‘Bates Motel’ Gets Season 2 Renewal – What Will Happen Next?

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Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel Bates Motel Gets Season 2 Renewal   What Will Happen Next?

A&E’s requel (reboot/prequel) series Bates Motel just aired its fourth episode (read our review), but the misadventures of troubled young Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his dragon-lady mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) will continue into next year, as Bates Motel has received a second season order from the cable network.

The news is not all that surprising, considering that the Bates Motel series premiere was the highest-rated program in A&E’s history, but as with all shows – particularly ones that air in the more Avant-garde realm of cable – there are the begging questions of should the story continue, and where it will go from here.

TV Line reports that Bates Motel season 2 will consist of ten episodes, just like season 1 – and what a first season it has been so far. As recently discussed on our Screen Rant Underground Podcast, the show (which looks back at the formative years of Hitchcock’s Psycho killer Norman Bates within a modern-day context) is not quite as thrilling or frightening as Fox’s The Following, or quite as interesting in its character study as Showtime’s Dexter or NBC’s Hannibal, but it is nonetheless solid.

Bates Motel Season 2 Story Discussion Bates Motel Gets Season 2 Renewal   What Will Happen Next?

Norman and Norma Bates (Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga)

Bates Motel is consistently creepy, mostly due to the way it juxtaposes the events of the series to what we know will be Norman’s ultimate fate as a deranged split-personality serial killer. Highmore and Farmiga are also good at charging their scenes with ambiguity and subtlety, making this slow downward spiral perennially discomforting in its teetering between the relatable and the twisted.

The show also had a pretty intense pilot that laid down a lot of threads slowly being unraveled over the course of season 1. However, it is also clear by now that the writers have a definite larger arc tying those threads together – including a murder cover-up for our central characters; a town that’s slowly becoming something out of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery; not to mention, several family drama and/or romantic triangles waiting to be resolved. As AMC’s The Killing found out the hard way – with nearly fatal consequences – audiences don’t appreciate when stories get stretched out for the sake of making the network a season 2 dollar. So how best to continue Bates Motel?

Thankfully, the series has plenty going for it in terms of narrative space. There is of room for Norma and Norman (and even half-brother Dylan, played by Max Thieriot) to overcome their current legal and psychological predicaments and finally settle into town, their relationships with each other, their own skins – and of course their iconic motel, which has yet to actually open.

Bates Motel Season 2 Norman Bates Freddie Highmore Bates Motel Gets Season 2 Renewal   What Will Happen Next?

Norman and his imaginary mother.

The potential storylines involving an increasingly psychotic Norman, a volatile Norma, and a rotating series of motel guests, could definitely sustain a second season pretty well. It also leaves room for season 1 to end on a satisfyingly shocking note (Norman killing someone), offer a few shocking revelations (Norman killed his dad, for example) – with a tease of future mayhem in Season 2 (Bradley or Jenna growing closer with crazy Norman – the motel opening with two psychos as its operators, etc.).

The only issue is whether the creators planned for such progression initially, or took the ‘act like it’s your only season’ approach with the storyline, which could make a season 2 transition quite clunky (see again: The Killing). But so far, watching the evolution of Norman Bates has been a solid (if not great) experience for many of viewers; hopefully, the rest of season 1 and season 2 build on that dark momentum.


Bates Motel airs @ 10pm, Mondays on A&E.

Source: TV Line

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  1. It’s fairly simple to me on where they’ll go next. This season is just going to showcase his beginning of his spiral downard to insanity, and it’ll continue until the audience becomes tired of it because we all know the end result, and it can’t be dragged out forever. I think this show will only be on air for about 3 – 4 seasons

    • Totally agree, unless the show covers what happens in the Psycho movie(s)


        • luv the show ,3rd best on tv only game of thrones and hell on wheels are better ,cant wait for season 2

          • Wat about the #1 show the walking dead! That’s the best show on tv american horror story then bates motel.

        • ‘This filth’? Seriously?

    • Me and my luuuuv this show! Its so suspenseful and has so many crazy and wicked sharp turns! Cant wait for season 2! Does anyone know when season 2 might be starting …? WE CAN’T WAIT!

      • Season 2 returns 2014, most likely spring.

        • Loved it sit my dvr to record I was concerned it wasn’t coming back on

    • Me and my wifey luuuuv this show! Its so suspenseful and has so many crazy and wicked sharp turns! Cant wait for season 2! Does anyone know when season 2 might be starting …? WE CAN’T WAIT!

