‘Bad Boys 3′ Confirmed by Martin Lawrence

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Bad Boys 3 Talk Begins at 3:16 mark


Bad Boys 3 is one of those longtime-coming threequels that it’s almost hard to believe in anymore. (Seriously, we have articles about it stretching back to five years ago.) However, as of today it appears that recent talk from producers like Jerry Bruckheimer wasn’t just smoke; as you can see in the latter half of the above video, even franchise star Martin Lawrence confirms that the film is in the works.

Here’s the exact quote from Lawrence regarding Bad Boy 3; the actor was stopping by Conan to promote his new TV series with Kelsey Grammar, Partners:

ML: I belive so, yes. I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday. He said it’s real, they’re working on the script, they’re getting close – and it all looks good.

bad boys 3 header Bad Boys 3 Confirmed by Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys 1 & 2 were of course directed by Michael “Boom-Boom” Bay, who has been almost exclusively wrapped up in the Transformers franchise since 2007. However, right now there are rumblings that Bay may not direct Transformers 5, which is admittedly a scenario the director hinted at before coming on for TF4. If he’s truly burned out there, returning to buddy-cop action may indeed be what he does next – assuming the Bad Boys franchise is still his to helm.

Meanwhile, Martin Lawrence has room for a movie in between his TV schedule, and his franchise co-star Will Smith could certainly use a guaranteed box office hit right about now. Seven Pounds, Men in Black III, After Earth - Smith’s power at the domestic box office has been showing signs of wear for almost as long as Bay has been playing with Transformers. Big Will needs a boost, and since it looks like he’s stepping away from Independence Day 2 and MIB 4, Bad Boys 3 may be his last big franchise revisit to cash in. (Because the world is not exactly waiting with bated breath for Hancock 2.)

bad boys 3 writer Bad Boys 3 Confirmed by Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys 1 remains an action classic; Bad Boys 2 was still good, but was also like bell toll for the moment when Bay’s filmmaking really started to go over the top. After seeing what kind of better product a more restrained Michael Bay crafted in Pain & Gain, here’s hoping Bad Boys 3 will take things back to the original scale. Bigger doesn’t always equal better.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Bad Boys 3 as more details become available.

Source: Conan

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  1. Why??? Did we not learn from the 1st two movies?? Don’t make anymore!!

    • Are you insane? Both Bad Boys films are classic and extremely popular action films.

      To the author of this article: While the first BB movie is very good, the second is far better. Also, why the hell isn’t Bad Boys 2 on Blu-ray yet? That movie is 11 years old or something.

      • Are you being serious? Classics? Bad Boys 2 is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen!

        • We stand divided on this one. I really enjoy these movies and are the only Bay ones i will watch. I am happy the third is being made. I suppose if folks don`t like it then don`t watch it. I certainly didn`t watch Transformers and have no plans on doing so.

  2. I thought Will Smith didnt wanna be “the Sequel guy” *eyeroll*

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see him change his mind and return for both ID2 and MIB4. The dude needs a hit and both of those movies are almost guaranteed to open well at the box office.

      • MIB3 is terrible and MIB4 will be worse. BB is a sure thing, especially after this long. People have been dying for a third BB movie. The buzz for ID2 and MIB4 are nowhere near that of BB3.

      • It will be stupid on his behalf to reject on BB3 knowing it can make 200-300 million at the box office and is highly anticipated. I was surprised MB3 made a box-office success with a worldwide gross of over $624 million, and it sucked hairy balls

      • I hope he does change his mind, I just want an action movie with Will Smith that DOESNT INCLUDE HIS KID

    • Well, as people get older and start on the decline of their prime years, they have to adjust their game. It happens with a lot of NBA stars that start aging, they have to adjust and try and get easy buckets once their athleticism starts to slip.

      • Good analogy

  3. I cant tell you how excited I am for this as long as Will Smith KEEPS HIS DAMN KIDS OUT OF THIS MOVIE. Nothing can be the first one. While the second had some flaws I still enjoyed it.

  4. Sh*t just got real…

  5. wow are they making ID4 2

    will smith should totally do it. hollywood is franchise land now , get jiggy wit it

  6. Happy to hear this. The Bad Boys movies are great popcorn material…funny, good action, slick camera work, big explosions and good looking cast. Just hit ‘Esc’ and enjoy.

  7. bad boys 2 was and still is one of my favorite action movies ever. not to mention hilarious.

    where the heck is bad boys 2 on bluray!!!

    • Mine too and very good question! It’s a available in HD on streaming services, but not on Blu-ray. The only Michael Bay movie that isn’t, by the way.

  8. The first 2 were good, but the 3rd better have a great story for it to be this long of a wait…

  9. Am just happy 3 might happen. Wouldn’t be bad to have both Smith and Bay back too. He may be a git,but he did justice with part 1

  10. I’m in love with this news.

  11. Guys.. are you sure Bay isn’t too far gone to make this a good movie?
    I mean.. can he still deliver without going to all that stuff the Bay haters love to b*** and moan about?

  12. Capture the magic of the second movie…

    • Meant to say the first movie!-doh

      • …but the second is better.

