Bane’s Full Costume Revealed in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Images

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

[Want to see more spoilers? Check out these additional Dark Knight Rises set photos!]

When it was first announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Bane in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Bat-fans around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. If anyone could do justice to the man who broke Batman’s back, surely it would be the 33-year-old British bruiser, who rose to fame on the strength of his domineering performance in Bronson.

Still, there have been some questions about Hardy’s appearance in the film. Would he be as impossibly muscular as his comic book counterpart? How would his venom-pumping mask and suit look in the gritty, more realistic tone of Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe? Thanks to an eagle-eyed set visitor, at least some of these questions can now be answered.

To date, all we’ve been able to see of Bane are a couple of interesting looking publicity stills (like the image at the top of this article) and an extremely brief glimpse in the recently-released Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, so it’s been hard to get a good sense of what the character will end up looking like in the movie.

However, a new series of photos from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises reveal Tom Hardy as Bane in full costume. The images, which come our way via Just Jared, don’t offer the best detail, but definitely give us a good idea of Bane’s appearance in Nolan’s final Batman film.

Check below for a couple of the images and head over to Just Jared for the rest:

Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises2 570x795 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Before we dig into an analysis of Bane’s costume, it’s important to remember one important thing: these are set pics – which means that they don’t really reflect what Hardy will look like in the finished product. That being said, there are things to like and dislike about Bane’s look.

In the comics, Bane wears what is essentially a wrestling outfit, complete with a Mexican luchador mask. Obviously, that type of costume wouldn’t fly in the realistic world of Nolan’s Batman films, so it’s interesting to see the alternative they’ve chosen. Judging by these pictures, it looks like Nolan and his team have decided to go with a more militaristic look for Bane, including a Bomber jacket style coat and body armor.

On its own, the costume works and reflects an interpretation of Bane as a militaristic character. However, the somewhat conventional costume does provide a stark contrast to Bane’s mask, which seems out of place. Of course, we still don’t know how the venom-system works, so there could be a lot more functionality to the costume that we’re just not seeing yet. My guess is that there’s something interesting going on behind that upturned coat collar (like Bane’s venom delivery system).

When we see Bane briefly in the teaser trailer, he’s hulking toward a disoriented Batman…and he’s not wearing this coat – which suggests that when Bane bulks up on venom, he loses the coat to reveal his massive frame (an obvious statement, I know).

In addition to the images of Bane, Just Jared also snagged a set photo of a camouflage version of the Tumbler Batmobile. This version of the vehicle, which we haven’t seen since Batman Begins, raises some interesting possibilities. Since we know that there will also be a classic black version of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises, one has to wonder why the camo version is also on set. [EDIT: As some commenters have pointed out, Bane is standing on top of the camo Tumbler in the second picture. We have also added a new picture of Bane on the Tumbler for a better view.]

Camo Tumbler Dark Knight Rises 570x358 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Bane on Camo Tumbler Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

One possibility is that Batman wrecks his black Tumbler in some way, and needs to use a quick replacement. It’s boring, but it works. There’s also one more (highly speculative) possibility, however. Maybe Miranda Tate, Marion Cotillard’s character (who many suspect to be Talia al Ghul), uses Wayne Enterprises resources to give a Tumbler to Bane!

This theory is nothing but wild speculation. That said, imagine if Tate (secretly Talia al Ghul) used her position as a board member of Wayne Enterprises to supply her father’s chosen assassin (Bane, freed from prison) with the tools to defeat Batman. Doesn’t that sound plausible?

Anyway, feel free to debate Bane’s costume, the camo Tumbler, and our zany theories in our comments. We’d love to know what you think.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Just Jared

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  1. Honestly im a little disapointed with bames costume. I realize that nolans appriach is to make them appear as they would in real life but thats not really what i look for in a batman movie. Tge costumevus just too boring and very scary either. BTW wgere are the tubes pumping fluid into his arms they look so cool. oh well. I respect nolans direction tgat hrs taking tgus hes made good b man mivies before but i wold prefer if he stayed trye to the comics and pls dont gate on me im only 11

    • “and pls dont gate on me im only 11″

      That would explain much then.

