Batman 3 Official Announcement at Comic-Con?

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batman 3 movie announcement Batman 3 Official Announcement at Comic Con?

Marvel vs. DC. Who will take the spotlight at San Diego Comic-Con this July?

Marvel has Thor to show off. DC has Green Lantern to show off. Marvel has high profile movies in The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers in the works with a possible announcement of their next slate of films (Ant-Man?). DC has Batman 3, the Superman reboot and possibly… just maybe… an announcement regarding Justice League.

We know both comic publishers, now all-out entertainment production houses, will be vying for the honor of being the buzz topic of the convention and we can expect major announcements, revelations and surprises to appease the masses. Will Batman 3 be officially unveiled there?

According to Batman on Film, they have inside info which points towards an official announcement regarding Batman 3 to be made this July. While that leads to assumptions of the obvious, an announcement from Warner Bros. about it at Comic-Con, keep in mind that they chose not to announce The Dark Knight at the event back in 2006.

Instead, Warner Bros. made an official press release just after the event. That press release included the official title of the Batman Begins sequel, confirmation that director Christopher Nolan would be back at the helm and the surprising-at-the-time announcement that Heath Ledger would be playing The Joker.

This time around, I don’t think they’ll be following that strategy. This is far too big of an opportunity to pass up and it’s almost expected that Warner Bros. lay down a bunch of their cards to really show up Marvel Studios with their future plans.

Chris Nolan’s Inception will have been out in theaters just over a week and will no doubt be the talk of town so it would be surprising (nonsensical>) for them to not have Nolan or Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment Geoff Johns take the stage at the WB presentation to talk Superman and/or Batman 3. After all, we already know Chris Nolan is working with his brother on Batman 3 and Superman at least in some capacity so it won’t be too much of a surprise.

Let’s not forget what Geoff Johns said at WonderCon about Justice League when questioned on the matter:

“I can’t talk about it. We’ll talk in San Diego.”

Heck, they could even talk about The Flash and maybe confirm the long-running rumors that Green Lantern writer Greg Berlanti will be directing?

Warner Bros. is banking on their DC library to take to the forefront and become their next major franchise of summer tentpoles in the wake of the Harry Potter series coming to an end and this is the time to start.

We’ll be there either way and will let you know as it happens.

Are you psyched for what may come at us in San Diego this July?

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Source: Batman on Film

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  1. oh how I envy you guys and all your comic-cons :((( but yeah, let's hope for good news (Batman related news, Marvel teasers, and all that)

  2. yeah Marvel is working good — IM was great, TIH wasn't so great but the next projects look (mostly) good.. DC is slowly moving so far, but who knows — perhaps we'll get more than 2 DC movies in the next few years…

  3. Welling's Supes = teen soap opera Supes. Not good.

  4. actually i read that marvel does take a small claim to those movies that fox and sony did. fox and sony just have the movie rights temporarily, but i believe there are some marvel guys that are part of the production in some capacity.

    it speaks to the effort and planning that marvel has put forth that they were able to temporarily sell their movie rights to other studios in the name of keeping their characters exposed to the masses. if you think it doesn't reflect on marvel, good or bad like you said, then that's being naive. they've successfully treated their fan base to a multitude of their popular characters in the last 12 years most of which were better than average. dc has put only 2 of their big-name characters on the big screen in the last 30 years (and i do not count that supergirl film and the catwoman disaster).

    the marketing behind the 2008 hulk movie was fine and if you were late figuring it out that it was in the theater, that reflects more about what kind of fan you are. the primary reason it didn't quite have the box office success marvel hoped for is because of the 2003 hulk movie. it jaded many people, but the 2008 version still did as well profit wise. moreover, it had succeeded in giving the fans a 'real' hulk movie.

    right now, there is no comparison between the studious. marvel has had more than an edge for quite some time. that could change in 5-10 yrs if dc can finally get a movie out not called superman or batman. can you imagine if they went through with that rushed idea for a justice league movie? at least 2 directors turned it down before warner bros. realized that it was about to become the worst mistake they've ever made.

