Batman 3 Titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; No Riddler, No 3D

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Batman 3 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D


During an interview just published on Hero Complex, Chris Nolan has revealed the title of Batman 3: it will be called “The Dark Knight Rises and it WON’T be shot in 3D (they’ll shoot in IMAX format instead).

In the same interview, Nolan announced something that Batman movie fans have been debating and speculating about, ever since the end credits rolled on The Dark Knight: Nolan has stated that The Riddler will NOT be the villain featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out the quote from Nolan himself that should put an end, once and for all, to all of the Riddler rumors and faux casting announcements that have stretched on for years and included everyone from Johnny Depp to Edward Norton to comedian Eddie Murphy. Said Nolan:

“It won’t be the Riddler.”

So, can we all agree that this riddle has now been solved? (Sorry couldn’t help myself.)

theriddler Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Nolan didn’t reveal much else to Hero Complex, opting instead to play things close to the vest as usual, but did give the following vague and cryptic piece of information:

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,”

Hero Complex‘s Geff Boucher speculates whether or not that answer could leave room for a surprise return by Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart), which is a question we asked you about more than a year ago. Guess that debate is free to start all over again.

batman 3 two face Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

As for the more recent rumors of female leads being auditioned for Batman 3, Tom Hardy joining the cast and Killer Croc being the possible villain? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops. [We now know Bane and Catwoman will be featured in the film. More on that HERE.]

UPDATE: We may be able to clear up those Killer Croc rumors, at least, as our friends over at Think McFly are reporting that The Dark Knight Rises is in fact going to be shooting in New Orleans, the same location where DC/WB had such success shooting the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Think McFly has clarified that Nolan and Co. will be shooting only interior set pieces at the New Orleans location, with the city of Chicago still serving as the exterior representation of Gotham City. These Killer Croc rumors rose primarily out of the assertion that Batman 3 would be using the city’s Bayou locale as the basis for the Croc story; since we now know that we won’t be seeing Batman combing the swamplands, having Killer Croc as the featured villain seems even more unlikely than it initially did.

The Dark Knight Rises… I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I’m disappointed in that title. The great thing about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is that their titles are indicative of two standalone stories which each had their own respective themes and identities.

dark knight poster2 top Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Indeed, there’s been much debate in the years since TDK where fans have expressed their pleasure/displeasure with the differences between the two films – and there is certainly a strong contingent of Batheads who felt TDK was completely different in feel than BB, and favored one film over the other.

I say all that to say: The Dark Knight Rises feels like a straight-up sequel, rather than a standalone entry in the Nolan Batman universe. That’s not to say the finished film will be that way, but for now, that is the implication I’m getting. Silver lining: if  Catwoman turns out to be the villain, we’ll have plenty of “Dark Knight Rising” jokes to crack icon wink Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D .

catwoman 450x450 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

How about you: do you like the title The Dark Knight Rises? Do you think the movie sounds like your average sequel rather than a new Batman experience? How do you feel about the Riddler being out of the mix?

TDKR will go into production next year and is slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2012.

Source: Hero Complex

Update Source: Think McFly

Featured Image Source: PolishTank48 @ DeviantArt

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  1. Too early to say at this point. Is that a “working title” or an official title?

    I am going to venture to guess we’ll see 3 villains in this one. It seems to be the Hollywood MO these days to increase the villains as each subsequent sequel comes out for any given hero series.

    I am thinking Catwoman, Penguin and Killer Croc (or Poison Ivey).

  2. Well i guess ricky will be bawling now, poor him lol.

    • This is total BS iam so pissed you have no idea i feel like breaking my ipod,hell no i camt believe this!

      • I’m sure your Ipod will break on its own. :)

        • Yes eventually

          • They always do. I’m really careful with all my things and I’ve had 5 broken Ipods, 2 broken Iphones and one Apple Laptop that quite literally burst into flames. That is within an eight year period.

            • Holy crap are you serious? I have an ipod touch :/ how many years do you give it?

              • 2 max!

