Bane’s Full Costume Revealed in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Images

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

[Want to see more spoilers? Check out these additional Dark Knight Rises set photos!]

When it was first announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Bane in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Bat-fans around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. If anyone could do justice to the man who broke Batman’s back, surely it would be the 33-year-old British bruiser, who rose to fame on the strength of his domineering performance in Bronson.

Still, there have been some questions about Hardy’s appearance in the film. Would he be as impossibly muscular as his comic book counterpart? How would his venom-pumping mask and suit look in the gritty, more realistic tone of Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe? Thanks to an eagle-eyed set visitor, at least some of these questions can now be answered.

To date, all we’ve been able to see of Bane are a couple of interesting looking publicity stills (like the image at the top of this article) and an extremely brief glimpse in the recently-released Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, so it’s been hard to get a good sense of what the character will end up looking like in the movie.

However, a new series of photos from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises reveal Tom Hardy as Bane in full costume. The images, which come our way via Just Jared, don’t offer the best detail, but definitely give us a good idea of Bane’s appearance in Nolan’s final Batman film.

Check below for a couple of the images and head over to Just Jared for the rest:

Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises2 570x795 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Before we dig into an analysis of Bane’s costume, it’s important to remember one important thing: these are set pics – which means that they don’t really reflect what Hardy will look like in the finished product. That being said, there are things to like and dislike about Bane’s look.

In the comics, Bane wears what is essentially a wrestling outfit, complete with a Mexican luchador mask. Obviously, that type of costume wouldn’t fly in the realistic world of Nolan’s Batman films, so it’s interesting to see the alternative they’ve chosen. Judging by these pictures, it looks like Nolan and his team have decided to go with a more militaristic look for Bane, including a Bomber jacket style coat and body armor.

On its own, the costume works and reflects an interpretation of Bane as a militaristic character. However, the somewhat conventional costume does provide a stark contrast to Bane’s mask, which seems out of place. Of course, we still don’t know how the venom-system works, so there could be a lot more functionality to the costume that we’re just not seeing yet. My guess is that there’s something interesting going on behind that upturned coat collar (like Bane’s venom delivery system).

When we see Bane briefly in the teaser trailer, he’s hulking toward a disoriented Batman…and he’s not wearing this coat – which suggests that when Bane bulks up on venom, he loses the coat to reveal his massive frame (an obvious statement, I know).

In addition to the images of Bane, Just Jared also snagged a set photo of a camouflage version of the Tumbler Batmobile. This version of the vehicle, which we haven’t seen since Batman Begins, raises some interesting possibilities. Since we know that there will also be a classic black version of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises, one has to wonder why the camo version is also on set. [EDIT: As some commenters have pointed out, Bane is standing on top of the camo Tumbler in the second picture. We have also added a new picture of Bane on the Tumbler for a better view.]

Camo Tumbler Dark Knight Rises 570x358 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Bane on Camo Tumbler Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

One possibility is that Batman wrecks his black Tumbler in some way, and needs to use a quick replacement. It’s boring, but it works. There’s also one more (highly speculative) possibility, however. Maybe Miranda Tate, Marion Cotillard’s character (who many suspect to be Talia al Ghul), uses Wayne Enterprises resources to give a Tumbler to Bane!

This theory is nothing but wild speculation. That said, imagine if Tate (secretly Talia al Ghul) used her position as a board member of Wayne Enterprises to supply her father’s chosen assassin (Bane, freed from prison) with the tools to defeat Batman. Doesn’t that sound plausible?

Anyway, feel free to debate Bane’s costume, the camo Tumbler, and our zany theories in our comments. We’d love to know what you think.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Just Jared

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  1.!prettyPhotoThe Dark Knight Rises]/45/

    more pitures of bane and batman fightin

    • GEEZ!!! Banes going to be that small?!? Wtf he’s shorter than Batman!!! Hopefully that’s Bane before he takes venom or they’re going to edit it digitally.

  2. eh I still don’t like his mask, but as long as he is a good character I don’t care too much, Nolan has my comic fanboy cred until he gives me a reaon not to trust him, and he pulled off the “guy from brokeback mountain” as the joker so…

    • Nolan pulled off the guy from Brokeback Mountain? I´d say the guy from Brokeback Mountain pulled off the guy from Brokeback Mountain.

  3. If you look at a lot more of the fight photos between Batman & Bane you’ll see there is a lot of men in military style matching clothing to Bane. Curious as to why the Batman is out during the day light too ? Openly fighting Bane with the cops there ? I’m looking forward to seeing how Nolan will explain Bane.

