Batman 3 Titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; No Riddler, No 3D

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Batman 3 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D


During an interview just published on Hero Complex, Chris Nolan has revealed the title of Batman 3: it will be called “The Dark Knight Rises and it WON’T be shot in 3D (they’ll shoot in IMAX format instead).

In the same interview, Nolan announced something that Batman movie fans have been debating and speculating about, ever since the end credits rolled on The Dark Knight: Nolan has stated that The Riddler will NOT be the villain featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out the quote from Nolan himself that should put an end, once and for all, to all of the Riddler rumors and faux casting announcements that have stretched on for years and included everyone from Johnny Depp to Edward Norton to comedian Eddie Murphy. Said Nolan:

“It won’t be the Riddler.”

So, can we all agree that this riddle has now been solved? (Sorry couldn’t help myself.)

theriddler Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Nolan didn’t reveal much else to Hero Complex, opting instead to play things close to the vest as usual, but did give the following vague and cryptic piece of information:

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,”

Hero Complex‘s Geff Boucher speculates whether or not that answer could leave room for a surprise return by Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart), which is a question we asked you about more than a year ago. Guess that debate is free to start all over again.

batman 3 two face Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

As for the more recent rumors of female leads being auditioned for Batman 3, Tom Hardy joining the cast and Killer Croc being the possible villain? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops. [We now know Bane and Catwoman will be featured in the film. More on that HERE.]

UPDATE: We may be able to clear up those Killer Croc rumors, at least, as our friends over at Think McFly are reporting that The Dark Knight Rises is in fact going to be shooting in New Orleans, the same location where DC/WB had such success shooting the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Think McFly has clarified that Nolan and Co. will be shooting only interior set pieces at the New Orleans location, with the city of Chicago still serving as the exterior representation of Gotham City. These Killer Croc rumors rose primarily out of the assertion that Batman 3 would be using the city’s Bayou locale as the basis for the Croc story; since we now know that we won’t be seeing Batman combing the swamplands, having Killer Croc as the featured villain seems even more unlikely than it initially did.

The Dark Knight Rises… I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I’m disappointed in that title. The great thing about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is that their titles are indicative of two standalone stories which each had their own respective themes and identities.

dark knight poster2 top Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Indeed, there’s been much debate in the years since TDK where fans have expressed their pleasure/displeasure with the differences between the two films – and there is certainly a strong contingent of Batheads who felt TDK was completely different in feel than BB, and favored one film over the other.

I say all that to say: The Dark Knight Rises feels like a straight-up sequel, rather than a standalone entry in the Nolan Batman universe. That’s not to say the finished film will be that way, but for now, that is the implication I’m getting. Silver lining: if  Catwoman turns out to be the villain, we’ll have plenty of “Dark Knight Rising” jokes to crack icon wink Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D .

catwoman 450x450 Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

How about you: do you like the title The Dark Knight Rises? Do you think the movie sounds like your average sequel rather than a new Batman experience? How do you feel about the Riddler being out of the mix?

TDKR will go into production next year and is slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2012.

Source: Hero Complex

Update Source: Think McFly

Featured Image Source: PolishTank48 @ DeviantArt

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  1. I agree that “The Dark Knight Rises” sounds like a sequel but what can you do when its not your movie? It is a huge bummer about Johnny Depp not being the riddler since I’ve been keeping up with that rumor for years, but at least they didn’t bring in the riddler anyway with another actor because that would’ve ruined the movie completely. I think this movie will suck and possibly the one after until they bring the riddler back since everyone will be expecting him and i really hope Chris Nolan will reconsider the name it just seems kinda lazy. One more idea for an incredible movie is to find another joker and have both him and the riddler go head to head with batman.

    • Are they bringing penguin back or not? how are you going to bring Catwoman back and not penguin???

