Jerry Bruckheimer Offers ‘Bad Boys 3′ and ‘National Treasure 3′ Updates

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bad boys 3 Jerry Bruckheimer Offers Bad Boys 3 and National Treasure 3 Updates

Even in today’s constant stream of sequels, reboots and remakes, it seems that some franchises can’t help but stall out in between installments. Ghostbusters 3 is perhaps the best example of Hollywood trying to continue a hit franchise, only to run into years of development hell in the process. However, Bad Boys 3 and National Treasure 3 are on the list as well.

Both franchises have two box office hits under their belts and heavy-duty star power with actors like Will Smith and Nicolas Cage, respectively. Yet, 11 years has passed since Bad Boys II scored $273 million at the worldwide box office, and it’s been a full seven years since Cage went treasure-hunting, previously pulling in $457 million with National Treasure: Book of Secrets. So what’s holding up progress on the sequels, considering that these studios have guaranteed hits waiting in the wings?

Collider recently asked Jerry Bruckheimer – who produces both franchises – for an update. First up, here’s what he had to say about the status of Bad Boys 3:

“It’s so funny because we’ll get Sony real excited to make the movie, and then Will [Smith] is off doing two movies.  And then, Will will come back and be real excited about it, and Sony will say, ‘Well, maybe it’s not the time for this.’  And then, Ride Along came out and was a big hit, and now they’re all excited to make the movie, but Will is off doing something else.  It’s just trying to get everybody together to make it.  But, we’re working on the script.  We have a lot of faith and hope that we’ll do it.”

It’s not surprising that Smith’s schedule is partly to blame for the delay, as the actor is still very much in demand (despite After Earth‘s disappointing performance). Still, it’s encouraging to hear that he remains passionate about coming back for a third film, especially after reports the he is done with the Men in Black franchise and won’t appear in the upcoming Independence Day sequel. It’s also noteworthy that Bruckheimer doesn’t make mention of Michael Bay – who made his directorial debut with the first Bad Boys and returned to helm its sequel. Bad Boys 3 did recently secure a new writer, but it’s possible that Bay may be available (and not tied up by the Transformers franchise) when the film finally starts production.

national treasure 2 Jerry Bruckheimer Offers Bad Boys 3 and National Treasure 3 Updates

As for National Treasure 3, things sound even more hopeful or, at least, like they’re moving forward, according to Bruckheimer.

“Those are the hardest movies to make because they’re all based on clues.  It’s so difficult to work them out.  But, we got a first act in [on Friday], and Jon [Turteltaub, who directed both previous films] was very excited about it and I’m very excited about it.  Hopefully, the first act will lead into the second act and the third act, and we’ll get this thing going.”

Word is that the director and Cage are both very much interested in continuing the adventures of Benjamin Franklin Gates and his crew. Cage is busy as ever, with several project on the way, but we’re betting that Disney won’t be able to resist keeping this franchise alive, given its overseas appeal and dwindling returns on the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Are you excited at the thought of another installment in the Bad Boys and National Treasure franchises? Let us know what you’d like to see in the sequels in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on Bad Boys 3 and National Treasure 3 as these stories develop.

Source: Collider

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  1. if will smith, martin lawrence and bay dont return then bad boys 3 can just die… id rather get a reboot. and smith… dont give our son a lead role, make it a cameo at least… he was horrible in after earth

    • What’s Jaden NOT been horrible in?

      I wanted his annoying character dead in The Day The Earth Stood Still and wanted the bullies to kick his ass in The Karate Kid. I refuse to watch anything else he’s in because he comes across as cocky and annoying, even if the scene is meant to make the audience sympathise with him but he looks just as annoying in trailers for other things he stars in.

      • i enjoyed karate kid. the kid was whiny but it was tolerable and chan was great in it.

        • Chan and the scenery were the only parts I really enjoyed but Jaden’s presence in it kinda soured my opinion of that film. I don’t take personal issue with him like others do, I just couldn’t enjoy a film where the lead character is supposed to be lovable and sympathetic but he ends up becoming the kind of character you want to see slapped repeatedly to snap them out of it.

          I mean, he was completely disrespectful and petulant to everyone around him. At least when Ralph Macchio acted that way, he redeemed himself through Miyagi’s teaching and became a better person, this one didn’t, he was still an arrogant kid with a tournament win.