  5. GREAT NEWS. I'd like to see James Franco as the Riddler

  6. hey rick jr.

    you say I'm naive but you make so many assumptions it's funny.

    I guess you're not in the business because money speaks volumes to the studios and not much else. DC has banked more than Marvel when it comes to profits so try doing some research before throwing out statements.

    I said if those movies, that are with other studios, reflect on Marvel than they are giving Marvel a black eye because the Spiderman movies (besides 2) were terrible. The X-Men movies, besides X2, were terrible along with the Fantastic Four movies (utter crap) and Wolverine Origins (probably the worst of them all). So, if you take into account the effect those movies have on Marvel then they are WAY behind. But go ahead and keep talking without thinking.

  7. And I guess you don't count the original Superman movies, which were extremely popular over the past 20 years or the Batman movies that have come out over the past 15 years. Let me guess – they don't count?

  8. I love this idea. Franco would do a great job.

  9. profits in what exactly??? comic books? and i wasn't speaking strictly about profits.

    critical acclaim, getting characters' movies made to reinforce popularity, and getting the stories right to the fans matter in addition to just making a buck. but since you brought up the subject of money…if dc has so much of it, why haven't they been able to put out movies on a consistent basis? why do we only see batman and superman? only 2 of the 4 superman movies were good from the 80's…the other 2 were laughable. the 90's batman movies were just as bad and campy. i'll take fantastic four over that any day.

  10. With all due respect, Superman Returns made some money but didnt meet the studios expectations and also recieved some negative reviews due to its lack of action. I liked the film but wished it could of been better than what it was. I agree with bchops, the only DC comic movie that made serious money was TDK. Now that alone cant measure up to all Marvel's films have done so far. Not even Batman Begins made more money than Tim Burton's original. We still havnt heard alot about purposed films of flash, WonderWoman, Supermax, etc. Even Jonex Hex had little buzz and the Lobo film looks uncertain. Superman is the opposite of Batman so that doesnt mean he'll have that same magic touch as he did with Batman. I hope he delivers. But anyways i still say Marvel is in the lead and has their plans layed out well.

  11. X-Men (was the first of the bunch to take a step away from the pathetic Batman movies of the 90's with a more realistic and serious tone)
    Spiderman 2
    Iron Man
    The Incredible Hulk

    Those movies have all been very good. You're hanging your hat on one movie…The Dark Knight…which is more of a James Bond with a mask than a superhero movie. What else has DC done that's even worth a mention?

  12. And that's all I was trying to say. How can anyone think that DC has been on par with Marvel in terms of getting movies made. Makes you wonder what DC is waiting for.

  13. Yes, I agree with you but think it's closer than some believe it is. I love all the movies either way.

  14. Disappointing? That's easy. Only Superman I and II were good. III and IV were an embarrassment. Every TV show made about him has been bad to mediocre. Celebratory sequel 20 yrs later? Superman Returns was boring at best. Who cares about the S shield if we're not getting good movies about him. I don't care about his impact on the world because this is a conversation about MOVIES. Marvel Animated movies are good in my opinion…maybe DC has shelled out more good ones, but who cares about compared to live action movies? Marvel has had the upperhand the last 10 years or so and that's further manifested in the intertwining of the Avenger-related movies. DC is watching closely as they have no clue what to do with JLA right now.

  15. (and the crowd says) Oooooooohhhh!!

  16. I agree, James Franco is a great actor!! I don't know if he looks right for the role. He's probably a bit young, but I'd watch him in anything! lol

  17. anthony michael hall's character from the dark knight will be the riddler. of this im certain. would be a great transitional character. i know his name wasnt edward nygma but thats a made name anyway.

