First Image of Baraka in ‘Mortal Kombat’ Web Series? [Updated]

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baraka mortal kombat web short First Image of Baraka in Mortal Kombat Web Series? [Updated]

[Update: While we’re talking Mortal Kombat mysteries, who are the two female combatants in this new image???]

When director Kevin Tancharoen let-loose a viral YouTube short film highlighting his vision for a Mortal Kombat reboot movie, the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. It wasn’t long before the filmmaker was signed by Warner Bros. to helm a Mortal Kombat franchise web series – with a strong possibility for a feature film to follow.

Just last week, fans got a first look at Tancharoen’s interpretation of ninja/assassin Scorpion and late last night, the director Tweeted out a photo of what appears to be fan-favorite Shao Kahn mercenary, Baraka.

As fans of the series know Baraka first appeared in Mortal Kombat II and quickly became an iconic franchise character – due to his brutal moves list and creepy appearance. In the mythos, the character is the leader of the Tarkatan horde – a series of mutant mercenaries who work for Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn. While some characters in the Mortal Kombat universe waffle between the forces of good and evil – Baraka has universally aligned himself with one series antagonist after another.

Check out the potential Baraka first-look image below:

baraka mortal kombat web series First Image of Baraka in Mortal Kombat Web Series? [Updated]

It’s unclear, assuming the photograph is of Baraka (not just a fellow Tarkatan brother), whether the interpretation of the character in the web series will be closer to the video-game or Tancharoen’s redesigned concept in the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film – which featured Baraka as a crazed plastic surgeon turned serial killer, Dr. Alan Zane, who mutilated his face and attached blades to his forearms.

If the image is of the actual Baraka character, it would appear that Tancharoen has toned down some of the more imaginative liberties in Rebirth, consider this version of Baraka sports the traditional looking arm blades – not the segmented ones Dr. Zane surgically implants in the proof-of-concept short film. That said, the Baraka-like figure in the image is still missing one iconic element from the traditional Mortal Kombat mythos – the elongated, and grotesque, Tarkatan teeth featured on both Baraka and half-human clone Mileena.

baraka mortal kombat rebirth First Image of Baraka in Mortal Kombat Web Series? [Updated]

Dr. Zane (Code Name: Baraka) In Mortal Kombat Rebirth

UPDATE: Who are the two female combatants in this latest photo? Could we be seeing the famous Milleena vs. Kitana rivalry?

Mortal Kombat Girl Fight 570x471 First Image of Baraka in Mortal Kombat Web Series? [Updated]

Given what appears to be a turn toward a more traditional, and less real-world, interpretation, it’ll be interesting to see whether Tancharoen’s other ideas – including Reptile as a 30 year-old cannibal with Harlequin Ichthyosis (not a Raptor warrior) – make it into the web series.

Keep checking back for our continued coverage of the Mortal Kombat web series here at Screen Rant – as well as our sister site, Game Rant for information on the highly-anticipated upcoming Mortal Kombat video game.

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Mortal Kombat is currently shooting in Vancouver and is expected to premier in April.

Source: Kevin Tancharoen

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  1. Boooo. The real world concept was golden. That was the best thing about Rebirth. If they change it drastically it will suck. Borrring.

    • no it was not, that Baraka in MK Rebirth was not Baraka. MK is about fantasy and thats how it should be on film.

    • I agree – would have been cool to have a new interpretation.

    • your rite the real world looked better!

  2. cant wait to see more

    • me2

  3. I hope Baraka is nothing like the real world concept. It flat-out doesn’t look like him! But this is more along the lines of how I’d like to see him presented — except I hope its teeth are longer.

  4. I vote for the lifelike Baraka from the YouTube trailer. I hope that tweeted image is for some sort of henchmen in the Outworld.

  5. i was sorta hoping for the realistic one,the one presented in the trailer was very interesting to say the least

  6. i was sorta hoping for the realistic one,the one presented in the trailer was very interesting to say the least
    and damn on my last post i spelled my freakin name wrong,man im distracted today…

  7. they said from day one this Mortal Kombat webseries is more like the video game story. so can u guys stop thinking this would be linked to Mortal Kombat Rebirth.

  8. Hated the realistic mortal kombat yt vid. I thought his vision was pathetic.

    I was under the impression most people thought the same way. Especially here on screenrant. Where are you getting the mostly positive reviews from? People who don’t know one thing about Mortal Kombat?

  9. Wait, so the Mortal Kombat Rebirth is not going to be linked to the web-series?

    • no its not, this webseries is linked to the new released Mortal Kombat video game

      • @ Mace –

        You’re over-simplifying what’s happening with the Mortal Kombat web-series a bit. It is being used to promote the new game and you’re also right that it’s grounded more in the traditional MK mythos than the Rebirth short film.

