Rumor Patrol: ‘Batman 3′ To Include Villain Killer Croc? [Updated]

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Killer Croc Batman villain Rumor Patrol: Batman 3 To Include Villain Killer Croc? [Updated]

[Update: Batman 3 might shoot in Louisiana, but don’t expect to see Killer Croc. See post for details.]

The Batman 3 rumor mill is running at full speed again and this time we have a new potential villain. If the rumor is true, the “reality-based” foundation of Nolan’s Batman franchise will be put to the test.

Speculation has surrounded a potential New Orleans shooting location and one classic Batman villain fits right in. The Southern location, and recent murmurs from Mark Millar, have brought Killer Croc to the speculation forefront.

That’s right, Killer Croc. /Film is pushing the possibility that the deformed crocodile wrestler, formerly known as Waylon Jones, might be the villain in Batman 3. Born with a skin disorder, Jones lives his life with enhanced physical traits – such as a tough skin that some bullets can’t penetrate. In addition, Killer Croc has super-strength, regenerative abilities, an enhanced sense of smell, and can move at exceptional speed – especially underwater.

There are a number of comic book adaptations of Killer Croc, employing varying levels of reptilian qualities. While Killer Croc might be a stretch for Nolan’s Batman universe – he’s not entirely outside of plausibility. Recent adaptations seem most relevant, where Waylon Jones’ skin is scaly and hardened – and his reptilian qualities are more limited.

Batman fighting Killer Croc in Batman 3 Rumor Patrol: Batman 3 To Include Villain Killer Croc? [Updated]

Comic writer Mark Millar recently tweeted a pair of intriguing comments that could support the rumor.

“Oh, wait. Con gossip: I know who the villain(s) are in Batman 3 and the big scene outside Gotham sounds awesome. Totally timely locale.”

“One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character. Again, very unexpected.”

If it is gossip that Millar overheard, then forget the grain of salt – bring the entire bag. Even if Millar is reporting this himself, it is still a stretch. But this entire theory is in the rumor stage, which makes every little comment plausible.

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight spent most of their stateside production in Chicago, using downtown to create Gotham City. Batman 3‘s move to New Orleans was made for a number of reasons – some of which we may never know. The tax incentive is ridiculously high there and Warner Bros. just had a successful shoot with Green Lantern at their New Orleans studio.

Transformers 3 filming location Chicago Rumor Patrol: Batman 3 To Include Villain Killer Croc? [Updated]

I do not expect New Orleans to replace Chicago as the template for Gotham City, but the first tweet from Millar brings up my original assumption – a secondary plot location in the swamps of Louisiana. Don’t expect Nolan to replace his legendary private hangar in England where he has shot many staged sequences from both Batman films and Inception. He has previously mentioned the Gotham City set is still intact for the third film.

Update: Our friends at TMT have learned that Batman 3 (The Dark Knight Rises) will be shooting in Louisiana – but only interior shots created on the WB sound stages that were recently used for such films as Green Lantern. Exterior shots will still be filmed in Chicago, the city that was used to create Gotham City in The Dark Knight. Knowing that Batman WON’T be tromping around Louisiana swamps, it suddenly becomes hard to believe that we’ll be seeing Killer Croc in the film.

Frankly, I’d love to see Killer Croc, but only under Christopher Nolan’s direction. I remain hopeful for a storyline involving Catwoman and The Riddler. But recent rumors that my personal favorite for Catwoman, Marion Cotillard, won’t be donning the tight leather makes Killer Croc even more intriguing.

What do you think of the potential for Killer Croc in Batman 3. Would you like him to be the main villain or a secondary one? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Batman 3 hits theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: /Film

Update Source: TMT

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    • Yes Killer Croc

  1. i still think Bane would be a better choice over all. Hush would be hard to get away with i think. thanks Merc, now i gotta replay AA, good thing i bought another 360 lol

  2. i still say Red Hood should be in it. even if they change the origin, red hood would be awesome. Batman:Under the Red Hood was a good animated film. Hush or Talia would be cool too. Personally i’d rather see Marion Cotllard as Talia rather than CatWoman

  3. Those quotes mention nothing of Croc, swamps or New Orleans.

    Have you just made this all up?

