Rumor Patrol: Two Female Leads In ‘Dark Knight Rises’?

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises by PolishTank48 Rumor Patrol: Two Female Leads In Dark Knight Rises?

Christopher Nolan is in the midst of casting a new female lead for The Dark Knight Rises and until we know exactly what the role is or who has been cast in the part, there will be rumors aplenty (not to mention lots of “Dark Knight Rising” jokes).

The current rumor circulating around the web (courtesy of Comic Book Movie) is that there will be two female leads in the third installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy – in the form of love interests for both Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). Try not to choke on the amount of salt you take this rumor with, okay? icon razz Rumor Patrol: Two Female Leads In Dark Knight Rises?

One of the characters rumored to appear in The Dark Knight Rises is Detective Sarah Essen, who first appeared in the famous Batman: Year One storyline. Miss Essen was partnered with (at the time) lieutenant Gordon and had a brief affair with him - prior to her being murdered by the Joker. Obviously things would go differently for Essen if she showed up in Batman 3, what with Gordon being commissioner now and the Joker being out of the picture.

The events of The Dark Knight certainly put a strain on Gordon’s marriage that could pave the way to him having an affair (assuming that his wife didn’t divorce him after the whole thing with Two-Face, of course). While we STRONGLY doubt that Sarah Essen – who CBM claims may be played by Charlize Theron – will appear in the third Batman pic, it would be interesting if Nolan does choose to take Gordon’s character into some as yet unexplored dark territory.

Mr. Wayne will almost undoubtedly have a new love interest in The Dark Knight Rises, but there is no guarantee that it will be the obvious one (i.e., Selina Kyle/Catwoman). The character whose name is now circulating the rumor mill is that of Julie Madison, who is generally portrayed in the Batman comics as a socialite engaged to Bruce, who isn’t necessarily aware about his Batman connection (it depends on the storyline). Oscar-nominee Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and actress Kacie Thomas (The Burning Plain) are the rumored candidates for that role.

We stress again that there is likely NO truth to this rumor, but it does raise questions about who Batman will (or won’t) be romancing in The Dark Knight Rises. Will it be someone younger, who might be more naive or less cynical about the pursuit of justice in Gotham City? How about an older lady who can sympathize more with Bruce’s dark history? And how will the memory of Rachel Dawes affect Batman’s ability to have an intimate relationship in the future?

Rachel Dawes and Bruce Wayne Rumor Patrol: Two Female Leads In Dark Knight Rises?

Rachel Dawes, left, as portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal in ‘The Dark Knight’.

Nolan likes to play things close to the chest, but he will eventually let us know who the villain is going to be in The Dark Knight Rises (it’s not The Riddler, that much is known) and what female character will be the new object of affection for Batman. It’s still entirely possible that they will be one and the same – a la Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, or Harley Quinn (though Quinn is foremost the Joker’s girl).

Will Nolan go with a female character that has a history in the Batman comic books? Or will he create a new female lead for The Dark Knight Rises, much as he did with Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Comic Book Movie

Header Image Source: PolishTank48 @ DeviantArt

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  1. BANE! and yes he could work

  2. Will never happen.

    • just watch:)

  3. Not romantically linked? They had a son together! Not to mention, it would tie into the whole Batman Begins storyline, which would make this a true trilogy and not just a movie with two sequels. I’m voting for Talia.

    • I think, Stephen, that our writer meant that Talia is more linked to BATMAN and not just the Bruce Wayne persona.

      I’ll clarify that line.

    • Talia is certainly a possibility, especially since her father was the main villain in Batman Begins.

      Like the article says, she’s generally (romantically, that is) connected to Batman and not Bruce Wayne per se – though that could easily change in Dark Knight Rises.

    • The problem I have with Talia is that The League of Shadows would have been present in TDK if she took over control, and would to come from nowhere.

      • who says they weren’t.

        They are after all ninjas in the shadows.