        That said, ‘official’ word on exactly what we’ll be seeing is pretty limited, so it’s too early to say that none of the ideas in Rebirth will make it into the web series – especially considering the director and a number of the actors (albeit the human ones) are coming back for the web series.

        You’re obviously passionate about the traditional Mortal Kombat mythos (which is fine) but you’re over-generalizing things a bit – especially where very little information has been released through official channels.

        Warner Bros. doesn’t just want this web series to promote the upcoming game – even more importantly they want to make sure it also helps establish interest and groundwork for a new film series – which may mean allowing Tancharoen to ground the film in a less-fantasy oriented frame (although, admittedly, some of the character designs in Rebirth would be taking it too far – and would never happen).

        After The Dark Knight, studios are obsessed with gritty/real-world tones – to make their films commercially viable to more than niche franchise fans.

        I’m all for seeing a good traditional Mortal Kombat film but it’s too early to say that the web-series is going to be limited to, or is just an extension of, the video-game mythos.

        • geez for one Warner Bros has confirmed by the actually Official Shooting Synopsis that this Mortal Kombat webseries is very like the video game. this info was at bloody disgusting website.

          official shooting synopsis: “Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are obsessed with reigning over various realms (parallel universes) and the winners of Mortal Kombat competitions are granted supreme control over these worlds. The Earthrealm (Earth) is an unconscious participant in this competition and only a few select humans understand the consequences of losing Mortal Kombat and what it will mean to Earth.”

          the synopsis is straight out of MK universe not Rebirth. the webseries is just going to have some of the same actors for MK Rebirth and Kevin Tancharoen directing style for the webseries apart from that this has nothing to do with the Rebirth short.

          Michael Jai White even confirmed on the film set in a interview with IGN this is fantasy and reality i.e. Jax, Sonya, Kano even Johnny Cage will be part in the real world. the fantasy element are for the other characters i.e. Baraka, Shang Tsung, etc. thats the same type thing like the first Mortal Kombat movie when you was introduce to Sonya, Liu Kang and Johnny their world is reality until they went to the island of Mortal Kombat they fantasy happen.

          yes studios are obsessed with gritty/real-world tones like TDK but heres something. studios are obsessed with gritty/real-world tones in a PG-13 movie. do you want Mortal Kombat once again as a PG-13 movie or a R-Rated movie.

          • I think maybe we’re more on the same page than you think. We’ve seen the same synopsis and interviews you’re talking about. I’m not arguing that it won’t be more traditional.

            I’m just saying that it’s a possibility that there will be elements from Tancharoen’s Rebirth idea (not that Baraka will be Dr. Zane or that Reptile will be human) but that the web-series will tone down some of the fantasy elements from the mythos – to provide that grittier feel.

            They obviously hired Tancharoen for a reason – they responded to his vision (even if they didn’t want to take it and run with it entirely). They’re going to rein him in a lot (to keep the character designs in context with the game) but I still think we’re going to see elements of Rebirth (probably more the tone than anything else) in the web series. The way Scorpion was portrayed in the closing moments of Rebirth (with his iconic solid white eyes) showed that Tancharoen was interested in the fantasy elements – and wasn’t just trying to ground it in real-life.

            Tancharoen had already hinted at this balance (which may be similar to what Michael Jai White said): “In a movie version, I am going to have that mysticism there, but it has to be done in a very tasteful way. I wouldn’t like it too campy or too cheesy. I know this is a weird analogy, but it’s the best one I can think of right now. It’s kind of like when in Harry Potter, there’s two universes that coexist with each other. There’s the real world, and then you get on the train and then you go to Hogwart’s, and that’s where all the magic is.”

            I’d love to see an R-rated full-on Mortal Kombat film but we’re not talking about what fans want – we’re talking about a production already in process (backed by a studio that wants to establish a franchise that will attract non-fans as well).

            Like I said before, I’m not disagreeing with your point that it’s going to be a more traditional Mortal Kombat story – however, I still think saying that Tancharoen and Warner Bros. aren’t going to explore any ideas from Rebirth, at this point, would be over-generalizing.

        • sorry for some of the mistake in my comment its late so i did it in a hurry

  10. Wow hope they just continue off MK rebirth. That short was pretty cool.

  11. I prefer the realistic one, it was a fresh new concept and a new interesting take on MK series. Yes it’s about fantasy but the director said he would be mixing both, just think IMO e shouldn’t have tweaked it. Plus that new pic looks pretty ridiculous, but of course movie magic can change it. I know hardcore fans want the fantasy ones and they are entitled to it no doubt, but I think he should’ve stuck with the new look just to see were it leads

  12. The reason why the director got the job was cus mostly everyone liked the the realistic version, now hes gona change it all back to the crappy mk 1 and mk2 movie versions?? didnt they learn the first time that it suks as a movie? thats like going from batman begins to batman forver.. whack

    • So wait a sec, MOST of the fanboys complained about it not sticking to the source material.. NOW people are complaining about him basin it off of the video game now??!! This is why studios do NOT listen to fanboys now, u cant please them so they just go for whatever will make money!!!

