Batman 3, Superman Reboot & Flash Movie Updates

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superman batman flash movies Batman 3, Superman Reboot & Flash Movie Updates

Our friends over at IESB broke the exclusive news awhile back, and now Heat Vision is confirming it: Currently on DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.’ to do list are Chris Nolan’s Batman 3, a Superman reboot called The Man of Steel (which will be produced by Nolan), and the long-gestating Flash movie.

Release dates are now set for Batman 3 and The Man of Steel, and there rumblings that earlier reports about a director for The Flash movie are closer to coming true.


If you were looking forward to 2012 at the movies because of Marvel’s Avengers movie then you should be getting goosebumps right now, because DCE/WB is upping the ante by making 2012 the year of “World’s Finest.”

No, Batman and Superman won’t be teaming up on screen (yet), but we will have them both back in movies that same year. Nolan’s Batman 3 is now set for a July 20, 2012 release date, and The Man of Steel will follow with a holiday season 2012 release.

If you don’t already know, there are rumors starting to circle that DCE/WB is starting to build up their own shared continuity movie universe, likely in anticipation of the inevitable Justice League movie.

But how would that work when Nolan has said so many times that his Batman films exist in their own universe, and that Man of Steel will have “nothing to do” with the Batman continuity?

justice league1 Batman 3, Superman Reboot & Flash Movie Updates

Well, the rumor (again from our friends at IESB) is that DC will build their characters in their own worlds, slowly but surely intertwining them with each new film (likely starting with the upcoming Green Lantern) until…Justice League. Batman would naturally be the first superhero to appear, and the early continuity is looking like this:


One can only assume The Flash would be the next entry after Superman makes his re-debut.


Speaking of the scarlet speedster, the latest word is that DCE/WB is “nearing a greenlight” for The Flash movie, with previously reported writer/director Greg Berlanti (he co-wrote the Green Lantern script) still in consideration for the director’s chair.

the flash 570x382 Batman 3, Superman Reboot & Flash Movie Updates

Some people might be skeptical about Berlanti directing the Flash movie – but hey, remember when all those people doubted that Jon Favreau was the guy for Iron Man? And now ol’ Shellhead has never been more popular. So long as the man at the helm understands his character

Though, it also helps that DCE creative director and Flash/Green Lantern comic book writer Geoff Johns is helping to guide the Flash movie along. As far as I’m concerned the project is in safe hands: on to casting The Flash.

More DC Movie updates as they come. Stay tuned.

Sources: IESB & Heat Vision

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  1. Wil start looking for a 2012 calender, so he can mark/stamp/emphasize/highlight (and all other applicable terms :D ) the glorious day of July 20, 2012.

    Not that I have high expectations or anything…*ahum* LOL

  2. I get tired (and not blaming you or saying it to you) of “Nolans Batman”.

    It is not his. Nothing about Batman is his. He does a good even great job however he has no say so in the direction Batman goes.

    NOW if DC is smart they will use Nolans Batman (see what I did there) but he does not (much like Supes) have to be the headliner. Batman has many more facets to him then just fighting and a gravely voice.

    It can work. They just need to want it to work.

    • then i guess we should call it FRANK MILLERS BATMAN

    • “I get tired (and not blaming you or saying it to you) of “Nolans Batman”.

      It is not his. Nothing about Batman is his. He does a good even great job however he has no say so in the direction Batman goes.” ~you don’t get the language.

    • Go pat yourself on the back for coming up with a cohesive sentence.

  3. Mark Paul Gosselaar “Raising the Bar” and “Saved by the Bell” can make an awesome casting role playing “The Fastest Man Alive” I choose him to play this DC Comics Superhero “The Flash” appearing on the Big Screen.

  4. Wil start looking for a 2012 calender, so he can mark/stamp/emphasize/highlight (and all other applicable terms :D ) the glorious day of July 20, 2012.

    Not that I have high expectations or anything…*ahum* LOL

  5. heres how you do this. follow the footsteps of Marvel and have individual movies that slowly inter-weave into a Justice League Movie.

    Batman is the only one that doesnt need his own movie to enter the Justic League universe. Batman is NOT A COMIC BOOK MOVIE. it is a movie based on characters from a comic book. it is a singular movie first and foremost. Just like star wars is its own movie, you dont have Luke Skywalker meeting Indiana Jones just because they have the same creater.

