Awesome Brand New (And Final) Wall-E Trailer!

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You know, we get so caught up here in the more “grown-up” movies that we really haven’t given Well-E its due. The latest (I’m betting) masterpiece from Pixar opens just a week from now and they’ve put out a new trailer for it.

I think that if you’re a big fan of late 70’s/early 80’s Sci Fi films you’re going to love this movie. Brad Bird from Pixar has stated that they set out to explicitly capture the cinematography and style of the movie of that era. The worst that Pixar has done to date is to make a movie that’s “just” good. Most of their stuff is excellent and I’m really looking forward to this one.

Check out the trailer below.


Wall-E opens on June 27th

Source IGN via FSR

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  1. I really don’t know what to expect from this. It looks great.

  2. I think this is going to be great, I am actually very excited to see it.

  3. wonderful, this reminds of R2-D2 :)


  4. Hello all (from someone, me, from Spain). : )

    I use to like Pixar’s works -“The Icredibles” is my favorite-.
    This trailer is amazing for me; taking the befored showns I didn’t expect all that ‘energy’ swhon in this.
    I like this people, they use to give us all goods things for all.

    Take a greet (and, please, forgive my possible errors using english language -I swear that I strongly do my best with it as well as I do with my spanish one-. ^^

    Better bye. : )

  5. Vic,

    Firstly, thanks for posting this much better resolution version than the cruddy youtube one that’s been floating around. Great stuff.

    Just FYI, Brad Bird (as much as I think he’d kick all kinds of butt with the sci-fi element in the movie just as he did in Iron Giant) didn’t work on Wall-E. Are you sure it wasn’t Andrew Stanton who said it?

    As for the cinematography, it’s been passed around that Roger Deakens (Shawshank Redemption/ No Country For Old Men) spent a good bit of time consulting with Pixar on the “camera” work for Wall-E. This trailer is the first to really show off that influence, I think.

  6. Jersey, you could be right… but I could’ve sworn it was Brad who said that at the Comic-Con last year.


  7. seen it again, reminds me of ET too :)


  8. jerseycajun
    you are right!
    Roger Deakins and special-effects guru Dennis Muren have worked on this film and they are legends in this genre..


  9. Greenknight,

    I’m 33 and I’ve watched Ratatouille on DVD numerous times already in addition to the 3 times I saw it when it was in wide release. Needless to say, I disagree with the idea that it’s disposable entertainment (to be seen once and forgotten about later).

    The sparseness in dialog is only in the first thirty minutes, and considering Chaplin’s “City Lights” -a completely silent film- is still revered even today as a classic of cinema indicates that paucity of verbal dialog is no indication of declining standards on Pixar’s part, but rather is carrying on a very old and underused Hollywood tradition. In fact, Stanton “wrote” lines of dialog for the robots which he helped the animators act out physically rather than verbally.

    *sigh* The Short Circuit thing is getting old. They have two physical traits in common: Lenses for eyes and tracks for feet. It gives a passing resemblance to Johnny 5 at a glance, but any claims of lack of originality on this basis falls apart upon prolonged examination. Ben Burtt used a baby’s voice to synthesize R2’s voice, and his own to “voice” Wall-E. They’re both robot sounds, so perhaps that’s where you see imitation. Ask yourself, however, would a robot make non-digitized noises?

    The fact is, nobody has released a film like this for a long time (no studio with a lesser track record or trust in it’s directors would let a project with this apparent level of daring get this far).

  10. ¡Hello again! -wóooooo-; ha, ha, ha, this is wonderfull for me -thanks a lot-.

    Oh: by the way, think I wanted to say ‘best bye’ (not just “better bye”) in my other/last message -of course that is “The Incredibles” (and not “The Icredibles”), was a simple, minor, error-.

    O. K. Let’s go to the point:
    Hey, men, ¿what is going on here? Pixar just deserve our best respect. Certainly, I don’t understand why we are talking about R2-D2 in here. ¿Do we really want to use our mind forces to defeat this film? ¿!Why!? I don’t understand.
    I think that it doesn’t matter if this film takes something from what Lucas did; the real thing about that is above if Pixar is just good enough to create a ‘new’ themself. ¿Do you know what I try to mean?
    It’s clear for me that Pixar is just good enough to create a ‘new’, and feel this trailer is amazig (and that shows good ‘news’).

    Look…, there is not too many people doing ‘goods’ right now… and I think that tihis ‘thing’ is something very important for our entire world, our childhood, etc…
    What I disagree for “Wall-E”: boring inner feminism. Yep. Boring. Feminism. Boring. Yes . ¿What the hell about our equality? ¿Do you understand me?
    But Pixar can be kind with this, and I am goodly agree with this -just I’ve said: “they use to give us all good things for all”-. Let’s wait to decide deeper… ‘things’. ¿All right?