      • The real MK fans aren’t complaining about this webseries, since it’s loyal to the source. It’s all the so-called MK fans who liked Rebirth who are getting all butthurt over it.

  13. I liked Rebirth, and would like to see a movie based on that concept. It is what got him sign by wb. He made it on his own dime so things were cut most likely. Baraka looked alright but with a bigger budget they could make him better. i like the real world feel. MK based in the real world could be great as long as the story is great. people are complaining about Baraka and nothing else really i loved the look of every one else scorpion was awsome and whos to say that in combat they would wair something that reminds us of the game. they do different story lines in comics all the time. there is like 9 different xmen books and nobody screams about it. if you dont like it dont watch it. but as much as people are complaining they will still be in line with the rest of us to pay to see it.

    • It’s not being built off of Rebirth, try to keep up.

  14. you sure that isn’t a picture of deadpool?
    *gasp* oh no he didn’t :p

  15. Baraka looks like utter crap. Jesus, I was a little depressed about Jeri Ryan but then I remembered Kristanna Lokken in Terminator 3 and how much she kicked ass in it, so its not much of an issue now. But Baraka…just imagine Mileena. Mortal Kombat Konquest the TV show was pretty dumb and the casting made zero sense too, but Rebirth looks like another Dark Knight type movie set on Earth and seems to have very little to do with the dimension hopping that MK is known for.

    • Did u just watch the trailer for the 1st time ever? If so, i guess u did not READ the article that states the WEB SERIES will follow the storylines, powers and LOOK of the game. Read before u b##tch. Smh.. fanboys…

  16. i really hope that that isn’t baraka or anything related to the new MK series. people don’t understand that the rebirth short was a show reel that Tancharoen made to showcase his ideas for a MK reboot so that he could get the job, it is in no way shape or form related to the game and i doubt the series will be to different to the short, after all he did say that there is only going to be a little ‘mysticism’ in the series (enough to shut the fanboys up and keep people who aren’t into garbage engaged throughout).

    • Too bad, I guess. Rebirth was cast aside. Get used to it.

  17. I’m very disappointed.

    The YouTube short was brilliant, it showed that a decent story could be assembled from the non stories of the games, the real world approach was really going to sell it to audiences but everything we have seen so far from the web series (which I admit isnt much) seems to be steering more toward the fantasy elements.


    I’ll just watch the short again.

  18. The short was great and its disappointing that theyre basing it off the game. Nobody cares about the MK mythos, MK is not Street Fighter, nobody even gets excited for the games anymore. This could have been a great way to make the license relevant again instead its gonna some goofy web short that nobody but the hardcore MK fanboys (seriously they still exist?) will care about.

    • Listen here. I, alongside sweetre15 can already see that you dont deserve to speak amongst real MK fans, Mortal Kombat has a reason for it’s title name. It is called “mortal” because it is based around mortals and immortals, that picth didnt show us any immortals but one of them as a mortal. The Baraka with the dreadlocks was a much more boring version of the real one. The MK storyline is very exiting, you didt follow it, you just played around with the boxart all your life.

  19. Well the picture of his face looks like real cheap animation, and the one on the right is good for a tease. I can’t wait to see some more characters. Here’s hoping Jerri can pull off Sonya……………..

  20. @Googles: The fact that the newest MK game has been listed as one of the top anticipated games of 2011 and the fact that several people have been downloading the demo really dissolves your argument. Not to mention that they are several MK fansites to go with that.

    Just because you don’t like MK doesn’t mean that others don’t. Hell, compared to other fighting games if you ask average Joe if he’s heard of Mortal Kombat they’ll be more likely to say yes than they are about Street Fighter, Tekken, King Of Fighters or even Soul Calibur.

    Plus ignoring the fanbases gets you crap movies like Catwoman, Dragonball Evolution, and X-Men Origins:Wolverine or any of the video game films by Uwe Boll.

    • I do like Mortal Kombat im just not delusional, there hasnt been a decent Mortal Kombat game since part 4 (even that was a weak entry) and that was 14 years ago. MK is the second tier of fighting games, its story holds no reverence and its all but gone from the general public’s mind.

      There is nothing wrong with trying to put a new spin on the series in the form of a re-imagined movie. The brand name is stagnant and needs a shot in the arm.

      • MK has not gone from the general public mind the general public cant wait for the new MK video game.

