Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In ‘Batman 3′, New Human Torch & More

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cody sousa robin batman 3 human torch Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Have you ever heard the name Cody Sousa? Yeah, me neither. That’s because he’s an actor who’s never really been in any major film productions (or even minor ones, far as I can tell). However, according to Mr. Sousa’s IMDb filmography, the young actor has some major films currently in production/development.

Yes, if the always-to-be-believed listings of IMDb are anything to go by [sarcasm alert!], then you could soon be seeing Cody Sousa starring in the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and World War Zor as the titular hero in the big-screen adaptation of  Johnny Quest. He’s also apparently been cast in prominent superhero roles such as Shazam! , the new Human Torch in Fantastic Four: Reborn and as Dick Grayson in a little film called Batman 3.

That’s right, Cody Sousa is listed as playing the alter-ego of Batman’s Boy Wonder, Robin, in Chris Nolan’s upcoming third entry in his Batman series. And, for my part, I don’t think Nolan and Warner Bros. could have made a better a better choice…

icon smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Ok, so I couldn’t even keep a straight face while I was typing that! I mean COME ON, REALLY??? Were we really supossed to believe – for even one tiny sliver of a micro second – that this kid Sousa has been cast as one of Freddy Krueger’s victims in the next Elm Street – let alone as the new Human Torch – LET ALONE as Dick Grayson in the most popular superhero franchise around? REALLY?

If you think I’m making all this up, check out Cody Sousa’s IMDb page for yourself. Crazy, right?

Obviously somebody close to this kid (or who really, really, dislikes him) wanted him to get some increased exposure and went to great (read: slimy) lengths to make it happen. Well, considering that Sousa’s popularity is up 3,713% on IMDb this week – not to mention the fact that I’m posting about this – I guess his benefactor (detractor?) should consider his or her mission thoroughly accomplished.

Not that anybody reading this should necessarily fault Mr. Sousa himself for this obvious prank-gone-wrong. While digging into the matter I came across one of the IMDb message boards, in which people were already getting riled up about the false info being presented. In response, a user dubbed “GotBatman” (who I’ve verified is Sousa himself), had the following to say about the situation:

well wasn’t me and sorry about it :/
I’m pissed whoever did this (I’m pretty sure I know who)
I wouldn’t ever want to sneak up to the top by lying about roles
and IMDB takes forever to take something down (I’ve been deleted it everyday to no avail)

Poor guy. To quote the old saying “It’s never your enemy that does you in – it’s always those closest to you.

batman 3 question mark logo 1 Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Of course anyone obsessing about Batman 3 (and if you’re reading this you’re probably one of them) already knows that Nolan has made it clear in the past that he has no interest in bringing any ‘Boy Wonders’ into his Batman universe.

Still, just because Nolan (and a fairly large contingent of Bat fans) have decreed that Robin should be a strict no-go for Batman 3, that shouldn’t stop us here at Screen Rant from asking “Should Robin be in Batman 3?” which we’ll be sure to do in an upcoming op-ed where we can all discuss and argue the matter at length icon smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More .

For now, is this Cody Sousa situation funny or just annoying to you? One thing is for certain, though: IMDb might want to keep a tighter leash on their update standards.

Source: IMDb (Special thanks to reader “Ari W.” for pointing this our way)

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  1. IMDB had it wrong. He’s in Batman 3…as Tweedledum. The boob who listed him in is playing Tweedledee.


    Y’know, all this could have been avoided if he got a part pitchin’ Pop Tarts in a commercial, or got swallowd by a giant turtle in a sSyFy/ Maneater series movie…


  2. No Robin he doesn’t fit.

    Also lets please not completely wipe our asses with the comics and leave Nightwing out of it. What’s the point? If your gonna completely change the character and his history why even bother calling him Nightwing or Dick Grayson. If you want an extra hero or antagonist in this name him something else.

    • How would Robin not fit? His origins are pretty simliar to Batman’s in the comics. Besides the guy is only listed as Dick Grayson on IMDB, doesnt mean he’ll become Robin. If he does, Im sure Nolan who only show him putting on the costume before the film closes. Robin can be on film again, even Nolan’s little world if done more properly.

        • Bruce Wayne’s ‘origin’ happened two movies ago. How long do you intend to rehash that?