    Well… it’s only my opinion -bravely expressed, yes, maybe, but… just only my opinion-. ¿Oky-doky? Ha, ha, ha… God bless Júpiter. ^^

    Take a Greet. : )

  11. There are no “new” ideas, only recombinations and permutations of old ones. Wall-E has alternately been compared in stature and shape to E.T. If one combines the elements of Johnny 5 and E.T., it is still an original creation because nobody had thought to take those elements and combine them before.

    There are literally scores of movies which don’t ‘require’ a second viewing to appreciate it, but where watching it again is desirable to appreciate those same qualities again. You don’t have to watch “Raiders of the Lost Ark” more than once to fully appreciate it’s pleasures, but you can’t say that it’s become a staple in a large percentage of film fan’s personal libraries.

    My point in citing “City Lights” was to illustrate that because it’s still viewed as a great piece of cinema even today speaks to the validity of using actions to speak louder (and potentially with more power) than words. Even in movies with lots of dialog, it’s often the scenes where the hero has to show his love that grabs our interest the most, not simply by telling the object of his desire that he does so. It’s more difficult to do this, but when done with skill, words pale by comparison. To make a good chunk of your movie without dialog is a very intimidating task. This is what makes it daring – they deliberately chose to give themselves the extra task of showing a good chunk of their dialog through strictly visual cues and actions – in an age when this technique is hardly used anymore. Is it not more daring to choose the more difficult path to reach for something greater, and possibly more moving?

    I will stand by my argument that it takes more than two similarities to make it something deemed unoriginal. All androids in films are based on a basic human model, but contain the same overall shape. If Wall-E is unoriginal as robots go for having two similar characteristics, how much more unoriginal by default is every android movie ever made? Such a rigorous definition for originality is stifling and actually counterproductive.

  12. Jerseycajun must work for Pixar…I think we should agree to disagree but great visuals alone don’t necessarily mean we have a great movie…and just because “new” ideas are just recombinations and permutations of “old” ideas doesn’t mean that the new has been recombined enough or sufficiently mutated or skewed to qualify as bold or daring..I will stand by my argument that this is rehashing of old ideas and not the brave and the bold…I also stated that I hope it inspires that wave of nostalgia the way that Toy Story and Cars did and still does…If it does we have another classic…there is always hope I guess…


  13. Again it’s your opinion that my opinion is stifling and counterproductive…I am really starting to think you are working for Pixar..I guess the level of quality I’ve come to expect from Pixar has evolved and the bar has been set high for me…same old same old is good enough for you Jerseycajun…

  14. I wish I did work for Pixar, green, but I don’t. I do create art of my own, however and have taken college level classes regarding the same.

    I didn’t say great visuals, lack of dialog, or use of visual cues instead of verbal ones guaranteed anything. I chose my words carefully. Nor was I referring to Wall-E’s design when I discussed what was daring about the production.

  15. I suppose that we can call “new” the result of those all combinations of existing ideas, or can find something new in them.

    But, for me, is not really important if the originality level in this film is the higher one or not. I disliked the Wachowski brothers telling me, in “V is for vendeta”, that if I am a conservative man then I am a bad man. That kind of goebbelian manipulations rules the damned psychological war in our societies and that’s relevant for me. The goodness of the Pixar’s works are not only concentrated in the level of its originality.

    Anyway, it must be obvious that anyone of you can perfectly dislike the design of Wall-E, of course. What I say is, only, that there are more important points to take.

    Take a greet. : )

  16. Jersey

    A permutation in mathmatics is taking an order of elements like xyz and rearranging them in a different order or into smaller subsets of elements or nonmathmatically speaking to transform something old into something new…So if that is the argument you wish to make then you are right and in that case they are just giving us a new spin on something that’s been done before or rehashing the idea so to speak…I’m feeling a lot of resistance from you regarding my opinion on this and I guess I’m sending it back to you in kind…How about we permutate this argument into something more constructive instead of sending tersely worded viewpoints each others way…I’m game if you are..


  17. I’ll try, but when you say “rehash” it certainly carries with it several negative connotations – that there is nothing novel or original about it.

    My main resistance was to the insinuation that having little or no dialog constitutes a resting of one’s laurels, that they’re taking the easy route somehow, and I can’t see any justification for it. If people can and are moved by great paintings without aid of words, then film can do so as well, if that approach is chosen. It is an approach that has proven to be effective, historically, and the only remaining factor is how well it’s executed.

    I apologize that my writing style (I tend to be direct) came off as terse to you, it was not intended in that manner.

  18. greenknight,

    why in every topic do you post 2-3 messages in a row rather than one post? Are there multiple people taking turns on the computer one-after-one? lol

  19. Nah, I just type really fast and hit send and then I remember something else I wanted to say and etc etc

  20. allo mouah je trouvw que ses criss de bon