      • The story holds no reverence, yet WB decided to go the way of the original story because, let’s see:

        1. It’s in every single MK game, especially when it sold millions of copies and filled arcades.

        2. It’s had a fanbase for the last 19 years; a fanbase that’s never complained about said story (even if they have complained about those God-awful movies, seeing as how they’re not very “MK” to begin with).

        3. It’s a whole lot better than that poorly-written pitch. Even on it’s own merit, the only thing carrying that pitch is the violence and gore, that’s it.

        I’m gonna tell you what you probably told all of us when Rebirth first hit the scene; if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  21. @Googles: You can still fix the storyline without changing every single thing about the franchise.

  22. I really cant believe the so called MK fans that liked Rebirth.

    People call themselves fans but know nothing of the franchises origins or the characters backgrounds or races. Yet they now attack on the more conon version that this web series is looking more to be? Really? Seriously?

    Dr Zane. code name Baraka. A failed doctor who decided to freak himself up and go on a killing rampage. Is that realistic?

    Code name Reptile. A guy that has a defect that no human has ever survived somehow reaches 30 years old and is strong enough to rip heads off. Is that realistic?

    Since when do the MK characters have code names of the character name they are supposed to be?

    Believe me. The original Mortal Kombat storyline is more realistic than the what was interpreted in MK Rebirth.

    I suggest that the so called MK fans go and do some homework on the franchise and the storys origins.

    Then I suggest some people look deeper into the so called realism of Rebirth and say to yourself can it happen really?

    Fan boy or not. The real hardcore fans that are story driven know the origins and backgrounds are the guys KT & Warner Brothers should be listening to.

    • It’s a fighting game. Who plays MK purely for the story? Seriously…

      Granted that the story does play a role in the game’s success, but to say that the studio / producers should listen to the “hardcore fans that are story driven” is a bit much

      If you want to get to the spirit of the game IMO, it needs to be brutal and bloody (which neither of the films were). The game’s success initially was largely due to the gory fatalities and life-like-looking graphics. Definitely not the story. The Rebirth short took MK to just that place – bloody and brutal with martial arts.

      • Here’s the thing if MK was only bloody without it’s unique characters with unique abilities, interesting plot, or visually enticing arena and locales…It wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did and would have died a quick death just like it’s copycats that tried to rely solely on the gore factor

      • I agree that the story does play a role (as I said), with Subzero and Scorpion being good examples. But this doesn’t mean it has to be an other-worldly story, just needs to be an interesting story to set up the characters. Rebirth did that in a different way.

        The gore factor and the graphics were what set it apart back in the day. As far as locations, I disagree. In the first game, the locations were an arena, a bridge over a bed of spikes, a dugeon, etc. Nothing fantacy about it and could all be locations in the real world. Honestly, in the later editions of the series the locations got a little too cartoonish for my taste so I appreciate the real-world approach.

          • It all comes down to preference. I’m not attached to any of the character relationships as presented in the games so as long as the Rebirth real world approach is engaging with a good story, I say bring it on. If you’re that attached to the games storyline then that’s your opinion.

            The way I see it: the game’s draws initally were the gore and realistic graphics. Therefore, R-rated bloody deathmatches (i.e. Gore) and real world storyline (I.e. Realism) would make an interesting combo and a tribute to the original game even without the fantacy elements.

            • Panda… You are going to go back in time with the ‘no one cared for the story back then’ chat? As for any game that comes out, people play the game and are transfixed at first. Then the interest kicks in.

              The point of the tournament is to stop Outworld and Shao Kahn from overtaking every realm and dimension whenever he saw fit. I gave those realms and dimensions a fighting chance.

              How has Rebirth got an interesting story? There is no realism what so ever! But Rebirth fans are the type of gamers that know nothing about MK’s origins or storylines. Like you do with the games, you only look at the action/game play. You cannot call yourselves hardcore fans when this is all you do.

              As for who plays the game for the story, well they are many and many of us people. Including the games creators. Without the story, MK would die as it would have nothing to grip us.

              They are thousands of people that didnt like the Resident Evil movies because they wasnt canon to the games. So are you saying its one rule for one, and one for another? Give me a break.

              I original storyline is way more realistic than the interpretation that was given in MK Rebirth.

              My point is, If you have not done your homework on the MK origins, character bios or backgrounds, then you dont have a let to stand on.

              • meant to say.

                IT gave those realms and dimensions a fighting chance.

                • And meant to say.

                  THE original storyline is way more realistic…

            • Savage…

              “You are going to go back in time with the ‘no one cared for the story back then’ chat?”

              No. I hadn’t made that argument before… oh wait… I didn’t make that argument here either. I said “who plays MK purely for the story?” There’s a big difference in that and “no one cared for the story back then.” (If you can’t figure out the difference let me know and I will try to explain it in your terms).