    Batman can be in the Justic League movie but has a seperate character than the Christian Bale one. You dont even need Bruce Wayne, Batman is Batman whenever he is around other superheroes. Even in the comic books he never walked around the Batcave as Bruce Wayne when others were with him. Batman should be the classic Batman in the Justic Leage Movie.

    • when i say Batman is not a comic book movie. i ment “Batman Begins” “Dark Knight” and “untitled Batman 3″ not any other incarnation

      • Well, sadly, the guy pulled on a costume and fought a fellow that used “fear toxin” as a weapon. Oh, and our hero isn’t just getting into any old costume- it’s in the shape of a bat.

        It’s a brilliant series, but it’s still a COMIC BOOK MOVIE.

    • He did with Superman seeing as they both know each others secret identity.

  6. Since Batman 3 will very likely be the end of Chris Nolan’s involvement, are we sure his brother isn’t directing #3, then I think nowheredan’s attitude has some validity. A first Justice League movie doesn’t have to jump through bunches of hoops to introduce the characters to one another. Just take it at face value that they know one another through reputation and move into the story proper. It’s not really that hard to do just introduce a big enough threat that touches the founding members lives. Once they converge and defeat a threat that any single one would have difficulty with you pretty much have the eureka moment. If you insist on even going that far into origin.

  7. Ryan Reynolds should of been Flash.

    I’m a fan of Mark Paul but I don’t see him as the Flash. Could be interesting to see Flash played by Smallvilles Lex Luthor since he did do the voice in the cartoon. To be honest it depends if they go with Barry or Wally. Hardcore fans will scream for Barry but the smart choice is Wally. Wally is better know and more mainstream acceptable. He’s also in my opinion the best Flash. They casting depends on who they go with. The Flash benefits because unlike guys like superman or Batman he doesn’t need to be all that big just an in shape guy. Of course if u ask Nolan Batman doesn’t need to be big either. In Begins Bale was in a good batman esqu shape in TDK he looked like a skinny punk.

    I’m one of the biggest Batman fans in the world but In the Justice League I find Batman works best as a supporting character. Staying in the shadows only showing up when u need him the most. Being in the film a total of 20 mins but saving the day with his amazing brain. The majority of screen time should be placed on the big guns Superman and GL.

  8. The animated version came across like that many times didn’t it Daniel? I can’t see why anybody would think that would be hateful to copy. Michael Rosenbaum would seem very familiar and comfortable for JLA viewers having voiced Flash for five years. He’s pushing forty though, I wonder if he could keep that athletic physique without looking long in the tooth? ;)

  9. 2012 will be insane.
    M.I.B. 3,
    Star Trek 2,
    new Spider-Man,
    Batman 3,
    Monsters Inc 2,
    John Carter of Mars,
    new Superman,
    Clash of the Titans 2

    Something is going to get crushed. I pray it isn’t Superman(again).

    • Don’t forget The Hobbit (hopefully!).

    • I hope it’s either Clash Of The Titans 2 or the Spider Man reboot. Both of those projects sound insidiously stupid. Now, a Monsters Inc. 2? That I could go for. =)

  10. Honestly Wendy as long as Superman is good and doesn’t suck like SR did it will do fine. U gotta remember it’s suppose to come out around wired so it won’t have much competition since most of the others will be summer flicks. I think one of those movies is going to be delayed till 2013. Maybe even 2. Batman, Avengers and for legal reasons Superman all will stay 2012 but any one of the others could easily be moved especially ones with out a cast yet.

  11. If Batman wasn’t in Justice League, no one would care.

  12. If “Man of Steel” moves Superman forward cinematically and has the quality of the first two you could put it in the same slot, the Christmas lull that “Avatar” took advantage of and do very well.