    • Kickers… when you’re older you’ll appreciate Nolan’s real world approach a whole lot more. :)

      • travis, I had no idea that there´s a age restriction for the C.O.N. :)

    • @ Knickers

      I respect your opinion no matter how old you are. Don’t hold back your opinions on here, ok? I like Nolan’s films but i too get where you’re coming from & agree things like costumes. Lol i think im a old fashioned kind of guy, but mostly because i wanna see such things look closer to the comics. The closer, the better imo. Did you like any of the older Batman films if i may ask?

    • dude learn to type.

  2. Wow, if he had a wrestler’s mask he would almost look like Jeep Swenson’s Bane from Batman & Robin. With that padding i mean, and from the very top close up picture of Bane is Nolan gonna use cgi to make him look bigger? So far i can’t help but to say im impressed by Bane’s costume even for Nolan’s tone for the film. The Mask is one thing but by the pictures it looks like as if he’s wearing padded body armor so he won’t be shot. Hopefully he takes it off. I hope Catwoman’s costume looks better.

  3. While i think TDKR will be a good movie Banes outfit looks like crap. Theres nothing about that outfit the military would “realistically” wear. The mask looks like crap and yes there luchador masks he could use that look better. Im still waiting on the Catwoman pics myself.

    • I’m sure he isn’t going to be running around like that all the time. I’m betting we are going to see him shed the cumbersome clothing in the fight scenes.

  4. Anyone notice the armored look of this tumbler? That weird reenforced window.

  5. Bain looks like B. A. Baracus.

  6. By Nolan taking such a realistic tone, it’s almost as if he feels that all batman comic lore is camp. So bcuz of this, we have yet to see any sci-fi elements in the films; the very things that made Batman such a cool character to watch. Taking stories right off the page works, as it did with Watchmen. I want to see a more stealth batmobile, cycle/jet,etc. More gadgets(Bond had cooler gadgets than Nolan’s Batman). More zipping up and down buildings like spiderman. More martial arts. And LESS raspy gurgling voice when Bale is Batman.

    • Agreed. Except about the Watchmen thing. That movie was godawful and I’ve heard from people who read the comic that say the comic is a lot better. But I agree about the gadgets and martial arts thing. I can’t stand the way Batman fights in the movies. I would much rather have a Batman movie more like Arkham Asylum and Under The Red Hood. Dark and serious but still like the comic. And Bale’s voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

    • @ Jahnjones

      I agree. I feel as if only Bruce Timm & CO could do all that you posted if they made the jump to makin live-action films which would be great. Especially if when it comes to makin a Justice League film which is rumored to break heroes into their own solo films.

  7. By Nolan taking such a realistic tone, it’s almost as if he feels that all batman comic lore is camp. So bcuz of this, we have yet to see any sci-fi elements in the films; the very things that made Batman such a cool character to watch. Taking stories right off the page works, as it did with Watchmen. I want to see a more stealth batmobile, cycle/jet,etc. More gadgets(Bond had cooler gadgets than Nolan’s Batman). More zipping up and down buildings like spiderman. More martial arts. And LESS raspy gurgling voice when Bale is Batman.

  8. Im loving everything Im seeing.

    Bane ripping Dents pic.

    Bane’s Costume.

    The prison explosion.

    Bane standing on the tumblr.

    Can this get anymore EPIC? :D

    • For you, only if there´s a cameo by Harry Potter. Muahahahahaha! :D

      • ;)

  9. All these people knocking Bane’s outfit. It’s a shot taken in broad day light with a rubbish camera, there’s no lighting effects or post production yet.
    Anyway I think it looks good. His clothes look military and practical. All that padding and the long coat present comparisons to batman’s image, which is cool.
    I don’t really know what you haters expect, wait for the finished atmospheric shots. If batman was in the same rubbish shot, Im sure you’d also be knocking his outfit.