  18. Or we could try this route, how about all the Marvel related movies that have been bad?

    Spiderman 3
    X Men 3

    Fantastic 4
    Fantastic 4 Rise Of The Silver Surfer

    Punisher Warzone
    Blade 3

    I think the DC attrocities list is shorter

    Superman 3
    Superman 4
    Batman And Robin

  19. You forgot Catwoman

  20. I apologise and shall amend the list, forgot another Marvel abortion too!

  21. I must add X Men 4 ( Wolverine ) to the Marvel list and Catwoman to the DC list.

  22. You're not going to have a hit with every at bat, but at least Marvel has been stepping up to the plate. They've given their fans much to be excited about even if each movie hasn't been a home run. DC is still taking extended batting practice from minor league triple A. What's taking them so damn long????? They tried their hand a Catwoman movie for crying out loud. It took forever to get going with Green Lantern and it seems they only did so in response to all the buzz about Marvel's movies. That DC Entertainment announcement last Sept. was more of a rushed counter to the huge announcement that Disney was buying Marvel. Always a step behind. They were also supposed to have this huge announcement in Jan. about their upcoming slate of movies…haven't heard a peep aside from GL.

  23. I agree. Marvel has put their superheroes on the cinematic forefront regardless of box office success. You're not going to have a hit all the time especially if you're constantly putting movies out there which seems to be the point some of these bloggers are trying to make. At the very least, they have been putting many movies out there for their fan base. I think WB/DC has been slacking for the last 15 years. Not much for them to brag about right now.

  24. Is ther anyone out there that can see Joseph Fiennes as the riddler?? I'm supprised his name hasn't been mentioned through out all of this yet. He has worked with Goyer on Flashforward and I think he would pull off an excelent “theatrical” Riddler, since thats the vibe Nolan has went with since day one…. And he's Brittish… Yes/No?

  25. Mel Gibson for Director

    Jim Caveizal for Superman.

    That is all you need. You dont need Nolan.

  26. No to Gibson and Cavezial. Mel Gibson is okay, just not Superman. And Jim is too old. Milo Ventimilgia is a better choice.

  27. I believe if marvels thor, and caps works, and then the avengers movie, Then i think while that process is taking place. DC and warner will be working through,observing the potential interest learning the foot steps of marvels progress at their hero projects and then come at their own angle on how to proceed and make decisions to bring about the films we all would love to see. Its possible they could have the JLA but I believe their keeping their key observers examining the avengers prjt. Also they will be possibly exploring new proposals and negotiations on who and which actors are going to fit the the right roles for future films I think they will probably have a sector of their team doing internet blog work to see reactions to certain actors and then they will gather the possible actors and send out sampled scripts. While that is taking place scripts for BAt3 and the next superman will be evolving and with the Nolans taking on that task it will be exciting. The Nolans brothers may be given the JLA gig if all proceeds well for bat3 and the next superman. I feel they have a great gift for crafting the scripts that we will one day see Flash,Batman, SUperman and the whole jla but its going to take time, research and please God they will listen and read our blogs and maybe take so considerations from us. After all we are the ones who will be providing the future revenue for these great cinematic ventures. May God bless them and inspire their creativity for generations to come ….

  28. dc has made mistakes but will redeem themselves. all of these impatient geeks who want things right away! jla has a higher number of characters than a basic avengers!

    dc needs to launch all the characters properly, give them room and time to develop in their own stories then eventually move to jla.

    with all these marvel films they run the risk of overkill or overkill for ALL comic book movies.

    i am confident the announcement will be worth the wait at comic con sd.

    green lantern flash and wonder woman green arrow hawkman and aquaman will all become household names when the films are made.

    marvel is too overconfident, joe johnson can f*** up capt and the avengers hasnt even come out yet? plenty of time for errors and disappointments.

    go see the wolfman by joe johnson

    dc is making good comics, great films now, and great animated films and with dc owning rocksteady games they are starting to make superior video games as well.
    batman arkum asylum almost won game of the year. better than marvel alliance 2 or wolverine origins ps3.

    the dc universe line are also great figures.