knows?
    I’m disappointed that Joseph G-L will be playing John Blake and not The Joker. like originally rumored.
    The ONLY thing thats keeping me interested… other than Mr Bale of course… is Tom Hardy playing Bane. I think Tom is an amazing actor. Really underrated. Anyone who doesn’t agree that he’d make an excellent Bane, should watch “Bronson” first.


  14. Wow, Giamatti or Seymour-Hoffman as the Penguin would rock. BUT, the problem is that the Penguin character and whoever played the Penguin would have the misfortune of being compared to Ledger’s Joker. And this would be especially true for anybody playing the Riddler.

    Catwoman has a different relationship with Batman and many different interactions are possible. It would be harder to draw comparisons to The Dark Knight. I just look forward to an original and dynamic storyline and to see something I’ve never seen before in the Batman saga.

  15. Why are people still mentioning Mr Freeze, Penguin and Riddler? They are NOT in the movie. Get over it and move on.
    The full cast list is on IMDB along with a small trailer.

  16. M one of the biggest fan of Batman Series. Nolan Uncle u r just fantastic bt i thin the title name of next movie is lookin pretty old as v have heard it before.
    M just waitin curiously 2 watch it. Ok Nolan Uncle good job n i realy wish 2 meet u someday Insha Allaah.

  17. Just saw the new Catwoman outfit. *SIGH*
    WHAT… a let down. I love Batman. I love Nolan, but this outfit and Anne, are a thumbs down for me. Let hope her acting and the script can make up for this. I think I set my hopes for Catwoman a little too high. :(

  18. that blows the riddler is awsome

  19. My idea for catwoman is to put Halle Berry back. they already made a catwoman movie. Just make this film a siqual for both the films. And I was hopeing for johnny depp for ridler because he can creat a darker version. Like his role in sweeny todd and bring out the humor has he did for jack spirow.

  20. i realy hope Harley Quinn is in this movie she is my villan hero.

  21. i’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn hope i see her in Batman 3.

  22. my all time batman movies were adam west in the 60′s batman tv show &

    Jack Nicholson 1989 Batman movie & Batman Forever movie & sega Genesis game.

    and see more of Harley quinn cause i think Harley Quinn should be a henchmen hired by any main villians in the Batman the DarkKnight rise in 2012.

  23. i wouldn’t mind seeing other new ladie actors play the role of Harley Quinn in the next Batman movie in the future. wish the best for arleen as the real Harley Quinn who made harley the evil villan in the batman series.

    cause Arleen Sorkin will always be the best harley quinn & MR.j’s sidekick

    but we havn’t seen the last of of arleen sorkin’s yet her luck for playing her role of harley quinn will never run out for her.

  24. theres a lot of Harley quinn hater fans out there & on other sites who don’t want harley quinn in the new batman movies at all.

    since after joker ledger’s death maybe it won’t happen now.

    i’m a fan of Harley Quinn & joker both i want to see Harley quinn in a Batman movies in 2012 & the next year after that.