    • Weird ive been in the military 8 years and never seen anything like that.

      • they don’t know what infantry kombat trousers and boots are in the army?… weird

  10. the guy that took the photos landed straight to the hospital. cause Bane caught him taking them..

    • hahah agreed. In the last picture it looks like Bane is about to rip homeboys head off for taking pictures of him without permission from the big guy.

  11. Don’t…really…know…what…to think? Um, meh? Yeah. Meh. His mask looks stupid. This is why I’m not a big fan of Nolan’s “everything-has-to-be-super realistic-and-barely-comic-book-like” Batman films lol

    • @ CapAmerica

      And it’s why i like how Marvel Studios make their films feel little more comic-book like & realistic at the sametime. I still see Nolan’s Batman films as any other films made before them no matter how much he tries to make them realistic.

  12. To all the haters: The shoot going on is Pittsburgh right now was reported to have fake snow. This means that the full on costume for Bane is supposed to be for the winter time going on in Gotham. AND remember…this is an amatuer picture, in the actual movie it will be very touched up and polished looking…it will be amazing! Oh and I have heard Tom Hardy say that they will also be using camera trickery along with him bulking up to make Bane look like well…Bane. THIS MOVIE WILL BE FKING AWESOME! I GUARUNTEE IT!

  13. EPIC


    • I don’t think anybody is saying Nolan is beyond reproach but let there be no doubt whether you like his work or not that the man does take his craft seriously and tries to produce blockbusters with a certain degree of quality to them, and I respect that. Especially in an age of Captain Americas, Green Lanterns, and Transformers who are just out to put butts in seats and get that BOTTOM LINE.

      • So Nolan films are not about putting butts in seats?? LOL

        And Cap had as much artistic integrity as the new Bat films did. Sorry to burst your bubble

        Oh God how could i say that. Sacrilige!!!

        May the Spirit of the Great Balding Ledger have mercy !!!!!

        • I imagine they are, but veiled beneath that bottom line is some serious movie making and storyline crafting. Yes, there are others who do better, but as far as super heroes go, he managed to elevate the whole thing. And there is no way the new Captain America movie had as much artistic integrity as any of Nolan’s films. It was a decent film, but that’s about it, I just found it to be full of contrived emotion, though its heart was in the right place, the execution was murky and bland, but I see why some folks really liked it. I wouldn’t even place it on the same grading scale as Nolan’s Batman films, as he seems to be aiming for something the rest simply are not.

          I’m not saying Nolan is the greatest director and he’s not my favorite, but he does make good movies with a layer of complexity to them not necessarily seen in the rest of the genre.

    • @ Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar

      LMAO. That’s the funniest best joke ive heard. Bravo! Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Why people are complaining about the costumes is beyond me… This is CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S take on Batman, HIS interpretation set apart from the character’s normal continuity or universe, his real world interpretation. Let him do his thing, this happens in the comic book world a lot, some will like it, some will not, it’s just not your interpretation of Batman.

    I’m sure he won’t be the last to do an interpretation of the character or his villains. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, just as long as you understand that many of these are HIS personal liberties that he has taken in order to shape the Dark Knight into the way he would like to imagine him. I personally enjoy the real world theme, and always look forward to how he will adapt each character (with their often fantastic back stories and histories) into his vision.

  15. Hey everyone. Good eyes to those who spotted that Bane was standing on top of the camouflage Tumbler. I just added a new picture that shows Bane standing on the Tumblr a bit more clearly.

    • awesome additional pic! :D

      • Thanks Nichtus :) I am really excited for film overall and anything that may pop up during production such as the news Screen Rant is reporting. I actually dig this picture of Batman elbowing Bane and with the reports that Anne Hathaway is being pushed hard in her action scenes I can only imagine the training and physicality that all the climatic action/fight scenes that may be produced.

