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will nolan return for batman 3 edited2 Batman 3 Villain UpdateWe all want news on Batman 3. Is Nolan going to direct it? Is Cher going to play Catwoman? No matter how small the news is or how strange it may seem we can’t get enough tidbits about the next Batman film.

Well, Aaron Eckhart recently gave away some details about the chances of him coming back for a second time and Guy Pearce has also talked about him re-teaming with Nolan on a Batman film following their sterling work on Memento.

Be warned – There are major spoilers below if you are one of the three people left who still haven’t seen The Dark Knight.






Eckhart spoke with Superhero Hype about the chances of him returning as Two-Face for a third film in the Bat-franchise, the actor had this to say:

Is Harvey Dent alive?
Aaron Eckhart:
No. He is dead as a door nail.
I’m nobody. I’m a cog. I have no say over this sort of stuff. I’m sure that there’s so many other characters that they could whip together. I heard Angelina Jolie was going to be Catwoman or something like that. I thought that was a great idea. I’d like to be in that one.

So he’s not coming back?
Eckhart: He ain’t coming back baby!

I was hoping he would.
Eckhart: No. I asked Chris [Nolan] that question and he goes, “You’re dead” before I could even get the question out of my mouth. “Hey Chris, am I?” “You’re dead!” Alright, cool.

That’s not a problem in comic book movies. You could still come back.
Eckhart: I think in contract negotiations it’s a problem.

So you were never signed on for another film?
Eckhart: No, I’m not coming back. I think unfortunately, Heath [Ledger] was supposed to go on and that didn’t

I guess that finally settles it. Why anyone thought that Dent/Two-Face wasn’t dead is beyond me.

Meanwhile, Guy Pearce, an actor who has been mooted for numerous roles in the new Batman franchise since Nolan’s signing has talked about his chances of showing up in Gotham.

When asked whether he would like to portray The Riddler in a Nolan-directed film Pearce said:

“I’d love to work with Chris again. There hasn’t been any discussion, we’ll have to wait and see. I have a lot of reluctance [to playing a superhero or villain], but doing it with someone like Chris Nolan would certainly make it appealing.”

While it’s not a confirmation on any casting, it is a lot more substantial than any rumor involving Cher as Catwoman. It also further highlights that Nolan could choose any actor that he wants for any role in Batman 3 as nearly everyone has respect for him as a director.

Let’s just hope that he signs his contract for a third film.

Stay tuned for more Bat-news when we get it.

Sources:Comingsoon and MTV

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  1. LMAO! That’s one of the funniest series of interview questions I’ve ever read. Kind of reminds me of a desperate boyfriend trying to not get dumped by his girlfriend…

    So you’re not really breaking up with me are you?
    - Yes, I am. I’ve had it with you, we’re through, the end, finito.

    Does that mean I can’t sleep with you again?
    - What part of “I’m breaking up with you don’t you understand?”

    I was really hoping you would still sleep with me.
    - Listen, I’m breaking up with you… you do get that means no more sex, right?

    Well in the movies, sometimes the girl comes back – maybe we’ll get back together.
    - I think that the fact I’m already engaged to someone else makes that a problem.

    So you really don’t plan on getting back together with me?
    - No, I don’t. I’ve been seeing another guy behind your back for 6 weeks.


  2. It doesnt Surprise me .
    I thought he was dead in the first place.
    His being alive would just have been too much of a cheat .

  3. i want Depp please. He would play a mean Riddler

  4. It was batman who pushed him off to the side, but then that would have meant that batman killed two-face.. which defeats the whole thing that he was fighting throughout the whole movie.

  5. RIP, Two Face we hardly knew ya….

    You should have killed Joker when you had the chance dummy !!!!!

  6. Vic, that was hilarious and unfortunately sad, since it seems painfully familiar!

  7. hehe, Eckhart is goodtimes.

    I think its good he’s not coming back, although Two-face could of had a huge story himself, i’d prefer the screentime of the 3rd bat flick to be focused on something different, like the riddler, if that is the path Nolan goes.

  8. HEEEEEEYYYY!! Ok, Vic; where were you July 17th, 1982?! That conversation sounds very familiar! :-P

    Alright, I was one of the shmoes who believed Harvey Dent was coming back. Sue me!

    Now, I like Guy Pearce but I would rather see Johnny Depp as the Riddler. I knew the whole Cher thing had to be bunk.