          The introduction of Robin was in important event in Batman’s career and the Batman mythos. Bruce getting a sort of family: something he’s always wanted; now that’s character development. Not a love interest with barely any chemistry that no one cares about.

    • what if nolan used a version of robin, like a dorky idiot who DOES get himself tortured and murdered by the next villian.

      In this case

      dude looks perfect.

      • AND NO, As nolan said before.. (at least im pretty sure) some adolecent dressed in tights and cape NAMED robin belonging in the same movie verse were Joker stabbed somebody through the face with a pecil and used a building full of exposives to blow up the female lead

        DOES NOT FIT.

      • I like the idea of Robin getting killed off. Chris O’donnell for the role!

        • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. Robin was created in a more innocent time. The only way he would work for today’s audience is if he was gay or a female. No teen boy would wear that costume and use that name as a crimefighter.

    Having said that I think you could make Dick Grayson work for a single movie. Bruce Wayne adopts him because he sees himself in Grayson. But dick is clever and absolutely psychotically dedicated to finding and killing his parents murderers.

    He discovers Waynes secret and secretly uses his Batman tech to find the murderers. Batman finds him as he is about to kill them. He tries to talk him out of it but fails and Dick blows himself and the murderers up.

    Batman realizes he could very well have done the same thing and vows to never let his hatred of criminals overcome his sense of right and wrong.

    • @”The only way he would work for today’s audience is if he was gay or a female.”

      That’s probably one of the most ignorant and dumbest things I’ve ever read.

      I do agree with those who say Robin wouldn’t fit in Nolan’s movies (which I think Nolan has already stated before).

      • lol, I agree that it would work as a femal because I am a male pig.

        not so sure about the gay part, kind alike the pink Zorro.

      • Yeah, Nolan’s said it emphatically several times, basically ever since he mumbled “Dark Knight” to some studio execs. To which they replied “Robin?” and he replied, “No.”

      • It is neither ignorant or dumb. It is logical. The costume is somewhat feminine in look. Teen boys are usually pretty obsessed with being macho. They simply wouldn’t wear it. And they would want a tough dramatic sounding name. Robin just doesn’t cut it.

        • Robin could work as a name, but you’re right about the costume. Darken it, black cloak and leggings, dark red for the chest armour and you’d get the robin-red-breast idea without it being lame.

        • You are right about the original costume being very inappropriate. It was based on Dick Grayson’s circus acrobat outfit, and based on the outfits of the mystery men and other heroes appearing at that time (’30s/’40s), it actually fit in quite well. NOW, however, it would be absolutely laughable. That’s why Tim Drake updated it and even EXPLAINED his reasoning behind those updates, in-continuity, in the comic. He further improved upon the look recently getting rid of the green elements. Most recently, Damian Wayne has again touched up the costume, reincorporating the green but still keeping it overall darker (more “matte”, if you will) than before. Of course, Dick Grayson’s Nightwing outfit and Tim Drake’s Red Robin outfit have both taken more combat-practical, darker approaches as well. Currently, the Robin costume is NOT silly and IS actually quite workable in a modern setting.

          As for the name “Robin”, it was never about relating the two creatures in any way other than flight. Robin was indeed a brighter, sunnier character, meant as both an attractant to younger readers who might find Batman a bit…unsettling…and as an upbeat balance to Batman’s darkness. Robin works as a character (and as someone boys would want to be) precisely because HE WAS DESIGNED TO BE.

  4. Kofi Outlaw is making it sound like it would have been the worst thing in the world if the kid got the role for Robin. For one, if it was true that Chris Nolan picked him for Robin, I think Chris Nolan has developed enough credibility to say that he knows what he is doing. Give him at leas that. You make it sound like there can’t be good quality actors around that are fresh and new. Even if the kid hasn’t really had any work in big budget motion pictures- what do we as fans/geeks or any journalist for that matter really know about what it takes to make a great film? I think people are too harsh on the kid and I think there is lots of snobbery there in the movie industry from what I’ve been reading. People act like only a prestigious few can get such illustrious roles. For some people acting just comes natural. You don’t need 12 years of acting school or 40 past acting jobs to nail something. All in all lets give Nolan the benefit of the doubt whatever he does. I for one would have given the kid a chance.