              “How has Rebirth got an interesting story?”
              Are you inferring that my comment meant that I think Rebirth has an interesting story? Because my comment was “so long as it has an interesting story.” The full film was never made so I have not idea if the story is interesting or not. The short only gives us a glimpse but I will say that the direction he was taking was interesting and I could imagine it as a full-length movie.

              “Rebirth fans are the type of gamers that know nothing about MK’s origins or storylines.”

              Not true. Look at my prior comments and see what I actually said.

              “Like you do with the games, you only look at the action/game play.”

              Again, look at my prior comments.

              “You cannot call yourselves hardcore fans when this is all you do.”

              First, I’m an individual and speak for no group. Second, I never called myself a “hardcore fan,” although I was a fan back in the day of MK 1 and 2.

              “As for who plays the game for the story, well they are many and many of us people.”

              So you would love a game with the best story ever written where the game play was, let’s say, a choose-your-own-adventure where you picked A or B as to what the character will do next (as an example)? The only absolute I will put in this comment is that gameplay is the most important aspect to a game’s success, although story, graphics, sound, etc. do play a role in a game’s success. Did Pac Man or Mario Bros have a good story? And they were some of the most successful games ever made.

              “Without the story, MK would die as it would have nothing to grip us.”

              That’s a generalization, but may be true. Doesn’t mean that the story of a movie has to be exactly as the story evolved in the games. SO LONG AS THE STORY IS INTERESTING.

              “They are thousands of people that didnt like the Resident Evil movies because they wasnt canon to the games.”

              There are also many people who enjoy those movies for what they are, even though I found the stories of the movies to be pretty weak. RE has been a more successful film franchise that MK, but that’s not saying much.

              “So are you saying its one rule for one, and one for another?”

              Ummm, you brought up RE, not me. In fact, I never said anything about any franchise needing to be exactly like the story of the game, so I don’t know why I’m responding that.

              “Give me a break”

              I could use one myself.

              “The original storyline is way more realistic than the interpretation that was given in MK Rebirth.”

              I disagree. I’d give reasons for my view, but you didn’t present any yourself so, nevermind.

              “If you have not done your homework on the MK origins, character bios or backgrounds, then you dont have a let to stand on.”

              How about you do your homework and read my prior comments before you blast me with your so-called conclusions and accusations. In fact, I’m quite familiar with the character bios and storyline for the first 2 or 3 games. My point is just becuase that is the story presented in the games doesn’t mean that a film version with a reimagined storyline would be bad for that fact only. The rebirth short generated more interest in the resurrection of the film franchise than any game release so it did SOMETHING right.

              • Right… Now that I have read all that bull you have put…

                You said that the movie don’t need to follow the games, just as long as the story is interesting? Wrong… Mortal Kombat is a unique story and is already established.

                I have also said on past comments on here about why Rebirth is nothing like reality. So look it up!

                I used Resident Evil as an example for not using the original story. Maybe a bad one as the origins of Resident Evil do not span as big a history as the origins of Mortal Kombat. Thousands and thousands of years of (game) history.

                Put it this way… This of MK as a Banana split. You have the banana’s, the vanilla ice cream and the bowl that holds it together. Rebirth took away the bowl which left a mess on the table.

                You said it yourself that you never cared for the story of MK, so how can you say that Rebirth was interesting when you said yourself also that there wasnt much of a story going on? You seem to contradict yourself!

                If you took time to look into the elements of Rebirth, you would see how unrealistic it is. Dr Zane freaking himself up for no reason, and a guy with a deadly defect that has past the known 3 month time limit before death that is now 30 and strong enough to rip heads off. That is what you call realistic?

                But seriously… Look at your contradictions. You say you didnt pay attention to the games story, but you found Rebirths story interesting, but then you say Rebirth didnt show enough in terms of a story? Seems like you know nothing about the original origins of the franchise enough to even have an argument about it.

                I’ll say this again and always will; The franchises origins and story is a lot more realistic than what was interpreted in MK Rebirth.

                Nuff said…

                • Savage
                  “You say you didnt pay attention to the games story, but you found Rebirths story interesting, but then you say Rebirth didnt show enough in terms of a story?”

                  Actually, what I said is that I wasn’t attached to the story, NOT that I didn’t pay attention. I also said that Rebirth just showed the direction he was headed with it and it was interesting. You keep misquoting or failing to understand what I’m saying.

                  Nuff said…

                  • you say that… but you NOW pay more attention to a non-canon attempt? hahahaha

                    Dude you just get better and better.

                  • Savage,
                    I don’t know at this point what you are trying to say. I have been consistent throughout this thread…
                    I pay more attention to a non-canon attempt? Pay more attention to it than to what? You keep making relative statements without a comparison base.