    Perhaps stuntmanj but I know it would be interesting to me if he was helping from the background. Perhaps the best characters for him to interact with initially would be Wonder Woman or the Flash. The Flash might be the best because of his characters background in law enforcement. He would seem most likely to know details in sharper focus than some of the others about Batman’s reputation as a crime fighter. Indulge me for a little scene and I’ll show you what I mean:

    The heroes are in another room given over to a heavy discussion about some events regarding an escaped super villain. Flash is wondering around eating a bowl of cereal. A voice calls to him from down a hall saying, that if he keeps hitting the sugary stuff it’ll go to his waist. Without thinking Flash says no way, pauses looks up and to the right and sees a dark figure down the hall. He pauses a moment and makes the comment I know that voice. Batman says the voice of an ally and steps into the light enough to be identifiable. Well, well detective, Flash says; never imagined meeting you here. Batman could proceed to give Flash intelligence the others don’t have. Anybody that’s any good could write it much better but it could add some drama to an otherwise dull scene.

  13. 2012 will be soo good that the earth will destroy mankind because we will not be able to top it. :-)

  14. As a Superman fan, I think they should make this movie like the stories “Brainiac” and “Birthright”, then the sequel “Doomsday” and Last Son”, and the last (No idea about the title) “DarkSeid” and “The Return of Superman”.

    For Batman 3 a story like “Arkham Asylum: ASPOASE” and would be a good basis story, and have the characters Scarecrow, Joker, Ridller, and Killer Croc in the mix would make an interesting movie.

    For Green Lantern, “Rebirth” and “Secret Origin”

    And for Flash: No idea, I’m not much of a fan really, but any good pick would be fine with me.

  15. Couldn’t be more excited. I was four when my mom took me to see Superman:the Movie. My son will be four in 2012. Can’t wait to take him. It’s such an awesome time to have a son with all the superhero films coming out. Bring on Supes!

  16. I don’t much care who the big bad is as long as it’s not Lex Luthor. I will refuse to watch another superman film with lex as the bad guy so sick of that. Also no origin we already know it. Lots of action the most powerful hero in existance let’s have him act like it instead of getting beat up by random goons and lifting a giant rock.

  17. I think the Flash HAS to be Barry Allen and if Geoff Johns is involved that will be the version they go with(doesn’t mean Wally West can’t show up eventually if Barry gets lost in the Speed Force)..

  18. I really don’t have interest in Barry Allen I’ve only liked Wally as the Flash.

  19. Not sure who ur talking to Chaos or even what ur point is. Not a fan of the fact that u use the term comic book movie as if it were a negative. Comic films can be just as powerful just as emotinal and contain the same level of depth any other film can. To me that’s like saying ” look it’s an enjoyable movie but it’s just fiction” like it suddenly becomes meaningless.

  20. I Can’t imagine a Justice League without Wonder Woman, So where is all the Wonder Woman Talk??

    • Home Page, right side column, click Wonder Woman. Enjoy!

  21. Neil Patrick Harris as Flash would be great. Anyone who disses “Nolan’s Batman” has no movie IQ. Batman at its core comic book concept has always been a detective character living in a dark noir city. If you don’t see that “Nolan’s Batman” is 100% pure and true to the character you are a moron.

    • I must be a moron then… how many times did (we see) he “Detect”? The bullet forensics was great. I really cant think of any other thime he was a “Detective in a dark Noir City”.

      I agree that is what Batman “is” but to say Nolan has it down is a little bit of a fallacy and thise that think so may be mistaking the “dark” for Noir.

  22. sorry couldn’t hep my self

    noir [nwar]
    –adjective French.
    black; noting the black numbers in roulette.
    Compare rouge.

    • Its Ok.

      “Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. “

  23. Rofl by ur definition TDK was a film noir. Let’s see crime drama check cynical check.

    For the record I would call it noir esque but not full on noir but it fits ur definition fairly well.