    • @” I think Chris Nolan has developed enough credibility to say that he knows what he is doing.”

      Well, he did cast one of the worst actresses (Katie Holmes) in ‘Batman Begins’. Thankfully, he was smart enough to get rid of her in the sequel.

  5. why are people still commenting on this guy/girl?

  6. Matt K
    ive said this many times THAT OTHER CHICK IN TDK WAS WORSE!!!!!

    • I have to disagree. Gyhlenhaal wasnt’ great in the film, but she was a huge step up from Holmes. However, if I knew Dawes was going to get blown up, I would have wanted Holmes to stay :D

      • It’s a tough call to say who was worse. The two actresses gave rachel two completely different characters. Katie Holmes played it very serious, and maggie gyllenhal played it toward the goofier side. That being said, I was glad they killed her off.
        I’d rather have had her disappear randomly like Judy on Family Matters than have the actress replaced.

  7. Wow. I really feel sorry for Cody. I for one think it is WAY too easy for any halfwit jerk to post things like that in IMdB profiles. I sincerely hope that the IMdB really takes this to heart and re-evaluates their Website.

  8. I agree with Matt Maggie wasn’t great but way way better than Katie I hate Katie she’s not at all good. Maggie is a decent actress at least.

    • Thank you, Daniel. We agree on something- Katie Holmes is a half-wit non-actor.

  9. You could easily have the character of Dick Grayson in the film, it could work in its favour, give Bruce someone he can relate to on a human level, let him saving Dick be part of his ultimate redemption and path back to humanity.

  10. last i checked, robin didn’t color in his eyebrows….

  11. Drsam I agree Dick could be in the film BUT NO ROBIN

    I think Dicks parents should be killed Bruce should take Dick in and become a Sudo father but no robin for the love of all that is good please no robin.

    • Yeah that would be fine with me, its how I would do it. I wont post my batman story idea on here again though.

  12. Actually I will post it again, because I rather like it.

    Batman: Knightfall


    Batman/Bruce- Christian Bale…

    Jim Gordon- Gary Oldman…

    Lucius Fox- Morgan Freeman…

    Alfred- Michael Caine…

    Oliver Queen- Kiefer Sutherland…

    The Riddler/Edward Nigma- Jeff Goldblum…

    Victor Freeze- Patrick Stewart…

    Talia- Rhona Mitra…

    Dick Grayson- Jensen Aclkes…

    Gotham police are hunting Batman, they have an opening confrontation on a huge bridge over the river, Batman is there trying to round up a criminal gang and must climb around the bridge to evade capture, he ends up taking a dive into the river. The press claim the Batman perished.

    There is a new lunatic in town, a man obsessed with puzzles and questions, he is a killer who places innocent victims in bizarre torture devices and deadly games from which they must solve his riddles to escape. Few manage to survive.

    Bruce Wayne is facing his own crisis, a business rival Oliver Queen has arrived from Star City and he wants to buy Wayne Enterprises diminishing stock. But he will settle for partnering with Bruce on a new medical project, Queen has brought his scientific advisor Victor Freeze. His research is into cryogenics, trying to put a stop on death to allow doctors more time to save lives. Bruce thinks Freeze’s research is potentially dangerous, but will consider the proposal because the company needs the funding, because he has spent so much money on Batman projects. Queen is there with his girlfriend Talia, they go to dinner with Bruce later that night.

    The press have named the new killer, The Riddler, now he has taken and killed several police officers, one of which was a close friend of Commissioner Gordon.

    Gordon is exhausted, from having to lead a city wide manhunt after his trusted friend Batman, and dealing with normal criminals, as well as the emergence of The Riddler. The corruption element hasn’t exactly gone away either. Gordon has taken to drinking heavily, at the possible cost of his family.

    Bruce had heard rumours about The Riddler and decides to go undercover, he disguises himself and heads to a bar where several victims have disappeared. There is a man in the corner doing magic tricks with illusions and the like, he is charming and unstable, Bruce watches on as this man is attacked by an unhappy viewer of the tricks. The attacker ends up stabbed through the shoulder by a knife with a ticking clock on the handle, if the attacker fails to answer the questions put to him in time the knife will explode. Bruce is about to intervene when a man named Dick Grayson, maybe ten years younger than Bruce, steps in and knocks the man aside, and hurls the knife out the door. It doesn’t explode, but by the time everyone has realised this The Riddler has escaped. Bruce tries to talk to Dick, but Dick wants to leave. He is an aggressive and untamed young man with a violent streak.