                Flames shot out of my Ibook, I had to throw it out into my garden!

            • Sam, i have no issues with my Ipods thank god lol.

              • Consider yourself extremely lucky!

                • 2 years? Thats BS ive had this 1.5 years and i have no trouble with it. And i baught it USED.

                  • you actually bought something?? you? wow!

                    • I’m sure he meant “given”

                  • Well, consider each waking moment you have with it as precious then, its time is running out…

                    • Um its my moms ipod lol i dont wanna break it!

                      Anthony i wont waste money!!

                • moms Ipod omg lol…you work you cant buy your own stuff?? dont you? :)

                  • Yes but i give my money to my parents as rent.

      • Wait, I’m late to this. Rick, why does this annoy you so?

        • Joshi

          because i wanted to see how evil the riddler could be now its not happening the title is ok but i hate that the riddler isnt the villain!

          • The Riddler would only have worked if they did it like SAW with loads of evil traps, but otherwise it would have come off as a cut price version of the Joker.

            • I think the riddler wouldve been great as the villain.

          • I know, he could have immortalized the riddler without making him anything like the joker :(

  3. LMAO yes finally we can put that covo to bed!!!!!! The Dark Knight Rises is kind of an easy way to get it done plus ppl hold up TDK so keep that nme and just add rises gives us the New syand alone chapter Bats is The Dark Knight right? well we left him down in the last movie in this one he will “Rise” lol and that’s how i see it as a stand alone in Nolans Batverse. Riddler being cast out is great cuz now the Rumors really start to fly so we have a name, we know Hardy has a male lead that is NOT the Riddler and he is looking at a female lead late twenties early 30′s…. And Here We Go!!!!!!!

    • i think he’s playing firefly

  4. Terrible title. Kofi is right it seems like it will just be a straight sequel to TDK, which isnt something I wanted to see, one of the things I liked was that these films werent neccessarily direct sequels.

    Was that really the best they could come up with? I could have pulled a better title out of my…idea box.

    • LOL. i wonder f this title is a bad sign of bad things to come.

      • The title sucks. I have lost faith here.

        • You might as well have called it “Up’N At ‘Em”

          or “Batman – Wake Up Call”

          or “The Dark Knight Gets Out of Bed”

          Please feel free to continue…

          • “Bat in a wagon”
            “The last Bat”
            “Going to the Batmobile”

          • Batman-Sleep Times Over!

            • How about a nod to Hemingway:

              “The Dark Knight Also Rises”

              • “The Dark Knight takes a dump!” dadadada!(TDK theme music in background) As The Dark Knight has the challenge of his life from this evil villain, he must struggle to eliminate this unrelenting foe before he wipes,flushes and rises again!

  5. i love the title…..i knew the riddler probably wasnt the villain but could hope and i think its a sequel because its theme was pretty much set up by the ending of the dark knight.

  6. Yay, no Riddler. I want someone new, like Black Mask.

  7. I like anything Chris Nolan does and trust him with every decision. Title is irrelevant, really. But it sure puts a cap on the trilogy and I like the idea of simply saying ‘Rises’

    • I hate that everything must become a trilogy, I blame George Lucas for that one.

      • It depends. I want a trilogy of Batman films (and more), same goes for Superman and etc. Some films don’t need sequel, like Inception. Yes, WB is trying to get a sequel going.

        • Its this mentality though, everything HAS to be a trilogy. Like Avatar, fine make a sequel, but why does it have be a trilogy?

          • Bit of a different subject! but you were right about the smallville episode btw! haha it didnt turn out like the other 100 episodes:) he actually told her! i was like “woooah” after hahaha

            • Yes. I was quite sure what would happen, it’s nice to be right once in a while! Ha.
              Harvest looks like a great episode, nice to see an episode that wasn’t shot on sets or in the studio, actually out on location.

        • it should be titled “Dreamscape Part 3″ then

      • Thank you! I thought was the only one. Imagine if every fourth Bond movie was just another “Casino Royale” rewrite. We all know by now where Batman and Superman and Spider-man come from. How about just putting in some effort and writing a new chapter instead of starting over every few movies?

