Bane’s Full Costume Revealed in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Images

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Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises Header Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

[Want to see more spoilers? Check out these additional Dark Knight Rises set photos!]

When it was first announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Bane in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Bat-fans around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. If anyone could do justice to the man who broke Batman’s back, surely it would be the 33-year-old British bruiser, who rose to fame on the strength of his domineering performance in Bronson.

Still, there have been some questions about Hardy’s appearance in the film. Would he be as impossibly muscular as his comic book counterpart? How would his venom-pumping mask and suit look in the gritty, more realistic tone of Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe? Thanks to an eagle-eyed set visitor, at least some of these questions can now be answered.

To date, all we’ve been able to see of Bane are a couple of interesting looking publicity stills (like the image at the top of this article) and an extremely brief glimpse in the recently-released Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, so it’s been hard to get a good sense of what the character will end up looking like in the movie.

However, a new series of photos from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises reveal Tom Hardy as Bane in full costume. The images, which come our way via Just Jared, don’t offer the best detail, but definitely give us a good idea of Bane’s appearance in Nolan’s final Batman film.

Check below for a couple of the images and head over to Just Jared for the rest:

Tom Hardy Bane Dark Knight Rises2 570x795 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Before we dig into an analysis of Bane’s costume, it’s important to remember one important thing: these are set pics – which means that they don’t really reflect what Hardy will look like in the finished product. That being said, there are things to like and dislike about Bane’s look.

In the comics, Bane wears what is essentially a wrestling outfit, complete with a Mexican luchador mask. Obviously, that type of costume wouldn’t fly in the realistic world of Nolan’s Batman films, so it’s interesting to see the alternative they’ve chosen. Judging by these pictures, it looks like Nolan and his team have decided to go with a more militaristic look for Bane, including a Bomber jacket style coat and body armor.

On its own, the costume works and reflects an interpretation of Bane as a militaristic character. However, the somewhat conventional costume does provide a stark contrast to Bane’s mask, which seems out of place. Of course, we still don’t know how the venom-system works, so there could be a lot more functionality to the costume that we’re just not seeing yet. My guess is that there’s something interesting going on behind that upturned coat collar (like Bane’s venom delivery system).

When we see Bane briefly in the teaser trailer, he’s hulking toward a disoriented Batman…and he’s not wearing this coat – which suggests that when Bane bulks up on venom, he loses the coat to reveal his massive frame (an obvious statement, I know).

In addition to the images of Bane, Just Jared also snagged a set photo of a camouflage version of the Tumbler Batmobile. This version of the vehicle, which we haven’t seen since Batman Begins, raises some interesting possibilities. Since we know that there will also be a classic black version of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises, one has to wonder why the camo version is also on set. [EDIT: As some commenters have pointed out, Bane is standing on top of the camo Tumbler in the second picture. We have also added a new picture of Bane on the Tumbler for a better view.]

Camo Tumbler Dark Knight Rises 570x358 Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

Bane on Camo Tumbler Banes Full Costume Revealed in Dark Knight Rises Set Images

One possibility is that Batman wrecks his black Tumbler in some way, and needs to use a quick replacement. It’s boring, but it works. There’s also one more (highly speculative) possibility, however. Maybe Miranda Tate, Marion Cotillard’s character (who many suspect to be Talia al Ghul), uses Wayne Enterprises resources to give a Tumbler to Bane!

This theory is nothing but wild speculation. That said, imagine if Tate (secretly Talia al Ghul) used her position as a board member of Wayne Enterprises to supply her father’s chosen assassin (Bane, freed from prison) with the tools to defeat Batman. Doesn’t that sound plausible?

Anyway, feel free to debate Bane’s costume, the camo Tumbler, and our zany theories in our comments. We’d love to know what you think.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Just Jared

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  1. The camo Tumblers seem to tie in with Bane- he’s standing on/near one. Maybe there’ll be a chase- Tumbler vs. Tumbler?

  2. There was a pic also released of Bane tearing up a pic of Harvey Dent. Interesting ..

    I dig the jacket though lol, but I would never wear it :).

    Debaters go!!

    • Where did you see that other pic? Gotta link to it?

        • Ahh that didn’t work right …can someone erase that post or edit it please?

            • Nice! Thanks Sully.

  3. Great spot. Pic 2, he’s definitely standing on the Tumbler.

  4. Meh . . . It works. And I get why we can’t see the Bane we really want to see, not realistic. If the writing is as good as the last two movies (and there is no reason to assume otherwise) then this will be a badass character regardless.