        True Bane is not as huge as we may imagine he may be, and I am not betting on Nolan in using CGI to exaggerate his size into larger proportions, but I do think that perhaps in context and direction the film is taking that it would come out all right.

        I do like the thought of Bane as militarist-like terrorist that some people a guessing at in regards to the costume and the advantage that he can with coat travel in broad daylight. I do hope for him to be skilled fighter and give Batman a real competition in this film contrary to the picture.


  17. Bane looks a small build in that pic :/

    good to see bale bustin out his elbow to the face

  18. tho do wonder if hes in Gotham with his armed guards and tumbler or else where

  19. i dont know if this came up earlier, but does anyone know if bane is going to be bigger than batman? i just saw a pic with batman elbowing him and batman looks a lot bigger

  20. Looks like Coleman Reese made someone an offer they couldn’t refuse…

  21. bane looks like scorpion or subzero from mortal kombat

  22. Regarding Bane’s outfit in the set pictures, it may be “street clothes,” with the collar turned up to hide his face from a distance. If the Joker walked down the other side of the street, he would be instantly recognized. This version of Bane could travel throughout the city, especially on darker days and in the rough parts of town, without drawing overmuch attention. Could this be a plot point, allowing Bane more freedom of action than the Joker ever hoped for?

    As for the two Tumblers, I think it relates more to time. We know this is the last Batman movie for Mr. Nolan. We have already seen a camo Tumbler and a black one. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to introduce a new machine in the last picture, although certainly the plot could be developed for this, what some people call the director’s “realistic” take on this character seems more to me like a very successful application of the sort of children’s logic G. K. Chesterton mentions in “Orthodoxy” (and his “Modern Elfland” might also be worth a read).

    Using children’s logic, then, I’ll say that: 1) There is only one Tumbler – the prototype Wayne Enterprises had made and never sold to the military – and we saw it self-destruct in TDK; 2) Lucius Fox didn’t build a new Tumbler when Bruce asked him if he had it in black – he just painted the camo Tumbler black; 3) These two Tumblers, therefore, are used in flashbacks or some sort of time travel plot device, and are the original ones we saw in the movies (am thinking mostly of Batman Begins here, where we also saw both versions); 4) I want a Tumbler. The one painted black. I want it now, but will settle instead for this movie coming out tomorrow. :)

  23. I forgot that Wayne Enterprises had built 2 Tumblers (for making the bridge mentioned by Lucius in BB)

  24. id say the tumbler was stolen just like the water vapouriser

    the pictures sayin bane on top a tumbler with a pic of harvey dent surronded by armed guards

    id say that bane is a military figure who seizes gotham

  25. I think this is all gamesmanship on Nolan’s part. He knows excactly what he’s doing. Nolan is fully aware about the possibility of leaked photos. Believe me when I tell you that Chris Nolan knows full well what pics are leaked. He’s Christopher “f___ing” Nolan!!! We seemingly have all these Bane pics yet there is not one Catwoman pic floating around. Not a single one!!!! Why? Because Chris Nolan knows what he’s doing!!!!! We have to trust him. In Christopher Nolan I trust!!! And you should too!!!

    • Oh man, that sounds really fanatic. And to the people who wonder why it´s called “Cult Of Nolan”, THAT´S why.

  26. Well im not dissapointed in the costume but im not excited for it either, i think itll work just fine in the actual movie. As far as an unrealistic approach, ive been saying i would like for them to give Guillermo Del Toro a run at a trilogy next with some of the more fantastical villains like Clayface, Manbat, Solomon Grundy etc. I think he could strike a perfect balance between Burton and Nolans visions. No need to wait years either, theres been a million different takes on these characters thru comics and cartoons, i dont see why people think they need to wait so many years to interpret a different version. Like i said in the Spidey thread, we had the regular spiderman trilogy, now were getting the ultimate Spiderman trilogy and after that id be all for a Spiderman 2099 trilogy or even The Scarlet Spider Clone saga, keep switching things up and keep it interesting.