‘Batman 3′ Could Be Shot Entirely In IMAX [Updated]

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Batman 3 Batman 3 Could Be Shot Entirely In IMAX [Updated]

[It seems a new IMAX camera is being developed in order to shoot The Dark Knight Rises entirely in IMAX – See post for details.]

Director Christopher Nolan’s Inception is currently showing in 197 IMAX venues, which accounted for over $7 million of its first weekend box office gross – and the film wasn’t even shot in the large-scale format.

Nolan and his trusted cinematographer Wally Pfister ultimately concluded that the use of IMAX cameras wouldn’t allow for their preferred handheld style of shooting. But will that be the case for Batman 3 as well?

Here is Pfister’s opinion on the matter:

“I can’t say until I read the script, but it would certainly be my preferred, amazing goal to shoot the whole movie in IMAX… Chris [Nolan]‘s films are so densely layered and have so much going on visually in every way that IMAX helps enhance that because of the scope and the scale of it – it becomes a much larger canvas to paint on.”

Portions of The Dark Knight (like the Hong Kong sequence) were shot using IMAX cameras and Nolan has previously expressed his own adoration for the format – though he loathes the practical complications that arise from the bulky technology.

As for the possibility of shooting in the other premium format (3D), Nolan recently claimed that he will not be shooting Batman 3 in 3D. In related news, Bat fans are breathing a mass sigh of relief.

The Dark Knight Batman 3 Could Be Shot Entirely In IMAX [Updated]

Pfister has a sharp eye for crisp, dark visuals – as evidenced through his collaborative efforts with Nolan. The 3D conversion process affects both the depth of focus and the initial lighting scheme used to shoot a film, so a director of photography like Pfister would especially have to take that into account.

Would Batman 3 benefit significantly from the 3D format?  Pfister seems to have his doubts, as he feels that “when you separate those different planes and you’re creating artificial depth [with 3D], it looks phony to me.”

Wally Pfister and Christopher Nolan

Pfister claims that he usually works about four months on pre-production logistics before beginning principal photography on a film. Nolan’s third Batman film seems like a good candidate to try and shoot entirely in the IMAX format – but the matter will ultimately depend on whether Pfister and Nolan can come up with a feasible plan. A plan that doesn’t infringe upon, or interfere with, their artistic sensibilities.

The pair have raised the bar pretty high after releasing features like The Dark Knight and Inception – chances are they’ll do it again (one way or another) with their next film.

UPDATE: Collider has done some digging into this matter and dug up some exciting news – Batman 3 (now titled The Dark Knight Rises) will likely be shot entirely in IMAX!

Here’s what Collider‘s source had to say about the matter:

“I’m hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX.  I’ve heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes.  If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it.”

Those who saw The Dark Knight in IMAX theaters know just how gorgeous the full IMAX sequences looked on the massive screen. Keep your fingers crossed that this new IMAX camera is finished on time, because we’re pretty sure that Nolan will do some amazing things with the improved technology.

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: MTV

Update Source: Collider

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  1. it would be stupid to watch it in imax only, imax tickets are expensive to some people who dont have that much money, and also the fact that the director would loss money if he shot it imax only. a freakin toddler could tell you that

    • IMAX scenes can be shown in normal theaters yo.

    • Admittedly, shooting in the IMAX format is more expensive – much like filming in 3D is.

      However, it doesn’t mean Batman 3 would only show on IMAX screens. Rest assured, WB would not even consider it, were that the case.

    • Do some research please. It depends on the theater. I pay $13.00 for a regular theater by my house and I get Imax tickets to the same movie for $9.50 for a theater 5 miles from my house. It was cheaper for me to go see Avatar in Imax 3d then to see it in a regular theater.

      Furthermore, like Michael said, they’ll still be released in regular theater and the movie will look better even on a regular projector technology theater.

      • actually u can do some research your self, the projector tech is diffrent in imax then in normal viewing dummy

        • I never said it was different technology. So calm down and don’t call me names based on something I never said.

          My point is that IMAX can cost the same or even less than regular movie ticket, which is what the OP said wasn’t true.

          Furthermore, the action sequences shot in Imax did look better in a regular theater as well.

          Got it? Good.

          • yea no reasons for personal attacks

          • both of you guys are right shut up gezz, you guys are like little babies wanting to suck on your mommy tet. its a movie woopeee

        • How mature of you.

    • Shoot the entire film not only shown in Imax. It will show in all regular theaters as well just filmed in all Imax.

      • you would think people would get that concept by now daniel

  2. Okay well the Hong Kong sequince worked in IMAX BUT I too don’t think they should use it for the whole movie except when it’s called for. As for 3D, they say in the end it’s up to the studio but you’d think it’d be up to the folks actually making the film wheather to use 3D or not. And it’s not sounding like Nolan or anyone else really want’s to get on the 3D bandwagon thankfully. Would be nice if Warner Bros. would realize that not every movie that they put out right now needs to be in 3D. And that was what made Dark Knight so amazing, is that there was no 3D and very little IMAX used. I think Nolan should just keep it that way and make the studio more money by doing what he did with Dark Knight!

  3. I hate the largescale format, looks like the old 4:3 version or like pan&scan. what happened to the good old 16:9 version?
    does anyone remember how terrible the bluray version of the dark knight was? i hated it when it changed from letterbox to imax version.


    Nolan knows exactly what he’s doing weather it be technologically speaking (shooting action scenes in TDK in IMAX) or plot-wise (Inception). I have no doubt he would pull this off with AMAZING results.