  5. Bane looks like a BAD JOKE. Hopefully this getup Changes before the movie hits theaters, but I doubt it.

  6. yea this movie can already suck it, i bet Batman & Robin will be a better batman adaptation, then this “realistic batman world” that nolan does

    • so you’re saying that batman and robin is better than this?
      you gotta be kidding right?

    • O__O wait, WHAT ?

    • Like… For real? … Your kidding… Right?

    • Lol ok troll.

      It’s fine to not like the Nolan films and be a hater, but to say that Batman and Robin is better than them especially one you have not even seen yet just makes you a troll.

      • So he´s a troll if he thinks that B&R is a better movie? It´s a matter of taste. If you like crappy movies with stupid dialogue, B&R is the best movie ever made.

        • I like the movie Troll 2

  7. In these set photos, Bane’s figure resembles that of -Liquid- Ocelot’s from the MGS series. TERRIFIC!

  8. I wonder why the passenger side of the camo Tumbler has that extra layer of armor.

  9. The coat is pretty lame, but I like the armor. We know Gordon ends up in the hospital, so maybe something happens to Lucius too, like Bane is systematically taking out Batman’s allies to lure him out of hiding. That would explain how Bane got his hands on a Tumbler, having stolen it from Wayne Tower after hurting Lucius.

    • Didn’t Fox resign in The Dark Knight?

      • No he didn’t. He said he would if that computer was still around, then batman told him to type in his name when he was done.

  10. All I can think is, that mask is gonna make it extremely difficult for Tom Hardy to breathe during the action sequences.

  11. I like the mask and I like the strap armor under the coat, but don’t like the coat.

    I suspect with Nolans darker shooting style and his use of color templates that it may come out looking better on film. So far though it’s meh. I figure when he is fighting Batman the coat won’t be around so it will probably look better more often than it looks like this.

    Still sad to see the tumbler at all.

    I read speculation that with the military type look to banes outfit that it’s possible he has a tumbler of his own. Probably BS, but interesting BS.

    • Omg…it’s not like Bane is going to be wearing a coat the whole freaking movie. My sister lives in Pittsburgh and she said they have been laying fake snow on the streets. I’m GUESSING he is only wearing a big coat to try and hide what he has underneath it…and plus it’s COLD. People need to get over the whole coat-thing. Nolan isn’t stupid, he won’t f*** this up.

      • Aleks did you even read my comment before posting? I already said Bane probably won’t be wearing it the entire time. Before going on your little tirade try actually reading the comment.

        Give it a rest.

        Also I think the movie is going to be fantastic. I’m a big fan of Bale, Hardy and Nolan and one of the biggest Batman fans period, but people still have the right to express a minor concern here and there. You can’t tell people that they can’t be concerned about a film. Also this site is for discussions so it’s pointless to tell everyone to be quite until he movie is actually out.

        Pretty much all of us think the movie will be good. Some of us just have minor concerns. Calm down and back off.

        Also and I can’t stress this enough. READ the comment you are replying to before posting a tirade against them when they said the same thing you did already. Probably a good idea not to copy and paste the same post over and over as well. Adding a few lines to it doesn’t make it new.

        • The armor looks good to me, but the mask looks like a mix of a Predator and Dr. Zoidberg…

          • Dr. Zoidberg: I used to hang out here as a larva. It looked so much bigger back then.
            [picks up a hermit crab]
            Dr. Zoidberg: Who’s the tough guy now, Vinnie?
            [eats crab]


            Dr. Zoidberg: I want the tactile pleasure in cutting him here…
            [points his claw at Fry’s neck]
            Dr. Zoidberg: …in the gonads.
            Fry: [to crowd] Shhhhhh. Nobody correct him.

            • Zoidberg > every character by Matt Groening. Period. That guy cracks me up every time. Especially in the episode when they´re all de-aged.

    • Color templates? The way Nolan shoots? What film school did you go to?

  12. There is NO WAY on this Green Earth that Batman and Robin is a better movie than ANY of Chris Nolan’s Batman movies. I may not like the look of Bane in this new movie but that is a minor gripe on my part.

  13. Omg…it’s not like Bane is going to be wearing a coat the whole freaking movie. My sister lives in Pittsburgh and she said they have been laying fake snow on the streets. I’m GUESSING he is only wearing a big coat to try and hide what he has underneath it…and plus it’s COLD. People need to get over the whole coat-thing. Nolan isn’t stupid, he won’t f*** this up. There is also a scene with Bane without the coat and the armor. We all can’t judge the whole movie by this one picture of him. He will look big in the movie. He will be bigger, faster and just as smart as batman as he is in the comics. Have faith. And if i’m wrong then we all can send Nolan hate mail together. Until then, let’s all shut up and watch it on July 20th, 2012.