    • The show is AMAZING for the ceedee person if know how to read it clearly states the show is a modern day psycho not intended to mimic the old one it’s just using the old psycho storyline but is suppose to be a modern day new age psycho so stop being hating and find something positive to do with your life

      • nope he is right, it pretty much sucks, was looking forward to the 50′s and 60′s, but instead they gave us a mental 90210!!!

        • If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch any future episodes. The world will not cease to revolve because you watch something else.

        • Did u even watch the show? You obviously don’t know good tv wen u see it. I bet u think the walking dead sucks to right. U no nothing about plots and twists wen writing for a show for the original and twist it into today is not easy.I think they have done a phenomenal job so far, can’t wait to see what season two brings.

  2. I would love to see the show go the distance with Norma in
    her rocker locked in her bedroom unbeknownst to anyone else.
    There is plenty of road to roam before arriving at that destination.

    • There Is No Destination For This Series To Be Part Of The Original Masterpiece That is Psycho THEY ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DIFFERENT!

      • Settle down Norman

  3. This one of the best shows around. My wife and I love it. I agree that I see it going 3-4 seasons. I can’t see it lasting as long like a Smallville that told Superman’s origins and expanding. Glad Season 2 is Coming!

    • You Know NOTHING This Is CRAP this series is a Pile Just Like Smallville Which RUINED The Superman Origins If You Know Anything about Superman Then You Know Smallville Was NOT His Life That Was Completely Different From Any Of The Superman Stories and Comic Books Just Like The Bates Motel Has NOTHING To Do With PSYCHO Go Back And Relearn.Bates Motel (As Well As Smallville) Is An ABOMINATION Oh and if you’re into Once Upon A Time Yes Their Fairy Tales Are WRONG TOO

      • Well, you seem to be an expert at storytelling, so why don’t you write a better pilot and send it off to some studios?

        • Score!

      • I agree!! It seems like CeeDee has all negative things to say, yet EVERYONE else seems to love this show! Hm, looks like you’re the only one who hates it, CeeDee! You keep telling everyone that they don’t know anything, but apparently YOU don’t know anything. This show is the most highest rated A&E series, because it’s GREAT!!!
        Why do you say that it doesn’t have anything to do with the original?? In case you didn’t get it yet, this is the story of how Norman became the way he is in the movie. I think it covers everything and matches the story pretty well! So Mr.Know-it-all (CeeDee) why don’t you tell us why it is nothing like the original story? I’d be interested to find out from the wisest guy on this site what Bates Motel is doing wrong…

      • Ceedee..Your obnoxious, crhist.

      • Why are you commenting 100 times? Your obviously obsessed with these shows and this is NOT a ranting ground. Talk to a therapist if your so upset about it. Jeez.

      • sjees get a life!!!
        the series is verry strong!

        one of the best on tv .

        if you cant handle that stick to yre old black and white movies

        its 2013!a new generation !
        i hope this will result in a GOOD remake of the movies.
        with the series still on air

      • Cedee shut up honestly why you even on here the show is great it clearly states that it’s a modern day psycho so stop hating and do something productive with your life

  4. you know i like freddie highmore and his movie too.But he only act kid character now that movie is look like a very scare movie that i want to watch it and i always wish that i want to be his friend

  5. This show is better than the following hands down and more entertaining to me than any of the other shows mentioned here, excellent show so glad for a second season!

    • PLEASE Get A Clue It Is Rubbish and That Is An Insult To Rubbish

      • If you don’t like the show, just don’t watch any future episodes. The world will not cease to revolve because you watch something else.

  6. This series should end with a remake of the original psycho movie. It would be epic

    • I See You Know Nothing About Television Pokemon Or What You Are Wasting your time watching for you haven’t even got a clue This Series Isn’t Even going to get to the story line that The Masterpiece Psycho is about for they are completely DIFFERENT The Only Thing Similar is the names Learn to watch movies Pokemon

      • CeeDee, SHUT. UP. You’re making original Psycho fans look bad. You don’t like Bates Motel? That’s fine. Take that problem somewhere else or stop making 100 different comments insulting the show.