    I hope this is true because Nolan has put forth some of the most compelling action sequences since the Matrix in Inception and Dark Knight. Now imagine seeing the Zero G fight scene shot in beautiful Imax? SIGN ME UP.

    Also, I hope he does a 3D movie one of these days because you know he will not screw the pooch and shoot the movie in 2d and patch it up in 3d.

  5. out of curiosity what does this mean for english movie go’ers ?

  6. Ogb were u live?!? I wanna pay that much for imax!!! Thats cheap!!!!

    • Imax is called The Rave and it’s in Long Beach, CA. State of the art theater with new projectors and everything.

      The expensive “regular” theater is the Century City Mall, an above average outdoor mall that’s too “fancy” for its own good. $13 bucks for an adult ticket, non-Imax, non-3D. Crazy.

  7. its 20.00 per ticket for imax 3d where i live.

    and 17.50 for IMAX tickets

  8. Meh I don’t care either way. It really doesn’t look all that different filmed in Imax when your viewing it on a regular theater screen. I won’t watch it in Imax because the nearest is 200 miles and costs more than my local theater anyway. If I had one in tow sure, but I don’t so it really doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not filmed in 3D i’m happy. 3D is a lesser quality.

    • every where is diffent in priceing for imax and reg and 3d. i live in alaska and its 17.50 for imax 14.50 for 3d and reg is 10.50. and i dont no how much imax 3d is becuase we just got imax like 3 weeks ago

  9. Here in Arizona,its 7.50 regular,9.50 3d,and 12.00 imax……

    • wow ricky18

  10. Alot of The Dark Knight was shot with an Imax camera and it looked great.

    • I think he only shot 4 scenes in IMAX. I think Nolan did state that he wished he could film the entire movie in IMAX, so this time he’ll get that chance.

  11. Yeah on the blu ray,it turns fullscreen wen the scene was shot in imax….

    • That gets on my nerves a lot when watching the movie, ugh.

  12. I planted an “Inception” on Nolan to do it on IMAX, but I will need someone else like The Forger (Eames aka Tom Hardy)to duplicate his brother to do another “Inception” on Nolan for him to make sure he DOES NOT make it into a 3D Batman.

    • I like the way you think.

  13. haha really?? i quiet like it…..i like the view of the buildings and evrything….

  14. “neither Nolan, nor Pfister, have expressed interest in a Batman movie in 3D – although that decision ultimately lies with Warner Bros. officials.”

    Really? So if Nolan says he does not want to shoot in 3D or allow (an unwise) 2D to 3D conversion, and WB does- what exactly can they do, I wonder?

    • my guess is WB can do alot if they’re footing the bill for the film

  15. At this point Nolan has earned the right to not be second guessed until he has at least done something to warrant it so unless you see (and not just hear rumors of) him say “I’m gonna do this in 3D” I’d give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

    And if Nolan does it all in iMax, again you should trust his judgment until you have seen something to justify other wise.

  16. My understanding of IMAX is that pricipal photography is on 70mm film instead of the traditional Hollywood standard of 35mm film. Therefore your image should have twice the resolution and depth of field.

    There are probably other technical factors but that’s my basic understanding.

    Secondly Nolan was initially given the go ahead by WB to make the kind of Batman film he wanted, one that was more in tune with the comic books and graphic novels and ultimately the (DOP) director of photography or cinematographer decides which format to shoot on.

  17. Wow time to count my blessings I thought the theaters here were expensive till I saw the prices you guys listed.

    10$ regular
    11.50 $ 3D
    IMAX 15$

  18. My wife and I took our six year old daughter out to see Toy Story 3 in 3D last week. We all loved the film. It was great. BUT I will think twice about ever wasting money on 3D films again.

    First of all I noticed some 3D FX in some of the advertising prior the film commencing but I did not notice anything 3D at all during the film.
    You would expect something when they charge $20/adult and $16/child.

  19. Ogb
    u in long beach?!? Wow u lucky i used to live around there…..
    y did u wow me did i say something wowish?!?

  20. I hope it’s completely shot in IMAX so the aspect ratio doesn’t change periodically on the Blu-ray. That gets soo annoying when watching the movie that it almost takes me out of it.

  21. I love how Nolan talks ish on 3D but will shoot an entire movie with an IMAX camera. Seriously Nolan get of your high horse, you make great movies but you are turning into James Cameron, and he made Aliens. Top that.

    • You should love it, because shooting IMAX is better than 3-D. Enjoy your fad.

      • I never said one was better. And i do enjoy 3D :) thanks for allowing me that.

    • Yeah Cameron also made “Piranha Part Two: The Spawning”, While Nolan has yet to make a bad film. And Aliens? Really? bahahahaha! Ridley Scotts ‘Alien’ was far BETTER.

      Nolan > Cameron. End of story.

      He didnt need to make a sappy film like Titanic to make it to the “Billion Dollar List”, and didnt have to plagiarize his way to do it again with Avatard.

      3d can suck it. Imax is the future.

      • Cameron was on that film for like a week. And again I wasn’t comparing films or format. It all opinion anyways and I personally find aliens far more fun to watch than alien, alien is a great film. And he never made titanic or avatar to make the billion dollar marks. He like Nolan is a artist who makes films cause he wants to. To each his own :).

  22. at least this is not in 3d =)

  23. Excellent choice in IMAX. Shooting 70mm film at (48) fps will technically ensure better picture resolution and greater depth of field. Can’t wait. :-)