Ayelet Zurer Is Playing Superman’s Mom In ‘Man of Steel’

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ayelet zurer man of steel Ayelet Zurer Is Playing Supermans Mom In Man of Steel

Principal photography on director Zack Snyder’s rebooting of the Superman franchise, Man of Steel, has been ongoing for a couple months now – with a seemingly set-in-stone cast.

Snyder and his production team have spent several weeks working with the likes of Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon on Man of Steel – as evidenced by numerous set photos. This week’s shooting docket look to involve (chronologically) early scenes set on Supe’s formerly thriving home planet, Krypton. However, it turns out that Julia Ormond will not be portraying the superhero’s biological mother, Lara, after all.

Deadline has learned that Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is instead set to play Lara Lor-Van in Man of Steel – and will beginning filming her part this week. Ormond, for the record, was never officially locked for the role, so a breakdown in negotiations may be the reason for her non-involvement.

Most moviegoers are presumably familiar with Zurer for either her role as CERN scientist Vittoria Vetra (a.k.a. Tom Hanks’ semi-love interest) in Angels & Demons – or the actress’ turn as the wife of Eric Bana’s Mossad agent, Avner, in Steven Spielberg’s Munich. Zurer also had a recurring role on HBO’s In Treatment TV show and appeared in the thriller Vantage Point a few years back.

Fans, however, are presumably most concerned with whether or not Zurer possesses the looks (and graceful screen presence) to suffice as Lara for her brief appearance in Man of Steel. The actress is quite capable in both areas, bearing a fairly strong physical resemblance to the darker-haired version(s) of the character – who, in Snyder’s reboot, is expected to be modeled partly after her more intellectual incarnation in Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” comic book. There, Lara worked alongside her husband, Jor-El, in designing the spacecraft used to transport their son to safety before Krypton was laid to ruin.

To refresh your memory, here is the official synopsis for Man of Steel:

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.

In other words: Man of Steel is expected to be at least part-origin story. So look for Zurer as Lara to play as consequential a part – and have a similar amount of screen time – as Susannah York did when she portrayed the character, back in director Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman movie.


Man of Steel is slated for theatrical release in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. “Man of Steel is expected to be at least part-origin story”

    And part Superman 2.

    And part Smallville.

    And no original parts.

    • Any Superman movie will never have and original parts.

      • So what are your thoughts on original motoko?

    • hahaha! my thought exactly!

  2. I count this new bit of information as a notch in the WIN column for this film. I enjoyed her in both roles in which I’ve seen her and believe she can easily and effectively play Kal El’s mother. I am excited for 2013, because each tidbit of news gets me more and more excited for the film AND for the return of Superman to the big screen.

    So far: great casting, great villain, great story (what we know of it), great outfit…

    • “So far: great casting, great villain, great story (what we know of it), great outfit…”

      I’ll give you 1 out of 4 for that. The costume is fantastic.

      • Who are YOU to give out any stars? You’re not the Superman scholar you think you are. You only harken to the past….

        • What so I’m not entitled to an opinion? Why, because you say say?

      • I know you already think the film is dead in the water, Sam, but I do NOT. You will forgive me if I disagree with your assessment of the other four points.

        • oops…other THREE points. Yes, the costume is wonderful :)

        • Look, simply put, I’d love them to knock this out of the park and for it to be awesome. But, amazing costume aside, I haven’t seen anything to impress me. Not the cast and certainly not the director.

          Will I still be there on opening night? Almost definitely. Maybe they will all surprise me…

          • Wow, the costume is awful.

            In my opinion.

            • Hey, that’s fine if you don’t like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

            • The costume does suck! Just like the rest of the movie surely will as well. Can’t expect “Hollywood” to make a decent movie these days about an American icon without bastardizing it completely. I’m surprised they didn’t cast the role of Superman as a hispanic black man.

      • some people are just too critical, honestly :) There is way to little out there to give this movie any kind of rating.

    • Right on, Archeon! Well said. I totally agree and share your enthusiasm!

      Hard to believe we have almost 2 years to go. But it’s cool because they can take their time in bringing us the BEST Superman film ever!

      • Somehow I doubt that this film will surpass the original Christopher Reeve film, but I am hoping that it’s at least as good as the 2nd film. It’d be hard pressed to worse than 3 & 4 or SR.

        • It wont though!

        • Well that’s just the problem, you’re already comparing it to the original. This film is ignoring that other universe. I loved the Reeve’s/Donner films too. This is taking a different direction. stop comparing!

    • Yes, she is great and will be amazing as Kal El’s mother.