    When Bruce returns to his penthouse, as the manor is almost finished construction, he and Alfred investigate both The Riddler and Dick, using video footage Bruce secretly filmed in the bar. They quickly learn the identity of the new villain; Edward Nigma. Bruce is shocked to find he used to employ Nigma, and heads to Lucius Fox for answers, leaving Alfred to investigate the mystery of Dick Grayson.

    Fox explains Nigma was fired for his dangerous ideas concerning mind control and the effects of illusions on the human brain, Nigma was also a genius.

    Fox: Like all great men Nigma towed the line between insanity and genius.

    Bruce: I know something about towing the line.

    Fox: Problem is Nigma crossed the line.

    He shows Bruce footage of Nigma using a riddle to hypnotise a group of people and convince them to start attacking each other. Fox then informs his new vehicle is ready at the hanger, but for testing only.

    We learn about Dick’s troubled past, he ran away after his parents were killed during a circus stunt gone wrong, he has repeatedly been in trouble with the law. Alfred senses the parallels between Bruce and Dick, but wisely says nothing.

    Batman shadows Dick, believing his interrupting Nigma makes him a valid target. Dick realises he is being followed and confronts Batman, they have a brief scuffle. Batman eventually convinces Dick to help him by allowing Nigma to take him. This doesn’t quite go to plan, Nigma manages to inject Batman with a freezing compound that completely immobilises and almost kills the caped crusader.

    The Riddler: By the way, I may have told the fine Gotham PD where you are, you can just chill out and wait for them.

    The police arrive, and Gordon barely manages to get Batman back to safety.

    Bruce realises this compound can only have come from Victor Freeze, he finds Queen at the hospital. A few hours earlier, The Riddler broke into Queen’s temporary lab at Wayne Enterprises, stealing all of the research, as well as killing a female assistant who happened to be Freeze’s wife. Freeze has been mortally wounded, exposed to all of his own experiments. His body is now incapable of creating its own body heat, his skin is a pale white blue colour, his retinas are damaged so he must wear red goggles over his eyes for protection. Bruce blames Queen, who should have protected him instead of being out partying.

    Batman and Gordon must find Dick before his time runs out, however this becomes more complicated when they discover Fox has also gone missing. Nigma wants revenge on the person he believes ruined his life, he send Bruce a clue that leads back to the under re construction Wayne Manor.

    Batman enters the site, discovering The Riddler has been busy laying traps and games, he manages to survive relatively unscathed but finds neither Fox or The Riddler. He does find Dick inside a machine, they manage to work out how to escape together. Dick wants to help, and reluctantly Batman sends him off with Gordon to help evacuate Wayne Tower, where Nigma and Foz are located. Nigma plans on using a fuel cell from Freeze’s research to destroy the building.

    Batman takes his new Batwing, and flies to the top of the Tower.

    Alfred: Do you actually know how to fly that contraption Mr Wayne.

    Bruce: You know what they say Alfred, life is a learning curve.

    The Batwing hovers by the roof, Batman tries to talk The Riddler down, but it doesn’t work. He throws Fox off the side but Batman saves him. Fox gets away in the Batwing, Batman is now face to face with The Riddler and his bomb. They fight briefly and Dick arrives just in time to get in the way, Batman obviously defeats him but learns of a greater threat, The Riddler was helped by Talia, Queens girlfriend who is in fact Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter. Batman takes Nigma to Arkham, avoiding the cell on his right that echoes in maniacal laughter, he rushes to find the woman. Talia has knocked Queen out and has disappeared.

    Bruce takes Dick into his family, and they return to the Wayne Manor when it is completed. Batman is no longer an enemy of the city after stopping The Riddler, but Bruce learns from Queen that Victor Freeze has vanished from hospital. Fox retires, and Gordon is determined to kick the drink. There is just the tiniest bit of hope in Gotham for all.

    And Talia returns to her secret hideout, revealing her father Ra’s Al Ghul, while hideously injured is still alive.


    • Well thanks for giving away the ending….

