Barry Sonnenfeld Is Pitting ‘Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens’

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Just about everyone adores dinosaurs, right? And who doesn’t enjoy a good alien invasion movie? Well, it seems these two elements are about to be brought together in both comic book and cinematic form, via a project that will bear the self-explanatory title Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens.

Men in Black franchise helmer Barry Sonnenfeld is prepped to direct the film version of Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens, which will be scripted by comic book legend Grant Morrison – the man responsible for acclaimed stories like “Batman R.I.P.” and “All-Star Superman”, among others.

Deadline says that Sonnenfeld and Morrison are also collaborating on a Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens graphic novel, which will be illustrated by Mukesh Singh (he also worked on Morrison’s “18 Days”) and is slated to be published by Liquid Comics in late 2011. Presumably, the comic book incarnation of Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens will serve as a template of sorts for the movie (a la the graphic novel version of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain).

Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens will take place on Earth some 65 million years in the past, when dinosaurs were still the dominant species. The prehistoric giants are forced to defend their planet against an extraterrestrial invasion, and prove themselves to be more intellectually capable than previously theorized – by anyone who never saw Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time, that is.

Barry Sonnenfeld directing Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Barry Sonnenfeld Is Pitting Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

Even though a film that pits dinosaurs against aliens is technically not a genre mash-up like this summer’s Cowboys & Aliens or next year’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (or even the similarly-titled Zombies Vs. Robots movie being developed), it could easily feel like one. It’s also not clear whether or not Sonnenfeld’s film will feature ancient human characters – it wouldn’t be even remotely close to scientifically accurate – but, then again, we are talking about a movie called Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens.

Most of Sonnenfeld’s directorial efforts are either openly comical and/or firmly tongue-in-cheek – so that would presumably be true for Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens as well. It would actually distinguish this project from the aforementioned pack of genre mash-ups, all of which are (surprisingly enough) approaching their respective (slightly goofy) subject matter in a very serious and straight-faced manner.

Given the improvements in both digital and practical effects, Sonnenfeld is well equipped to make a film that delivers some truly spectacular battles between giant ancient beasts and giant flying spaceships. The real question is: Will he actually try and make a movie that is straightforward and serious in tone? Or will Sonnenfeld take the (easier?) route of crafting a no-holds-barred cheesefest that feels like a modern-day variation of Destroy All Monsters?

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This seems kinda weird to me. Are there going to be cavemen? Do the dinosaurs talk? What is really going to stop advanced space traveling aliens from destroying a bunch of unadvanced mammals? All the aliens have to do is stay back far enough and blow the crap out of them from the sky. End movie. I dont know about this one yet but based on this article I am not feeling it.

    • I don’t want to be a D*ck but I’m twitching here… Dinosaurs weren’t mammals, dude.

      Nevertheless, whether they’d be able to stand up to superbly advanced interstellar aliens is actually a really big ask…

      …unless the aliens somehow end up making it past the dinosaurs to end up seeding Mammals on the planet, i.e. the aliens are deposited by the massive asteroid impact that has hitherto been thought to have destroyed the dinosaurs… but somehow have to finish off what their impact ineffectually started AND seed the earth with the possibility of Mammalian life… although not that of the Aliens themselves… obviously.

      Difficult to do, as a storyline… but potentialy awesome if done correctly.

  2. well humans have to be somewhere inbetween these creature or this will be a big @$$ about a live action dino crisis film, now that could be awesome if it where taken seriuos and dark.

  3. Seems like we’re getting carried away with the ‘vs.’ films….these one especially seems far fetched…

  4. Another waste of a film, time and money. Great! I wonder if the people in Hollywood at these studios actually read these sites and listen to viewer feedback on possible project launches!! GEEZUS !!!

  5. Dinosaurs on the big screen? Count me IN!!!

  6. Well seeing as the Aliens don’t have Dr. Alan Grant or Dr. Ian Malcolm, I would say it’s a level playing field

  7. Maybe it’ll like be about a scientist who creates a time machine that mashes up the past, present, and future. And when it all mashes, it’s revealed that aliens were gonna invade Earth in the future, which brings dinosaurs into the picture because it mashes the past.
    And while in there, the aliens want the land, so they battle the dinosaurs, while the scientist is trying to find a way home.
    MY idea is convoluted and it sucks, doesn’t it? lmfao

    • @BillyBobJones

      I like you’re idea!!! I don’t think its really silly like DeShaun Zollicoffer!

  8. This sounds really, really, really. silly. It doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense like the first commenter said, it would be a total blood bath, is the movie going to end with it being revealed that Aliens are the reason Dinosaurs are dead? 😀

  9. Didn’t they already parody this in Futurama?

  10. I’m all for Cowboys & Aliens, but this is kinda pushing it. Still, it would be cool to see some dinosaur action.

  11. [Elton john/Michael Jackson ] vs [ Alien/Cowboys].
    thats wats^

  12. It will be about a team of scientists who go back in time only to discover a large scale war that is wiping out the dinosaurs. The humans decide to fight with the dinosaurs, protecting the earth. On their return to the present day, Raptors have become the dominant species, enslaving the human race.

    Then there will be a sequel, which is about the team of scientists escaping the Raptor prison and going back in time to set everything right again.

    At least I hope so…

  13. I like the sound of that ‘Z-crown’! Maybe the military could send back a team of mercenaries with them; I think that would introduce some interesting conflicts within the group.

    What do you think?

    • The team of Mercenaries sounds like a great idea. One of them (possible name: Rex Raptor?) could be haunted by visions of his dead fiance, and in the sequel when everything is set right again they could meet for the first time and fall in love all over again.

      • Great idea man! Other possible mercenaries; Kipling Rodriguez and Leroy ‘Boss’ Washington (Johnathan Cake and 50 Cent). I’m seeing Dwayne Johnson as this ‘Rex Raptor’ guy.

        • I think WE should make this movie.

  14. Um technically this has already been conceived and done in the form of an 80’s cartoon called dino riders. Except it had humans from the future as well as aliens.

  15. This movie sounds like it will have homosexual tendency

    • offensive comment is offensive comment.

  16. Destroy all monsters!! hahaha loved that game… as for the movie I have no clue to where they’re going with this, but I’m down :)

  17. If I were 5 again I’d be all over this one…hell what am I saying I’ll probably still see it, God I love dinosaurs :)