    • im gonna have to watch Insomnia again. its the only Nolan movie i can say i thought was just “ok”

      • It was ok. I find watching films with Hillary Swank in difficult due to her lack of talent and attractiveness.

        • the fact it was a remake turned me off, i’d enjoy Swank more too if she was topless in her movies.

          • @ Anthony: I’m really offended by that comment. It’s very misogynistic and I don’t find it at all humorous.

            • Jessie…

              Sadly, haven’t you noticed how often such comments are made on various threads, here and on other sites? I’m a lover of the female form just like many men, but I too find such comments to be a bit lowbrow for my tastes or sensibilities…Of course, I’m also stunned “Jackass 3-D” made more than two dollars at the box office (sad state of popular stupidity in America). Oh, well…C’est la vie.

          • couldnt agree more.

            • with anthony that is.

        • You watch films with Hilary Swank? Cool. Let me know your next movie night is. I love being a third wheel.

  8. Not the best title but I guess it works into how TDK ended as for the riddler being confirmed as not being the villian I’m keeping my fingers crossed for killer croc I think it would be awesome to see a new villian on the big screen instead of one that has been done before ^_^

    • yeah……maybe they could bring two-face as the judge like in batman tas. anyway im hoping for firefly, red claw or harley quinn, or killer croc

  9. I blame the Three Stooges… ;)

    • Not the Three Wise Men?

    • um…for the whole TRILOGY thingy.

      • possibly the Three Amigos

        • Dusty Bottoms as the bad guy??

          • Nope! the dastardly Little Neddy Niederlander ;)

            • ahaha “i am that fast”

        • “The Three Musketeers”….”The Holy Trinity”….just kidding.

  10. I’m glad that the Riddler won’t be in the film cause ALL the rumored stories with him seemed like they were Joker tales just with the Riddler instead. It wouldn’t do justice for either character. (This is the same reason I’m not a fan of Harley Quinn being in the movie cause she’d just be the She-Joker).

    As for the title, well… The Dark Knight Rises would make sense cause we’ve already established him as that Frank Miller-esque villinous Batman, and going back to “Batman Rises” would just not make sense in the scope of how the character is perceived (as Anti-Hero in the real world setting). If Batman would have ended up in the title, or the movie plot strayed from him trying to re-establish himself as a non-threat to Gotham, I think we ALL would hate it cause it would have completely abandoned the end of TDK.

    • No, I wanted Batman in the title.

      • Ditto…

        • Same here like batman beyond or gotham knights would fit well but NO they named it something stupid ugh. I cant believe it worst news in a long time.

          • How cool would a Batman Beyond movie be! Have Bale to play an elderly Bruce! That would be sweet!!!!!

            • That would be sick! Yeah thats awsome. I want them to reboot the franchise already lol,this is BS….

              • Ok, calm down, I dont like the title either but there is no need to use the R word.

                • lmao! Well i want to see riddler if a R is necessary then so be it!

                • thanks DSB you wound rickys pointy tophead up, now he is spinning out of control.

                  • *breaks ipod*

            • Hahahaha. I never even thought of a Batman Beyond Movie. That would pretty much rock.

              • The Dark Knight Rises. As opposed to The Dark Knight Sinks? Wow. I am moved.

                • Oops! Right reply, wrong place. My bad. Here I wanted to write about how Batman Beyond is more of Nightwing Beyond. I enjoyed BB as much as I could, but I never got over the fact that it was more like Nightwing in the future. So Where does Nightwing fit in to Nolans world? Probably nowhere I imagine. But I suggest that Nightwing is and can be a whole lot darker than Robin, the boy wonder….Well, that’s what I get for thinking.

        • Hi guys, I have been following this website for a few months now and as an avid movie fan welcome the scoops that it always has (usually beating even my preferred magazine, “Empire Online” to the punch!); I have never felt the need to post anything but have been stirred by the comment I just read: “This is the worst news I have heard IN A LONG TIME…” regarding the (proposed) title for the third Batman movie….ARE YOU SERIOUS?

