Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In ‘Batman 3′, New Human Torch & More

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cody sousa robin batman 3 human torch Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Have you ever heard the name Cody Sousa? Yeah, me neither. That’s because he’s an actor who’s never really been in any major film productions (or even minor ones, far as I can tell). However, according to Mr. Sousa’s IMDb filmography, the young actor has some major films currently in production/development.

Yes, if the always-to-be-believed listings of IMDb are anything to go by [sarcasm alert!], then you could soon be seeing Cody Sousa starring in the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and World War Zor as the titular hero in the big-screen adaptation of  Johnny Quest. He’s also apparently been cast in prominent superhero roles such as Shazam! , the new Human Torch in Fantastic Four: Reborn and as Dick Grayson in a little film called Batman 3.

That’s right, Cody Sousa is listed as playing the alter-ego of Batman’s Boy Wonder, Robin, in Chris Nolan’s upcoming third entry in his Batman series. And, for my part, I don’t think Nolan and Warner Bros. could have made a better a better choice…

simple smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Ok, so I couldn’t even keep a straight face while I was typing that! I mean COME ON, REALLY??? Were we really supossed to believe – for even one tiny sliver of a micro second – that this kid Sousa has been cast as one of Freddy Krueger’s victims in the next Elm Street – let alone as the new Human Torch – LET ALONE as Dick Grayson in the most popular superhero franchise around? REALLY?

If you think I’m making all this up, check out Cody Sousa’s IMDb page for yourself. Crazy, right?

Obviously somebody close to this kid (or who really, really, dislikes him) wanted him to get some increased exposure and went to great (read: slimy) lengths to make it happen. Well, considering that Sousa’s popularity is up 3,713% on IMDb this week – not to mention the fact that I’m posting about this – I guess his benefactor (detractor?) should consider his or her mission thoroughly accomplished.

Not that anybody reading this should necessarily fault Mr. Sousa himself for this obvious prank-gone-wrong. While digging into the matter I came across one of the IMDb message boards, in which people were already getting riled up about the false info being presented. In response, a user dubbed “GotBatman” (who I’ve verified is Sousa himself), had the following to say about the situation:

well wasn’t me and sorry about it :/
I’m pissed whoever did this (I’m pretty sure I know who)
I wouldn’t ever want to sneak up to the top by lying about roles
and IMDB takes forever to take something down (I’ve been deleted it everyday to no avail)

Poor guy. To quote the old saying “It’s never your enemy that does you in – it’s always those closest to you.

batman 3 question mark logo 1 Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More

Of course anyone obsessing about Batman 3 (and if you’re reading this you’re probably one of them) already knows that Nolan has made it clear in the past that he has no interest in bringing any ‘Boy Wonders’ into his Batman universe.

Still, just because Nolan (and a fairly large contingent of Bat fans) have decreed that Robin should be a strict no-go for Batman 3, that shouldn’t stop us here at Screen Rant from asking “Should Robin be in Batman 3?” which we’ll be sure to do in an upcoming op-ed where we can all discuss and argue the matter at length simple smile Unknown Actor Listed as Robin In Batman 3, New Human Torch & More .

For now, is this Cody Sousa situation funny or just annoying to you? One thing is for certain, though: IMDb might want to keep a tighter leash on their update standards.

Source: IMDb (Special thanks to reader “Ari W.” for pointing this our way)

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  1. Here’s something interesting. What if Alfred dies somehow and tries to make up for Alfred by becoming something he was: A father figure when the father wasn’t there, by raising Robin and then taking him under his wing. That would be a depthy reason to bring Robin in and it would make more room for other characters.

    • it would allow you to insert Dick Grayson, but I don’t think you can put Robin in the film without an over haul.

      but you would need a really good actor, but this type of relationship you are talking about would take multiple films I think but I could be wrong.

      • No need for something that complicated. Just play on Bruce’s feeling of isolation. Rachel’s dead, and Alfred just can’t give him the kind of companionship(no gay Robin jokes) he needs in his life. He can’t follow Bruce around when he’s fighting crime, as seen in past films Bruce may ignore his advice and so on.

        Then comes Dick Grayson; Bruce becomes his ward because of the striking similarity in his fate as well as some reason related to the criminal who kills Dick’s parents; seeing Dick Bruce realises he’s starting to go along the same dark path Bruce has descended into and tries to remedy it, Dick discoveres his identity and wants to help him and so on till the end where he finally shows up in costume and earns Bruce’s respect and Bruce agrees to take him on as a partner.

        • @ GG

          What you said about Dick Grayson/Robin character in the Batman comics that he kept Bruce from losing his humanity,Getting consumed by his mission of vengenance. Bruce Timm who worked on Batman: TAS said the samething about Robin in one of the commentary on the dvd boxsets. Like Alfred,Robin was there to see that Batman didnt go over the edge and become what he’s fighting. I could see Nolan fit Robin in no problem. Besides, it would make a good conclusion to Nolan’s Batman franchise.