        • Sorry Aaron. I have to disagree with you. The first was better. The second was over the top and tried too hard.

  13. hate to say it since no one commented on it…but i liked Hancock. i’d rather see a sequel to that instead of ID IMO.

    • Hey @gmoney,

      you shouldn’t “hate to say it?”

      It was a good movie. I enjoyed it too. Still watch it occasionally.

  14. Been waiting for this for a LONG time. Just please don’t bring the cheesiness and cliches from the transformers films.

  15. About damn time I thought Bad Boys 3 would never happen. The first one was a classic so make the third one feel like the original.

  16. Bad Boys 2 drags on forever. They need to shave a good half an hour off this movie.

  17. Nobody in the world is as happy as I am about Bad Boys 3.This news is fantastic and outstanding.I absolutely love the Bad Boys movies,for the record Part 2 is the best one.The chase scene on the causeway was and is to me the best car chase action scene I have ever seen in my life.Bad Boys 2 was magnificent in every sense of the word,just loved it to death.Easily in my top 5 favorite movies of all time[believe that].Can’t wait for Bad Boys 3,I’m so happy,thanks Jerry,Will and Martin.I’ll go see it about 3 times at the theather.REAL TALK.

  18. Guess this is what Bay meant by “passion projects.”

  19. im big time looking forward to this, i like the whole talking sh*t back and forth and that chemistry they have. Bad Boys 2 was over the top granted but if bay was going to do anything id rather watch bad boys 3 rather than transformers.

  20. This is going to be sooo good.

  21. Lol Fun Fact:The First Bad Boys Film was Michael Bay First Film…But Damn Before That Those Victoria’s Don’t Tell Nobody Commercials were SO SEXY Still Are…..

  22. Hopefully this means we’ll see Bad Boys 2 on Blu-ray.

  23. Will’s divorce must be costing more than he thought….. He cant turn anything down now can he. Martin Lawrence always needs the money to pay off all those women he beats up….

  24. It’s time for the Bay-insanity that was the Bad Boys franchise to stop. I can remember back in 2003 after BBII came out, Jerry Bruckheimer was hoping that it would not be another eight years until a part III came out. Well? It’s now eleven years, and as we’ve seen in most film franchises, if a decade passes before a sequel is released, that is NEVER a good sign. Besides, who can they go up against this time? They’ve destroyed most of Miami is previous installments, so what’s the point?

    • Also, wouldnt Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s characters be serving life sentences in prison for treason and war crimes after performing an invasion on Cuba and destroying entire city blocks of homes and killing what had to be hundreds of innocent civilians? I hate Bad Boys 2 so much. It’s such garbage.

  25. Think its safe to say that fans have been waiting years for this, I can’t wait also but its kind of strange its been 11 years & still no blu-ray release of Bad Boys 2 cause we deserve a special edition blu-ray, now that Bay doesn’t want to direct T5 I think bad boys 3 should be his next film, if anything Bruckheimer, Bay, Will & Martin owe us at least 5 more sequels for all the development rumors we heard about this throughout the years lol but 2-3 is realistic, & Martin does NOT need this, we need it, he wants it to be made.

    With the “2-3 more sequels” thing there was a rumor a few years back that Will Smith gave Michael Bay the idea that he wanted to extend the series cause he had a story for 3 that would continue for 4, if Peter Craig is still on board writing with David Guggenheim then they should really consider continuing into 2 parts with their stories, and lets not forget the so called April Fools announcement Bay did for BB3 & 4 shooting back to back so that COULD work & i hope it does

    Martin has also lost crazy weight so now is the time to jump on this project, they could easily capture the magic of the 1st film & the over the top magic in the 2nd & put it all together for a great 2 part movie to form this..

    Bring the attitude/tone back Martin had in Bad Boys 1, no more woosah, no more over over overreacting in car case chase scenes like in the 2nd, & make him shoot & drive a little bit more

    Mix the cool Mike Lowery attitude from the 1st & the aggressive Mike Lowery from the 2nd together in certain situations, Will’s attitude in 2 in the Haitian shootout scene was epic, especially in the house

    Bring back the “if you want some bad enough come get some” scheme that Marcus & Mike used to get out of stuff (the carjack & store scene from the 1st)

    More hilarious arguments, the back & forth jokes with the 2 hispanics

    Move over the top action crazy shootouts & car chase scenes wit the blood & gore of course lol (“hate” Bay all you want but this is what he do)

    Bring back Dr. Dre for the additional music

    • *More over the top action crazy shootouts & car chase scenes wit the blood & gore of course lol (“hate” Bay all you want but this is what he do)

  26. all i am goona say get justin lin to direct

  27. They all must be in debut SMH!!!

  28. I liked both Bad Boy movies, One was my favorite and two was good especially the scene where the kid comes to pick up Martin’s daughter. I would like 3 to be about someone from either’s past coming to take revenge on Mike and Martin having to do a bulk of the work in the 3rd film. Martin is underrated and for the record he doesn’t beat up women he had a drug problem which he has now beat. I hope they do the 3rd flick we need a good action movie with no robots, monsters or dudes in costumes.

  29. i want bad boys upto part5 , both bad boys films were very comedy.