Awesome New Clip & TV Spots For Transformers 2

Published 6 years ago by , Updated July 8th, 2014 at 9:21 am,

transformers 2 the fallen face Awesome New Clip & TV Spots For Transformers 2

Can you believe it? We’re only one week away from the official opening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

While I had issues with the first Transformers like many others did, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and I find myself getting more and more excited for its sequel as the day inches closer. Helping make that happen is the continuous flow of promotional materials making their online including these videos we have for you today.

First off, we have a scene from the movie which pieces together some quick clips we have seen in previous trailers. The scene looks beautiful and flows very well. Take a look and see:

“We Gonna Die”

It feels like a Roller Coaster with some of those shots – I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Next up, we have three brand new ads for the movie thanks to Michael Bay’s official website. If you’re going by the numbering scheme to keep track of the TV spots, I believe these are 17-19.

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  1. GAH! Even the 30 second spots give me headaches!

    Will I be seeing this film?

    To quoth Mr. LeBeouf:


  2. The acting was kinda rough but I still can’t wait to see it!

  3. Sideswipe is nasty! Looks awesome!

  4. All of those were awesome, but them showing more of Devastator forming was just awesome. So was that Blackout who picked up Sam’s car or was it a new one thats supposed to be called Grinder….or something.

  5. It’s grindor, blackout won’t be back. Neither will barricade.

  6. Variety’s review said its basically the same as the first film with less humor, more shouting and over 2 hours long.

    Its just mindless robots fighting each other.

  7. There’s also a scene showing Devestator with testicles/wrecking balls.

    Classy,,, 8-O

  8. It’s all in good fun.

    Anybody who expects Transformers to be Shakespeare needs to just stick to non-sci-fi genres.

    That being said, I didn’t watch the trailers because I didn’t want to spoil myself too much (which I wish I hadn’t done with Iron Man, etc.) – especially seeing one of the titles for the trailers was “Everything,” lol.

  9. @ 790

    Haha Thanks for spoiling the “suprise” :)

    I think that this will be perfect for some mindless explosive summer fun.

    I really hope that they set it up for Unicron for the next one :P

  10. Great balls of fire Rob. 8-O

  11. its like a dream .. i cant wait to see it !!!

  12. Quite literally balls of steel :D hehe

    Gotta hand it to Bay, How could he top that…hmm.

  13. I think I might be alone in this but I felt the first film was boring as an action movie. I think they did a really poor job creating any kind of connection/kinship to the robots (minus Optimus and Bumblebee) most of them looked exactly the same. The comedy side of the first one was decent but I read that they are going to be doing away with it. All of the action scenes were focused in so close it just look liked a mangle of parts to me. I really like the Sci-Fi genre but this is just mindless and lame and much like what “jerseycajun” said I don’t think I could handle two hours of nonononononononono!

  14. 6 days!!! i cant wait. love the last vid. Bumblebee is my fave. as for more sequels, i know they’re making at least 2 more, which will include unicron and the dinobots (you cant have devastator without the dinobots). if you dont belive me, go to wikipedia. did i mention 6 days!?

  15. Gonna see it on IMAX! Hope the writers were more creative this time and don’t repeat the same thing over and over, like “nonononononoo!”

  16. I’m so annoyed… I’m going to a pre-screening on Tuesday night at a complex that HAS an IMAX theater, but they’re not showing it on that screen.


  17. @790

    If they cut back on the juvenile humor that’ll automatically add a half star to my rating.

    IF they cut back on it.


  18. Beware Vic if you don’t give the film more than 3.5 stars you could be branded a Hater and an enemy of the Bay. Spit on and maybe even called unAmerican. 8-O

    Its funny the reviews I’ve read all call Shia’s parents ditsy even mentally chalenged.
    Yeah I’m hoping the writing is better as well, cause when I watch this on dvd in a few years,,,, lol.

  19. I should really stop watching these dont , want to spoil it considering I get to see it tomorrow at the London IMAX

  20. Yawn.

    Can’t be good car advertising, considering that the passenger door doesn’t seem to be equipped with any sort of latching mechanism.

  21. Wow. Sideswipe slicing Sideways in two was pretty awesome.

  22. @790 and vic

    You guys are bay and transformers haters! I should hunt you both down and force you to watch bay movies. Jk I wouldn’t put you through that torture!

  23. Oh and vic,
    I’ve seen it and the humor is even more out of hand. Good luck!

  24. @The Voice of Reason

    Sorry, I’m not a “Bay hater.” The Rock is one of my favorite flicks and I didn’t even mind Armageddon (far from great, though). I’ve said it over and over: I hated the mashup of of cool action scenes with retarded, juvenile humor.

    Sure… PUT humor in the film, but raise the bar a little (OK, a LOT). Look at the Die Hard films – they had humor, but it was appropriate to the movies. In Transformers they wanted humorous moments but decided to inject kindergarten humor (robot peeing on dumb-ass FBI agent) as well as inappropriate humor (masturbation joke).


  25. @ vic

    I know you’re not a hater – that’s why I said “just kidding”. Geez, defensive a bit? Maybe you are a hater.

  26. @The Voice of Reason
    Jk means “just kidding”? I didn’t know that.

  27. Lol, what does JK mean in Klingon.

    Sharpin up those fangs?

  28. @790
    There is no word in Klingonese for “kidding”, petaQ!!

    790, please don’t make Kahless mad. Of course, everything makes Kahless mad. :-)

  29. If I only had a nickel for every time I heard the “Shakespeare” defense…

    Look, it’s not because our expectations were too high that those of us who didn’t like the first film, panned it. It’s because it gave us nothing. Absolutely nothing. All I would have asked the film do is present us with decent, well staged action and characters we could rally around, villains we could boo and make us feel like something, anything mattered.

    They didn’t. Nobody I know went into the film thinking it was going to be “thought provoking”. But you have to hit at least one of the triumvirate of “head, heart, and laughs”. It had none of those, and action that was shot lousily and character designs that were confusing for the most part, sound and music that was eardrum shattering, and editing by Cuisinart. It gave me a headache and for what? Nothing. I was mad at the screen at about the time the robot urination joke happened, and I just hated it more and more with every passing minute as I knew from that point out there was nothing that could redeem it.

    It was an unmitigated disaster.

    Shakespeare? No, I just wanted the movie to make me care about something other than scatological movement.