Batman 3 Status: Gary Oldman Jumped The Gun

Published 6 years ago by , Updated October 25th, 2012 at 7:12 am,

gary oldman batman Batman 3 Status: Gary Oldman Jumped The Gun

A few days ago Gary Oldman, while on The Book of Eli panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, let a rather big piece of “news” slip: that the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is being referred to as Batman 3 (until titled otherwise) would be shooting next year.

However, later Mr. Oldman recanted his rather brash and out-of-left-field statement when he told Ain’t It Cool News, “Well, I’m sure they want to do another one… it might [be] 2 or 3 years…”

If what Oldman said was true, and assuming he didn’t mean the very end of the year, that would mean Batman 3 would start shooting just as Christopher Nolan was getting done with Inception, and right about the time that movie was getting it’s release next July. Nolan isn’t the type of director’s to rush (he’s only directed 7 movies to date if you include Inception), and a new installment in a huge franchise like Batman isn’t something to be hurried into.

What Oldman said was not only surprising but just didn’t make much sense because of the above reasons…

To further the “Nolan is busy” angle, David S. Goyer (who has a writing/story credit on both of Nolan’s Batman movies) said this to MTV:

“Right now, Chris is involved in filming ‘Inception,’ and when he finishes that, he will turn his studious gaze back to the Bat universe and we’ll see.”

Although Goyer doesn’t state it outright, we can take from his statement (or at least hope) that Nolan is going to at least consider returning to the Batman franchise for a third movie. Just because Nolan’s doing another movie totally unrelated to Batman with Inception (well, casting similarities aside) doesn’t mean he won’t come back to the “Bat universe” after it – after all, he did Batman Begins then switched to The Prestige and then back to Batman with The Dark Knight.

So there you have it, Batman 3 doesn’t look to be shooting next year as Oldman said. Ah, well, those who were shaking with excitement that the third movie in the franchise was finally getting going will have to wait a while longer for it to happen.

However, look at the bright side – the fact that it (most likely) won’t be shooting next year means that there’s more chance for Nolan to be on-board once again.

A long-gestating but quality Batman movie is better than a rushed crappy one, is it not folks?…

For now Batman 3 doesn’t have a release date. Inception is scheduled to hit theaters on July 9th, 2010.

Sources: AICN and MTV Splash Page (via LatinoReview)

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  1. Well I was excited about the news of the movie beginning filming next year, but if Nolan isn’t for sure on the project then I’d definitely be cool with it being held off another year or two to make sure he’s the main guy behind the camera.

  2. I agree. I would prefer it not to be rushed so it won’t end up like “Spiderman 3″ or X3. I was excited to her the news when it was first posted, but after a while I began to think it was just BS.

  3. I am glad this was clarified.
    Hopefully, Oldman will refrain from making such comments in the future.

  4. Weakkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!’
    I wanted batman sooner rather than later.

  5. I hate the argument that people use to defend this. A good batman is better than a crappy one. Well duh, but the point is we don’t know if it would be crappy if he did it right after inception. The only reason that argument gets made is to justify the amount of long time their taking. I can honestly say I don’t think the film would be crappy if they did it right after inception. If rushing a film auto makes it crappy there are a list of films that could be considered crappy , but were not or hell look at IM2 they rushed it pretty quick and it still came out good.

  6. Meant to say and we still think it’s gonna come out good.

  7. I’ll wait a couple extra years for Batman 3 if it means Nolan is in charge. I would also hope at this point that the studio realizes that you can make a lot more money with a quality Batman movie as opposed to a rushed Batman movie; the numbers speak for themselves.

    I like Nolan “taking breaks” from the Bat universe, I think it keeps things fresh.

  8. @DanielF

    “but were not or hell look at IM2 they rushed it pretty quick and it still came out good.”

    Um, by IM2 I assume you mean Iron Man 2? In which case I ask… how do we know it’s good? Yes, it has a lot going for it, but as no one’s seen the full thing yet it’s not a foregone conclusion.

    And plus, it is a very different beast from Batman and especially considering the circumstances surrounding TDK (Ledger’s Death) and how that affected Nolan as well as how that might affect any story ideas they had for the next film, I’d say a lot of work would need to go into the next Batman film for it to even match our expectations for it.