                    If you are referring to my “it comes down to preference comment,” go back and reread my comment. I was talking about preference for a canon MK film vs. a non-canon film but still has a good story. I’m for the latter. If you’re for the former, so be it.

                    Look, find a community college with a course for logical reasoning (probably Philosphy 100-level course) then come back and we can have an intelligent discussion.

                    • Intelligent? Now why would I need to have a comparison when there is only the ‘canon’… and the ‘non-canon’.

                      If you was intelligent enough, you would fill in that void you are telling me to fill.

                      But tell me this; Why make a movie based on a very well known and lasted franchise that has a very established origin and story, with a totally different origin and background that has nothing to do with the franchise at all?

                      Don’t you think that is pi$$ing on the fans as well as pi$$ing on the creators of the franchise?

                      Street Fighter did it twice! And look where it got them?!

                    • Savage-
                      you are saying *this* is more realistic than *that*, and I pay more attention to *this* than to *that* with no basis. you are making unfounded conclusions, much less persuassive arguments.

                      I’m done with this. So long.

              • There is something you’re forgetting to take into account. When it comes to film adaptations, it’s not about the story; it’s about the execution of the story. People have said that Rebirth is exactly what Nolan did to Batman. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Nolan proved that with minimal (and inevitable) change and proper execution, something that was considered corny can be portrayed as dark, dramatic and almost life-like.

                The Rebirth clip did get a lot of buzz, but also keep in mind, this is when most people naturally assumed it was a trailer to a new MK movie; a movie franchise that hasn’t been around since the 90’s. Added with “OMG, violence in an MK movie!?!?!” sparked all of the attention. No, we don’t get a film based on Rebirth, but instead, we get a webseries with the same style, but that’s more loyal to the franchise. And that’s important with game-to-film adaptations in general, because they’re known from going miles away from the source.

                The MK story itself isn’t meaningless; what you see on screen subtly tells the story as you play. Everything is a part of it, whether you notice it or not. And as time went on, the characters got deeper, and more life was put into them. With most gamers who are still into MK, it’s been, “Come for the violence, stay for the story.” To alienate those fans; the people who will not only buy tickets for the film, but will buy the games, any other associated merchandise, possibly other games released by WB (or at least put them in consideration) and so on; would be a stupid idea. WB made the right business move by making sure the webseries is as close to the property they paid for as possible (plus, it’d only make sense, since the game is coming out at about the same time).

                Think about it. Say there are people that loved Rebirth, but really only know MK by name (or played it at some point in time between 1993 and 1995, but haven’t played since). They see or play the demo for the new game, and see that it really has nothing to do with Rebirth. It’s a gamble at how many of them will actually buy the game as opposed to the people who are satisfied with the demo. A gamble that I doubt WB was willing to take.

                The story was working between MK 1 and UMK 3 (the time where the new game takes place). Why fix what isn’t broken?

                • I agree with at least 99% of what you say lol

                  But my theory is that the Rebirth fans are the type of gamers that never paid any attention to the games stories or origins.

                  They watched the movies expecting gore like the games. So now that Rebirth has shown a little gore, they jump on its band wagon. They admit they dont pay attention to the story or origins, so why should their voice be heard or even give their point that Rebirth is better than the original source when they have never known the original origins or stories of the franchise?

                  • generalize much? don’t be a troll.

                    Just because someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you about whether a movie franchise of a game with a reimagined story would be good or not does not mean that person is not a fan of the franchise.

                    Get over yourself

                    • Get over myself? Tell that to the Street Fighter fans that have had the same ‘realistic’ element put into it for two movies that have dropped off the face of the world.

                      I dont want MK to go down the same path as it has proved to be a doomed path.

                      So get over ‘yourself’!

                    • Guys, let’s dial it down a notch or two, shall we?



                    • Vic,
                      I took it too far – won’t happen again.

                      I should not have made that “intelligent conversation comment” – my apologies.

  23. Speak the truth ultimate savage lol

    • I thinkyou are looking to harshly for realism. Though it is a retelling of Mortal Kombat in a more real world setting and themes, Its still Mortal Kombat. Its not a real, its fantasy. I think fans were happy to see something fresh. I have enjoyed the game for years and know the story line verbatim. But I will be the first to admit, the storyline started to fail towards in the second series of games with MK5 and on. So what if someone has a different ideal of what Mortal Kombat could be? I say go for it. Its more realistic in the sense today because you don’t see movies about ancient mystical tournaments or a magical world. No, you wanna see a movie about a deathmatch with ruthless fighters and killers. A walking lizard/half human will work in old MK world, but today…no. Today, some freak of nature with Mega-Eczema and a taste for human flesh…thats a Reptile for a new MK world.

      • MK Rebirth was meant to be real world, no fantasy. But yet if people was to inspect the elements of Rebirth, they would see that it is nothing of a sort.