  4. Really not digging the pics of Bane thus far, but I still have high hopes for the movie.

  5. don’t think to much its gonna be great

  6. eh i still dont really like the mask at all but im sure Nolan wont disappoint

  7. Tancharoen of Mortal Kombat fame called….he wants the costume back. ><

  8. I have no doubt this will be a great movie, but I think the mask looks comical.

  9. Bane looks lame and fat.

  10. Nolan is smarter than Steven Hawking and more of an artist than Monet!!

    His farts smell like summer lilac !!!

    His artistic vison is greater than Orson Wells!!

    He can split the atom with a steely glare!!

    • Garth…

      You keep saying these things as if you think they’re funny or clever. They are not.

      Of course, Nolan is not a god; he’s a director, but he’s done quite well so far with his films, so any fans of his films can feel justifiably happy that he puts forth so much effort in each of his productions instead of simply putting together hack-pieces or motion paychecks.

      Now, those people who DO obsess over him, in fact, DO need to switch to decaf products, but I’m betting the majority of his fans follow a more middle-of-the-road path in their love of Nolan’s movies. They aren’t worshipful cultists; they aren’t rabid, obnoxious haters.

      By the way, you know that those lame “jokes” you keep making (with all due apologies to people who make REAL jokes) show that you are just obsessed as the “Nolan (lovers/cultists/whatever)” you think you’re teasing.

      Just something to consider…

      • Nolan’s balls are made of titanium

        • How very sad…oh, well.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA that looks terrible! ohhh Nolan what have you done! HAHAHAHA I think ill save my money since ive seen the photos and trailer I havnt had much faith in this film. Id rather see Avengers kick ass or Spiderman vs. Lizard any day

  12. bane should have been a latino… i respect tom hardy a great deal but they should have stuck to bane’s correct heritage, i’am tired of the whitewashing and not really interested in this film anymore..

    • Are you serious? You’re going to allow a triviality such as that negate your interest? Not to mention as I recall, Bane’s father is Sir Edmund Dorrance aka King Snake who is also a British native. I see no reason why Hardy can’t be the result of a British father and a mother of latin descent. Hell even in Knightfall Bane looked like an average white guy.

  13. Haters gonna hate, this movie will be epic either way.

    My guess on the Tumbler being in camo and used by Bane: First of all, no one is “positive” that the black one is being used. Yeah there were some set photos taken, but who the heck knows, that could have been a movie lot that houses the Batman stuff.

    Remember people, the Tumbler got destroyed (self-destructed, ejected the Batpod) in Dark Knight, so obviously Batty needs a new whip and gets a freshy from Lucius Fox and is thrust into battle before it can be painted. However, if the plot goes the way I hope it does, Bane finds out Batman’s true identity and breaks his back in Wayne’s own house. I could see Bane stealing the Tumbler as a sign of conquering Batman and sticking it to him by cruising in his ride wreaking havoc with it. I have way too much in the way of an imagination, but hey, it’s a possibility and I enjoy speculating.

  14. This is one of my “wait and see” movies for sure.

  15. Bane looks too small LOL; but maybe it’s a red herring to make Bats think he’s no match for him.
    Hopefully he changes clothes during the film, because that outfit is pretty funny; ‘homeless veteran’ Bane!

    • Wow, you must live in an extremely swanky part of whatever town you call home if the homeless people there dress like Bane in the above photo. Congratulations on living in a place with no poverty…

  16. “Have you see the price of Venom lately?”

  17. I really think we are getting ahead of ourselves, remember when we watched TDK and we loved the character of Joker and was so pulled into the great lines delivered and action we never noticed his costume that much so about Bane i think we will see him deliver great dark lines in the film and some great music in the background we will see a different look to what is shown in the pics here and dont forget the MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE, CHRIS NOLAN HAS NEVER DISAPPOINTED US BEFORE EVER!

  18. To envision a character such as this for the big screen he should be someone who is not just a physically gifted killer but someone who has thought out every conceivable outcome on how you are going to attack him. Basically his entire suit is constructed to have countermeasures. In short… He is a weapon.

    Bane’s mask looks like it is designed to both deliver the venom serum and the front part looks like it is a tactical design to deter adversaries from hitting him in the mouth with their fist. It looks like a steel trap that can rip an adversaries hand apart, if they try to hit him there.

    Body armor is on par with what i’d suspect a person such as him would create. This person would view himself as the ultimate weapon. A sort of heat seeking missile. So expect his body armor to have allot of deadly options.

    Also the new tumbler design sounds extremely spot on by you. It makes sense that to beat the ultimate hero you would steal his newly ordered replacement vehicle. This will set up a mega smack down car chase. Mine against yours type of battle.

    If Bane is going to be Batman’s true nemesis it would stand to reason the playing field has been leveled and each of these titans are fighting on the same level leaving the victor to have to resort to anything but technical proficiency to conquer his foe.

