Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In ‘Batman 3′, New Human Torch & More

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cody sousa robin batman 3 human torch Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Have you ever heard the name Cody Sousa? Yeah, me neither. That’s because he’s an actor who’s never really been in any major film productions (or even minor ones, far as I can tell). However, according to Mr. Sousa’s IMDb filmography, the young actor has some major films currently in production/development.

Yes, if the always-to-be-believed listings of IMDb are anything to go by [sarcasm alert!], then you could soon be seeing Cody Sousa starring in the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and World War Zor as the titular hero in the big-screen adaptation of  Johnny Quest. He’s also apparently been cast in prominent superhero roles such as Shazam! , the new Human Torch in Fantastic Four: Reborn and as Dick Grayson in a little film called Batman 3.

That’s right, Cody Sousa is listed as playing the alter-ego of Batman’s Boy Wonder, Robin, in Chris Nolan’s upcoming third entry in his Batman series. And, for my part, I don’t think Nolan and Warner Bros. could have made a better a better choice…

icon smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Ok, so I couldn’t even keep a straight face while I was typing that! I mean COME ON, REALLY??? Were we really supossed to believe – for even one tiny sliver of a micro second – that this kid Sousa has been cast as one of Freddy Krueger’s victims in the next Elm Street – let alone as the new Human Torch – LET ALONE as Dick Grayson in the most popular superhero franchise around? REALLY?

If you think I’m making all this up, check out Cody Sousa’s IMDb page for yourself. Crazy, right?

Obviously somebody close to this kid (or who really, really, dislikes him) wanted him to get some increased exposure and went to great (read: slimy) lengths to make it happen. Well, considering that Sousa’s popularity is up 3,713% on IMDb this week – not to mention the fact that I’m posting about this – I guess his benefactor (detractor?) should consider his or her mission thoroughly accomplished.

Not that anybody reading this should necessarily fault Mr. Sousa himself for this obvious prank-gone-wrong. While digging into the matter I came across one of the IMDb message boards, in which people were already getting riled up about the false info being presented. In response, a user dubbed “GotBatman” (who I’ve verified is Sousa himself), had the following to say about the situation:

well wasn’t me and sorry about it :/
I’m pissed whoever did this (I’m pretty sure I know who)
I wouldn’t ever want to sneak up to the top by lying about roles
and IMDB takes forever to take something down (I’ve been deleted it everyday to no avail)

Poor guy. To quote the old saying “It’s never your enemy that does you in – it’s always those closest to you.

batman 3 question mark logo 1 Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Of course anyone obsessing about Batman 3 (and if you’re reading this you’re probably one of them) already knows that Nolan has made it clear in the past that he has no interest in bringing any ‘Boy Wonders’ into his Batman universe.

Still, just because Nolan (and a fairly large contingent of Bat fans) have decreed that Robin should be a strict no-go for Batman 3, that shouldn’t stop us here at Screen Rant from asking “Should Robin be in Batman 3?” which we’ll be sure to do in an upcoming op-ed where we can all discuss and argue the matter at length icon smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More .

For now, is this Cody Sousa situation funny or just annoying to you? One thing is for certain, though: IMDb might want to keep a tighter leash on their update standards.

Source: IMDb (Special thanks to reader “Ari W.” for pointing this our way)

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  1. There was a reference to Dick Grayson in The Dark Knight but Nolan removed it as to not get up fans hopes.

    • That loser was posting stuff on comicbookmovie.com about how he should be cast as spiderman with all of these other elite actors playing the villain roles.. This is totally false.

      • Haha. Who listens to the crap posted on comicbookmovie.com?
        Seriously, the stuff they put on there (bless their hearts, they’re trying to be legit), is really pathetic.

        • I dont think anyone thought this was genuine. Not for a second.

          • Ok if everyone clearly already new that Nolan wasn’t going to add Dick Grayson to Batman, What was all the commotion about..for those in doubt that it might have been this 17 yr old…Its also clear that if he is a comic lover he to would know that Dick Grayson who is still in diapers wouldn’t be casted!! Its clear that someone possibly a troll (just saying) wanted to stir up trouble and used this poor kid as bate!! You know who you are.. grow up!!