  4. Just give me hush.

    • How about Red Hood, ha

  5. Bane? A guy with a drug that makes him super strong and durable instantly? No steriod on the planet works that way (PCP does, but it doesnt make you “Hulk out”)

    Killer Croc? I have my doubts about this one… Maybe if he is less croc and more man… But im hopeing no…

    Catwoman? halle berry… nuff said…

    Riddler? Definitly yes… the anti joker if you as me… less killer, more thinker…

    Penguin? another definite… could be a weapons dealer, and since its raining alot in gotham, umbrellas could be the weapon used for an assassination attempt… Yes.

    Mr. freeze? HELL NO…

    Poison Ivy? another HELL NO…

    joker? It would be cool to see him again, but ledger died, so just respect him and leave him be…

    Clayface? If he is a master of disguse? yes… A shape shifting guy? no…

    ventriliquist? (its misspelled but so what?) I think that this could work…

    Black mask? Maybe, if its done correctly…

    bottom line? safe bet, riddler/penguin/ventriliquist/black mask… one or two of these guys would be great… Im hoping that its riddler and either penguin or the ventriliquist… i think black mask can wait one more movie…

  6. It’s better to see a villain that batman has to deal with that is both cunning and super strong, we all know he’s smart, let’s see how he does against someone like killer croc.

  7. I could see either Croc or Bane as a strongman for the main villain. Each toned down for Nolan’s Gotham, of course

  8. Don’t hate me, but I’m just throwing this out there. I’d really like to see Robin in this film because it would really up the ante of the previous films, and I believe that I would trust Nolan to make it work more than anyone else.

    • I couldn’t disagree more :(

      Really not a huge fan of Justin Beiber in tights oops, I meant Robin.

  9. Millar was wrong about the Superman movie. His word isn’t worth squat.

    • Vics gonna delete ur comment dude watch the language lol

      • he didnt say anything bad he had the ! there LOL

  10. Always thought Crock could work certainly much better to hear than Riddler.

      • Yea Arnold omg,he destroyed freeze..

        • @ Rick

          If not Arnold, could of been worse if someone like Hulk Hogan got the role. lol after reading he was one of the choices, i can’t see him be a choice at all. To be honest outta all the people i read who were considered for the role, Arnold would still be my top choice. Hulk Hogan would have a better chance playing smarter Bane than Freeze, though im not sure till i actually see him screen tested etc. i know people didn’t think much of Sly Stallone. I think there was someone else im forgetting but Arnold i thought could of been better, problem was his lines given to him in the script obviously.

  11. Whoa, I just got a mental picture that would totally make sense and could easily extend and enhance the design and tone of the first two. This could be done really well. Everyone should check out the fan made fantasy trailer of Mortal Kombat which features a plausible real word rendition of Reptile. It will make you believe Killer Croc could work in Nolan’s batverse.

  12. oh please oh please let croc be in the next movie!! >.<

  13. Quick question. I read some of the comments about the need for a backstory on the next villian. Help me understand why. The Joker didn’t have a backstory nor did Ra’s Al Gul nor did the Scarcrow so I am confused as to why there would need to be a backstory on the villian(s).

  14. I wouldn’t mind killer croc being one of the villains in the next Batman film. Personally I’d love to see an adaptation of “Knightfall” where they show for the first time the Batman defeated mentally and physically by Bane. That would be cool to see Batman getting beat then coming back whooping ass again.

  15. The rendition of Croc in Brian Azarello & Lee Bermejo’s graphic novel “JOKER”
    is easily the most real-world possible interpretation I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve always thought that about his character, that he could be interpreted either in a cartoonish way,
    a la the Animated Series, or as a Voodoo-loving Gator-Scarred tough guy bruiser, or gang boss.

    Bring him on, and put the Bane requests to rest by having CROC be the one who breaks Batman’s back.
    Nolan knows what he’s doing, though, so I’m sure the best idea(s) will win out. And this is definitely one of them.