          1) The Dark Knight Returns has been taken….in 1986.
          2) Nolan has always asserted he wanted to create a (semi) realistic world away from the previous franchise, so no “Batman” in the title is ok with me.
          3)Even taking into account another comment that said that the fans of the movies are firmly in two camps as to their favourites based on the differing styles, I think most people would agree that, female casting aside (both leading ladies were woefully mis cast in my opinion) Nolan has done a stellar job so far and there is no need at all to think he{ll drop the ball at this point. Indeed if his heart was not in it surely he would have passed on directing duties this time around?
          4) The title may change before the release date anyway!

          One last thought: can you imagine if Nolan returns to the subject matter in 15 years and casts Bale again in his take on Millers classic….? Back in 1986 I dreamt of DKR with Clint Eastwood as an aging Batman against Chris Reeves Supes in that last titanic battle….

    • I wish the series it’s self was all titled “Batman…”

      “Batman Begins”
      “Batman: The Dark Knight”
      “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”

      I was hoping for the title “Batman: Legacy of the Dark Knight” to set an ending to the trilogy, not that it HAS to be a trilogy. But it does set the mood and theme for an end to the Nolan-era Batman.

  11. im guessing with that name and the fact they say its the last one, Batman will “Rise” up and become the hero the town needs. he will be noticed as a hero and the people of Gotham will appreciate him. we’ll see. haha

  12. Oh and the most important thing (and I may completely be in the minority) THANK GOD it won’t be in 3D…. I am so annoyed with all these 3D spectacle films coming out

    • lol i like 3D but not in movies i dont see it fitting in to lol

  13. The riddler wouldve been the best choice as villain i always wanted to see nolans vision of him its my second fave villain i mean WTF? Im super pissed no riddler seriously? The only thing that would make me happy is if harley quinn was the villain noone else F this…

    • So…I take it you are unhappy with the film already?

      • Yes

  14. I was hoping for it to be called The Caped Crusader.

    • I 100% agree with you nick… that or gotham knight? something to that degree would have been great… the dark knight rising? i hate it…

      I hope that since there is no riddler they have penguin/blackmask/cat woman/harley quinn… I didnt say killer croc because im not sure how nolan will do him in the movie… ild like to see penguin and black mask team up, penguin is an arms dealer and black mask is a gang leader obsessed with killing batman… maybe catwoman could join with batman? for a little while that is… since she is never a good/bad character… she is always walking that tight rope between the two… then she can stab batman in the back sometime during the movie…

      i wouldnt want to see harley quinn because she should only be there when the joker is around… at least not when she is dressed up like a clown, maybe at the end she frees him and the forth movie will have joker and harley quinn? my head is spinning… gotta quit… peace!

      • i heard that if heath hadn’t died this movie would have joker and harley

        • There was a very persistent rumour that Nolan shot more scenes with Ledger that were intended for a sequel or after credits. We will never see them.

          • unless a “dark knight extended/director’s cut” comes out :(

            • Nah, that footage will be in a vault somewhere. It might not even exist but there where lots of rumours about a scene shot with the Joker in Arkham.

      • Imagine this… somehow, Joker secretly keeps Rachel Dawes out of harm, brainwashes her and creates Harley Quinn. That’d be pretty sick, but awfully hard to turn into a reality.

        • Umm…there was kind of a scene where you see her in direct proximity to exploding barrels of oil/gasoline. It’d be impossible for her to have lived, and that is basically the story ebhind Two-Face in TDK,the Joker gets to him, and ends up changing his views on the world basically creating a new villain.

    • It could have been “The Rise of the Caped Cruader” and I would have been coooooool with that.