        On tumblr someone said that the show should end where we first meet Norman in Psycho – aka where Marion goes to the motel. That’d be fun, I think. :)

  7. I Read On The Top Of The Reply Page No Profanity Or Person Attacks so HOW CAN YOU TELL THE TRUTH Although I Will Not Use Profanity for I Don’t have to but it would apply My Opinion Is That This Show Should Just Be Canceled for it sucks,just like all the sequels to The Original and ONLY Masterpiece Psycho.The Bates Motel Series Is just like all the rest trying to make a name for itself off of a classic and the only reason I tuned in for the premier was to see how The Norman Bates I Enjoyed In The Masterpiece became How he Was but when I Saw That HOT Mess That Was On My television I Couldn’t even finish it I Changed The Station And Erased The A&E Network From My Channel Listings.Psycho is An Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Extravaganza and if He Where Around Today and saw this He’d Drop Dead As It Is He’s turning in is Grave god rest his soul and Rest his Masterpiece Take Your HOT MESS And Do The Proper Thing FLUSH IT

    • Take a chill pill… If you hate it so much don’t watch it. Problem solved.

    • CeeDee – Please get some help. Your contributions cause genuine concern. Your obsession with what you refer to as “The Masterpiece”, a movie about a psychotic killer, combined with the tone of your comments on here raise all sorts of red flags. I have to believe this a bad sign. Please get help.

    • OK. So We get that you think Bates motel is crap. Yet you have provided no evidence to back up your claim. Thus my conclusion is you are simply one of those people who can’t say anything nice. I didn’t like Bates at first in that it seemed like it crossed time periods at with clothing and such. Now to be honest as a true prequel it doesn’t hold much water. Time period for one is wrong. However as a modern retelling I think it has great merit. I enjoy the plot twists in the show and have watched every episode. So ceedee you see this show is loosely based on Hitchcock’s masterpiece and I am pretty sure Alfred would smile as they are using imitation which is the highest form of flattery. So please present your evidence as I have. All in all I love the show. I think it tells a great story and besides I am not stuck with watching pretty little liars smut or that abortion teen mom

  8. I have seen all the Psycho movies and I quite enjoy the whole idea and concept of this show. In regards to some prior comments I would like to point out that this show is NOT a remake of Psycho. Therefore the show can’t really be compared precisely to that standard. Psycho has it’s own space in the film genre. Bates Motel is a new venture into what and how Norman Bates and the Bates Motel got to the point of being Norman in Pyscho. I am, of course, just stating my opinion but I do hope this show gets renewed for a long as the creator is hoping.
    I do beleve shows have an endpoint and if the show is stretched too far then it will begin to phase out. Supernatural was my favorite show when it was originally aired and the show was meant to only on for 5 seasons. Due to popular demand they decided to extend into more seasons which I felt ruined the rest of the series. Again, my opinion. I love Norma’s character depiction in this show! I hope it has several good years ahead. Speaking of which, it’s on now!

  9. I absolutely love Bates motel the actors in this series really make these crazy characters come to life for us watching…now I haven’t seen the movie psycho from which Bates motel originates from but believe you me I will after this! Highmore is awesome but Vera farmiga definitely helps the two characters look real!!! the story line is amazing and just feels as if that could be any of us mother or teenager going through hell and turning us into something of what we’ll soon be seeing! Love it I watch it every Monday at 8 its recorded by series just in case! I recommend it to everyone I know! Keep up the good work cast and crew and allow the rest of us to complete this amazing tale by continuing till the very end please???? Thanks!!!!!

  10. @Ceedee

    Bates Motel is not supposed to be a true to the core re-make of Psycho. It is a modern interpretation. Classic novels have also been used as the spring board for many modern interpretations of characters, like Jane Eyre in The Eyre Affair. If you don’t like the loose strings and freedoms that the writers are taking, then don’t watch it. However, leave everyone else to make their own decisions as to how they feel about the series. Just because you are a purist and wish it to be exactly like psycho (which would be boring) does not mean that the show is crap. It’s imaginative and fun to watch.

  11. I love the show I watch it every week. I especially like all the crazy events that’s been going on it keeps me watching. I’m a young buck and regret that I have never seen the original movie Psycho however I can enjoy this show with or without knowing! CeeDee seems a bit more than upset, we get it you don’t like it! So what was the point of searching about season 2? That is how you got here right? Ijs love it would watch ALL seasons rather its 2 or 10!