  4. I really hope it’s not Catwoman. The character would fit greatly in Nolan’s universe, but I want to see NEW villains, not ones that already been used.

    • I wonder if we (the Batman fanbase) are engaging in a little underhanded sexism in blatantly assuming that the villain of the piece will be a guy. While in point of fact most of the rogue’s gallery is filled in with men, there’s quite a few femme fatale’s in Batman’s comic history. Why couldn’t Harley or Ivy or even Kyle be THE bad guy?

      Keep in mind too that Bats himself is going to partly be the villain, at least to the public at large in the film. That is something that is going to have to be overcome.

      All that said, I think it might be interesting to have Scarecrow back, fully realized, and revealed to have been MUCH more involved in a lot of Gotham’s problems that even the League, in all their self-righteousness, missed.

      • Harley Quinn COULD be the villain, but I don’t want her as the villain anymore. I want to see her get seduced by The Joker, but since he isn’t coming back, then no HQ. Besides, she would probably be a copycat of The Joker, which would be good if we didn’t have such a great performance by Ledger. Catwoman would be fit, but like I said about, I want someone NEW to film. Whoever Nolan features, that character will have to top Ledger’s Joker, and that would seem almost impossible.

        • Youre kidding right? There is no way ANYONE can top the Joker. He is the BEST Bat-Villan ever, in any medium, movie, animated, or comic books.

          Both Batman Begins & TDK featured 3 villans.

          BB- Carmine Falcone, Ras Al Ghul, Scarecrow.
          TDK- Salvatore Maroni, The Joker, Two-Face. (Scarecrow cameo-ed.)

          So why not include Catwoman in the next installment?

          If i had to choose i would be:

          TDKR- Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Black Mask, Deadshot.


          TDKR- Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Hush, Deathstroke.

          • Also take note, atleast IMO they need at least 1 recognizable villain to draw in the audiences. Dont get me wrong im all for bringing in new blood, but it would be alot smarter to bring in 1 well known Villan, WITH a lesser known one. And since the Ridler is a no-go, Catwoman is the most Recognizable to the Genral Population.

            BB had Scarcrow=Recognizable, Ras Al Ghul=Obscure (To the general pop. anyway.)

            TDK had TWO Recognizable Villans=The Joker & Two-Face, therefore it pulled in a HUGE audience and generated ALOT of interest.

            TDKR Needs Catwoman=Recognizable, So that it would generate interest, and would eventually lead to the introduction of Black Mask, Hush, or whoever Nolan & Co. brings in.

          • ahh you left a villain out of BB.. if you look closely you’ll notice they have Tim Booth as Mr. Zsasz

            I think Dark Knight rises will be Black Mask, Dr. Hugo Strange, and Joker (I know what your thinkin “Christopher Nolan already said a long time ago that he’s not bringing back the Joker) but that was a long time ago, that was before they even started writing the script for TDKR, I honestly don’t see anyway around it. I know people are gonna be all “waaaaa, no one can ever do joker better than heath ledger!!” but it’s not like heath ledger was the greatest actor known to man before he died. Besides, Christopher Nolan didn’t have a problem recasting Rachel Dawes (even though these are different circumstances) i dont see the difference.

  5. I think Comicbookmovie had a slow news day and made this up!

  6. still hoping for Talia Al Ghul

    Notice how the Blond Haired woman who shot Joe Chill (killer of Thomas and Martha Wayne) was never caught or seen again in Batman Begins, this would cause an interesting tie-in and emotional complex for Batman to have a relationship with her.

    • I thought after she shot him she was subdued by a bunch of cops or baliffs or something or other..

      • thats not a problem. if it was Talia, its easy to say that the league freed her moments after being arrested. any number of explanations would fit.

        i just think that this character would fit best in the Batman universe Nolan has created.