      • typo! I meant “The Rise of The Caped Crusader”

  15. If Catwoman ends up being in the movie I’m wondering if Cialis or Viagra will try to do a product tie-in…



    • Vic please tell me this is a joke i just cant believe it iam so mad >:(

      • Ricky,

        I’m not a fan of the title, but given the ending of The Dark Knight it makes sense. Batman is now on the run and considered a criminal, so by the end of the next film he will have been redeemed in the eyes of Gotham City.

        I’m actually very glad they didn’t go with “The Dark Knight Returns” because I think that leaves open the possibility that maybe someday we’ll get a movie based on the awesome concept of Frank Miller’s graphic novel.


        • I can live with the title but not the fact that the riddler wont be villain!

          • @ricky…i think somewhere here you near guaranteeing that it’d be the riddler…..

        • I’d love them to make that into a movie one day. or at least a DC animated feature.

          • that would be awesome…as long as Millers is no where NEAR the directors chair Sam.

            • Agreed.

              • If memory serves, they did a snippet of The Dark Knight Returns in a Batman animated series episode mash up… it was pretty cool and stayed with the graphic novel. It was the scene where bats beats the crap out of the gang leader in the mud.

        • Vic

          u realise this movie The Dark Knight Rise is sort of play on The Dark Knight Returns they both are TDKR.

          i doubt its an accident. Could we see some story elements from The Dark Knight Returns into The Dark Knight Rise :)

      • Me too Vic (see my comment from a few minutes ago…)!!!!

    • lol i hope no catwoman, i dont see anyone topping Michelle’s catwoman from batman forever….but it was a long time ago so im probably wrong lol

      i just think it should be villains we’ve never seen in movies lol

      • @Anthony

        Yes i did in that other batman thread. It was the obvious choice as the villain. This leads me to believe nolan will do more batman movies though you cant end a trilogy with this title. Think about it.

        • obvious choice??? says who? dude you dont even READ comics or graphic novels lol. so for me, any points you might have are not valid :)

          • Good point, the person who has never even picked up a comic book shouldnt really be commenting on who should be the villain when he has no knowledge of the character.

            • DSB, he doesnt get it. lol..maybe i should start up on..hell nevermind, not worth it :)

            • Um,i know most of the batman villains ya know,its true i havent read a comic but riddler would kick ass,a dark version of him dont you guys think?

              • dude hell yeh! me and you are on the same page Rick!

                • THANKS CODY :D

          • Yes the obvious choice! Scarecrow,joker,then riddler that wouldve been awsome think of it that way!

            • Scarecrow wasnt the villain in Batman Begins.

              • But he was still villain!

              • see, he doesnt get its still lol.

                • You crack me up Ants,i know more than you think i know ;)

                  • highly doubtful comic book hater

                    • Hahaha you think what you will i dont have to read the comics to know about them :)

                    • Coloring books are kinda cool…I guess…lol

                    • nowhereman, LOL. i think even those are beyond his skill level…

                    • I love coloring books but HP books are better :)

              • But wasn’t he? Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul…

    • @Vic LOL! Yea they’ll make special Trojan-Man packs in with something that looks similar to the Bat symbol. “Cialis Kyle” Viagra-Man flying forward vertically through the air! LOL!

  16. I’m disappointed in both the title and the fact that the Riddler is not in it. I just hope whoever the villain is exceeds my expectations.

  17. Like others, I’m not a fan of the title.

    I find myself wondering if Nolan will still use Joseph Gordon-Levitt if the Riddler is off the table… I’m not a comic reader so I’m sure what other villains are out there but I really wanted to see Gordon-Levitt in a villainous role.

    • Ever see GI Joe, he was a terrible villian!! But I think he would’ve been a better Riddler than good ole Jim.

    • Never heard this rumor, but Gordon-Levitt alone would make this movie watchable regardless of who the villain is. Can somebody tell me what they decided to do with the Joker? Because James Franco could totally work as a body double

  18. Seeing how TDK ended, the title seems appropriate. Although I was lokking forward to the Riddler… oh well

  19. I don’t really care about the title…Let’s face it, every fan made title that has been thrown around in the two years since TDK was released has been far worse than this. There weren’t a lot of decent titles out there to use, so I think he went in a fine direction.