  14. Great costume, it makes more real.

    I’m glad that the Tumbler is back again because it was awesome in TDK.

    I hope Bane turns out to be a great villain.

  15. to be honest i don’t like any of this bane bs, the mask, costume etc it all looks weird and nothing even remotely like the bane from the comics/animated shows.

    i shall wait for a full trailer/the movie prior to further bashing nolan for being so up himself (anyone who says he isn’t clearly licks his (noaln’s) boots).

    • If you don’t like his films fine, but you don’t know the guy on a personal level and the media really has nothing to say about him so you really know nothing about him as a person at all. What gives you the impression that he is so as you say ‘up’ him self? I’m not saying he’s not because I have never met him and really have no frame of reference to say such a thing. hate his movies, but why insult the guy?

      Also It is not the suit from the comics, but to say it looks nothing like the comics is a bit laughable. Thats like saying the Bat suit looks nothing like the one in the comics. You may not like it and it may not be an exact replica, but it looks at least a little like the comics.

      • i call him egotistical based on the way he does his movies, he wants everyone to do everything for him no questions asked, its why the fight scenes in his movies all suck, b/c he’s to up himself to hire a proper stunt choreographer and instead asks some random fighters for advice.

        he over dramatises everything in his movies and acts all high and mighty when in production (not using a phone or emailing during production are clear signs of this – him thinking he’s working on a ‘master piece’ (just like he does with every other movies he’s brought out)). not only that but the way he dresses, and has actors dress in movies are all signs that he thinks he’s better then others and is the ‘best cinematographer ever’.

        as for bane, the face piece looks weird (going for an inhaling device rather then liquid is cool, but they could have come up with a better design… ohh wait he doesn’t want people touching his stuff so he did everything and commanded everyone to do his work no questions asked).

        to be honest i don’t completely hate him, but i’m not very fond of him (or alot his (overly praised) work) either, same deal with good old james cameron (AKA i think i’m the best in the world).

        • “i call him egotistical based on the way he does his movies”

          How is that any different from what other directors do? This is Nolan’s take on the Batman mythos, he’s not obligated to pander to personal preferences of costuming and/or stunt choreography . The fact that he cares enough about the source material and fans of Batman should be enough to weather such harsh judgement on the man, especially when there exist directors that would toss the source material aside and disregard the fans entirely, particularly in the comic genre. Your criticism seems rather personal for it certainly isn’t constructive by the fact that you stated “i don’t completely hate him”, One wonders why you would hate the man at all.

        • Wow this is just ridiculous you are simply looking for excuses to hate the guy. If you don’t like the movies fine, but christ man that’s no reason to insult him. You don’t know him and your insulting him because he wears nice cloths and doesn’t want people spoiling the movies ? Egotistical ? How about professional?

          I don’t recall an interview where he proclaimed him self god and said his movies are better than everyone elses.

          People accuse me of being full of hate wow lol. Reading your comments makes me look like a lovable teddy bear. You hate just for the pleasure of hating. Goings as far as personally insulting a man that has never had a negative tabloid story or interview. Simply because you want to.

          • “doesn’t want people spoiling the movies ? Egotistical ? How about professional?”


          • fangirls say the same bs about james cameron. calm the f*** down and stop acting like i’m attacking your parents or your god. this is the way i see him, if that upsets you and you aren’t gonna take my view point into consideration then don’t reply to my posts (both of you nolan lovers). to me he seems like he thinks he knows best (hence why no fight choreographer and why he always gets the same actors for this movies (not saying they’re bad, but nolan bleeds them dry of their acting, by over dramatising everything, they get boring to watch after the 1st 15min of being on screen (yes even michael caine came across as boring).

            • Why should your bias and skewed view warrant any type of consideration? Here you are whining about the cinematic decisions of a film maker whom you don’t even know and criticizing him over the most mundane, things that most directors do. I believe anyone can safely infer he knows what’s best for “his” film than some random opinionated poster that seems to have a chip on his shoulder regarding Nolan’s directing methods. Also this has nothing to do with being a “nolan lover”, so ad hominem all you like as the same can/would apply to any director.

              • They’re just mad because Nolan is GOOD and KNOWS he’s good at what he does, hence his seriousness concerning his craft. Usually folks accustomed to (or drawn to) mediocrity are turned off by brilliance and definitely genius. “Who does that Nolan think he is?”

        • jwalka…

          Oh. My. God. Nolan wants everything done a certain way in a film he’s directing and, thus, immediately accountable for.

          Nolan being a…wait for it…DIRECTOR???

          Heaven forbid.