  9. there was one thing i wondered, dude you said that him killing him was defeating the purpous, what if he is still alive but dies in the beggining of the third movie where like riddler shoots him or someone else like eats him…that was a joke. but he should die but in the next movie, early on, maybe he commits suicide

  10. Ive been posting this forever: The end of TDK was left wide open and Gordon and Bats covered up EVERYTHING that Dent did, there was a press conference NOT a funeral, and no one, once, said he was dead, only that all the hard work the three of them accomplished DIED with Harveys reputation, IF they found out what he had become. Not to mention, as afformentioned earlier, Batman does not kill. Pushing him off a building and accidently killing him would be undoing the one thing Nolan had deeply established from the comics and in both movies. It doesnt make ANY sense. Even further, Eckhart says that Nolan “told” him that he would not be in the next movie, and he is DEAD. If he hasnt been officially signed to direct, then WHY is saying that as if he is going to be doing the next movie? If a different director was signed, he could feasibly bring back Two Face if he chose to, and what Nolan told Eckhardt would mean SQUAT. Oh, by the way- Maroni was tossed the same distance as Two Face, and was fine. Two Face could have broke his neck and still survived, realistically, or maybe a coma? If hes truly dead, whatever. Im just saying, whatever has been said by these actors regarding the third movie, seems a little to easy and Eckhardts statements are full of holes. Guess we gotta wait till 2011.

  11. Harvey’s coin lands face up as they go over the edge.
    why would Nolan show that if he is dead?

    he is obviously alive.

  12. The saddest part was when Eckhart said, “Heath Ledger was supposed to go on and that didn’t”. :( That means he (Heath as the joker) was supposed to be in the future batman 3..?

  13. Batman has always been my favorite comic and, believe me, I couldn’t be happier if I never see the Penguin portrayed in a movie again. The Riddler is Joker lite but not near as bad as the previously mentioned villian. I think Nolan and Goyer could do Clayface, Killer Croc, or Bane very well as long as they are scary as heck. It’s the same as Superman. Sometimes you want a villian that poses a real physical threat.

  14. Why the heck did they kill two-face off because how is batman going to clear his name.

  15. I had a feeling that the joker was supposed to go on, in Heath’s final scene when he’s hanging upside down he says ‘i think you & me are destined to do this forever!’ im sure everyone would have liked to see the Joker again, but The Dark Knight should be the film he is remembered for, i can’t believe some people thought that they should re-cast for the Joker role that’s just wrong, Heath will be immortalised as the Joker forever!!! RIP HEATH…..

  16. Two face should come back….
    but I hear strong reports that Johnny Depp will be the riddler..

  17. “Harvey’s coin lands face up as they go over the edge.
    why would Nolan show that if he is dead?

    he is obviously alive”

    To comment on this, Dent had flipped the coin to determine whether or not he would shoot Gordon’s son.

    Gordon: Please don’t punish the boy, please punish me.
    Dent: I’m about to.

    He then flips the coin, gets tackled by Batman. Batman, Dent and Gordon’s son fall off the edge. The coin lands on its bright side and right after we see that, we see that the kid is saved by Batman. If it landed on the dark side it would have meant that Gordon’s son was dead, that is the message Nolan was sending. This has nothing to do with Harvey being alive. That flip was for Gordon’s son. Harvey is dead. End of story.

  18. You can’t win a coin toss with TwoFace.
    Its heads on both sides of the coin…

  19. Dent shows the Joker the clean side of his coin.

    Dent: You live.

    Dent shows the Joker the burnt side of his coin.

    Dent: You die.

    The Joker: Now we’re talking.

    Pretty sure you CAN win a coin toss with Two Face since everything he does is based on the results of his coin flips.

  20. Oh I forgot that one side was blown off in the explosion…

  21. Well if you have read many batman comics then you know first of Ra’s al Ghul is immortal due to his Lazarus pit. I am pretty sure we will see him again. Second I read months ago on the dc website that due to the success of TDK they wanted to reset Superman to a darker more gritty style. This reset would be set to be a trilogy tying in with the new batman trilogy and culminating in a Justice League movie to compete with the Avengers slated to fallow the Iron man 2/Captain America/Thor/Hulk 2/ and Dr. Strange movies. I see Batman 3 with the return of Ra’s al Ghul and perhaps Talia al Ghul. I would also like to see Hugo Strange in the next movie. I don’t have to go into the previous batman movie franchise because I am sure im not the only person who wants to forget a lot of batman villains for a while. But some of the other villains who rocked batman on paper deserve some screen time. Hugo Strange = Batman With Zombies, a match made in heaven.