        It is so easy to say that it is fresh and new, I created real world Peter Pan that is fresh and new. It don’t mean that it is better.

        Mortal Kombat was not created for Earth’s benefit. It was created for all realms and dimensions benefit. There is thousands and thousands of game history of the tournament and why it was created. Rebirth erases all of that history that is already established.

        • meant to say thousands and thousands of years of game history lol

        • That’s not true. Tancharoen himself said:

          “the short so far is really designed like a prologue to the movie. Now, in a movie version, I am going to have that mysticism there, but it has to be done in a very tasteful way”

          Reported on this site last year. I’d tell you to do your homework, but that would be childish

          • My god… look into the elements that made up the so called realism of Rebirth.

            The failed doctor who makes himself a single guy for life by freaking himself up for the thrill of the kill.

            The psycho harquilium diseased guy that has somehow past the 3 month life period and is strong enough to rip head off.

            How can you call that realistic? It don’t matter what KT said after about adding fantasy… Rebirth is a stand alone short. I could have made the it more true to the origins even without the fantasy element which would have been a lot more canon and without changing the races of some of the alien characters. I would have kept the dark and bloody tone too. But Rebirth is nowhere near realistic just because it has gore. Far from it.

            • Man, get some meds (or maybe you are already on them). You have never made a comparison to the game and the rebirth depiction to suppoort your conclusion that one is more reasilisic than the other (go back and read your posts).

              YES – a genetically malformed human being with a taste for flesh is more realistic than a reptilian creature from another dimension.

              YES – a mad doctor who surgically implanted blades in his arms is more realistic than a mutant from (again) another dimension.

              I will concede that I thought you were referring to Rebirth as the proposed film project, not the short as a stand-alone.

              • You see… This is where you Rebirth fans get it all wrong…

                Rebirth was ‘meant’ to be realistic.

                The games are featured and based around fantasy.

                Where the games stick to their elements. Rebirth does not.

                That is the difference. Rebirth does not stick to the elements of the realistic world it is meant to be based.

                The comparisons are as clear as black is against white.

                • So the ONLY way to make a good MK film is to stick to the exact canon of the game? Fine, but that’s your opinion.

                  I say it can be good even if the film takes a different approach. That is my opinion and it’s what I’ve been saying all along. Get it now?

                  • Not 100%…. I know there is way too much to stay 100%.

                    I have also created some minor changes that do not interfere or change anything that is canon, but rather adds to the story to intensify it.

                    Do you want me to tell them? Some guys on here know of my little ideas already and maybe sick of me going on about them haha (Paul!!!)

                    • @ultimate savage,
                      A canible that has repile like skin is much MUCH more realistic then ANY elder god, A doctor that freaked himself up is much more realistic then the chaos dimention…

                      that being said, its not very realistic, but it is more believable then a tournement that takes place in a different dimention…

                      i say, the movies dont always turn out like the game, (you said yourself “resident evil”) but those movies have made a crap load of money, and although it didnt follow the games plot, they were successful, and to movie studios, that is all that matters… thats life… sorry to say, but most people who make movies dont do it to make hardcore fans happy, they do it for money… just ask the guys who made xmen origins wolverine… they will tell you 😀

              • Here’s something you probably haven’t asked yourself: does Mortal Kombat really need any “realism”?

                You both are confusing “realism” as “plausibility”. Could Mortal Kombat benefit from some realism? Most definitely. But does it need to be plausible to do so? No. You portray a fantastic world in a way that makes it feel like a reality (aided by the suspension of disbelief). Instead of trying to humanize the fantasy characters, you humanize the human characters, make them feel like real people, and then hurl them into a world of demons, sorcery and a plethora of widespread, brutal violence of the likes that this world hasn’t seen in centuries.

                Not only that, but once it gets to MK3, amp up the tension and the story; make it feel like the world is being choked by an other-worldly demonic Emperor bent on universal conquest. Make it seem larger than life, instead of rehearsed on a sound stage (technology has evolved, and gotten cheaper, since the late 90’s, after all).

                • Pander seems to have given up. Why so called MK fans liking Rebirth’s story/plot when they don’t even have a clue what is going on in the games? More than most have admitted that they only ‘play’ the game and don’t care for the story. So why should their voice be heard?

                  But then again… Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one.

                  • Dude has actually said, multiple times, that he knows what’s going on in the games. He’s just more interested in seeing Rebirth.

                    • Rebirth pulled the gore over the eyes of everyone that likes it.

                      Nearly every element in the short was flawed. And yet they still like it and cannot be bothered to look deeper into it as the violence and gore was enough to convince them.

                      That is what’s annoying. They cant see past the gore.

  24. …And dont want to either.