    • It wouldnt suck because i think that they will make the best film yet. O wait they did. You all can just eat it

      • Actually i really didnt like it. There were plenty of loop holes in the movie. Yea some parts of the movie were really good, but it there were some scenes that were cringe worthy.
        Marion Cotillard death scene was one of the worst death scenes in a movie ive ever seen.
        Also in the end Batman took this whole entire journey in the movie to finally deck it out with Bane, in the end only for Cat Woman to randomly show up shoot Bane -THE END It was a quick kill off that was soo cheap i felt cheated. Dont get me wrong im a fan of Batman, its for this very reason i felt that they didnt give justice to the series.
        Also the fact that in the trilogy it showed Bruce was soo determined to protect Gotham but in the end decides abandon everything and leave.
        They could of gone a different route with it, but man i walked out unimpressed.

  2. We just say. We loose our greatest villans ever in my life. My lovely heath. We will miss his great acting. Now we see who can act better as joker.

  3. I wish that the Riddler would be in the new movie. He is one of those villains that puts a twist on everything you think to be true. As for the title, “The Dark Knight Rises” it sounds like a sequel. i don’t exactly know what else to call it, but i think a whole new idea would be awesome!

  4. I agree with most the name isnt good and the riddler does need to be in one of the new dark knight movies . Edward norton definitly not as the riddler . . . As dark as they made the joker im sure they could do the same for the riddler . The riddler and joker would make an awesome movie . . Ever since the adam west bat man the riddler has and always will be my favorite villan . Even have a tattoo of him lol. Granted yes i liked the jim carry riddler but in the new movies a person like him playing the riddler would not work. So step up to the challenge and make another dark knight movie and bring the riddler in as the main villan . . It will be either a hit or miss so dont screw up lol!

  5. i think that having Mrsha, Queen of diamonds as a guest viallaness, would be nice!Caryolyn Jones was a good actress playing that part in the Batman tv series.Boy, was she hot !!!George

  6. The riddler would not be in it if you think about it, because the Joker was already too much like the riddler. Th Joker also leaves riddles, so there is not enough difference between the two characters.

  7. what a bunner, i had really been looking forward for jonny deep as riddler, after the death of heath ledger, this movie is gonna suck. lets face it, viewer love batman, but what makes batman special is the villains. until now joker had been my fav character and now was hoping for something better. if killer croc is the new villain then batman has no future….

    • With these new movies they only had a handful of villains because they couldn’t do anything supernatural and yes since this is the final film they should have done Riddler but Bane is gonna be a great villain to finish this off

  8. This movie is gonna suck. I mean BANE!?! c’mon. I mean Bane is a great villain but he’s better side character than a main one. Besides he was already in a movie. I remember reading nolan wanted to use someone that hasn’t been in a movie yet and he picks Bane and Catwoman. What about Black mask or firefly. Hell I’d take Mr. Freeze again over Bane and catwoman.

    • At first I thought Bane was going to be a terrible a villain and that it was a horrible choose but after watching the trailer I believe that they have made a great decision though Riddler could have been better but it’s to late for them to change it now :P

  9. I am dissapointed the riddler is out as a vilian for the movie. I was hoping the rumors were true about Eminem having a shot at the role! I think he would have been perfect!

  10. I like the title The Dark Knight Rises taht is because he is the Dark Knight and I believe taht this movie is going to be him growing into the hero of the town and he will no longer be seen as a threat and to the other thing I am pissed that the main villian isnt going to be the Riddler for 2 reasons because he and the Joker are my fav villians of all time and also because Johnny Depp is one of my fav actors of all time. they would have nailed it if they did it right and it was a terrible idea to to Bane as a villain he isnt even a main villian for Batman but the funny thing is, is taht he has been the only one to ever harm Batman ;). I reckon Black Mask would have also have made a perfect villian

  11. As much as i loved The Dark Knight, i’m not too psyched for this as it seems that there really isn’t any sort of threat from the characters. no real villain to battle, with Ledger as the joker, there was in fact something to battle. as for Bane being the bad guy, i just don’t get that sense of “oh no, this guy is going to be interesting to see Batman battle because he actually represents a challenge”. even though i’m sure that Bane has brawn going for him, it just doesn’t come off as interesting to me. i really wish that the Riddler had been kept for this. but then again, if even Nolan (who is one of my favorite directors) himself didn’t want to do it at first until the story was good, then maybe this will be a good sequel after all. i’ll just be walking in with pretty low expectations to keep myself from being majorly disappointed if it doesn’t ring true of the last one. fingers crossed on this one.

