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Opinion on the forthcoming Terminator: Salvation has been mixed to say the least. However, with each new bit of news it would appear that director McG has done the unthinkable – firstly he may have finally made a decent film, and secondly (and more importantly) he may also have made a damn good Terminator film.

Who’d have thunk it?

And now we have the first look at the film’s poster and guess what?

It looks fantastic!

Check it out below:

terminator teaser Awesome Terminator Salvation Poster

Pretty damn impressive!

However, this is also a “motion poster” and if you check here you can see that it really is smoking hot.

If McG has made a Terminator prequel that not only holds a candle to Cameron’s first two films and manages to reignite the franchise; then we could have many years of cool destruction ahead of us!

Also if any eagle eye’d fans noticed the Sony Pictures logo and thought “wait a minute – isn’t this a Warner Bros. release?” Don’t worry – Sony is handling overseas distribution.  Breathe easy, this is the real deal.

The Christian Bale and Sam Worthington starring Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. Cameron’s Terminator films might be too high of a standard to hold this to. Perhaps it’ll be more fair to just hope this is much better than T3… I say much better and not just better because to be simply better than T3 really isn’t saying much, lol.

  2. A prequel that’s set AFTER the first films. That’s making my head explode. Darn you, time travel!


  3. Can’t wait! I’m a fan of the concept art too… I think as long as they don’t b**** out and give it a PG-13 curse, it’ll be good stuff. It is a Christian Bale film afterall…

  4. The smoking poster was pretty cool…

    I am HOPING that this is a good movie. Not great, just good. Like Mantis said, it DOES have Christian Bale….

  5. I’m excited now

  6. This will be great, Ive loved all the Terminator movies, and Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and better yet I’ll be in the States when this movie is released, So this is a hugh ‘Can’t wait to see movie’

  7. I think that that was one of the coolest posters i have seen in a while. I think everyone should get off McG’s Back, because its not how the film is directed, but rather how it is written and with Jonathan Nolan having done some rewrites on the script and I believe Joss Whedon has also contributed, you can’t really screw it up, as long as you stay close to the source material.

  8. Thats just it Metallicat79, they haven’t stayed close to the source material. In the original terminator, Reese described the future war and how everyone was enslaved in camps by the terminators. Terminators got DNA from them and military records. They never needed “harvesters.” Also, there have been books that go into the subject. Please guys, check out my link from the last post I made and read about what has been CONFIRMED for the movie. Based on footage shown by McG himself. He is straying away from the source material. Why would military leaders not want John Connor to lead, he knows more about Skynet and the future war then any survivor. But they continue to say this movie is about Johns journey and struggles to become leader of the resistance. Thats stupid. Also, I just read that Josh Brolin was considering a role in the flick. In this interview, he said he read a version of the script and thought it sounded good (things just didnt work out for him to be on the movie) but he said he heard they were going with a much different story so he is glad it happened the way it did. Not sure how much fact is there but I feel like that plus the stuff I mentioned in the article I posted the link for, is reason enough to at least worry. I hope he pulls it off, but I have serious concerns.

    I hope that didn’t seem negative or insulting to you in any way. Not my intention :) Just wanted to present to you some alternative facts!

  9. @Jon

    I saw the footage at Comic-Con and granted it’s hard to say an entire movie is going to be great from a few minutes of footage – however the “vibe” and the look felt right to me. This is NO “Charlie’s Angels.”


  10. Tahnks for the bit at the end, but have no fear, it takes a lot to rile me up, and besides, you have your opinions and I have mine and i Can’t Be pissed becuase you don’t agree. Now had you insulted my mom, then we would have to take this outside.
    But I do get where you are comming from, I am still excited for the movie to come out, regardless of any deviations from the sources. Because if that fails, we still have Christian Bale kicking some A$$.

  11. @Vic
    This footage was screened for press in London. It included the leaked featurette, parts of the comic-con footage AND new footage. You should check it out, I think there is a cheap but decent enough copy on the web. This is not comic-con stuff people!

    Again, I hope this movie is good. I really really do. I’ve dreamed of this day, seeing the future war on the big screen. It’s just there is enough out there to make me nervous.

  12. Yes, Bale is the MAN!!!

  13. @Jon, I am not disagreeing with you about the movie not staying close to the source material, but I would like to disagree with the point you made about John Connor. He knows the most about Skynet based on what? The fact that he says so and that Terminators were sent back to kill him? Do you see how members of the resistance might feel like he’s just some nutjob that managed to survive an encounter with a terminator like the rest of them but is telling everyone that he’s destined to be the leader? Tell me how if you’re already part of a resistance you would just go, “oh, he says he knows about all of this stuff, ok, he’s our new leader!” Unless he somehow forms the whole resistence, which I doubt is what happens.

  14. Oops, didn’t mean to type “I would like to disagree with the point…” I was going to type “I would like to comment…” but then went back to change it and didn’t delete enough, lol. I meant to say I disagree with the point you made about John Connor,” not that I would like to, lol.

  15. @Ken J
    You are right. I guess it would make sense if they looked at it from that angle. However, after the apocalypse happened, it wouldnt sound crazy to start talking about everything he knows about the terminators, skynet and the future, and I don’t think it would be to hard to find a way to prove it. But I will take your point, and say that is probably the route they will go. Nice call.

    One less reason to fear for this movie. Please, prove me wrong. I really want this to be good!!!