  22. “Superman to a darker more gritty style his reset would be set to be a trilogy tying in with the new batman trilogy”

    You sir are not very intelligent if you believe that. Nolan has said all along that the only way he does superhero movies or villains is if they are plausible in the real world. Out goes Superman. Out goes half the villains you speak of. Out goes the idea of immortality. The only way Nolan signs on for a 3rd one is if he makes it HIS WAY meaning it has to be real world plausible just like the way he made the Joker without any of his fantastical comic book stuff. Even the Riddler would have ot be dramatically altered to fit into Nolan’s world.

    PS Heath Ledger didn’t make the Joker incredible, Christopher and Jonathon Nolans’ script made the Joker incredible and Heath was lucky enough to play the role.

  23. “PS Heath Ledger didn’t make the Joker incredible, Christopher and Jonathon Nolans’ script made the Joker incredible and Heath was lucky enough to play the role.”

    Can’t say I agree with you 100% on that. Put a lesser actor in a role and it doesn’t matter how good the script is.


  24. I agree actually, I think that Ledger did an amazing job, but was tremendously over-rated due to his death… which sucks, because most people won’t REALLY remember his joker for it’s great writing and acting, but more because it was his last film. So to me he never truly got the respect he deserved. I found myself feeling more involved in Aaron Eckharts performance than Ledgers. It annoyed me to no end how people got caught up in Jokermania instead of really enjoying a Batman film.

    I’d choose Bane for the next villian. He’s got the depth, strength and intelligence to go toe to toe with the Bat. Plus, he could work as a help or hinderance depending on how juiced up he is. I think Harley Quinn would be another interesting choice, as a Joker Obsessed (instead of ivolved) psychopath working in the Jokers wake. The Riddler would be cool too, but would have to take a much bloodier tone to match the atmosphere, but he could inspire some more detective elements in Batman.

    As long as the Riddler isn’t Johnny Depp… Depp is losing his edge with fame. I think a very interesting Riddler would be Steve Buschemi. A weird inconspicuous geeky sort would make a fitting serial-killer Riddler in this gloomy Gotham atmosphere.

    And if I ever hear the words Angelina Jolie and Catwoman in the same sentence again, I’ma start up some villiany of my own…..

  25. I think it should be vin diesel-mr, freeze

  26. Not sure if I’m just thinking way out side the box on this, But the Bank manager at the beginning. He is a fairly known actor for such a small role, Think he could come back as Scarface? Since the joker put that bomb thing in his mouth, could turn him screwy, and he works for the mob at the mobs bank. So it’s possible. And if you look, well last time I checked, he wasn’t credited in the credits, Maybe they’re hiding him? Trying to hide a possible next main guy? or 1 of 2? Like how we had 2face and Joker.

    And for all you people arguing about if he’s dead or not. They’re going to say what they want to say whether or not it’s true just to hide what is going to be in the next movie. For the fact that they didn’t out right say he’s dead. Don’t assume anything. That’s like assuming Cyclopse is dead in the last Xman movie. We never saw him die. Not like the proffessor and he came back from that. So anything is possible.

    Heath will be known for this role, but there will always be new batman movies, and they will eventually recast for joker, Just look forward to see how another actor/director version will be.

  27. the way that I could see The Riddler in Nolan’s Gotham would be a Harvard\Prinston educated author who writes Books on The Crinmal Mind who has a professnal major in Anient Mythlogy and has OCD who goes insane almost completely who’s obessions are booby trapped Puzzles and complex Riddles based on Anient Greece,Rome and Egypt and taunts Batman and Gotham PD over the phone but when gotham goes into choas he changes,however Dr. Hugo Strange [Robin Willaims or Jean Reno] starts mutate Batman’s Villains into Zombies and let them loose on Gotham to recorrupt Gotham and with a hulking monster of a failed experiment of a man only as Bane [Tom Hardy] taking back Gotham in anthor Crime wave and ruling the crime infected streets of Gotham with an Iron fist and Catwoman [anne hathaway]stealing kevlar,Jewely,cystals and Dimonds from Gotham while her human alterego Seliana Kyle has stolen Bruce\Batman’s heart and so Batman has to team up with The Riddler\Edward Naston Jr Guy Pearce or LeoDicaprio] in order to save Gotham along with help from Lucious Fox and advice from alfred,and Gordon. Batman uses all of this help save Gotham city and finally become the hero of gotham that Gotham city needs.