Bane’s Voice Before & After Redubbing; Tom Hardy’s ‘Star Trek’ Screen Test

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In December, when the prologue from The Dark Knight Rises premiered before the IMAX version of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the buzz surrounding the scene was less concerned with the impressive stunt work and more concerned with the unintelligible nature of Tom Hardy’s Bane voice.

At the time, unnamed sources swore up and down that Christopher Nolan would not alter the voice for the final cut, saying that the director “doesn’t dumb things down” for audiences. Well, if indeed ‘clarifying dialogue’ is a means of ‘dumbing things down,’ it’s obvious from the above video that that’s exactly what Nolan did.

When the prologue was released – as well as the initial theatrical trailer – there were fans who chalked American audiences’ inability to understand the voice to the strange British accent Hardy was affecting. But it’s fairly clear from the before and after comparison that the over the top accent wasn’t nearly as confounding as the garbled audio.

Bane Voice Before and After Banes Voice Before & After Redubbing; Tom Hardys Star Trek Screen Test

I think it’s also fair to say that merely clarifying the dialogue didn’t compromise the integrity of Nolan’s artistic vision. Unless there’s a meaningful point being made by making the dialogue incomprehensible – a la Brad Pitt’s Pikey character from Snatch – it’s easy enough to indicate that Bane is talking through a mask without baffling ticket buyers in the process. After all, if the characters in the film have no trouble understanding Bane, why should we?

Then again, it could’ve been a hilarious and entertaining turn of events if none of the characters in the film understood what he was saying either.


Tom Hardy’s Bane-esque ‘Star Trek’ Screen Test

Meanwhile, the Internet has unearthed a ten-year-old Tom Hardy screen test from Star Trek: Nemesis that features an accent similar to the one he used for Bane.

In Nemesis, Hardy played the villainous Shinzon, a clone of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) who (SPOILER ALERT) died precisely the same way that Lurtz did at the end of The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

Check out the screen test below:

While the voice is obviously not quite as over the top as Bane’s, there are moments when the Bane vibe shines through. It’s worth noting that Hardy toned it down for the final cut of Nemesis – or perhaps we should say he ‘dumbed it down’ – a film so unsuccessful (both critically and financially) that it gave way to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot.

Are you glad that Christopher Nolan altered Bane’s voice for the final cut of The Dark Knight Rises? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters everywhere.


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  1. “fans who chalked audiences’ inability to understand the voice to the strange British accent Hardy was affecting”.
    Oh, and yet no one could care less for the many foreign viewers who have to tolerate american accents in 99% of films released year round? This works two ways, you know. You struggle with one character in one film, I struggle with many characters in many films, along with many “Youtubers”. I’m not having a big rant, but just don’t complain about struggling to hear one character when others struggle to hear you and your “Americanisms”. I mean, Aluminum? What’s that, then? Oh, you mean the metal that I’m certain has two ‘i’s in it? :)

    • I’m not sure if I could give a proper explanation of how you misinterpreted that sentence, but not only does the author not say it was his opinion, “weird British accent” doesn’t mean all British accents are weird to us, just this one. Also, not everything is a personal attack on you, you know. As far as the whole Aluminum whining – the Brits hardly “own” English.

      • Yeah but we did kinda invent it. Anything thats different in American English is technically just a bastardisation of proper English

        • A bastardization? Accents are wide spread and vary very much between regions within a country. Hell, just look at the UK, very different between Birmingham and London. It’s not what you call a “bastardization,” it’s called colloquialisms. And what do you mean by Proper English? Modern English was very very different not even half a century ago. Very ignorant comment you left. You should see the world, or at the least travel off your island.

    • Jack,

      I’m sure you know that the person who first isolated aluminum, Humphrey Davy, wrote it as “aluminum” in his books? He was British, as you may know, so your rant, even if you’re just joking, seems a bit ignorant.

  2. I personally had no trouble understanding Banes accent or lines. I didn’t even catch that it was a British accent, i thought it was German or something, it reminded me of the voice of the Doctor from Hellboy. But as an American who watches all sorts of television be it Korean, American, British i have never had any problem with accents, pronunciation of words or body language. In the debate on aluminum vs aluminium who cares, it’s a cute difference of pronunciation anyone who watches BBC’s TopGear can see that. I thought that Bane’s accent worked well in the movie.

  3. It wasn’t Tom’s accent that was the problem, the audio was just not clear.
    Definitely glad it was done, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss such GREAT dialogue!

    • The audio was perfectly clear and i was under the impression it was South African whilst watching it.

      • tom hardy says in interview that bane’s accent is based on an old-school wrestler with a thick Romanian accent…it’s “european” but not “british”

  4. All I know is that Tom Hardy is one of the most gorgeous, most sexy young men I have ever seen on film and it’s difficult not to fantasize about him – lucky Charlotte Riley! It’s hard to believe he’s not American (just looking at him); harder to believe he came from any of the British Isles. However the give-away to his nationality, and his one flaw, allbeit NOT fatal, are his crooked bottom teeth.

    • Really!! Totally agree girl – who CARES what he sounds like, just let me LOOK! Even with the mask . .. Heathcliff, Heathcliff, whereforth are thou?! I came across this just looking for ANYTHING showing him, still or video. Oh God, would that all men were this smoldering hot and sexy – there would never be another single complaint about not enough you-know-what from their women! And you know, he’s probably got one American parent, a lot of Brits do. I think a lot of them look outside their gene pool, especially across the pond, to add a little hotness.

      • You are really fat right?