  2. Let me pal;y Robin..i would show you all a bad ass female robin,And actually a female Robin would work just fine..but how about some guy who is like a x-games kid like Shawn white after all Robin was a circus performer why not make Robin hot dog ski dud like Shawn White or trick board kid hit!@ that would be awesome because guys like that rock! Otherwise i agree with Daniel.besides with Bats” on the run being hunted by Gordon how is going to have time to concentrate on side kick to train and take acre of ..To me it would bea hindreance and seems way too early to introduce Robin to the batman scene. would rather see Barbara Gordon come in as Bat girl personally ..all in cool black latex just like me!!!lmao1

    • There was a girl robin already in the comics (see The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller) so yes it would work.

  3. It would be good if they did use the robin that was killed by the Joker, but as we all know the Joker is not in this movie. You could just use Robin as a kid (17 to 20) who has a tie to Wayne and decides to fight crime a la the Batman clones in TDK. But that is kind of dumb, but it is an idea. And at least Robin is not being rumored to be Shia LeBouf.

    • I’m not sure this particular form of batman needs a robin character. but, if for some reason they feel it necessary then of course a younger actor will be needed. after the success of inception, my vote is with joseph gordon levitt

  4. Would be interesting to see during the film, Robin (as a homage to Jason Todd) takes on the persona Red Hood to find out who killed his parents and kill him and soon Batman gets in the way and tries to kill him too. Since Dick already has acrobatic skills it would be a pretty even fight with Batman.

  5. There is no even fight against Batman… he fights dirty. :-)

  6. Jason
    Well he fights like 5 guys at a time,id be using my weapons too lol!

  7. I love Batman,Bat man returns, and the Batman begins and the Dark night… I think its a bit dodgy having Robin, in number 3 look what happened when they done it the first time. I remember somewhere Bale saying something about his disaproval of a Robin. God if they have great story,it could work given Nolan and his team they seem very able to turn out some really great stuff. May be having Robin in Number 4 than 3 might be better, they have allot on their plate bringing in Robin might knock them of focus, but if they think it could work for the franchise, and with a really good story to tell then it might be worth it but Robin should not be the only focus. The whole picture has to some how stand up after the legendary status of the Dark Night. Its a very hard one know one really knows what is truly next for the next bats at the moment I just wish there was a truthful statement, But Im sure its going to be exciting… we wait and see

  8. Didn’t Christian Bale go on record as saying he wouldn’t do another Batman film if Robin(aka Dick Grayson) was cast and Chris Nolan wasn’t involved. I’d prefer to see Bats go up against Deathstroke and Man-Bat, especially since Deathstroke(aka Slade Wilson) appears in David Goyer’s script for the forthcoming GREEN ARROW film.

  9. This guy has feminine trimmed looking eyebrows AND he looks like he’s wearing lipstick, yeah, him as Robin would have really filled in the blanks.

    • Heh. I hadn’t noted it before. But he does have penciled in eyebrows. Unless it’s a photoshopped picture.

    • jeez, this has to be -besides Heath, of course- the best version of fans doing Nolans Joker that ive seen TO DATE

  10. Since this 3rd film is supposely is gonna be Nolan’s last, unless he waits 10 years to start it up again i would’nt mind if Robin is in the film or not. But, for the record shall the Batman franchise be rebooted another time than id like to see them take another shot at having Robin involved. Not in the sameway as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin but Have someone who was around Chris O’Donnell’s age and depending on how many films they were to make, have Robin every other sequel in costume while in other films him being be mentioned by name while he’s at college or something or have him make a cameo or minor role. Kinda like how Bruce Timm & Crew and him appear on Batman: TAS.

    • Batman is wanted now by the cops ofcourse he’ll need help. This time hope they won’t portray Robin to be so lame and instead a shadow of the Dark Knight.

  11. I meant to say Bruce Timm & Crew had him appear on Batman: TAS.

  12. Knowing Nolan I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t introduce Robin. And lets just hope such an silly idea will never cross his mind.

  13. What?!?! According to Christian Bale mention that he would never-ever play in a Batman movie if Robin was in it? Did I miss something?

    • Sorry messed up:

      According to an online interview, Christian Bale said he would not play in a Batman if it had Robin.

  14. I think Death in the Family would make an awesoem movie. :)

  15. Wellllllll… robin…no. BUT!!! thats doesnt mean that i wouldnt mind seeing nightwing…but i cant see how they would do that seeing that he used to be robin and he kicks ass so much cause batman trained him.. Oh well.. it would be nice but the way the movies are shaping up i think i might like it better without any version of the boy wonder.

  16. Honestly I think that it would destroy the franchise to add Robin… He’s not needed. The Franchise is over. There will not be another Nolan Batman. Gordon-Levitt is playing a character that appears in ONE Batman comic… little boy that Joker steals from, Haha. And I guarantee no one knows who his character really is because Nolan puts his own special spin on each and everyone. Personally i think its bad enough that CATWOMAN is in it… Anne Hathaway… REALLY. She better have a performance that at least usurps Ledger’s which is as likely as me going to the moon before I die.

    By the way. This Sousa Kid is not famous because of the Robin fowl up. He is now famous because of this article. Which he is attributing as a credit on his IMDB profile now!