    I am sort of disappointed, however, that the Riddler has been ruled out. I’m even going to go as far as to assume that he was left on the cutting room floor because of (not in spite of) his wide popularity among fans.

    • Way better than “The Caped Crusader”

      • Yeah, I’ve always thought that “The Caped Crusader” sounded a bit poppy. And then there are other suggestions like “Shadow of the Bat,” “I Am Gotham,” and “Batman Sustains” that are just god awful.

        • Batman-Knightfall

          • THAT would been awesome, but a dead give away on who the villian would be lol.

            • True. But its an awesome title.

              • I vote gotham knights

              • Knightfall would have been appropriate for the last film, not the upcoming one.


                • Thats true Vic.

                  Vic do you think theyll make more batman films? I mean thats what the title suggests IMO…

                  • In the grand scheme of things, I’m sure that they will make more Batman films…but I doubt that Nolan will.

    • Legacy of the Dark Knight.

  20. Gaaah, when I heard the news on just now i glanced at the post and I coulda sworn I saw “riddler will be the next villian”, and I was stoked for about 5 seconds till I realized that he was being held out on this movie. I don’t get why people aren’t bummed about the riddler that would be such a strong villian to bring in the next round. I don’t get how’d he be a another joker wanna be, nobody really thinks of his potential really.

    My angle for him was that since batman was cast out as a wanted murderer, the riddler or, Edward Nashton/Nigma could be brougth in starting as some kinda agent, preferably ATF since there was alot of destruction in the DK and come on, there would so be higher ranking agencies on top of this in a heartbeat. But I was thinking Edward would get so sucked into catching the batman, that he creates a fake villian persona, The Riddler, and attempts to catch batman in one of his “traps”. And assuming batman escapes from every trap, the riddler downfalls and starts to push things further and further over obsession and becomes the villian! As mentioned above, three villians would be ok in my book, I would just say that the audience needs a recognizable one just like the Joker with the DK, and I would put in Black Mask, and whoever could fit into the nolan world in there with the famous villain so they can be discovered by audiences who are unfamiliar with them and they’d have a strong feel for them because they are running with a main villian of batman. Just my take on it.

    As for title, personally I think its kind of weak and just like you guys said above it wouldnt be an independent movie, it’d be a sequel to the dark knight and the jokers not coming back, neither is harvey dent so that movie should be done. The independence of the movies is what I like about Nolan best. I’ve got some working titles that I wonder if you guys might like…

    Rise of the Bat
    Rise of Gotham
    or something else that stands out from the other movies besides just “rise” haha

    • Cody B., I love your Riddler idea! I am so very disappointed to hear there may be no Riddler in Nolan’s next movie. He’s always been my favorite Batman villain. More importantly, he’s a thinking-person’s villain, and the Nolan Batman films are very shrewd in their scripts. I was stunned by how well Nolan used both the Scarecrow and the Joker and couldn’t wait to see what he did with the Riddler. I only can hope he is not being honest in the interview.

  21. I think they should have Edward or Jacob in it, that would be dreamy.
    And like, Bruce Wayne could like make a donation to Bella’s school and that’s how they meet, and then like Edward and Jacob would be all like, “what ever!” and it would be like so dreamy and

    (damn this teen-age single-celled-brain chat is hard to keep going!)

    Honestly, who cares about the title.
    It’s a Batman movie.
    With Christian Bale giving himself throat polyps and destroying his vocal cords with every other word.
    The first two movies were ok, they were “fun”, but they weren’t “masterpieces” or anything. They were generic action flicks. The second one could have been a James Bond film, minus the rubber fetish suit.

    • Agree about TDK, it was a thriller that just happened to have Batman in it.