  12. What made the dark knight so good to me was the Joker. He was grim, dark and exactly what that movie needed to be a huge success. With the loss of Ledger and the dark knight rises I can only hope there keeping it under tight raps that a return of the Joker type charecter(sadly not Ledger) but someone who could play the part as good as he did. Once I heard that Bane was in the movie I instantly was dissapointed. It may still turn out to be a great movie but not having the joker type villian makes it feel like its gonna be brute force and cave man style fighting. Vote NO for bane and YES to the riddler(joker) type villian or I don’t know if I could bring myself to watch it.

  13. I used to be suggested this web site through my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by way of him as no one else realize such unique about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  14. Honestly, when I first heard the title, I had the same opinion as most of you – “The Dark Knight Rises” seemed too derivative, too much like the last two films were meant to be one film – I felt something along the lines of just “Gotham” would have been perfect – singular, symbolic, chillingly simple and overwhelmingly epic at the same time with an aura of finality. But as I watch the latest teaser trailer for TDKR, I realize that the title isn’t “The Dark Knight Rises” – it’s more like “The Dark Knight . . . RISES”. The final title sequence in the trailer shows that with the climactic Batman theme presenting that final word. In this movie, it seems as if Nolan is visually presenting to us in the trailer, Wayne will not only rise from his fall from grace at the end of TDK, but rise to the level of legendary, transcendant symbolism he wished to achieve at the beginning of the first film, signaling a long-awaited catharsis, if you will. So, all at once, it is a sequel of both films, as the perfect ending of a trilogy should be.

  15. I prefer the Dark Knit to Batman Begins because it is so much darker and the Joker was played spectacularly. If TDKR is a sequal I would be happy. The endign of TDK was epic.

  16. i was really happy when i heard rumours that the riddler will be in the movie but then nolan said he won’t be….damn riddler is my favourite batman villain and to me neil patrick harris would be a great riddler (this is my opinion) :)

  17. Personally I love what Nolan did to Batman especially after Schumacher made a mockery of him (although I am a fan of Phantom) and I’m upset that this is Nolan’s last Batman film and there are not more villains like Riddler and Penguin. Oh well it will be many years before we see an epic Batman film and it might be garbage or better.

  18. First of all it is a trilogy? So it is a sequal and the title makes no sense with the campaign because it says the legend ends? They did not think half of this through im sure

  19. First of all it is a trilogy? So it is a sequal and the title makes no sense with the campaign because it says the legend ends? They did not think half of this through im sure.

  20. This movie is a sequal otherwise it would be an entire different storyline. And title makes no sense with their campaign ads because it says the legend ends but the title is the dark knight rises. And this is a trilogy so yeh.

  21. I thought that the title chosen for the new film lacked a sense of “this is the last movie” it says rises wich sounds more like a begining and also it made me mad that riddler wouldnt be in this movie that would have been so AWESOME!!!

  22. one of my fav movie, but too much movie about batman ,confuse whether is sequel or prequel though..

  23. okay so the title, how can we start with this, i like it because it is like a transitional phase. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The dark knight rises. these are all transitions that the character Bruce/bats has made over the course of the 3 movies or 7 years time. Bats has been through a lot, he has fought Ra’s Al ghul AND the scarecrow, he has fought the joker AND Harvey “two face” Dent, he has taken the blame for the men that Harvey dent killed so you have to wonder if dent will make an appearance on the side of the angels. this is going to be the magnum opus of the batman story line and here’s why. The public is going to see batman fighting bane on the city courthouse steps in Gotham, there is definitely going to be the realization that the normal police force cannot and will not combat the threat of bane and whoever else will be fighting along side him. and the dark knight will “RISE” to the occasion. he is the hero that Gotham Needs, while Harvey dent being remembered as the hero Gotham deserved
    I expect to see the Knight Fall story line here, mixed with the movie “Blown Away” with Tommy lee Jones and Jeff bridges. not so much the explosions but more like the sheer craziness of Tommy’s character but don’t get it twisted, there will probably most definitely be explosions.

  24. I wished it was the Riddler if only because I like David Tennant so much. DOCTOR WHO FANBOY, RIGHT HERE!