  13. Interesting story Sam I think it’s a bit to much for one film though. Film always suffers when they cram to much in.

    Still I really would prefer Riddler isn’t used as a major bad guy because he really isn’t worth and I wouldn’t like Oliver being in this but not much of a Green Arrow fan either to much of a nit job hippie for me.

    I like the name Knightfall but If they are going to use the name it should be attached to the story they are stealing it from.

    I’d prefer Batman being on the run from the police and trying to stop the new mob like cult that’s risen to power under the rule of black mask. While doing this he doesn’t see the real threat of Bane coming. Bane has his eyes locked on the Bat wanting to destroy him to prove he can defeat his greatest fear and greatest enemy. On top of that Bane has a taste for hookers taking in 3 or 4 at a time. When he’s done with the he kills them and uses their blood to draw a bat symbol on the walls forcing the police to increase their search for Batman.

    While going after Black mask and trying to solve the mystery of his name his new enemy Bane decides to bust inmates out of arkham forcing Batman to try and catch them all. Bane deduced Bruce is the bat. He breaks in to the cave badly injuring Batman. Batman is forced to over come his injury and new self doubt to find a way to take down Bane.

    I got bored and actually wrote a sceenplay for it lol but it’s long and I’m sure no one really wants to read it lol so that’s the basics.

  14. What do you think of the basic outline Sam?

    Let me touch up the script and transfer it. It’s on my iPhone gotta transfer it to my comp been meaning to. There are three very good screen play apps that can compete with final draft it’s self.

  15. I like the idea of using Bane very much, I’d love to see him done right, and the broken bat aspect of the story. Also the image of bat symbol drawn in blood is very striking.

    Which iPhone screenplay app are you using?, I’ve not got one.

  16. Actually Sam I use three

    scripts pro

    my face is screenplay but in general script pro is considered the best.

    • I’ll check them out, I’ve been working on a tv show for BBC, show being able to work on it on my phone would be great.

  17. That’s awesome Sam Ive actually been creating a show for years as well. I actually have figured the show out from begining to end I know every plot point every every planned season I don’t expect anything to ever come of it but it’s my passion. I love this project more than my life.

    • That’s cool, never give up on stuff like that, thats what people used to tell me, but now my book is out there are some people really eating their words. I actually sent a copy of my book to several of the creative developers at the BBC and they asked if I would write an original pilot.

  18. Well Sam I still constantly work on my project because like I told you it’s my passion but I have given up on doing anything with it. I don’t have connections and I am to passionate about the project for anyone to do anything with it I’d be to controlling and wouldn’t settle for just writing the pilot I’d have to be show runner and star lol I’m realistic that’s how I know nothing will happen with it. The two things I love much in this world are acting and writing. Never been in a film though I don’t even know where to start I just do theater and not alot.

    • Nothing’s impossible my friend. My ex told me to give up writing because it was a waste of time, but she was wrong, I’m passionate about my writing as its the one thing I’m truly good at.

      I only ever write stuff like the above Batman treatment when I get writers block, I have a complete Quantum Leap reboot that I just love, perfect way to bring the show back. Can’t really do anything with it though.

  19. Sam being a fellow QL fan I’d love to hear more about your reboot sometime.

    • Absolutely. I did a 12 episode season for QL, it was admittedly darker in tone, main character was Sam’s daughter Cally, with Sam as the hologram, and Al in charge of the QL facility.

      I thought having a female lead would make for some interesting plotlines. I kept the humourous banter, added a layer of conspiracy within the governmental department trying to shut down the project. There was an unstable soldier who was also leaping due to the army having stolen the technology.

  20. Interesting Sam I’d love to read it sometime.

    I’d also love to pass my ideas off on a sounding board.

    I’ve been told I’m great at crafting interesting story and come up with excellant plots and elements, but I’ve also been told that I struggle with dialogue and I know I’m not great at formatting screen plays I struggle between differing between transitions and action alot of the time I feel like I’m placing action in transition format or vice versa.

    • Anytime. I usually write my screenplays in between my books to have a break, but I came close to actually getting something on tv five years ago but it didnt work out, mainly due to my stubborness.

      I’m keen to read your Batman, I think we have slightly different takes on the character.

      • Why don’t you two get a room.