  16. Just so everyone knows, Sam Worthington (whose character may or may not have killed John Connors parents. At least, thats what John seems to think in the movie) has come out defending the movie. He clearly believes in it, and that means something to me. I liked what he said, except for the following:
    “If we (explative) up, we (explative) up. Guess we’ll see may 22nd”
    I understand him defending his work, but if he was so confident it was good, why would he add that? Sounds like he’s giving himself a way out. Not completely sure? I dont know. Interesting though

  17. Yah, well, after T3 and the fact that it’s being directed by someone named McG, there’s no real reason to have high hopes for this movie. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t expect anything close to T1 and T2, but it doesn’t have to be THAT good to be an enjoyable movie.

    People seem to think that Christian Bale and now anyone related to TDK are magical unicorns that can make any film good… Kind of annoying, but hopefully they are right…

  18. That almost seems like a low blow to Christian Bale. If you have any doubts on the acting Abilty of Bale, I might recommend Equilibrium, American Psyco,3:10 to Yuma and The Prestige. I don’t belive Bale is a One Trick pony.
    Nor do i belive that of any of other costars, most notably Gary Oldman.

  19. @Ken J
    You’re right. I’ll go see it in theaters and I will enjoy it much the same way I enjoyed Transformers. Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but entertaining enough.
    @ Metallicat79
    What about Rescue Dawn or Harsh Times? I don’t think Ken meant it as a slight. How can anyone slight Bale? I think he’s proven himself to everyone (though his raspy voice in TDK got on my nerves a little bit. Just a little)

  20. @jon, Ken J
    Perhaps i may have misintrpreted what being said, I am a Bale fan, and i Find him a terific actor. It was not my intent to be insulting or malice.
    Dido on the Clint Eastwood impression. It did not bother me the first time i watched, but as I watched it the second time, I really just wanted to slpa the man.

  21. Saying that an actor doesn’t automatically make a movie great is not saying anything bad about that actor. I don’t know of a single actor that has NEVER been in a bad movie or at least a movie that I didn’t enjoy. I never said that Christian Bale isn’t a good actor, but that doesn’t mean that a movie will be good just because he is in it.

    Good example for me is The Machinist. He wasn’t bad, I simply didn’t like the film. And I am not even the slightest bit interested in Harsh Times. I saw a part of it and thought it was garbage. Just a federal version of Training Day, which I thought was crap too.

    Everyone thinks American Psycho is like the god of all movies. I liked it, but I wouldn’t go THAT far. Equilibrium is one of my favorite films of all time, lots of fun, 3:10 to Yuma was pretty good, but honestly I would say that Russell Crowe stole that show. And Rescue Dawn was pretty good too. The Prestige was interesting indeed, but I’m just not sure how interested I am about magicians and the whole sci-fi aspect of that movie.

    But anyway, my point is that it takes a lot more than just Christian Bale to make a film good. I was just pointing out how everyone is like “Oh, Christian Bale is in T4, so it MUST be good.” or “A Nolan helped edit the script, so that means it must be awesome!”

    Come on, get real, there is a whole lot more going on than just a script rewrite and ONE actor in a movie…

  22. @Ken J
    I totally agree with you, just because an good actor is in a film, that does not mean that the film will be good. The point I was trying to make, was that despite the director, everything really goes back to the Writers and how the story is written,its only the directors fault when he misintprets or misrepresents the written product.

    Nolan did help edit the script and rewrite bits of it, but he notrious for doing the research, and ensuring the accuracy of the story he is trying to present. I was not saying that Its going to be good because Nolan and Whedon rewrote stuff or because Bale was in it. Thats not it at all.
    All I was saying that depsite the controversial Hiring Of McG, there is still a chance that the Film will stay close to the source material, and that even if it doesn’t, Bale should at the very least make it somewhat entertaining.

  23. BTW Russell Crowe really did steal the show.

  24. I think you are really underestimating the role of the Director… No matter how well a story is written, how you actually see it translated on screen is up to the director. If the actors cannot accurately portray the mood of the scene because the director is not “directing” them appropriately, it really wouldn’t matter how well the script or story was written.

    Trust me, the Director is one of the most important members of the filmmaking team.

  25. Directors are crucial, and McG is no Speilberg or Nolan. But I think as fans of Bale, we are excited to see him on screen because we feel like he brings something special to all the roles he plays. I cant speak for Metallicat79, but I personally look forward to seeing what Bale does with the character and how he portrays him. Thats why Im excited to see it even if it looks bad.

    We all have different opinions. Thats why I love coming here to Screenrant, the extreme variety of different commentaries you’ll find here.

    American Psycho was a great movie in my book. And Bale was delightfully twisted in it. Just my opinion though.

  26. Ooops. Had a problem with the name there. Sorry

  27. Listen, I was not saying that the role of the director wasn’t important, nor was i underestimating the omportance of the director, i belive them to be key to the film making process, all i was saying was that without the writers, who for the most come up with the concepts and the basis for the stories, the directors don’t have anything to work with and that its up to them to intrpret what the writers vision for the finished product. But i find that we seem to have deviated from the purpose of this post, and that is: Awesome poster, which we hope translates into and Awesome movie.
    I am totally with you, I am excited to actually see a good actor (nothing against Nick Stahl) portray and interpret John Conor.

  28. “I am totally with you, I am excited to actually see a good actor (nothing against Nick Stahl) portray and interpret John Conor.”

    I disagree, I have something against Nick Stahl, his John Connor sucked, he was the biggest cry-baby wimp I’ve ever seen, and that’s not John Connor.