    This one’s going to be good.

    • By the way. Proof of Bane’s mask being a steel trap can be noticed by looking at the very top photo. In this photo look at what some have referred to as skeleton fingers. Notice that they are like a clenched fist.

      Now look at the below photographs. Notice how they have opened.

  19. Honestly, people should have learned by now that whatever they think this film will be, it wont be that.

    I went crazy trying to figure out TDK and it turned out to be just better when i watched it anyway! Bane has to be a more realistic character, i even doubt that ‘Venom’ will be pumped into his head, probably more injections etc etc thats even if Nolan uses the Venom! Bane was unrealistically big in the comics, you would have to let Tom Hardy train for over 5 years solid to effectivly get to Mr. Olympia size and that would just look really,really stupid.

    If you remember, Bane was part of a group of militants in the comics, i cant remember exactly what the story was as its been a while since ive read it, but Nolan will no doubt have read the history of the character and taken what he thinks will be the most plausible and realistic way of fitting Bane into the trilogy, that to me is sensible.

    I think it looks good actually, the Mask will obviously have a purpose…but i do believe Bane looks quite intimidating. Bane wouldnt have to be huge to get the effects of the Venom anyway as if you remember the Venom gives him Strength and Stamina thats going to be beyond Batmans ability, Its understandable in the comics that he would have huge rippling muscles because its a character and it emphasized the strength over Batman etc etc. He can be stronger without getting bigger, but what a lot of people dont realize is that Bane is a really intelligent character, hes not a dumbass meathead that just uses strength hes one of the few characters to work out who Batman was, and Rahs al Ghul made him his successor instead of Batman.

    All of that makes the possibility of this film being so damn amazing quite high. People complained that Heath ledger was cast as Joker…then everyone bummed him after watching the movie. Tom Hardy is a great actor under a great Director, i trust Nolan enough to make sure this Film is going to be brilliant, and Bane will be brilliant to.

    Its far to early to start complaining yet!

  20. That costume for Bane is actually pretty weak. I mean i can understand if it’s just for when he’s small & unpumped with venom, but come on if Bane’s not gunna get bigger or at least gain some more muscle then what’s the point of even having the character in it. If it’s in favor of reality Then this is still pretty weak come on man Nolan could have just used Nathan Jones (see The Protector, Troy, & Conan 2011) as Bane & then we’d all be happy campers

    • Nope i don’t agree with your assessment. It would make you happy, not the rest of us. After seeing Batman and Robin i can tell you, big is not better. Size really doesn’t matter. Especially if the actor can’t act and his lines get cut all the way down like “ahem” Brandon Routh.

      Brandon may have looked like Superman but he didn’t sell the character he was portraying on the big screen. Acting is easy but for some it can be impossible. Brandon like so many other big actors are not very charismatic. They tend to be lazy and stiff. If you want proof of this watch Dylan Dog:dead of night.

      The little guy(although i’m not calling T.H. small) tends to try harder. This is a common fact. Big guys like to dictate. They don’t make great actors typically. With only a few exceptions. Vin Diesel, the Rock and Arnold. Although truth be told none of these guys would ever be caught chasing oscar gold… They don’t care. But Christopher Nolan does. This is why he cast an actor over a musclebound.

      This role deserves a real actor not a wrestling champion. And Tom Hardy is a pretty darn good choice for the role.

      • That’s not what I meant at all what I meant was that during the actual acting scenes they’d have Tom Hardy play Bane to show his more intelegent side & way of doing things. But when he’s “pumped up” he’d become Nathan Jones. Something like how Ray Park is Christian Bale’s stunt double. Also Jones is somewhat more intwined with the character anyway having been in prision, trying to become stronger & better than other people by competing in WSM & MU competitions, & lastly I’ve seen Bane use moves that are simular to that of wresteling which is something else Jones has done for a large part of his career.

        Besides let’s face it who’s going to be doing a lot of talking during an actual fight just for reality’s sake. Maybe Bane would gloat or throw in a quick brag about his unmatched streangth, with a grunt hear, & a yell there, but that’d take a few lines at best which they could just have Tom Hardy do a voice over for Jones (like when they had James Earl Jones dub over the actor’s voice for Darth Vader). Also this wouldn’t be a problem had Nolan not switched how the mask was from the comic. Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty cool design (far a Mortal Kombat character) it’s just that Bane’s mask always covered his whole head which would make since to do so in a realistic setting so that an officer or snipper couldn’t attempt to go for a head shot while he’s not pumped up on venom. I mean really what’s the point of wearing a bullet proof vest & some other tactical appearal if he’s not even going to bother to cover the rest of his head?