          • Imho that sounds like a directing flaw and not necesarily the actors fault (regarding that situation for that movie). If the writting was going for a dissobident child to grow up and to be humbled by the teachings/life lessons from his instructor and use it to become a better young man then the director should have done a better job directing it and not settle for anthing less. but who knows.. i could be wrong.. I respect your view

            • @Dazz
              This sounds more likely like what they had asked of him and not his son’s fault. the kid may have been in character. You cant blame him for that

  2. Loved National Treasure and the sequel. I’d watch a third.

    My younger brother has a box set with both Bad Boys movies but other than Bad Boys 2 scenes that were shown during Hot Fuzz, can’t say I’ve ever seen the films. I see them listed on the movie channels now and then but just can’t find the motivation to watch and tend to either put on something else or listen to music through headphones instead.

  3. PLEASE MAKE A BB3! So we can forget how abysmal bb2 was!

    • BB2 was fantastic! Far superior to the first in terms of action, comedy, camera work and spectacle. The only flaw is that it was far too long.

      • I beg to differ Laredo. bb2 was a jumbled mess that was full of crasp and pointless humor. The chase/action scences were forced and unimaginative. But BB1 on the other hand was fresh and flowed effortlessly.

        • So you mean to say that BB1 did not have crasp and pointless humor? I think it really feels in BB2 that the guys have grown even closer to each other as the years have passed. I agree that some scenes were forced, but you can find such scenes in BB1 aswell. All in all I have to agree with Laredo. BB2 is a much more complete, yet too long, film.

          Especially the villain is so much better.

  4. I really want a National Treasure 3. I mean I know people have always been “meh” on them as far as reviews go, but I’ve enjoyed them a lot. Its just a fun adventure movie to get lost in for a little while.

    I know it wasn’t mentioned in the article, but I like the idea of having Sean Bean return. According to the movie wikia (which might not even be trustworthy) his character should be out of prison by 2015 or 2016. It would make since for him to want revenge in a 3rd film.

    I also love Bad Boys so lets get it going as well.

  5. I like Sean Bean in that movie also. I think it would be neat if Gates had to follow up on the unnamed ‘book of secrets’ item the President mentioned to him in Part 2, but that he would (for some reason) need Ian’s help to solve the riddle.

  6. where the H-E double hockeysticks is BAD BOYS 2 on BLURAY? WTH dickheimer?? oh wait, was it because when he had to give the ok to put it on bluray he buckled and couldn’t speak to the group to give the ok?

    the one movie Id love to have on bluray and yet it still hasn’t happened.

  7. i dont care, im still waiting and waiting, n i i have to wait more, which i hope wont be that much more, for these 2 franchises to continue. they both been confirmed that there will be a third installment for both! Bad Boys n National Treasure are on my top franchise lists! hoping they’ll come sooner rather than later!

  8. BB3 – yes please. But as someone mentioned above, just don’t put in a 4th act this time. BB and BB2 were the ultimate in pure mindless drivel that entertained.

  9. Bad Boys one is where its at.. Are used to quote tha s*** out of that movie when I was a kid….

  10. “Cuuzzz..I’m Mike Lowwwwwwry.”

    -Detective Marcus Burnett

    • I want to be I want to be I want to be like mike. Pow..

  11. Wow an article on Michael Bay without the typical hater rants, refreshing.
    Michael Bay knows how to make a lot of money in the movie biz and should be more
    praised for it! Since there is no showbiz without the $! I hope he makes both movies.

  12. Soooooo essentially nothing is happening.

    That’s what this article should be titled: “Jerry Bruckheimer Can’t Offer ‘Bad Boys 3′ and ‘National Treasure 3′ Updates, Because Nothing’s Happening And They Are All Still Really Excited About It.”

    • @Pablo
      But that’s too specific man, you need something a bit more vague so that people click to read it like… “Jerry Bruckheimer says words. Some of those words include but are not limited to “Bad”, “Boys, “National”, “Treasure”, and “3″.

  13. Im happy to see national treasure 3

  14. National Treasure is a guilty pleasure for me. I find them enjoyable even I they tilt towards the rediculous.

  15. Meh to both movies. I’ll wait for them on cable

  16. I’d be interested in both movies, but I’ve REALLY been wanting Bad Boys 3 for a long time. Can’t wait until Michael Bay is done with giant Robots and revisits the Bad Boys franchise.

  17. I would be game for a 3rd National Treasure.
    I just re-watched the 1st a couple weeks ago and 10 years later it holds up pretty well as a good time summer blockbuster that is fun for the whole family.
    I haven’t seen the sequel since it was in the theater and I honestly can’t even remember what happened but I remember it as a good time only maybe not as good as the 1st.
    I’ll have to check it out again.

  18. Yes to National Treasure 3, there’s a film people actually desire.

    No to Bad Boys!!!! Unless they put the first two on Bluray finally and advertise BB3 on that disc…..

  19. i highly doubt his son will be in bad boys 3, relax people.. hes way to young to be in a movie like that, and he def wouldnt tie into it..

  20. I think it is really great that they are making a three of national treasure and bad boys