    • just a plain no…….

      p.s. no

    • What scene? Where did you hear this? What reference?

  2. I wouldn’t be entirely against it if they got someone to play Robin the way Chloë Grace Moretz played Hit Girl.

  3. I

  4. Ehh. I’d like a reference to The Flying Graysons, and nothing else.

  5. whoops – Uhm…My Mistake
    I grew up bieng a massive fan of robin blah blah blah Either way He Dosnt Fit! at least not in this story please dont use him in this movie Noland’s Batman dosnt need a sidekick, it also dosnt need re-hashed villains please please KEEP IT ORIGINAL! for the love of god No Catwomen either

  6. Why would they cast a girl as Robin?

    • Four words: The Dark Knight Returns. Find it, read it, wipe the drool of the floor, and then come back and say, “Oh, that’s why”. :)

    • That’s a guy

  7. This kid is a regular on comicbookmovie.com he’s an aspiring actor. As a joke, he put himself up for spidey a few months ago

  8. Ok, that was just plain cruel for the poor kid. You know he’s going to be sweating bullets to get some real role in the near future.

    As for Robin in the Batman Nolan-verse… I don’t have Chris’ brain to figure that one out. Of course, it does intrigue me tio see how he could fit it in, but I’m with him on this one. Ditch the Boy Wonder on this one.

    But hey, here’s a crazy thought: why not jump straight to Nightwing?

    (ducks, avoids the rotten eggs and tomatoes)

    Hey it was just a thought!

    • Juan,

      I totally agree with you – got right to Nightwing (or Azriel) for a Batman counterpart. No boy wonders.

      • Ooooo, Azriel!!! There’s a cool idea… Is that comic book even still around? If iot is, I think he’d even deserve his own movie!

    • juan carlo:I was thinking the same go with nightwing at least it gives the audience something new!
      & he fits more into it, he could be rewritten as the thorn in batmans balls like red-hood but with Dick Grayson instead of jason( A tweener if u will), Like revenge made dick into a phycho (as wierd as that sounds- I know) I mean seriously does it really matter if they re-write the origin the franchise will most likly bieng rebooted by 2016 anyway

  9. The only reason I would be for it, is so that we could get a NIGHTWING movie down the road. However, they would have to do something about robin’s costume it’s too bright and colorfull can’t do stealth missions.

  10. I would like to see Robin in the next movie. I know that if done wrong (Batman Forever and Batman and Robin)it will be crazy stupid. But I think if they wrote it as someone is like 16 or 17 that way he would be old enough for that kind of adult action but still young enough to be a suitable Robin. The reason why I would want there to be a Robin, is because in The Dark Knight, Batman didn’t have a lot of character development and having a sidekick would bring him back to humanity. That a little comic relief from a character besides Alfred would be nice too.
    All I’m saying is that Robin should and could be included, especially if they want good continuity for a Nightwing spinoff.

  11. is that really a dude? looks more like a girl to me

  12. what is this..? slashfilm? :D :P

  13. poor kid, assuming of course he didnt do this himself…i think they should do Nightwing, as a separate ally to Batman. i know this is kinda different, but it could work?
    check this out if any of you have time. its just an idea i came up with

  14. Nothing against this…guy? But he’s obviously not fit to play ANY sort of superhero role, especially not Human Torch, Spider-Man, or Robin. Thank goodness this is just a cruel joke.

    As for Robin being in Batman 3? I think Nolan could do it well. I’d actually like to see it done just so people would be shocked. Nightwing would be cool to lead up to as well.

  15. Hmm, a little homophobic there anthony? Anyway, it is fact that Robin won’t be in the Bat-trilogy but as far as the 66′ show Robin did always help out when the Riddler was the bad guy, so I kinda think that maybe a young Dick Grayson does show up. Just not Robin!