  3. Ayelet Zurer is stunning! I’ll miss Julia Ormond and hope all is well with her and will always consider her to be a member of the MAN OF STEEL family, but having Ms Zurer in the cast is just superb. Wow, what a film this is going to be.

    I’ve also read some radical rumorS concerning Russel Crowe and how he will appear in MOS. For now, I’ll take it with a grain of salt, but if true, it fits in perfectly with the awesome tone that Zack Snyder is bringing to this most BRILLIANT cinematic experience.


    GO TEAM SNYDER !!!!!!!!!!

    MAN OF STEEL June 14, 2013 !!!!!!!

    KNEEL BEFORE ZACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you by any chance, Zack Snyder?

      • Are you by any chance, a simpleton? It’s okay. We already know the answer.

        • Oh. There’s no need to be offensive. That’s uncalled for. Personal insults, tut tut.

    • I am excited too, but I’m thinking that we who are anticipating this film might want to be a little calmer in our comments so that people will realize we have legitimate reasons for our excitement and will actually READ those comments. Your OVERzealous responses might be turning people off, thus actually achieving the opposite to the effect you hoped for.

      Just something to consider…

      • You know what? If the haters don’t like it, that’s THEIR PROBLEM !!!

        KNEEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sigh…I tried.

          • Well, I’d give you a medal for the effort.

        • Kryptonic,

          Chill out. Disagree with others if you like but don’t be rude and/or obnoxious about it.


    • I completely agree with you 1000% :) This film is going to be amazing, in every sense of the word. Everything I’ve seen so far has been great. I seriously can’t wait.

      GO TEAM SNYDER BABY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Merciful Rao approves of this :D

  4. Um… I thought this was a reboot. Well, my boots were made for walking into a movie theater and paying for a ticket to something else.

    • Umm, it IS a reboot. That’s one of the things that’s got me so excited (among many)…a renewed start.

      • And that’s one of my problems, it’s a reboot instead of progressing the story. Everyone knows his roots; I just feel they should come up with a Superman movie that features more of his rogues gallery (Metallo, Brainiac, Doomsday, etc…).

        As to the casting, I think the cast is great. I had my reservations about Cavill but his photos in the costume look great. I just hope he can pull off Clark/Kal-EL. I still am ambivalent about Synder but my big butt will be in the seat come 2013.

        • I agree totally John. Between the original Superman film and Smallville, Superman’s origins have already been done repeatedly. I just hope that this shows up something we haven’t seen and sets up the second film for Brainiac, Darkseid or Doomsday.

          • Supes origins in the movies was like 30 years ago. Smallivlles origin was ten years ago. I think thats enough time for a reboot.

              • The beginning of smallville was in the first season…(getting real deep here).

                Besides, that’s not the Big Screen. No Zod, no origin since 1980ish.

                I think that’s enough time.

        • I disagree. I’m so glad it’s a reboot more than anything. There is always time and more films to continue on with the rest of the villains.

          • Yeah, unless this film underperforms like Superman Returns and WB decides to reboot in another 10 years. Everyone and their grandparents knows the origin of Superman, there is NO reason to rehash the origins again. Unless Hollyweird is so bereft of ideas that even with 70 years of comic stories they can’t come up with something new for Superman.

            • @Andy S

              Exactly. No one wants to see the origins AGAIN and AGAIN and… well… again! There is not enough time to forge Superman into the hero he’s supposed to be in just one movie. 8 Seasons of Smallville was just about the right amount of time needed.

              Pick on from there. Seriously. Do it.

  5. I’ll start getting excited for this movie when it’s not 2 years away….

  6. 2013 is such a long ways to go till this comes outtt to long to waittt

  7. Why are both of Superman’s mom’s hotter than Lois Lane?

    • Epic Fail!!!

      • Yup!

  8. As an avid fan of the comics and lover if cinema I can honestly say that not one superman movie has been made that can compete with any if he comics story arcs, characters, and heart. Superman unfortunately was viewed as a 2 dimensional character. While Bruce Wayne has multiple facets to his character. I liked Snyders work with Dawn of the Dead and 300, I hope he can make this work but it already sounds like thier just missing the classic charm and honesty if superman.

  9. Archeon + pejorative epithet = stereotype

  10. archeon agreed that i was the hit l e r word because i have an opinion that spider man should not be killed and become black which if marvel just did it and didn’t start a diversity arugment might not seem so bad people might not like the idea but at least we would not know for a fact it was about color

  11. oh and on this topic why? Can’t marvel come up with new story lines or anyone for that matter are we going 100 years from now if that exist for us be watching superman?

