Barnyard: A “Male” Cow?

Published 9 years ago by , Updated February 24th, 2012 at 7:50 am,

I haven’t seen anything written questioning why the upcoming film Barnyard has a protagonist named Otis, who is obviously male, but is obviously a cow, not a bull, complete with udders.


Why not draw him like Porky Pig and give him nothin’? At least then it would be generic. I suppose the idea is that udders look funny?

Looks to me more like some kind of alien athletic supporter…

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  1. Why are we still commenting on the gender-bending cow?

  2. “Why are we still commenting on the gender-bending cow?”

    Because Nick has made it a priority to force-feed this swill down Nick fans’ throats by running marathons of it day after day, as though it was the best cartoon they ever had. More than likely they spent a lot of money producing it and got terrible results, but are still trying to get their money’s worth (which means it’ll be on for the next century). I’m a fan of other shows on Nick, but you can’t get away from the over-promotion, especially this waste of a time slot. It’s almost traumatizing seeing the Otis character.

    The thing about it is, it was probably by deliberate design to keep people talking about it and the show. To modern executives, any publicity is good publicity. It’s the philosophy of all MTV/Viacom-owned networks, including Nick.

  3. QUOTE: Erstwhile “The thing about it is, it was probably by deliberate design to keep people talking about it and the show. To modern executives, any publicity is good publicity. It’s the philosophy of all MTV/Viacom-owned networks, including Nick.”

    Almost everytime you turn to Nickolodeon that stupid show is on. But that character design is a sight gag I cannot bear to watch !

    It is said that many cartoon writers try to promote some agenda .. but this .. this is just rediculous ! There is artistic license .. and there is bad taste. This is just bad taste. It is NOT funny. A transexual cow as a protagonist on a kids show ? Do we really need that ?

    The “male cow” has a girlfriend, and there are also actual “bulls” on the farm. Why confuse children like !

    All this cartoon does is make sex-ed more difficult to conduct !

    How can we lower Aids transmission, and educate children properly about sex, if Hollywood insists on protraying sexual / biological Fallacies in their movies/cartoon

  4. I agree. Personally, I think that the makers of the movie/show thought that kids wouldn’t be able to recognize Otis as a cow without his udders. But think about it: most times you see a cartoon cow, they usually have udders. Are supposed to assume that every cartoon cow we see is female? Or are the artists just making is easy to tell that the cartoon is a cow for kids? If this is the case, I still hate the show/movie, though. It’s not bad or anything, in fact, it has some good jokes written in. It’s just ridiculous that male cows have udders, though. And it’s not just Otis, either. All, or at least most, of the cows have udders.

  5. OK so I was confused and my husband was very stern in the fact that he shouldn’t have udders so I just had to Google it. I love all the different thoughts and comments and just want to are one more. Maybe just maybe he was trying to say something like it doesn’t matter what deformity you have we are all equal. Hahahaha what a crock! This movie is not going to be seen in my house anymore!

  6. I was having a conversation with my 13 year old son about this barn yard Otis cow…to my surprise he tought that males cows had udders. Had to explain that cows are females and bulls are the males…amazing how this cartoons can get this kids all confused…I am glad he has it all clear now.

  7. It’s a free world. Cows can be gay too. Why not?
    But what bugs me is that if by a chance someday a kid who watched that show comes across a real ‘male cow’ and tries to ‘milk it’ that might not end well:)))
    Anyhow that movie and series were pretty bad even udders aside.

  8. okay so, for me i don’t believe it’s that big of a deal, i think people are over thinking, and really blowing things out of porportion these days when it comes to children shows and movies. i’m sorry but i would prefer a male cow with utters for kids to watch, then it being anatomically correct. just be more simple and opened minded. But as someone who was told bambi’s dad was a moose and grew up thinking that, I would suggest of course if your kids are old enough to understand, let them know the difference. it’s nothing to rant about.

  9. Regarding the species called bovine. All cows are female. Only “cows” have udders. Male bovines are called bulls. Males that have had their testicles removed are called Steers. Steers are what the beef industry primarily uses for meat production. Bulls are typically only used for breeding.

    I find the cartoon called “barnyard” very disturbing and perverted. Besides the udder sported by all apparent male bovines, several references are made to the males being milked. Only female mammals have the capability to produce milk. The creator of the cartoon thinks this is funny. I think it is deliberately disgusting.

    Everyone should slam the creator of Barnyard with emails about this issue as it is jut plain wrong.

    In answer to some of the comments above, should they give GI Joe breasts or Barbie male privates just so that all little kid’s be they male or female would feel better about playing with those toys? This is exactly what the creators of barnyard are doing.

    Think about it.

  10. I had never heard of “Barnyard” before and just watched the movie at a friend’s house. Although it was a fun movie I couldn’t stop focusing on the udders on the male cattle. It was totally distracting for me and took away from enjoyment of the film. I think the reason for the udders is that filmmakers are often arrogant and think kids are stupid, so they can show them whatever they want. If it was done just because the director thought it was funny, that’s a lame excuse. Children understand that animals don’t do anthropomorphic things like talk, run a bar, drive a car, etc. and those things are there just for fun, but their understanding of sexuality is only developing. For those who say, “Get over it. It’s not reality, it’s just a cartoon,” I say a cartoon or a movie is a meditation, and our meditations shape our thoughts, and our thoughts shape our lives. Art not only reflects, it influences. So why present a blatant distortion of reality that’s not part of the plot and act like it’s normal?

  11. it is fully stupid movie with this big mistake ,and the most stupid one is the one who published it first time .

  12. male cows with udders- stupid Not only that but cows do not have teeth on the top and chickens have no teeth. In a day and age when kids think milk and eggs come from the store, this was a stupid idea and not funny but weird.

  13. If this was a female cow with huge bull horns there would be feminist riots in the streets.

    • Actually, I’m surprised that feminists haven’t said anything about the movie, considering there are both male and female cows but only male bulls. Such a brazen display of misogyny! DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY! Ha.

    • Actually female cows can have horns. Depends on the breed.

  14. I recently purchased a copy of Barnyard for my grandchildren. I looked forward to watching with them but I found the udders on bulls totally distracting. I didn’t find it funny or comical. The kids ranged from 3 to 12years. Older three walked outside to play, younger two kept arguing, youngest kept saying it was a mummy cow and his brother a year older kept arguing it was a boy. I threw my copy into the bin.