  7. I would be more inclined to believe it would only be one love interest that Bruce and Gordon are fighting over.

  8. Gordon has a new love interest?????? Isn’t he married? That’s right. His family was taken by Two-Face and he almost had a break down at the thought of losing them. I don’t get it…

    • In Batman: Year One, Gordon has an affair. However why the author of the article suggests Two Face kidnapping his family would lead his wife to divorce him I have no idea. It’s not like it was Gordon’s fault.

      • I guess we’ll see…

  9. The obvious choice for a new female lead isn’t Selena Kyle, it’s Vicki Vale.

  10. Maybe Brigette Nielson is making an acting comment. Wait i ment “acting”

  11. The website where the source came from has no validity at all

    It’s gonna be selina kyle all the way, if not then they’re running out of villains (the ones the public are familiar and interested in)

  12. this movie will never out perform the dark knight but hoepfully can be as good ad the first film. your source for all the latest movie news and reveiws.

  13. up until now i’ve been kinda nonchallent about the new characters, i just didn’t want to see catwoman or a character i’ve never heard of in the movie, but now i’m going to firmly plant myself on the Harley Quinn as THE MAIN villain, think about it, with the nolan’s writing it, this could turn out to be one hell of a revenge movie.
    the fact that Harley wasn’t called upon to help out in Dark Knight could easily be explained away as she was either in arkham or she hadn’t fully turned into Harley yet and she admired him from afar or she takes it upon herself to take revenge on bats after talking with Joker, if they need to show him at all then well… myself included i’ve heard numerous people compare heath ledger and joseph gordon levitt, if we need a few quick out of focus flashback scenes etc then nolan is already tight with Levitt.
    it wont happen, but it’s nice to dream until everything is actually confirmed right?

  14. My vote for Bruces love interest is still Talia al Ghul. it would work perfectly with Dawes out of the picture.

    and no, she doesnt necessarily have to come seeking revenge for her fathers death. she could just come trying to find out what happened to R’as al Ghul.

  15. In true trilogy fashion I hope it’s Talia so that the story could go back to BB. And yes Talia and the League could work. Ra’s was their leader. Without someone to lead them the League would have assuredly fallen off. Until Talia comes that is.

  16. how bout no forced love interests, let’s just have some action packed dude-on-dude kickass finale,

    • howabout no, this is Batman NOT gay porn.

      Like it or not, Some of the bats most formidable foes are of the female sex. And bringing in at least one in for the trilogy would be a nice change of pace from the previous two male only oriented badGUYS.

      Go Catwoman. Talia. Whichever it may be.

  17. I’m all for the story bringing the franchise full circle too, but perhaps the circle could be made big enough to accommodate one more villain. What perhaps the story needs is a competitor for the leadership of the League. With the vacuum that Batman left in that organization and him looking like a criminal now to the public, doesn’t it make sense that someone like Talia would come forward to make a play for Batman’s soul? Why now? Because Talia has someone trying to take over the organization from her! I leave the rest for the fertile imagination others…

  18. I say Bane and Talia, as featured in the Batman storyline, ‘Batman: Legacy’

    The details of the story could change, but Bane and Batman and Talia in a love triangle / crime war would satisfy everyone, me thinks.

    Here’s the details of Batman: Legacy

    • @T.O.M & Kofi, I love those ideas they are epic and absolutely make sense. I could live with that, Talia and Bane that would work. There seems to be a void though of one more villain(cuz Talia wouldn’t necessarily be a “villain”)but I’m all for those two though.

    • Interesting idea Kofi :)

  19. Woah, Bane trying to take over The League of Shadows sounds perfect to me!

  20. The Penguin and the Blackmask duel as rival gang leaders fighting for control of the new mob on the streets cause a devistating gang war that forces the citizens and gotham law enforcement to cry for the help of our masked vigilante in exhile.

    While Vicki Vale searching deep into the death of Harvey Dent, un covers the truth of the cover up, forcing Wayne to use his charm in hopes of getting her off track.


    Isnt geek speculation great.