  21. While I don’t see any credibility in these rumours, the main problem with Robin is really that the general public are ignorant, shallow-minded morons. I can tell most of them have never read or watched any comics or other media that featured Robin in a prominent light: comics, cartoon shows, nothing. They judge him as ‘kiddy’ or ‘pansy’ based on nothing more than a few internet pictures from the 40′s Batman show(BTW before the Tim Burton Batman movie most people had the same opinion of Batman).

    This may come as a great shock to you, but Robin can and has been portrayed in a serious, believable and enjoyable fashion. Batman: Dark Victory, for instance, made him believable by exploring the parallels of Dick Grayson’s childhood with Bruce Wayne’s, and Bruce’s general loneliness in his life that was filled by the arrival of a partner.

    But no, you won’t even consider such thoughts, because a few pictures from the old Batman show you never watched accompanied by a similarly ignorant internet chorus of ‘Robin would SUCK ‘cuz… er, I sez!’

    • I’m 100% with you.

      People say Robin isn’t right for the Nolan films. But they’re basing this on the Robin of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Batman was just as bad in those films!
      Give Robin the chance to have a Nolan make over.

      PLUS Nolan never said no Robin in his films. Bale mentioned that in an interview once. But Nolan has said he wants the 3rd film to be the last one – to have a conclusion. And because Robin is such a big part of the Batman series, he deserves to be at least mentioned in the next film.

    • @ GG

      I agree with ya 100% there. I remember when Batman Forever came out, people whined about Chris O’Donnell lookin too old to play Robin. Now they complain on here If Robin was introduced at age 13 or 14 which nothin has been said about his age at all,lol. I liked they made Dick Grayson older in Batman Forever instead of the accurate age as in the comics. If Dick Grayson is to be Robin, I hope Nolan does the samething by makin the character older. I agree you that Robin can be portrayed in a serious, believable and enjoyable way. If i was to include Robin in a Batman franchise, id do it the way Bruce Timm had him on the show. By now having in every sequel but have him etheir mentioned or make a cameo as if he was away at college just as he was in Batman: TAS. Even though it was animated series, people loved how Bruce Timm’s take on Robin and was taken serious enough. Lol i agree with ya that it does seem whenever Robin is brought up, people think of the 60′s version, and the character has evolved since that show and gotten darker himself, dark enough that he left Batman’s side and became Nightwing. Id like to see Robin’s origin’s explore properly since his are simliar to Batman’s. I Liked the 2-part episode Robin’s Reckoning from Batman: TAS, the connection Bruce made with Dick, how much he wanted justice for Dick just as much Dick was yearning for. Id like to see somthing like that on film. Anyone calling Robin kiddy or pansy are living the past of the 60′s Batman instead of having common sense on what can be done with the Character.

      • Would you agree though that the costume would never work? Batmans costume is dark for stealth and scariness. Robins costume would defeat the purpose if he were along. And the name Robin is probably the lamest and most inappropriate name in superherodom. There is no logical connection between bats and robins. They’re not even the same species. And the Robin is hardly going to instill fear into criminals.

        • There is a point there, but can you imagine the effect of the first person mocking the name Robin being dropped off a building by this blandly smiling teenage hero.

          “Batman scares you by his appearance, I’ll terrify you by my actions.”

          Think a slightly more psychotic Azrael I.

  22. It will be awhile on the Batman. Send me an email and I’ll explain it.

    My take on Batman is that he he’s dark, brooding, violent and a closet needy guy. He acts like a loner and pushes everyone away but deep down he needs them and couldn’t stand to lose them. I knows he’s un healthy and he knows he is troubled. He doesn’t want to be a hero but he thinks he has to be. He doesn’t know what else to do. In his head deep down he believes he’s the smartest man alive he thinks he’s always right because he usually is. My version of Batman Is dark darker than Nolans but of course like every other version of Batman he doesn’t kill. He has control but not as much as he wants everyone to think sometimes he loses it and while he never kills he’s prone to brutal out bursts. He punishes himself for it mentally though.

    Thera more but I could go on forever.

  23. Sorry GG wrong. I’ve read nearly everything Batman ever written so that blows your theory on people who don’t want robin not reading the comics.