  12. Excellent, toss up between this show and Vegas, or maybe Dallas!’

  13. CeeDee get over yourself, the show is great. As someone else said if you think you can do better, have at it but i get the feeling you cant thats why you are here bashing someone elses work. Its funny cause i know lots of old horror fanatics that love the movie and this series, CeeDee is the only hater ive seen.

    Cant wait for season 2.

  14. @CeeDee Your embarrassing yourself on this site show is amazing cant wait for next season….I personally thought the “masterpiece” as you keep calling a SoSo movie I have seen better.

  15. Kinda weird how Norman seen his mother while at his teachers home;/ would b a huge twist if she is already dead but he will always see his mother as long as he is at the Bates Motel…

  16. this ceedee guy is quite idiotic, both the original movie and the series are great in their own ways, personally though I like seeing him turn into what he is rather then watching him touch himself and then kill a girl in the shower, just my opinion

  17. The Walking Dead is televisions best…but Bates Motel can walk right along side…it’s superb.A perfect combination of Classic Hitchcock suspense and the horrors of today’s modern world,from an Asian sex slave ring,teaming up with the local drug Lord or even going to your first high school dance, Bates Motel is the right mix of past and present.The characters are all quirky and intensely interesting…strangely enough, my favorite is Emma( Olivia Cooke)a sweet but mysterious girl who despite having a breathing tube in her nose and dragging around an oxygen tank is drop dead gorgeous…the possibilities for Emma’s storyline are endless…I hope they develop it.Season one, a raving success….Season two, can’t come soon enough…

  18. I love Bates Motel-the older brother adds a great deal with his character.
    I can’t wait for season 2. The show has everything. Vera Farminga is a wonderful actress and it would be great if the characters could make a full length movie from the show. I look forward to Monday nights.

  19. Ceedee has a point about psycho…. Maybe it wasnt a masterpiece butbit was HUGE for its time and an enormous risk for hitchcock but i gotta say i love this show! Great cast and great acting and the storyline is really interesting. And ceedee think of it this way… At least bates motel is better than real housewives or love and hip hop or whatever that crap is they put on tv. Be thankful for that. Ps. I had a HUGE crush on shelby until i found out he was a bad guy… Anyone else think he was totally dreamy?

    • He went to another series… forget what its called. You can still follow him there…

  20. CeeDee get over yourself. You are literally the ONLY one who hates the show that hass commented. Like others said, don’t like it don’t watch it. Problem solved. Personally I love the show, and have never missed an episode. Can’t wait for season two. :)

  21. Wow, way to give back-handed compliments… its not as good as… its not great but solid lol. I found it quite engaging actually (much to my surprise). I think there is more to tell before we see Norman kill his mother and take on her personality. My only complaint frankly is that I find ten episode arcs (showing up in quite a few cable series) to be too short. I think the current plot lines/characters could have benefited from another five eps. Plus, I really don’t care to wait nearly a year for new eps. I lose interest and find other things to watch.

  22. This show honestly sucks.

    It is about a 16 year old who is in captivity of a utterly insane disgusting fake woman, who is turning him insane. I know how this show is going to end, they are going to KILL the entire town and start off for the nation and eventually the world.

    It would be interesting if there was anything other than being raped, and killing people.

  23. When will the season 2 bates motel come out

  24. Incredible, comparing this show to the movie. I am from that era and agree that the movie is a classic, excellent movie. On the other hand Bates Motel is a great show, the movie showed him as an ADULT, the series as a TEENAGER. How can anyone compare the two? The movie never mentioned what his childhood was like. Thank you A&E because now (53yrs later) we get to know. Loooove the show

  25. when pysco aired many years ago. I closed my eyes for the shower murder I Was 17 it was not untilI I was 30 something before I actually watched it.now it’s another movie ,that stops and starts.but with 7 days days to wait to see what happens next.I had wondered about norman and why was he so weird ,after all these years I know now, who stuffed his mother.IF the show doesn’t come back for a second season”Iknow why norman is crazy .I am 64 now .and got it figured out

  26. I loved Bates Motel.I watched every esposide.So I will b looking foward 2 the Second Season it is Awesome!!!!!!

  27. Bates Motel is awesome.I cant wait until the 2Season. The whole cast is great…

  28. Bates Motel … did not think it would be good but it was.
    The acting was what made the show so good.
    the 2 actors playing Norman and his mom were very good.
    Glad we will get a season 2.

  29. When does season 2 start?? Can’t wait!!