  16. I was just thinkin yesterday about this for some reason, Howcome Alfred in any of the two Batman franchises didn’t have a mustache? I know both would wanna distance themselves from anything seen from the 60′s Batman show but still Alfred always had a mustache in the comics just as Commishioner Gordon does, except for the 60′s show. Just thinkin.

  17. I just cant wait til Nolan is done with Batman. While it was entertaining Batman needs to be in the DCU.

    He is a cornerstone in that property.

  18. Aknot I’m afraid of that Nolan is the only person to put a good batman story on film with out him we will probably return to crap.

    With that out of the way it’s not just batman being in his own world. Dc said all the heroes are alone they are not bringing them together. DC thinks their heroes stand alone and have to much single hero story.

    • So then there will be no Justice League then? The first 2 (Keaton) were (IMO) not crap.

  19. @ Aknot

    I agree. I hope this is the last Batman film for Nolan cause id hate to wait ten years to know if he’s gonna pick up the franchise again, not to mention the limitation his version of Batman’s world has for villains to use. I agree, the first two Burton Batman films were great. when i look at box office returns im surprised Batman Begins made less money than Batman 89 did. It sounds like no Justice League in the near future. It seems like DC/WB wanna wait & see how Marvel’s plans go after The Avengers. Or like Daniel f said, they want every DC hero to be a solo franchise thing, except for WonderWoman who will be heading to tv instead of the big screen. I guess we’ll see reboot after reboot of every DC hero franchise if DC goes that way.

    @ Daniel f

    I doubt that Nolan is the only person who can put out a good Batman film, make like anyone can take on the role of Joker after Heath Ledger. Anything can happen in proper time. How long has been between Burton’s Batman 89 & Batman Begins directed by Christopher Nolan and Burton’s still made more and liked but changed till TDK that had Batman 89 drop to # 2. Point is its easy for someone out do someone else years away, even Nolan. It may just take time, then again no time, depending how good the movie turns out no matter who’s directing.

    • Wally I never said no one else can make a good Batman film. I’m saying that the odds are not in favor of the next guy doing a good job. Most comic films tend to be a let down in quality and Batmans got a bad history with that. I personally don’t like the Burton films I thought they were pretty bad in fact the only saving grace being Keaton and in the first Jack. The dialogue was cheesy the sets were ugly and cartoony and the stories were shallow dull, cheesy and poorly constructed. To top it all off they were so ugly visually. So as far as I’m concerned Nolan is the only one who has made a good bat film after a long history of let downs. So far he’s the only one who has made a good bat film and not only were they good comic films they were great films in general. Can someone else do a good job? Sure but it’s doubtful it will be as good and even doubtful that the next would be good at all. More than likely based on history I’m likely to believe we will get a string of crap and I’m not looking forward to that. That’s if we even get another film any time soon.

        • Wally I’m not sure your reading my replies right. How can I be sure ? I’m not that’s why I said doubtful instead of no chance in hell. It’s possible someone could do better but very unlikely it’s a matter of the odds. Comic films are rarely as great as Begins or TDK more comic films suck than are great and Batman especially has a bad track record.

          You watch TDK and see Chicago I watch 89 and see a cheap cartoon looking set. The films entire look was that of a cartoon. I see very little difference between batman 89 visually and Halloween town.

          To me Batman 89 and the even worse Batman returns had very shallow story telling. It was a souless heartless film that was constructed to show action it was no better than Transformers a mindless popcorn flick admittedly with better acting but uglier visuals and settings.

          I’m glad you counted bodies I was more concerned with things that make a film good. Honestly more people may of died in 89 but it most people would never guess that because it was done in such a cartoony and cheesy way that it’s easy to miss.

          I didn’t find Heaths Joker cheesy or over the top every single little thing he did just felt natural and right in tune with the character Jacks was fun but was way over the top and forced he was never scary not even for a second but Ledger had intense moments where he litterally gave me chills. He was perfect gave me chills and even made me laugh while still holding to the semi realism Nolan established.