    I’m a huge Batman fan but not a big robin fan. I love long Halloween and Dark Victory but no while Dark Victory FDIC a good job with robin it did not make him believable. There is nothing even remotely believable about a 10-14 year old boy dressing like a super hero and fighting crime able to beat up large men. Also nothing believable with Batman allowing it.

    Robin is not a Pansy but he is a child and he is kiddy the purposse for creating robin was to appeal to kids the creators even admit that. Robin was made cheesy and still is a little corn ball. It’s acceptable cornball for comics but not so much in film and it would never be accepted in a real world take on Batman. Wanting him in or not wanting him are not the issue. It’s a real world take on the universe that means Robin does not fit in to this world. No one can believe it unless you changed so much about it the character is no longer resembeling it’s comic counter part.

    • How would you feel about in the third act Fox telling Bruce that another young vigilante with the same back story as him was fighting crime on the streets. “Maybe you should look into him. His name is Dick Grayson.”

      And just leave it at that?

    • In what way is it believable for a billionaire playboy to run around in tights beating up thugs and driving on rooftops in a black tank? If you’re using realism as an excuse this movie shouldn’t even happen.

      Whatever the original purpose of Robin was, he has greatly changed as a character with time, and there’s no reason why his story and relationship with Bruce can’t find a place in Nolan’s world. I’d definitely watch Dick Grayson the orphan adopted by Bruce Wayne over tacked-on love interests like Rachel Dawes that have no real personal chemistry and barely any relation with the main character for the viewer to care about.

  24. On a completely different note from what others have been posting, i just want to say, good job on this article. I’m sure when this news hit the almighty internet, people were going nuts, but you guys at screenrant kept your cool and actually dug further to figure out the truth. to put it simply, that’s journalism, and to find that on a movie review site is not only pleasantly surprising, its professional. keep up the excellent work guys!

  25. Robin could fit. Batman lost Rachel, and Gotham hates him now, so we can assume he’s depressed in his loner sense. Then he see’s someone get the same loss he had when he was little in front of him, so what better way for both to cope then make a hero/sidekick relationship and become a father/son figure.

    Also, I think if Robin is in the movie than Red Hood should be somehow along with Riddler. He’s an interesting and very dangerous enough bad guy and you could include a Joker cameo. Plus it could give Batman a more opposing threat.

    • I honestly think this movie starts with Batman being somewhat retired.
      He is wanted by the police, hated by the public and the coverup cleaned up the streets.

      Most this movie will consists of him needing to be Batman(learning that he is batman and its not a mask), and Gotham learning it needs and loves its hero as the hole created by his departure as the cops at a loss with a Super Villian (s).

      Throw in Vale or Talia al Ghul both, and you have the making of one of the best Batmans ever.

      There is just to much potiental for this movie to be good.

      • Vicki Vale would be good. Not sure about a revenge story for the al Ghul. But I like where yer heads at raven.

      • Another important feature of Dick Grayson/Robin’s character in the modern Batman comics is that he kept Bruce from losing touch with his humanity and getting consumed by his mission of vengeance. That’s something I can see explored very well by Nolan if he chose to.

        • This movie has way to much potential without adding another major character thats role would take from the current supporting cast.

          Thats currently what Alfred does in the previous films adding Robin would lower his a portion of role ( Every scene with Cain is worth its weight in gold) and there is no way to have Robin in the film without damaging the tone unless you change the character dramatically all togther.

          I also think that it would really hurt the soul of the franchise, currently it has been about Bruce Wayne as much as the Villians without being campy and their stories seeming to be just thrown togther.

  26. I truly think this is ethier information deflection or Dick Grayson is in the movie. Robin would destroy the dark and realistic story Nolan has built that has us waiting so much for.

    I agree with some posters you could in fact of some telling of Dick’s back story in the movie, but I refuse to think the actual character Robin will appear on stage. You might as well put in Croc, Big Top, Freeze, Firefly, Hugo Strange or Tweedledum and Tweedledee

    It would completely destroy the edge the first two movies have. It would move the movie more in a comic/geeky direction and that would be a huge mistake.

    This movie has so much poteintal thanks to the ending of the second and first movies to really be good. Batman, Gotham, and Gordon have an excellent starting place and real struggle to get to where we need to be to finish the movie. Add a villian or two and you got a movie that could almost be two we don’t need any fluff tha would ruin the legacy Nolan has created.