      • ya but you guys are saying that like its a problem, if TDK’s story and plot were used for a different movie, James Bond, Die Hard, it would be good, but the fact that they put that much into it, story wise, makes me as a comic book reader happy that someone cares enough to make one of my favorite charecters into a great movie experience. I saw TDK more times in theatres than i’ll say (like 5) and that might be over doing it or make me a crazed fan, (to this day i think ive watched it too many times to sit thru it again)but im jus glad that what was done with Nolan’s Batman series was done good. I mean Batman could have easily been as bad as the Wolverine movie!

  22. Personally I hope for Catwoman and Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange will make a good villain because in the comics he was hired by the police to hunt down Batman. It would go well with the ending for the Dark Knight. But that is my opinion I just hope it doesn’t suck like most second sequels.

  23. Makes me wanna make a batman movie lol.

  24. “The Dark Knight Rises”???

    No Riddler?

    pff this movies gonna blow, I said it before when TDK came out and gonna say it again.. they used ALL the important storylines pre-Robin/solo career.

    Year One, The Long Halloween, The man who laughs, etc

    They’re gonna stray from the roots now watch. Chris Nolan, what a disappointment. He’s probably got a massive ego now from doing Inception. Now he thinks he can do whatever the eff he wants, it’s the Frank Miller complex again.

    2012, gonna be a disappoinment all around with dumb Spiderman reboot, MASSIVELY overhyped Avengers, a Superman helmed by Zack Snyder?? lol yeah maybe the world should end it right there.

    • don’t hold back, tell us what you really think.

    • Seriously, the riddler has to be in it. >:(

    • Man im readin a lot of comments from haters, if you hate all movies why comment about it, cuz im a movie buff thru n thru n rarely do i speak ill about a film, if i didnt like it then ok. I dont need to speak on my opinion if theres others who love it. I like reading other fans comments and predictions and ideas, but im gettin tired of the haters. Dark Knight Rises,whether the names corney or not, i think will be a good film. And The Avengers is gonna be bada$$ bro, ur trippin!

  25. hah i totally called it when it came to the riddiler hes just way to similar to the joker its going to be somone who is a major threat to batman. the original idea for the threat died with ledger so we need somone to up the ante hardy is the perfect choice and i know hes gonna be somone that will be able to square off with batman mentally and physically. and its obvious the female lead will be the new love interest that will most likely be catwoman and play on the secret identities concept between bruce/batman and salena/catwoman which i know was done in forever but thats one of the major things between those 2 characters. and the title who cares.. titales dont make the film. but i do agree it should be changed seems like a cop out for some reason mabe we’ll see the reason for it once we see the film.

  26. I am actually really upset that the Riddler will not be the villain because I feel he is a great character that no one really expands on. I am not talking about the stupid cartoon versions, they suck. The Riddler is supposed to be a cold, calm, narcissistic killer that only values intelligence. I feel like he is extremely over looked by both fans and batman creature but whatever, f*** the world. I kinda think Nolan was forced to do this film in order to have Inception released by WB. I am sure Tom Hardy is either playing Hugo Strange, Black Mask, or Bane. Killer Croc? Idiots, to sci fi.

    • Yes! Exactly the Riddler has that dark side to him that we never see and that would be so perfect for this next movie! I blame the writers.

    • so a cape that gets an electric charge to turn from a cape to a glider isnt to sci fi? what about a speeding tank that can hop buildings ohh or a sonar that pops over batmans eyes… or like a isaid a drug that induces fear hallucinations.. hmm that stuffs way to sci fi… bane and killer croc would work completely. well grounded in reality it would work with an open mind

  27. ^ whaaa the riddler can be totally different from the joker, if they don’t want the riddler up in there then Black mask better be the freakin villain. Yeh the working title right now is a bad sign, it doesnt even roll off the tongue either. They need to think of something more independent and more catchy than that, sorry.

  28. s i guess i have to go look up this black mask character… i never read any comic or things like that just really liked the first two movies….but i guess no riddler it could be him and the penguin…im not buying catwoman at all, i think the female is just a new romantic lead not a villin…penguin and black mask? two face? im still really excited for the movie i love almost all chris nolan movies

  29. BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES would of been a better title at least better than what they came up with and it would include batman in the movie title

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