        Do they need a bunch of campy cgi to show a transformation, NO!! If anything Batman would be winning at first & maybe accidentally knock Bane into something causing a bunch of stuff to fall on top of him. Batman sifts through the rubble trying to find him until the massive being that is Nathan Jones errutps to kick some ass, or something along the lines of Bane hiding & taunting Batman into a trap until he is able to use his venom (which would be more likely).

        It could still work with both of them in the movie. I’m sure that Nolan would have been able to find a way to set this up without it going above & beyond his boundries/standards of reality & quality for a movie. After all he did come up with the movie Inception. I think what it really is is that he just likes to recyle his actors for movies. Since they know him & like working with him it just cuts down on the costs of production.

        • You’ve got some solid ideas. And frankly as a writer i enjoy listening to them. I really have no idea what Nolan is planning but i would assume that the best way to solve the size issue is to use different angles. Which are noticed in the teaser trailer of Bane.

          Using different actors could work. But i am merely stating that i don’t think Nolan will attempt such a thing in this movie. As it may be a distraction. These kinds of directors don’t like to bring too much attention to the effect. No matter how low key it is. Swapping actors and a giant fist popping out of the rubble could cause eyes to role in the theater if you know what i mean.

          And yes i believe acting will play a factor in this movie. Bane will not only talk a lot of $hit but i think he’ll display the intellect of a military tactician. If done right, which there is no reason to believe otherwise looking at Nolan’s vast resume. You’ll want to see the actors journey from beginning to end. Don’t rob him just because he isn’t thick enough. Let him finish.

          In cases such as this it’s probably better to keep it simple. Especially when a major company just handed you 250 million and the keys to the Warner Bros penthouse.

  21. On the mask issue, having him look the same as he did in the comics or as he did in the god awful film he was in before wouldnt work or fit into Nolans interpretation of the franchise.

    I doubt very much he will be anything like he was in the B&R movie if he uses the venom, that was a kids movie with really bad acting. The Venom id imagine would be used more as like a steroid, enhancing muscle growth rapidly over time through training and not an instant transformation, judging by the mask i cant see how it can be used to pump venom into his system, so i can only assume that the scene in the teaser trailer where bane is just wearing a vest, would be after Bane uses the venom to train and become stronger than Batman and probably bigger but over time. Tom Hardy may be massive by the end of filming, you never know.

    This is all complete guess work but im just trying to look at how Nolan does things and i really cant see any corny pumping venom into Bane being the way this will be done. It will all be very interesting though and i think a lot of people would be bored and fed up if every villain looked the same in every adaptation, what Nolan did with the Joker was small changes to make his version unique but it was subtle and basically the same as the comics, it turned out to be genius! Thats exactly the same thing he will do with Bane and i bet you he will be just as good if no better than the Joker.

    Wait for another trailer and then see what happens!

  22. Well Bane has been seen militant recently. In the new DC show Young Justice Bane was spanish (He still wore the Luchador mask) but he had a military outfit and spoke nothing but spanish. This Banes costume is looking stupid thus far. But all of the recent batman movies have not dissapointed although I would love to see a villain who hasnt made a movie appearance yet like Victor Zsasz– I think i spelled it wrong lol

    • @ Parys Evans

      Mr. Zsasz was already shown in Batman Begins.

  23. I’ll reserve judgement til I see it in action – which is to say, I think it LOOKS totally more badass than any Luchador-based comic or movie costumes he’s had to date. AND I invest absolute and complete faith in Tom Hardy to totally knock Christian Bale into the ground, and this movie OUTTA THE PARK ! ! !

    (For any doubters, simply view Hardy’s virtuoso performance in ‘Bronson’ on your netflix. You will soon realize this film isn’t about Bane vs. Batman, it’s about Christian Bale Vs. TOM M’FUGGIN’ HARDY !!!)

  24. I hav notice the tumbles are not identical to the ones used in batman begins or the dark knight the passenger sides are slighty more shielded with a small slit for visual ,unlike the triangle shaped glass on the bock bat tumbles of the passed!!!

  25. Please watch Top Gun for “bomber jacket style” coats.

    This looks more like a “military utility faux fur lined style” coat/parka.

  26. I am eager to see how this whole thing with marion cotillard and JGK is going to work out…..

    and i’m also praying for a cameo of the riddler!

  27. Im hoping for Batman fight scenes to look better on camera this time because in BB when he (Batman) first appears in costume his fighting technics appear to be that of someone who is trained to beat the breaks off of any one, Christian Bale was ruthless and its just like Ra’s said in the first fight Bruce Wayne had with Ra’s “THIS IS NOT A DANCE”!!!

  28. For the love of sanity please don’t use bane, this is going to be HORRIBLE

    • DM Bane is a fantastic villain not sure what your problem is. He is not only a good character, but he is the big bad in what is arguably the best Batman story there is.