  12. dc or marvel

  13. At least Snyder got the characters names right in the Superman mythos. That’ll be about it & like a car wreck we’re gonna watch just to see the casualties pile up!

  14. Atom Man, invents a number of deadly devices to plague the city, including a disintegrating machine which can reduce people to their basic atoms and reassemble them in another place But Superman manages to thwart each scheme. Since Kryptonite can rob Superman of his powers, Lex Luthor decides to create a synthetic K ryptonite and putters about obtaining the necessary ingredients

  15. At this point all I can do is shrug my shoulders and continue to be unimpressed with virtually everything I have read or seen about this movie thus far. I absolutely hate the ridiculous outfit, not in love with the actors, thoroughly disappointed in the villain rehash, etc. So yeah……meh. Go big or go home and retelling the origin story along with using ZOD again (just like Superman 1-2) is not what I consider an awe inspiring decision.

    There is of course a change however they could do an amazing job. It will just be a pleasant surprise for me but I’m not holding my breath hoping for the best. I did that with “Superman Returns” and I got burned big time on that one.

  16. Ever seen Titanic? When this movie hits theaters its going be like the Titanic hitting that iceberg. This coming from a Superman fan too!

  17. tonee…or should I say tone, from the closed comment thread…

    Don’t follow me and continue to be obnoxious. I am not gay; the reason I write (and speak) the way I do is because I am educated…something you might consider for yourself. I also become extremely irritated at people I perceive to be small- minded and bigoted…something else you might consider.

  18. tonee,

    Based on your comments on the diversity post and this you are well on your way to being banned.

    Just thought you should know.


  19. Check Out Screen Rant’s Dark Knight Rises Photo Gallery …. archeon agreed that i was the hit l e r word because i have an opinion that spider …

    google the top statement then tell me i am stupid vic

  20. have you ever seen titanic vic lol i can change any numeral that is associated with my connection from here to 1000 leagues under the sea but i am getting the feeling you are archeon i may be wrong but you protect him like a child

  21. vic i can change numerals in my connection easily thats how smart i am protecting a racist discriminatory bigot like a baby is sad stuff refresh

  22. oh and my moms still jewish and archeon called me hitle r and vic banned me for that

    • I didn’t ban you. I put you on auto-moderation. Your comments are bizarre, disjointed and add nothing to the conversation.


      • Epic win! I have been wondering who this person is, and why he/she has some vendetta against Archaeon.

  23. vic why do you act so protective of peoples feelings but when archeon calls me hitler for a perfectly normal arugment you delete mine and leave his calling me stupid and lots of other things you know vic this could be a critic

    • t-bon/tone/tonee,

      Listen. I deleted comments on both sides of that discussion – maybe I didn’t get them all. I don’t like to see petty arguments nor comment threads hijacked by people arguing with each other that has nothing to do with the article.

      So how about just letting it go and moving on, eh? Do that and I’ll take you off auto-mod.

      Best regards,


  24. oh but you did ban the original tone and this pertains to your website as a whole not just the diversity conversation although that does weigh me down a bit as far as you went to delete my comments makes me believe you care absolutely nothing about opinions

    • t-bon,

      You are off auto-moderation.


    • tone…

      Give respect, and you’ll get respect. I never criticized your opinions about the comic. I DID criticize (and will continue to remain critical of) your use of the bigoted expression “colored people”. I care not one whit about what you think of the new Spider-Man…You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. You, however, are NEVER allowed to insult another group of people just because you have not kept up with the proper and appropriate terminology of the current era. That is not even political correctness; it is simply courtesy and respect…something you claim as YOUR due.

      You become (and remain) respectful, and I will gladly do the same in return.

      Oh, and for the record, I HAVE had comments deleted if ScreenRant has deemed them inappropriate…at the very least, I have been given a warning when neccessary, so THAT argument/complaint will not serve you at all.

  25. Wow! Ok, what was this thread about again? :-)

  26. I grew up in poverty my whole life. listening to you stereotype me well it brings back every memory of friends black white mexican and i just have to say i dont think it is diversity that is even the issues the poor color don’t want your pity god blessed me with a beautiful mind and i also do not need your apology my guess is you had a loving family growing up middle class or above what i need you to understand is that it is not a race issue it is simply about not making it a race issue.

    • That’s sad to hear, and I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough life…You should appreciate my point THAT much more then. I did not stereotype you…the ONLY point I made about you was that you were not being respectful.

      As far as I’m concerned, the matter is over, and i’m moving on.