    • I had a similar idea, except it was Riddler instead of Vicki (hopefully minus the charm stuff) and he’s a disgraced detective/ cyber terrorist, and Red Hood and Black Mask fighting it out cuz Mask’s members killed robin’s parents so he clads the Red Hood persona and tries to take down his empire.

      But your idea is pretty awesome too.

  21. had a brief affair with him - prior to her being murdered by the Joker.

    Unless my super bat geek memorey has gone faulty Gordan cheated on his wife with her and she moved away. She came back years later after Gordon and his wife split they then got married and spent a few years together before Joker killed her at the end of No mans land because she was saving the babies and dropped her gun. Gordon nearly killed joker but Instead shot out Jokers knee caps. Joker began to laugh and said ” Like your daughter hahaha that’s a good one”

    I would hardly call that a brief affair.

    • Hopefully not Batgirl! Maybe a new love interest who is also involved in dealing with the Penguin!

  22. I have always been a fan of Screenrant when since I first discovered it long ago but I usually don’t dig much into anything that comes with the tag : “Runor Patrol”.

    Anyway, like I said infinite times before, I would L-O-V-E to see Black Mask in this Nolan’s Bat-World. That would be really viciously insane.

    As for a female character, No Catwoman for me because she never was a Bat-Villain but was more like the anti-hero…always. Most importantly, she will eat into The Bat’s space. I would love to see Talia-Al-Ghul as she has a tailor-made background for her created by her father Ra’s in Batman Begins(2005), to enter Nolan’s world, BUT…only as a sympathizer and a lover for Batman and not as a villain. I can’t recall reading anywhere where she actually directly confronted Batman as a villain.

    Actually I can’t imagine any female villains being introduced so abruptly/suddenly in Nolan’s world at all, now that the series is about to end. Not even Poison Ivy because she will require a heavy build-up before we even see her face for the first time.

    The other obvious guy left is The Penguin who could join hands with Black Mask courtesy of being the enemy’s enemy.

    • I agree with Screen Rant that Harley Quinn would be an excellent way to bridge the gap made by the Joker’s absence. I loved (not sure which SR author)’s idea of having Quin walk away from a door in Arkham amidst the maniacal Joker laughter (using a Ledger sound byte from TDK). It would be a good fit and a nice homage.

    • No Catwoman for me because she never was a Bat-Villain but was more like the anti-hero…
      Well, it’s obvious that you’re a youngster, because The Catwoamn, was a villian and has tried to kill Batman on many occasions. Ala, the 1966 TV’s Batman.
      Now, there is one female that wasn’t mentioned, and that’s Poison Ivy. Why can’t it be her? While, I personally don’t want to see any Batman villians that already have appeared in any and all Batman movies,and NO villians from the most recent Batman comic books, I really wouldn’t mind if Ivy made an appreance, though not used as a main character. I’ve said this before, I would like to see the next Batman viillian to be either Clayface or Killer Croc. I’ve also alluded to having this next Batman and, God Help me, Superman reboot(I HATE reboots)to be leadin flicks to a Justice League of America Feature length film. Which they can, if they use a classic Silver-age (the best stories in comics) storyline from Justice League, and two of the villians could be Solomon Grundy and Blockbuster. And, the Justice League movie could actually be a cross-over(If DC WarnerBros were smart) with the Justice Society. DC and Warner Bros could make so much cash just from the merchandising from these three films, that it would give them enough working capital to finance a list of new DC movies, including The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern 2,3,4…see where I’m going here? Now, I know that a lot of Bat’s fans don’t want to have their hero used as a subplot for a bigger movie, and I’m sure the Supe fans feel the same way, but, it would be incredible if DC/Warner Bros would take a chance and do this… What movies they would be….

      • @XFringeDivisionX:

        (“Well, it’s obvious that you’re a youngster”)

        I’m a 30 right now and a Bat-fan since my childhood. It’s just that I don’t dig into every freaky Batman comic No. #XXX I get. I’m choosy and go for the critic’s reviews first while choosing comics or anything. But the final decision is MY OWN. So let’s not pass remarks about each other and let’s just stick to the topic.