    • actually no..i seriously didnt know if it was a dude ot a girl

  16. The whole situation is hilarious to me! The poor sap didn’t even know…
    It’s just… sad…

  17. Nolan is a smart, even brilliant guy and it wouldn’t suprise me if he foudn a way to include Digk Grayson but not Robin the Boy Wonder and do it so that when you leave the theatre your saying “Man he was awesome as Dick Grayson” or “I would have never picked X to play Y role in Batman 3″. After all his choice of Ledger for the Joker wasn’t exactly met with praise and cheers from the Batman fan base and yet when TDK was over how many could honestly say Nolans choice of actor and handling of teh character wasn’t the most brilliant ever in the Batman universe?

    When itc omes to a Nolan film, untill I’vr seen solid prrof otherwise I will never doubt the guy in advance.

  18. I kno this is probably a dumb question but what is the source for the Robin image at the top of the article? Is that just a CGI image from a Batman game? It looks like its either an incredibly realitsic CGI screenshot or real footage from something; maybe trailer foot from a batman game ???

    • The pic is an image from a beautifully done fan-made trailer for a film about Dick Grayson coming out of retirement to take up the mantle of Robin once more. The reason? Batman has been assassinated, and corruption seems to be behind it (as does an appropriately lunatic Joker…and friends). In a nod to “The Dark Knight Returns”, Superman appears and seems to be a government stooge. Robin, in the trailer, is taken very seriously and really does seem as if he could kick butt.

      The “film” the trailer introduced is called “Grayson”…It came out years ago (I think even before “Batman Begins”). It made fanboys mouths water at the prospect of a possible film…sigh, to dream.

      You can probably still find it on YouTube, with a bit of searching…

  19. It was a non issue until some supposed Robin supporters started trolling the IMDB boards very aggressively and insulting anyone who disagreed with them (trolls are soooo fun)

  20. I think Nolan should freak everybody out with the unexpected… like casting Tom Waits as Dick Grayson (or his Uncle, or school teacher… whatever)who plays the classic old-bitter-vigilante-guy who hates selfish a-holes that kill along with young-wealthy-costumed hero types. An antagonistic protaganist whose all about the most damage with the least effort… he’s the thinking man’s answer to slow burning homemade justice.

  21. truthfully, i kinda like the idea of Christopher Nolan bringing Robin to the screen because I know Nolan wouldn’t screw him up.

    • I agree Nolan would’nt screw it up… would’nt it be funny if the kid ended up getting casted for the part…hum..poor kid has gotten hit with so much..that could be his payback for all the slack!!

  22. I agree if anyone could do a good take on Robin it would be Nolan but I hope they just leave this as a Batman trilogy. Maybe bring Robin in to it at a later point when a different director takes over and makes their own trilogy that roughly continues on from Nolans.


  24. The fact the this is listed on IMDB makes me disregard this as BS already.

    • I meant REgard, not disregard.

  25. what? thought he wasnt gonna put bird boy in these reboots??

  26. Please NO robin in these unless hes making 5 films…..if its just 3 then no robin cuz i dont wanna see him for like 10 mins….

  27. a few things:

    first off, why are people hating on comicbookmovie.com. its a good site. i’ll admit, it puts out alot of speculative rumors from “inside sources” but that stuff is cool still. half of the time, their news is spot on. they just have alot of other stuff on that site that throws people off like fan fics, reviews and fan made editorials which are all good in my book.

    secondly, why would people say they would get a nightwing movie if put in this movie when nolan planned for this to be a trilogy and no spin offs, even though, knowing WB, theyll shoehorn the franchise to fit into the new superman and green lantern movie somehow to connect it all.

    also, i coulldnt see robin in nolans universe, maybe as dick grayson but not robin. i read somewhere a cool scoop thats prob false but it would be a great way for the end of the trilogy with the riddler, talia al ghul, deadshot, and black mask

  28. Robin worked in ‘Dark Victory,’ though I never cared as much for DKR as others seemed to have. Haha great article for a great prank Kofi, although this kid shouldn’t be too dismayed! It’s exposure after all, maybe not in the strictly legit way, but exposure nonetheless!!

  29. This kid looks like he should be in the Twilight films, NOT in a major superhero film.