          89 had awful dialogue it was just horrible. Also it had one of the worst and most over the top cheesy action scenes I’ve ever seen. The one I’m talking about is one of the early action scenes where some guy does a bunch of flips and martial arts moves that are beyond over the top and Batman does a lazy I can’t hardly move hits and the guys out.

          • @ Daniel f

            When you say you’re doubtful, it more sounds like you’re still sayin there’s no chance, that it’s very unlikely in anyway. I don’t see how Batman ’89 Gotham City set looked cartoonish unless you’re applying to Batman:TAS which some elements were based off Burton’s films. Batman Returns was rather good, except for the parents who complained about Catwoman’s sexyiness. Actually when Penguin was introduced in the comics, he was a cold killer, only differance was most of the film Burton made him more freakish lookin so it worked for the film about him never really being accepted. What Penguin looks in the comics, like Nolan says would be complicated without people comparing it to Burgess Meredith’s Penguin from the 60′s Batman show. I only mentioned body count as part of the facts i was informing you. I can’t see what was scary of Ledger’s joker really. Was it the scars? War Paint? At times, i feel he’s just a imposter trying to live to the joker’s name. And when in hee’s in jail and seeing all his belongings, Knives i should say… Was Nolan trying to make him into a slasher from some horror movie? Chessy lines i thought is himself keeping on asking people if they knew where he got his scars. The nurse outfit, and him washing his hands, what he do, touch Harvey’s burned face? And after seeing the semi flip over upside down, i don’t see how anyone can just get out and walk or stand very well in reality. About the martial arts scene, perhaps you can be more specific, besides Keaton portrays a Batman whos been batman for awhile and knows how to keep cool. There’s a sayin, let the target come to you.

  20. Ok seriously now your just trying to hate on TDK your gonna bash it because he washed his hands? I hate in 89 when Bruce has on a shirt I mean WTF? (I hope the sarcasm is obvious)

    I’m not sure how I can be more specific about the scene I just described it to you. Beyond telling you how many minutes in to the film it happens there is not much more I can do and I’m not doing that I’d rather go vomit blood after swallowing a dirty razor blade that tain my DVD player with that film ever again. Guy does idiotic over the top cheesy three ninjas style martial arts batman hits him once dudes out. I’m not complaining that Batman didn’t flinch I never said that was a problem. The problems are the guys showy lame martial arts moves that didn’t do anything but show off his mad skill. My complaints are Batman just stood there for a full minute watching the batman I know what if taken him out in the middle of his showy display. My problem is Batman barely moved when he hit him and the guy was out cold in one hit.

    • @ Daniel f

      Lol. Who said i hated TDK? I own it on dvd. Im just stating my opinions about it as you have about Burton’s films. I wanna borrow Joker’s line from TDK… WHY SO SERIOUS?. Im being sarcastic btw. Reason i ask you to be specialfic about which martial art scene is because theres atleast two i remember seeing, Batman fighting off Joker’s thugs in the alley after he rescues vicki, or the guy in the cathedral with knifes on his boots and Batman stops him with a device on his hand. What differance does it really make how Batman took that guy out. In Batman begins Batman headbutts Falconi and he’s out just like that. Batman is a skilled fighter to where he can just stand there to get the upper hand / or simply hit someone. You should of notice how he lets the guy with two swords make the first move, block the strikes proper and strike back. Its commone sense if you pay real attention. In the alley, it was two hits, a hit in the face by the hand, then a kick in the face.

  21. I think the hand washing after the visit to Harvey was just to be funny because it was funny, super funny.

  22. No matter what, they need to do Catwoman. And, Jennifer Garner should play her. She has enough talent to portray both sides of the character( Catwoman as well as the mousy secretary Selina Kyle). She has enough experience with action for this role. She’d probably win an Oscar for it. I really hope she’s chosen for the role. It would be perfect.

  23. Am i the only one who remembers ivy? Or zsaszz?

  24. Killer Croc should more than defintlly be in Batman 3 the movie yes I love that idea. For my and my friends opinion You should keep killer Croc as the main Villian, Batman cant ever kill him inn the back stories of animated moves and copic books. Killer Croc is more than def the best idea for the third batman move ever.