First Look At Baracus in ‘A-Team’

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ateam1 First Look At Baracus in A Team

Last week we gave you a first look at the new A-Team and while the picture showed us Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Faceman (Bradley Cooper) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley), the ever iconic B.A. Baracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) was somewhat hidden – but not anymore, as today we provide you with the first clear pictures of Baracus in full mohawked glory.

The photo, presumably taken while in-between shots, shows an ever-plump looking Jackson donning the familiar B.A. Baracus wardrobe and hair stylings. Unfortunately, there is not a single gold chain in sight.

Check out the photo below, but I have to warn you; It’s not pretty. I never thought that “Rampage” Jackson was a good casting decision and while Mr. T may now be known as a parody of himself, back in the day he owned that role. From the pic it looks like the only “rolls” Rampage is owning are the fresh baked ones.

I know that Mr. T was never that “in-shape,” but he never appeared to be over-weight. While I’m sure Mr. T and Rampage Jackson can both out-manly me at anytime, this re-imagining (or whatever they’re calling it to get away with him looking so out-of-shape) just doesn’t sit well with me.

This just proves that, once again, there’s only one Mr. T and he can’t be replicated.

So, now that you’ve seen the photo, what do you think of the new B.A. Baracus?

The A-Team will be released on June 11, 2010.

Source: Urdirt [via: Screen Crave

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  1. wow wtf, is he supposed to be MR. T or Fat? More like Fat Albert

  2. The part that an actor plays is called a “role.” Not a “roll.” You may want to try using a dictionary sometime before you make attempts at humor.

  3. My problem is that he looks so friendly. His eyes doesn’t have that edge to them… and frankly he reminds me of a care bear. The pink one.

  4. When “Rampage” Jackson was cast, that was the beginning of the end for the movie. He’s a HORRIBLE actor and pretty much an all around a hole based on hundreds of videos/articles I’ve read about him (just watch his “coaching” on Ultimate Fighter last week). I won’t be crying if the movie flops.

  5. Remember you can’t spell douche without DHE.

    Unnecessary, huh. Just like your shot at the author. Point out the mistake in a friendly way and I won’t have to be my witty, sarcastic self, ‘K?

  6. The rest of the cast are awesome, but this guy looks awful. Ving Rhames shoulda been B.A!!!!!

  7. T was too in shape. He had 80 lbs of gold to drag around with him. that’d put muscle on any man.

  8. @DHE- To be honest, Anthony is neither the first (nor the last) to misspell/misuse a word; further, inwardly I flinch just a bit when it occurs.

    But I don’t correct the spelling goofs because, in all honesty, it’s not my responsibility to be the Spelling Cop on the forum Vic has so kindly invited/allowed us to be part of; to paraphrase what my late father once told me (because an exact quote would violate the No Profanity rule), “One does not take a whiz in the same bowl one eats soup out of.”

    And before you invoke this as an example of Personal Attack, think carefully and ask yourself if I’ve called you any names, suggested that your ancestors were a bit peculiar…or attempted to make others think you’re a doofus by calling you out on your unwarranted dig at Anthony’s spelling.

  9. Ok the guy is a horrible choice but whomever they place in that role needs to wear the chains… BA wore enough gold to have the A-team van ride low on one side; lets slap some gold on him and see if that makes him look more like BA (And yeah the whole puppy dog eyes and fat rolls thing isn’t doing it either) I am excited to see this movie, is it too late to recast… Anyone know a hitman?

  10. ving Rhames def should have been cast.

  11. It’s just a behind the scenes photo. Why bash his acting skills?! As if Mr. T was a master thespian. Jackson has all that the role requires, attitude, personality and the fact he could beat the crap out most people, just like Mr. T. Are the gold chains really that important? Fat?! it’s just a bad photo of the man…..geez people…

  12. Mr. T was never really “in-shape”?!? Um, I’d like to introduce you to a small independent film entitled “Rocky III”.

  13. I’ve seen rampage “act” in other movies…he makes bai ling look like susan sarandon

  14. I don’t know it could just be the way he’s posing his face that makes him look that heavy. Also Mr. T had a little help from a needle and a bottle to get the shape that he was in.Plus it’s a freaking a-team movie!! Is anyone really expecting art from it. By not sucking the movie will have done it’s job.

  15. What a fat ass!!! I thought he would be a decent choice but I guess he forgot to bring his HGH and steroids that all those junkie Ultimate fighters use to get in shape.

  16. Surely this can’t be the actor who’s been cast to play Mr T, he looks terrible. There must have been hundereds of other better suited actors who could have played the part. BA was never that out of shape. There gonna need a fork lift truck the get him on the plane….

  17. Mr. T’s the man. i even have him as my GPS voice from navtones.

    Long live Mr. T!

  18. Lord Garth

    First of all, “fat ass”, really? The guy was a professional fighter a few months ago. He is not fat. I’d love to see what kind of shape you’re in. What’s the workout routine for keyboard warriors?

    And a big LOL to the HGH comment. Where the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is legal, it is overseen by the same committees that oversee boxing …same test procedures (every event, random tests, etc.), same punishments, etc. Only a handful of MMA fighters have been caught with illegal substances and to my knowledge, none have been for HGH. Of course there are fighters that use it. It’s really hard to test for HGH (it’s a hormonal drug that is very hard to detect, can only be detected via blood test, and is very expensive to test). But take a look at Football and Baseball. NFL and MLB have been proven to have a MAJOR problem with HGH and steroids.

    Point is, do some research before making such ignorant statements

  19. I’m sure it’s just the lighting, but his mohawk looks off-center. Personally, I was hoping they wouldn’t even include the mohawk (face it, it looks ridiculous even on Mr.T), but whatever, if they did that the fans would tear the film apart before they even saw a trailer.

    And that would be terrible.

  20. 90% of us that comment on here don’t even use our own picture to post comments. I’m getting pissed about everyone hating on a guy just because he looks a little out of shape. I’m not judging anyone on how they look.

  21. Hello … my name is Eric … and I am fat.
    Now … where are the donuts?

  22. Hello my name is John and I am fat. Go ahead and judge me based on that. This is aimed at those who want to make fat-jokes……

  23. I’ve gotta say – considering the shape most people are in, I’m more than a bit taken aback at all the hate on this guy based on ONE pic that was taken while he was relaxing in between takes. And BTW, notice the guy is really slouching, which will tend to give most anyone a bit of a “pooch.”

    I’m sure that in the film itself he’ll look much better.


  24. Based on his response, Vic must be puttin’ on some pounds as well.

    J/K Vic. :)

  25. I think that is a fake image. I don’t think that this image represents the final B.A. Probably is a set test, I hope that.

  26. Like Clubber Lang said above, you cannot watch Rocky III and not think Mr T is in ridiculously good shape for it.

    Does it even matter what shape Jackson is in? It’s not as if Mr T really throws people around in slow-motion is it.

    All that matters in the movie is a decent script, good acting and not nuking the damn fridge…

  27. Sweet baby Jesus, nooooooooo!!!!

    WTF were they thinking. There is only one Mr T, and that guy up there isn’t him. *cue hysterical laughter*

  28. @DHE – it’s called a play on words bud (if you Google it I’m sure you can figure it out) which is why the word is in quotes – “rolls” – followed by the play on the word “fresh baked ones”. I can’t believe that has to be explained but whatever. I found the sentence to be amusing.

    I’m gonna give the guy a pass right now for the pic. He is smiling and slouching and it’s obviously between takes. I’ll wait to see the first true marketing shot or video clip to make a full assessment.