        • If I remember rightly both David Lynch and Sam Raimi are partial to wearing a suit whilst behind the camera, and if you want a proper control freak (in a good way), look no further than Stanley Kubrick. :-)

          Also, cinematographer isn’t the same thing as director. Wally Pfister’s been the cinematographer on all of Nolan’s movies except Following, which suggests that Nolan trusts and respects someone else’s work other than his own. He could just as easily have hired a string of jobsworths who’d simply carry out his orders. Just saying!

    • “(anyone who says he isn’t clearly licks his (noaln’s) boots).”

      Oh yes, CLEARLY. OR they just aren’t cynical a-holes.

    • jwalka,

      “((anyone who says he isn’t clearly licks his (noaln’s) boots))”

      This comment of yours immediately puts you in the ‘Attention-Seeking TROLL’ list.
      And your other hateful biased comments about Nolan could apply to ANY OTHER director on a general basis. And I know that because I’m not only a Nolan fan-boy but also a Kubrick-Cameron-Spielberg-Hitchcock-Scorsese-Tarantino-(Ridley)Scott-Polanski-Howard-Lumet-Soderbergh-CHAPLIN …fan-boy. I hope you are happy with me at least now for admitting I’m a fan-boy. Err…but the ‘boot-licking’ part doesn’t have exactly … any truthful findings in it…because I myself can point out any fault in any of the movies of these directors.

      So…why don’t you be constructive in your statements, even if they don’t favor Nolan ?

      • “immediately puts you in the ‘Attention-Seeking TROLL’ list.”

        Pretty much. Apparently jwalka took his anti-Nolan sentiments to the other threads all the while trying to openly provoke another exchange with those he generalized as “nolan lovers” or bootlickers, lol.

  16. There’s a video of three camo tumblers driving down the street on youtube. I think there will be more than just one on screen as the first one had a different roofline suggesting that the 3 cars will not be used as doubles for each other.

  17. the tumbler looks kinda diffrent than the black one

    • You made a very good observation , I think that the reason is that , as a military armored vehicle, the only and one reason why the pilot seat is less armored than these of the co-pilot seat is visibilty. The co-pilot probably assumes the function of navigator and or gunner so the need for being able to actually see what s outside is less important hence more armour on the co-pilot/navigator/gunner side. But don t take my word for it, I m just trying to make a plausible explanation. cheers ! :)

  18. IMO, the camo-tumbler could be BATs tumbler with a camo feature that he enables as he infilterates Bane’s jungle hideout, or something like that.
    It could work…

  19. Great pics of Bane ! Though like somebody else said beore me…i did like the armour underneath the coat but not the coat itself, but may be it will look more attractive and menacing on-screen.

    And Screenrant, heartful thanks for the photos. This next one year’s journey till 20th July 2012 with Screenrant (and so with the friends I have found here, of course !) is going to be …F-U-N !!!

  20. Well Nolan is not going for the classic look but Bane is now starting to look very realistic is that possible?? cant wait to find out why he rips up a picture of Harvey Dent in one scene dose he know the batman diddnt do it has he got rid of the last person who knows the truth. all will be revealed.

  21. BTW Bain is standing on the Tumbler in pic 2.

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      • Batspam. (@ “plipz”)

        • Batgone Forever. Get it?

  22. Hardy as Bane looks awesome!! LOOKS TO ME LIKE HE’S STANDING ON THE TUMBLER!!!

    • it looks like he’s standing on the tumbler because he is standing on the tumbler

      • Comment of the day. :)

  23. Sorry didn’t even bother reading th previous post. Got too excited. sorry.

  24. Just to take things off-tack slightly…as to “Venom” and the delivery system, have we considered this might have a direct link to the Scarecrows psycotropic drug and his own vapour/powder delivery system which also was mask derived?

    Think the speculation that Bane acquires that version of the tumbler looks correct at this time, even though the camo scheme suggests a desert environment usage for the vehicle it does actually graphically “match” Banes costume in the shot with primary brown colours.

  25. Tom Hardy seems a pretty skimpy choice for the Bane persona. He’s a little guy and no matter how much muscle he puts on, he is still going to be tiny. Bane seemed to be a monster in heigth as well as build in the comics. He broke Batman like a rag doll. I still remember the picture of Batman being driven towards Banes knee in Knights Fall. How is Tom Hardy going to get Christian Bale above his head. He can’t. He’s too short.

    • Matthew… have you ever watched a movie?

    • And Joker was supposed to fall into chemicals like he did in the comics. Did he? And Joker turned out to be one of the best villains in film history.

  26. It seems like Bane’s Tumbler vs. Batman’s Tumbler will be happening.;-)

  27. Kind of Jason Vorhees-esque. I like it!

  28. bane does ave a tumbler in the scene