Christopher Nolan Casting Female Lead for ‘Batman 3′

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catwoman in batman 3 Christopher Nolan Casting Female Lead for Batman 3

Batman 3 news is so incredibly valuable, due to both The Dark Knight’s popularity and the shroud of secrecy surrounding the threequel, that even an actor simply expressing his desire to be in it is newsworthy. Fans want Batman news, plain and simple, and unfortunately, director Christopher Nolan is not so willing to dish much out.

Recently, Tom Hardy (Inception) was cast as an undisclosed leading man in Batman 3 (The Riddler? Killer Croc? Bane? Some entirely new character created solely for the movie?). Now it seems that Nolan is in the process of finding his undisclosed leading lady, too.

According to Moviehole, Nolan has been meeting with a number of female actresses in their late twenties and early thirties, all of whom, prior to the meeting, don’t have a clue as to what part they might be auditioning for.

However, Moviehole’s source indicated that the part in question is none other than the expert thief Catwoman—who has, indeed, been repeatedly rumored to be in the film. Their source also stressed that nothing is certain – as a result of Christopher Nolan’s iron-fisted grip on anything related to Batman 3′s plot.

batman 3 question mark logo 1 Christopher Nolan Casting Female Lead for Batman 3

Other options, of course, are Talia al Ghul (daughter to Ra’s, played by Liam Neeson, from the first film), Harley Quinn (Joker fanatic and dangerous acrobat), Lady Shiva (one of the few human beings known to be able to hold her own against Batman in hand-to-hand combat), Poison Ivy (superhuman master of plant-life, which makes her an unlikely candidate in Nolan’s Batman universe), Vicky Vale (she was in Tim Burton’s first Batman movie, but she was around in the comics long before that), and so on.

Then again, the role could also be an entirely new female character created solely for the movie, a la Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal) from the first two movies.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Catwoman or even Harley Quinn, but the other candidates don’t interest me in the slightest. As I said previously, Poison Ivy just doesn’t fit with the ultra-realistic world that Christopher Nolan has created. Talia al Ghul could’ve been interesting, once upon a time, but they would’ve had to introduce her (and her intense adoration of Bruce Wayne) in Batman Begins to fully realize her potential. Now, it would just feel like last minute stunt-character-casting.

catwoman and harley quinn batman 3 Christopher Nolan Casting Female Lead for Batman 3

What do you think? If you had your druthers, what female character from the Batman universe would show up in Nolan’s third Batman film?

Batman 3 begins shooting this spring – aiming to hit theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Moviehole

Catwoman art by Guillem March (header image) & Jim Lee

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  1. Carrie Kelley.

  2. First off, this is my first post on this site and I must say bravo on the lack of flames, trolls, and ignorance! I hope I can hang, because I must admit my knowledge of the Batman universe is limited to Adam West, Michael Keaton, (I’m purposely omitting a few out of respect for Batman) and Christian Bale. I never followed the comics but was a big fan of The Animated Series, which I understand is the most true to the comics.

    There was an episode of the Animated Series on FOX in which Raj al Guhl was drawing strength from the “Lazarus Pits” said to restore life. Was this written in any of the Batman comics? I would love to see Talia al Guhl resurrect her father (giving the amazing Liam Neeson another shot at infamy) using the Lazarus Pits.

    Or, was that episode from the limited imaginations of the FOX writing staff?

    • Welcome to the site, Jason. :)


    • @ JasonH1121

      Welcome. Im a big fan of Batman:TAS myself & got all the boxsets. First time i seen Batman was the 89 Batman on vhs cause i wasn’t allowed to see it in theaters. Lol i didn’t even know about Robin till i saw reruns of the 60′s Batman show & really liked the character after watching Batman:TAS. I had quite a few comics till they were thrown out. I still got books based on bios of just about every DC character. Your answer about Ras Al’ Ghoul is a (Yes) about the lazerous pits & keeping him immortal. Especially his life-long agenda which Batman:TAS covered pretty well. But Bruce wayne was never trained by Ras Al’ Ghoul to become Batman as depicted in Batman Begins. I forget which commentary on one the boxset of Batman:TAS but Bruce Timm stated Ras Al’ Ghoul was one of Batman’s major foes, right up next to the Joker, maybe even above & like Two-Face & other villains wasn’t considered appropriate for the 60′s show. Nolan’s approach assumely intends to have the character not be immortal in his reboot franchise. But he can always use Talia still as villain/love interest in the next film who takes over her father’s organization. Hope this was helpful to ya.

  3. Dear Chris Nolan,
    (most awesome director of all time besides all the other awesome directors of all time.)

    Please for the love of God and all that is great in the world,the batman francise and fans demand and are asking/begging for a HARLEY QUINN to be an antagonist in The Dark Knight Rises. Not the “main antagonist” but a personal vendetta type character out for revenge on what he did to the joker. She could be Jokers other “Ace in the hole.”
    Naturally,the joker will want revenge when he goes to the gotham asylum. Why not have Harley Quinn be corrupted by him and make her do his bidding. Batman would be confused as to who has the brains to do all the bad things revolving around explosives and will think its joker but really,its the one person we have never seen on the big screen or in any other batman movie! I’d ask,even if its just for 2mins. Put her in there!!!! xD

    Harley Quinn Fan =)

  4. I would definitely want to see Harley Quinn in this, she’s been my all time favorite female villain in the batman universe ever since she was first introduced. I’m pretty sure that many, MANY others would like to see her as well. Thanks :)

  5. Maybe when/if they reboot the Batman franchise again in a unrealistic direction we’ll get to see Harlequinn w/ Poison Ivy. But id like to see her introduced only if the Joker was part of the film aswell. Id also like to see Robin again if they rebooted again.

  6. It would be awesome if both Harley Quinn and Catwoman were in the movie somehow, but HARLEY QUINN is a must…she has been my favorite female villian.

  7. I think the new villainess should be either Catwoman or Harley Quinn

  8. Is it me, or does no one see that Poison Ivy could easily be tweeked to apart of Christopher Nolan’s Ultra-realistic world? She could be like this Buisness Woman of power secretly leading a drug cartel while screwing over her clients by filling empty greenhouse lots with experimentational plants. Sound realistic?