  25. I want to see a lot of Ninja’s in the Mortal Combat:Rebirth movie.

    • Rebirth is the real world… Ninjas don’t exist…

  26. I want to see the Rebirth short as a movie. I am a big MK fan and like to see other opinions on this. Fantacy MK was great and so was the stories but, times have changed and somethings are better when done differently. Not saying it is better but, could be. The Rebirth short was a more of a MK brought to real-life feel than a fantacy story that does not excist. People on here saying that Rebirth fans do not know nothing about the origins of the games are ignorant. I do know what the stories from the games are, and I still look forward to the new MK look. There are people out the(real-life) the can do things others can’t and some do things other don’t. There is nothing wrong in taking something that is a fantacy and turning it into a more life-like feel.

    • Did you not watch the 2 Street Fighter movies that went down the “realism” route?

      The hype was high, then hit beyond rock bottom and now where are they?

      Anyone can do something different and turn fantasy to reality, reality to fantasy. But even though a small amount of people want a totally different origin that has nothing to do with it original source, don’t you think that it is a major kick in the balls to the creators of the original source?

      Not to mention the money producing it. After seeing 2 Street Fighter movies take the realism route and fail, don’t you think the producers would be thinking they are wasting money on something that has nothing to do with the original source that is already established?

      To say it is “different” and it’s “fresh” is lazy. Anyone cant transform a story and make it fresh and different. It don’t make it better and could cost producers wasted £/$millions by taking that risk.

  27. @Drake: Doing something “different does Not require jettisoning everything about the franchise besides the names and giving it a realistic feel does not require raping otherworldly characters to make them human. Just make them react to the events more realistically.

    If people are going to see films like Thor, Harry Potter 7, Inception, Superman,Matrix etc. there is no need to strip a franchise like MK of it’s entire genetic makeup which is fantasy.

    Which is why WB chose to jettison the Rebirth concept obviously since Tarkatan Baraka is back

  28. ultimate savage why are you on everyone? Its really annoying..

    • Because some people think it’s fine to rape a franchise’s origins to the point of the story having nothing to do with the origins at all apart from name(s) and title only.

      If this is how so called fans want Mortal Kombat like the Rebirth abomination, then we will be looking at another Street Fighter Chun Li flop.

      • Youre annoying because some people raped a franchise? I didnt rape nothing, neither did panda, drake, Joseph J. Lucas,III nobody here did, i think that im specking for everyone here when i say, please rant about this to the people that made the rebirth trailer…

        BTW, just by looking at these pics, its gonna be alot more fantasy then realistic, happy?

        • and reading this story helped me know that its gonna be more fantasy as well…

          are you happy now?

          • Dude… You have no idea what this WHOLE chat was about do you…

            It’s about the REBIRTH clip… Not the LEGACY series.

            The series is a hell of a lot closer to the original material than Rebirth will ever be.

            So get your story right about what I was ranting about before shooting your chaps off. OK?

  29. Looks cool, I’m looking forward to seeing a potentially decent Mortal Kombat flick, or webseries in this case. I also thought the webshort was pretty interesting as well, the franchise is long overdue for a proper screen adaptation.

    @ultimate savage, your militant defense of the original story is coming across as childish. Development of characters and experimentation within a franchise is how things evolve. Yes maybe the webshort’s take on the characters was a drastic diversion from the original mythology, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t valid. They were something new and commercially perfect for the current movie trends. Regardless of wether you or I like the short (which btw I’m reasonably sure was never meant to be seen by the public anyway) it did exactly what it was created to do, it got the studios potentially interested in rebooting the mortal kombat movie franchise. And if the same guy goes on to direct or pen the film, then he has already said it will include a lot more of the fantasy elements which suggests a closer parallel to the narrative of the games. So you seem to be getting sand in your vagina over nothing.

    • Again… someone is getting confused between REBIRTH and LEGACY.

      Rebirth had nothing to do with the MK game world what so ever apart from some borrowed names and the title.

      Legacy DOES follow the games mythologies if for only a few minor tweaks.

      Just because I am not beating about the bush and going strait to the point in my opinions/comments, it doesn’t mean that they are childish. That theory is just plain stupid. I am not one for 1000+ word comments. I get to the point. And the point about REBIRTH is that it was nothing to do with the games source material for it’s basic storyline or the characters it portrayed. Reptile and Baraka are ALIENS to Earth. Rebirth stripped their years of “character development” and created something lazy.

      Another thing about “character development”… How many characters do you think are going to be in a 2 hour movie? If you think about it, you’ll come up with about 15 give or take. You talk about developing the characters but it’s only a two hour movie. How are you going to “develop” 15-/+ characters while telling the storyline and the fights? IMPOSSIBLE. This is another reason why the series is being created. It’ll tell the origins of the characters and develop them somewhat, so when it is movie time, it’s all about the tournament.

      Is that childish enough for ya?