        What you say regarding The Cat trying to kill the Bat may be true but… does she herself or her thieving antics stand anywhere near the sheer awesomeness created by The Joker in any of the comics or Nolan’s TDK ??? The answer is : An emphatic NO. PLUS she just a thief and does not possess the philosophy to justify her schemes/position unlike The Joker and Two-Face.

        …And finally… I would rather draw satisfaction from seeing Nolan’s Batman defeat a macho-guy than a female in what will perhaps be Batman’s swan-song for this series.

        …On the positive side, Nolan’s Clayface (supported by some Fear Toxin) can work wonders. Bu the point is: I want The Bat to PHYSICALLY FIGHT SOME EQUAL in front of the public for some redemption.

        As for my hero being a subplot for a bigger movie, I have no objection on that as long as they stay true to the character of the hero they have built in the previous movies.

  23. Until Nolan or Bale confirms any of this, it is just a rumour. Anyone can start a rumour, especially if there is a website to publish it.

  24. I stopped reading Comic Book Movie’s site years ago because of crap like this rumour..

    • Same here Green only good thing to ever come from that site was they introduced me to SR. Not only are they always full of it and wrong but alot of the posters are complete jerks and lack a brain they can’t even be a little witty with their insults it’s always your a turd or your moms fat just dumb.

  25. Comicbookmovie also said the villain might be Clayface. I doubt thats true either.

    • Sounds like that site just needs to be shut down.

      • Lol Anthony I’m gonna guess you just got up :) suddenly my mail box was flodded with comments from only you lol.

        • Yes, i did lol. And with a banger of a headache too!!! Not gonna be a good day

      • They just make stuff up. Anyone can do it, but unfortunately people seem to believe whatever it is they are selling and then the rumours spread.

  26. After the trauma the family went through with two face I figure it would make them closer not Gordon having an affair. I hate that idea.

    • true, but remeber gordon is living with guilt from the cover up.
      that alone can cause rifts and family and even force individuals to alcholism etc.

      lots of direction they could go with that,

  27. It could possibly be Silver St. Cloud. She was a former love interest of Bruce Waynes. I can’t remember if she knew he was Batman or not, but she could be a possibility of a new love interest for Bruce Wayne. Maybe a love interest that he would possibly consider hanging up his cape and cowl for, considering how his last love interest was blown up.

    While as said in the article, it is just speculation. But I’m still waiting patiently for new information about the film, rumor or fact.

    • Things didnt end up too well for Silver…She had her throat cut.

  28. I hope it’s not Harley Quinn. Just say no to Joker Lite.

  29. Has anybody read “Knightfall”?
    That tells a great story. Batman is defeated hires azreal to be Batman, while he recovers. Azreal gets even. The he goes kinda crazy.then Bruce makes his come back by kicking azreas ass! I would go see that adaptation

    • The whole ‘Knightfall’ series is one of my favorites but the problem is: Azrael is an altogether another superhero. So… 1] He will need a build-up. 2] He will eat into The Bat’s space. 3] He wouldn’t have a universal appeal. And definitely not to the monstrous level that the two greatest: Batman and Superman, have all over the world. I can vouch for that as an Indian on the opposite side as you on our globe.

      On the other hand everybody knows and loves Bane here. He would be definitely be a great prospect other than Black Mask and Hush to be the super-villain if somehow Nolan could disguise his Venom doses/wires. Plus he would give a share of sadist-type of pleasure that I deserve as a Batfan by having intense physical fights with The Bat. The last time I enjoyed Bat/Bruce fight was long ago when he came here in the Himalayas for his Ninza training in Batman Begins. And that’s the reason why I detest female villains in Nolan’s ‘Rises’. Because even if Bat conquers them, it still won’t give me the satisfaction that I would get from seeing him beat Hush, Bane or B-L-A-C-K M-A-S-K.