    Remember, Oldman’s original statement was that shooting would start next year… not just production, but actual shooting. Nolan is the kind of guy who’d spend months writing the script first (along with his brother and Goyer) and then more months of planning, but if what Oldman said was true, he’d have to go straight from Inception to shooting a Batman script that he wouldn’t have a whole lot of input in. Compare that to Iron man where Faverau and the team went straight from one to the other with ideas in their head already of where it would go and a decent amount of time to work on a story and script and, well it’d be no surprise if this “rushed” Iron Man turned out good.

    Hence, I’d much rather Nolan be given more time to consider his options and, if he does do the next film, be given more time to plan out a really amazing Batman movie. I know it sucks for us to have to wait, but at the end of the day, no one owes us a Batman film, WB are doing this for the money and have already stated they’re willing to wait for Nolan. Nolan, if he does do it, would be doing it for the movie and the fans (and the paycheck, because I’m not nearly that naive). But when you say something like “The only reason that argument gets made is to justify the amount of long time their taking.” it almost sounds as if you feel they’re obliged to give it to you and you dislike how long it’s taking them. Have a little patience.

  9. Wow, I really went off on one there didn’t I? Please all disregard my ranting, it looks like I’m in need of a good sleep.

  10. Umm yea Joshi did you only read the one comment by me? I quickly corrected my self long before you commented about IM2. Would of been nice to fully read the comments before going in to a giant useless rant.

    I would note he never said when it would start shooting it could of been the very end of the year which would actually give a handful of months before shooting.

  11. Its a good idea that they take their time with the Batman franchise. I love Chris Nolan behind the lens. I would wait until they figure it all out.

  12. Daniel

    I did read your second comment before writing mine, but I didn’t feel it fully negated the aspects of your previous comment that I addressed.

    Anyway, the last thing I want now is for us to get into a heated argument about this so what say we just leave it be.

  13. Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!!

    I don’t suppose you two are chicks?

    Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!!

  14. Iron Man is not in the same league as Batman. Iron Man can get away with being just a comic book film but we expect high art with Batman…so its better they do not rush the film so they can attempt to create a worthy story, script and film production.

  15. @Fher

    Now you’ve done it. Look out …

  16. @Ink

    I’m pretty sure it’s Daniel F and not Danielle F. 😉

    And I’m a dude… last time I checked.

    I should probably get that looked into again soon.

  17. Eh … figured as much.

    Freakin’ dream smashers. :)

  18. I like to do what I can. 😉

  19. To the powers that be, when you cast for Batman 3, skip Johnny Depp for The Riddler. He’s ok, but I think Dennis Leary would be a better choice.

  20. I don’t even want The Riddler as the villian, but if I was to nominate someone to play him it would have to be David Tennant.

  21. The Dark Knight sucked, so why even bother. Who wants to see a brooding billionaire who feels it’s his lot in life to take down all the criminals in his city. BORRRRINNNNG!!!


    Ok, I can’t even lie right. :-)

    Take your time, Mr. Nolan, and give us a grand movie like your first 2.

  22. Anyone else thing David Tennant is over-rated?

    Okay okay! It was just a joke!

    But seriously, he’s going to have to do something extremely drastic to divorce himself from Dr Who in the minds of the public, else no matter what role people see him in, they’ll always think of him as the Doctor.

    As for Batman’s next villain, I kind of hope they stay away from villains that have been used in movies before

  23. “As for Batman’s next villain, I kind of hope they stay away from villains that have been used in movies before”

    Thats exactly what I want, use a villian that hasn’t been on screen before like Harly Quinn(not as the primary villian of course) and others.

  24. hush anyone?

  25. Andries,

    Don’t forget Miley Cyrus as Batgirl(joking).

  26. i will see batman 3 i will see eddie murphy as the riddler rachel weitz as catwoman marlon waynes as robin this will be exciting im glad eddie murphy is the riddler i like christain bale as batman i will see christain bale team up with marlon waynes as robin on the third batman movie so i will see batman 3 in theatres july 2011