  24. Nolan’s style of Batman hit closest to that which we as true fans have wanted since the trainwreck that was Batman/Returns/Forever/andRobin…
    and it’s not directly because of the nifty bat-gadgets, it’s not because of the Dark Knight’s ‘detective’ prowess… it’s the Dark Knight himself.
    Christian Bale (although he would not have been my first choice) portrayed Batman (under the watchful guidance of Nolan) with the correct amount of pathos – Bruce Wayne begins as the character, Batman the ideal for him to aspire to… then the turnaround to Batman as the man, Bruce Wayne as the personality left behind as the character falls deeper and deeper into his own psychosis and obsession is what made Batman the driven, brooding, obsessed rich kid with issues… (LOTS of issues) that we all truly love.
    I hope Bale pulls his head out of his ass and stops beating his mother long enough to give us another excellent performance – UNDER NOLAN’S GUIDANCE. Chris Nolan seems to have his finger on the pulse of what the Batman is supposed to be. I would truly fear for the future of the franchise with any other director at the helm.
    The same with any ‘silly’ villains. Penguin was morphed into an interesting character in the comics, but has too much ‘silly’ tacked on him to be taken seriously. Most of Batman’s characters, though, in their own way is a foil for the Dark Knight… and they pretty much all have some sort of mental imbalance… obsession, psychosis, neurosis… how else is Arkham apparently the ONLY place Batman’s nemeses break out of?
    To that end, I doubt we’ll see Clayface, Penguin, Ivy, Scarface or Freeze anytime soon, they’re too silly and/or gimmicky to be effective.
    And Harley Quinn? She was created for the animated series directly and pulled into the comics.
    With no Joker, there can be no Harley. End of discussion.
    Whatever Nolan comes up with, we can be assured he will put enough thought into it so as to not make inane casting choices, and I’d be willing to bet that there will be only ONE villain in B3 – with a probable cameo/walk-on from a second.
    Films with multiple villains at the same time have a tried-and-true history of fail. (BatReturns/BatForever/Bat&Rob/Spiderman3)… the genius of TDK lies in the fact that the villains weren’t allied, one begat the other and passed the proverbial ‘torch’ of Batman antagonism.
    It worked. I think we’ll see it again… maybe a female conquest of Wayne (as he’s not about to get involved after Rachel) spurns his affections and he gets all stalker guy as a backdrop to the new villain in town (Riddler) … something the Riddler does (some deadly puzzle or other) causes the new female lead to become Catwoman, and her interest (as the result of her criminal activity) spurs her interest in the Bat.
    Yeah… I could see it.
    My bet’s on Riddler – as to who to cast for the role? I trust Nolan’s choice will be exactly what we’re looking for.
    … only…
    The only thing I’d ask is that we have a little less mouth-frothing “Growl Growl I’m Batman GRR” /rollseyes

  25. If a Justice League Movie is in the works then I think they need to have their heavy hitters in the game Batman and Superman even if its just brief because they are in some story line part of the first League members. Especially if your like me and remember the Saturday morning Hall of Justice members. But no matter what I will be front and center no matter what because I have waited for years as a kid to see these movies come to life. And I am glad to see them as an adult even more.

  26. With all this talk about Justice League movies why has no one really mentioned Wonder Woman? She’s just as important to the Justice League as Batman, Supes, Flash, and GL. And don’t forget Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, not as individual movies but for the JL they should be brought in somehow. Money should never be an issue with any of these characters as movies just don’t pacify the movies for kids we adults are more fans than kids anyway. As for a story there’s enough material in the comics to go any several different directions for villians. Darkseid, Sinestro Corp, Brainiac, Bizarro, Doomsday, Zoom, Zod, Luthor, General Lane, hell all of them! We ARE talking about a JL the enemy/enemies should be either be just as tough or jus as deep of a team as the Justice League. Of course someone as to die so you could have Superman try to bring them together, everyone turns him down, Luthor gathers the villians, creates Doomsday and kills Superman and allowing all other villians to wreek havoc on the world which forces the heroes to join forces meanwhile Batman is secretly figuring out a way to revive an unconscious superman allowing everyone to think he’s dead. And just when all hope is lost, The other villians turn on Luthor forcing him to be saved by the justice league in exchange he helps Batman revive Supes to come back gather the troops and kick everyones asses in an epic battle for the ages!!!

  27. Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Not orginal members according to current continuity so a league movie can be made without any of them. however They are needed to gain audience appeal. Nolan Says that his batman and superman would inhabit thier own universes making them unusable in a JL movie anyway….however some fans hate it or don’t they can make nolan’s batman fit simply by using the Smallville cast. They have a JL set up and they are pretty dark characters and would go well with nolan’s batman. Smallville has done most of the work they just have to finish it and allow it to happen.

  28. Matt Damon would make a great Barry Allen. I’m not sure who should be Wally West but someone younger like someone younger I guess.

    • I think that the kid who played van wilder freshman year would make a great wally west